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If you have something useful that needs to be added to the list, comment away. People who turn these commands like StickyKeys on by accident may think their keyboard is malfunctioning. Here s how to disable these options through Control Panel. One hidden feature in Windows is a series of keyboard commands that turn on accessibility functions for the disabled. StickyKeys Turning off accessibility keyboard shortcuts. One of the hidden features in Windows that can throw off the uninitiated is a series of keyboard commands that turn on accessibility functions for the disabled.

These commands are handy for people who might have trouble working a regular keyboard, but they ve been known to cause big problems for people who turn them on by accident and don t know how to turn them off. They ve led people to think the keyboard has a problem, or else the keyboard driver. The most common accessibility shortcut that gets enabled by accident is StickyKeys. This causes the Shift, Ctrl or Alt keys to remain held down when tapped so that someone can operate them without needing more than one finger at a time.

I once turned on StickyKeys when idly tapping the Shift key out of boredom, and only after a panicked moment realized what I d done. StickyKeys is enabled by tapping the Shift key five times in a row, something that might seem difficult to do by accident but which does happen. And when it does happen, people find that their keyboard seems to be malfunctioning for some inexplicable reason.

Microsoft s reason for default-enabling keyboard shortcuts for accessibility options was to allow people with disabilities to sit down at any Windows computer and be able to use it, unhindered. In theory, it s a good idea. But unless you re administering machines that are publicly available or that might possibly be used in such circumstances, it might be better to simply disable the accessibility shortcuts by default to prevent someone accidentally triggering them without realizing it.

To disable these options through Control Panel, select Accessibility Options Keyboard, uncheck each of the Use boxes, and then click Settings for each accessibility option and disable the Use shortcut box. If you want to change these options manually through a script or Group Policy Option, they re stored in the Registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER Control Panel Accessibility. Set the Flags value to 506 in the StickyKeys subkey, 58 for ToggleKeys, 58 for MouseKeys and 122 for Keyboard Response to disable them all.

If you open up the Registry and observe these values while changing the Control Panel settings, you can inspect the values created and use those for more fine-grained changes. Finally, be sure to record these changes somewhere, so that a person who needs these features can get access to them later if they have to. About the author Serdar Yegulalp is editor of the Windows Power Users Newsletter, which is devoted to hints, tips, tricks, news and goodies for Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP users and administrators.

He has more than 10 years of Windows experience under his belt, and contributes regularly to SearchWinComputing. You can then also set a Group Policy option to ensure they re not changed in the future. More information on this topic. 5 Windows 10 shortcuts for desktop administrators. Handy Win10 Boot Controls. Apple Smart Keyboard. Windows 10 command-line console gives IT long-awaited capabilities.

Preserve Your Choices When You Deploy Digital Workspaces Citrix Keeping Up the Pace of Transformation to Ensure Your Organization Stays on Top Citrix What s Next in Digital Workspaces 3 Improvements to Look for in 2019 Citrix See More. Windows Vista vulnerable to long-time security attack ComputerWeekly. com 5 Windows 10 shortcuts for desktop administrators SearchEnterpriseDesktop Configuration options for Windows 10 startup SearchEnterpriseDesktop.

Search Server Virtualization. Compare Docker vs. Podman for container management. Docker and Podman offer similar capabilities when it comes to managing containers, but Docker s security vulnerabilities might. 5 open source software applications for virtualization. Open source software comes with many benefits, but admins must first determine whether each tool s use cases align with their. A beginner s guide to hosted and bare-metal virtualization.

Choosing a virtualization approach isn t a matter of competition. Admins must consider their personal use cases to determine. com and SearchSQLServer. SQL Server database design best practices and tips for DBAs. Search SQL Server. Good database design is a must to meet processing needs in SQL Server systems. In a webinar, consultant Koen Verbeeck offered.

SQL Server in Azure database choices and what they offer users. SQL Server databases can be moved to the Azure cloud in several different ways. Here s what you ll get from each of the options. RIGHT OUTER JOIN in SQL. In this book excerpt, you ll learn LEFT OUTER JOIN vs. RIGHT OUTER JOIN techniques and find various examples for creating SQL. Using a LEFT OUTER JOIN vs.

Search Virtual Desktop. VDI hardware comparison Thin vs. zero clients. Thin clients aren t on a diet; they just do less processing than fat clients. Devices such as the iPad are also VDI hardware. When it comes to choosing a DaaS provider, organizations may get overwhelmed by the options. Compare the features and. 6 ways VDI can benefit your business. As with any technology implementation, VDI requires a careful cost-benefit analysis.

Evaluate these VDI benefits to determine. Compare 7 desktop-as-a-service providers. What comes to your mind when you see text with a strikethrough in Excel something as shown below. Strikethrough Text in Excel Keyboard Shortcut and Examples. Those who work with Microsoft Word use this extensively, and there is strikethrough icon right there in the ribbon.

However, there is no icon in Excel ribbon to do this. In this tutorial, I will share various ways to access the strikethrough option and apply it to text in Excel. This Tutorial Covers. Watch Video How to Apply Strikethrough format in Excl. Keyboard Shortcut to Apply Strikethrough in Excel. Here is the keyboard shortcut that will automatically apply the strikethrough formatting in Excel. Just select the cell where you want to apply the strikethrough format and press Control 5.

If you want to apply this to a range of cells, select the entire range of cells, and use this keyboard shortcut. You can also select non-adjacent ranges and then apply the strikethrough format. Add Icon in QAT to Access Strikethrough in Excel. While the icon is not available in the ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar QAT by default, you can add it easily. Here are the steps to add strikethrough icon in the QAT. Right-click on any existing QAT icon or the ribbon tabs and select Customize Quick Access Toolbar.

In the Excel Options dialogue box, select All Commands from the drop-down. Click on Add. This will add the strikethrough icon in the quick access toolbar. Access Strikethrough Format from Format Cells Dialogue. There is another way you can access strikethrough in Excel Using Format Cells dialogue box. Scroll down and select Strikethrough from the list. While the earlier mentioned techniques keyboard shortcut and icon are faster ways to access strikethrough formatting, using format cells dialogue box gives you access to a lot of other formatting options as well.

Here are the steps to access Strikethrough in Excel using the Format Cells dialogue box. Select the cells where you want to apply the strikethrough format. Press Control 1 or right click and select Format A iq option paga. In the format cells dialogue box, select the font tab and check the Strikethrough option. This would apply the strikethrough format to the selected cells.

While this option is longer as compared to a keyboard shortcut or using the icon, it also gives access to many other formatting options at a single place. For example, you can also change color, font type, font size, border, number format, etc.using this dialogue box. Examples of Using Strikethrough in Excel. Strikethrough in Excel can be used to show completed tasks. Here are three practical examples where you can use the strikethrough format in excel.

EXAMPLE 1 Using Conditional Formatting. We can use conditional formatting to strikethrough a cell as soon as it is marked as completed. Something as shown below. Download Example File. EXAMPLE 2 Using Checkboxes to show completed tasks. You can also use check-boxes to cross off items. EXAMPLE 3 Using Double Click VBA.

If you are cool with using Excel VBA macros, you can also use the double-click event to cross off items simply by double-clicking on it. This method disables getting into the edit mode on double click and simply applies the strikethrough format as soon as you double click in the cell VBA code available in the download file. While the idea behind applying the strikethrough format in excel remains the same, you can get as creative as you want.

Here is a creative example where I used the strikethrough format in a Task Prioritization Matrix template. Hope you found this tutorial useful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. You May Also Like the Following Excel Tutorials. FREE EXCEL BOOK. Get 51 Excel Tips Ebook to skyrocket your productivity and get work done faster. sir its all usefull for me. i have improve my self along without completing any course. It may sound odd, but I still use old school pen and paper scrape paper to write off my tasks in office.

But many times the paper on which I had written my task gets misplaced, and with it all my plans for that day. I was procrastinating on using any new software to manage my simple to do list, but yours strikethrough has inspired me to use excel as my to do list instead of paper because I m quite familiar with it, plus strikethrough will give me the satisfaction I get when I cross items off my list. Thanks for sharing it Sumit. It is really a temptation to use strike-through to cross out records visually.

However, we have to use it with caution in Excel. It is a good practice to accompany it with a remark, like what you did in Example 1. Why am I saying that. Because we cannot filter records with strike-through. Think about if you are maintaining a table of more than 1000 records with hundreds of strike-through that indicates completed job then one day your boss asks you a simple question How many records have been completed. Without a supplementary remark, it could be a nightmare to get the answer for a simple question.

Of course, there is a workaround, which requires a combination of simple techniques. but still a column with appropriate remarks is more handy and useful to majority of user. Thanks for commenting and sharing. A good workaround to count filter hide the number of strike through cells would be to use find and replace and apply a color to it.

That ways you can now filter sort it using that color. This can also quickly answer how many records have been completed. While it is a good option to have a complimentary column, I guess most the people would not create one while checking off items. BEST EXCEL TUTORIALS. In most cases, it means that the task or activity has been completed and has been checked off.

thank you to all special admin. Recently Super key has become an alternative name for the Windows key 1 or Apple key 2 when using Linux or BSD operating systems or software that originated on these systems. Super key keyboard button. The Super key refers to several different keys throughout keyboard history. Tom Knight created both the Knight keyboard and the space-cadet keyboard.

1 Knight keyboard to the space-cadet keyboard 2 Linux and BSD 3 macOS 4 References. The improvement from the Knight keyboard to the space-cadet keyboard was the presence of two more modifiers for the bucky bits, Hyper and Super ; the Super key modified the third bucky bit representing a 4. 3 From the usage of the space-cadet keyboard on Lisp machines the Super key was inherited by Emacs as one of several supported modifier keys; however most modern systems have to emulate the Super key using another.

Initially on PC hardware it was just impossible to produce these shift states as there was no key to push for them. The only software that commonly used these modifiers was Emacs. Due to being designed at the time of the space-cadet keyboard, X11 defined the shift states MetaSuperand Hyper along with Shift and Control and Alt which were commonly available on keyboards.

With the appearance of keyboards with the Windows key there was now a key available on standard keyboards that could be used for one of these. Initially, circa 1996, it was most common to make this key be the Meta shift key. However, due to the high number of Emacs commands using Metathere were already long-established replacements the Alt key acted as Meta, or typing Escape,X acted like Meta-Xso adding an actual Meta key did not provide much added functionality. This made Super the first key of interest in emulating, and therefore it became the standard assignment after a few years.

To avoid using a Microsoft trademark, much Linux documentation refers to the key as Super. This can confuse some users who still consider it a Windows key. In KDE Plasma documentation it is called the Meta key even though the X11 Super shift bit is used. Most Linux desktop environments use the key similar to how Windows uses it, for window management and application launching, rather than commands used by applications. A popular non-Windows style use is to modify mouse drags so that they move or resize windows from inside them, rather than requiring clicking on the window borders.

In GNOME 3, letting go of the Super key defaults to showing the activities window. In Openbox the Super key is an available modifier key, but is not used in any default shortcuts. Under Unity, the key is used to control launcher and manage windows. In elementary OS, the Super key shows a shortcut overlay and is used for several system, window, and workspace functions. If a Windows keyboard is connected to macOS it will use the Windows key as the Command key, therefore Super is still on the Windows key for macOS.

X11 emulation on macOS puts the Super shift state on the Command or A iq option paga key. Originally the Super key was a modifier key on the space-cadet keyboard. Share All sharing options for Surface keyboard update to restore basic Windows shortcuts, improve function keys. Microsoft s Surface Type and Touch Covers swapped out traditional keyboard F keys for quick access to volume, media, and other controls, but that has left a gap for those used to function keys and Windows keyboard shortcuts.

Microsoft Surface RT Touch Cover large 875px. In an update that will be made available on June 11th, Microsoft is adding options to its function keys for Surface keyboards. Surface RT and Pro owners will be able to lock F1-F12 function keys to use them as regular shortcuts for actions like alt F4 to close apps. At present, you need to hold the function key alt F4 to activate the regular Windows keyboard shortcut.

The update will also make some functions a little easier to complete with one hand, including function key del to increase the display brightness, or function key spacebar to take a screenshot. It s a fairly minor addition, but coupled with the ongoing monthly updates to Surface it demonstrates that Microsoft is serious about keeping its own tablets up-to-date with new features and functionality.

Surface keyboard update to restore basic Windows shortcuts, improve function keys. Windows Alt codes. You can always copy paste symbols, but you can even type some of these text signs, symbols and emoji via keyboard. You press Alt and, while holding it, type a code on Num Pad. It s very easy, but not as practical for long-term usage as Shift States. Also, you can type many frequently used symbols with this method, but not all like with Shift States.

Shift states. Configure your keyboard layout in Windows so that you can type all additional symbols you want as easy as any other text. Takes about 5-10 minutes to set things up, but you ll be typing like a boss. Character map. CharMap allows you to view and use all characters and symbols available in all fonts some examples of fonts are ArialTimes New RomanWebdings installed on your computer. iOS Emoji keyboard. For Emojis only there is a special preinstalled keyboard.

You can make frequently used technical non-fancy symbols like π æ and åccénted letters on Mac using Option key. MacOS Keyboard viewer. Shortcut technique that works on Desktops and some Laptops running MS Windows. I ve compiled a list of shortcuts in my article and explained how to open keyboard viewer. You can also use your Keyboard Viewer as an alternative to my list. Character Palette allows you to view and use all characters and symbols available in all fonts some examples of fonts are ArialTimes New RomanWebdings installed on your computer.

MacOS Character palette. Keyboard codes. On non-handheld Linux not Android mobile there are 3 great ways to type Unicode symbols with keyboard. You can code all symbols with Unicode hex codes, type lots of symbols in the most easy way with Third and fourth level choosers, and easily compose useful signs with Compose key sequences. To find out how, read references that I made.

Character map allows you to view and use all characters and symbols available in all fonts some examples of fonts are ArialTimes New RomanWebdings installed on your computer. It can also help you lookup Unicode codes for entering symbols with keyboard. HTML Symbols. If you want to put these symbols on your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or some other website - just copy-paste those symbols.

But if you want to put them into HTML code of your own website - you might want to use these codes. Just copy, or type in symbol s HTML entity, either hexor decimalonto your website s source code. As for emojis, modern versions of Android have emoji keyboard built into the standart keyboard. Save your thumbs some needless work by creating a few iOS keyboard shortcuts.

Whether it s a dinner inquiry or an arrival time request, everyone has a handful of text phrases they tap out on a daily or weekly basis. Tap Less, Say More Create iOS Keyboard Shortcuts for Common Text Messages. Just go to Settings General Keyboards, then scroll to the bottom where you ll find the Shortcuts section. Under that, you can tap Add New Shortcut to create a shortcut.

I, for example, use dindin as a shortcut for the much longer phrase What do you want to do for dinner. and Running for Running late, I ll be there soon. These types of shortcuts come in especially handy when you need to send a quick message while stopped at a red-light DON T text and drive, folks. All your shortcuts are editable should you decide one or more aren t as useful as you d thought. One caveat Shortcuts cannot contain spaces, so you may need to get creative. For Where you at.I wouldn t want to use the word Where, so I use wuat as my shortcut word.

You wouldn t want to use a word like Running in your a iq option paga if you tend to use that word in a number of other phrases. Change This Setting ios software tips. Happy texting. Phosphine and the Possibility of Life on Venus. Jabber Keyboard Navigation and Shortcuts. You can use keyboard navigation and shortcuts to make working in Cisco Jabber more accessible, based on your needs, and also to save time and reduce the number of mouse clicks. Keyboard Navigation. You can use your keyboard to navigate through Cisco Jabber.

Use the Tab key to navigate in your app, use Shift Tab to navigate back through items. Use the Spacebar or Enter key to select items. Use the arrow keys to navigate through messages, contacts, or menu items. Ctrl Down arrow. Start or stop video. Ctrl Shift V Not available in virtual environments. A iq option paga the call window. Open the keypad. Ctrl Shift K Not available in virtual environments.

Open more call options menu. Ctrl Shift Plus sign. Transfer a call. Reply to call with chat. Ctrl R Not available in virtual environments. Show the call statistics. Place focus on the screen share button. You can then choose to stop the share or share a different application. Close chat window. Other Keyboard Shortcuts. You can use these shortcuts in Windows. Move focus to the Add button for a contact in the search results. Move focus to the Call button for a contact in the search results. Move focus to the Chat button for a contact in the search results.

Close the current conversation in XMPP mode. Tab through conversations in XMPP mode. Ctrl Shift Tab. Open the Setting menu. Move focus to the Chat input field. Go to the latest last message in the Chat that has focus. Go to the first message in the Chat that has focus. Open the Profile dialog and moves focus to Status to check your Status. Open the list to change your Status. Have JAWS announce the title of the active window. Global Keyboard Shortcut Keys. You can use these global shortcuts to control Jabber even when you re using another application.

Access the docked window. Bring conversation window to front. Open unread conversation. Open the diagnostics window. For full keyboard navigation on your Mac, enable Full Keyboard Access in System Preferences. Move focus to the alert window. Use the Spacebar to select items. Hub Window Commands. To navigate the tabs in the hub window, press Command Number key 1 9. For Contacts, the first tab, press Command 1. For Chats, the second tab, press Command 2, and so on. Show expanded contacts view.

Shift Command T. Show offline contacts. Shift Command H. Bring the hub window to the front. Shift Command N. Option Command C. Call the selected contact. Shift Command D. Option Command Down arrow. Command Up arrow. Command Down arrow. Option Command T. Call control strip auto-fade. Command Option Shift H Available only if VoiceOver is enabled.

Start a chat with selected contact. Start a group chat with multiple selected contacts. Option Shift Command N. Switch between chats. Exit the messaging text entry field. Restore default font. Option Shift Command T. Option Command I. Command Plus sign. Shift Command C. Delete voice message. Empty voice message trash. Option Command Delete. Play or pause voice message. Option Command P.

Global Shortcuts. Global keyboard shortcuts are for when the Cisco Jabber window is in the background. You may need to enable them first by going to System Preferences Keyboard Shortcuts. Tech Savvy Tips and Tricks. Lesson 1 Taking Screenshots. There may be times when you want to explain or show something that s happening on your computer screen or mobile device. Knowing how to take a screenshot or a picture of the screen can be handy in a variety of ways, like.

When you d like to capture an error message to show tech support If you re on the phone with someone who needs help finding something on his or her computer, you can send a screenshot of your computer to show that person what to look for If you d like to save the confirmation number of a purchase rather than printing it or writing it down. Screenshots are captured by using keyboard shortcuts or a screenshot application.

There are a few screenshot options available, depending on how much of the screen you want to capture. You can choose to take a screenshot of the entire screenthe active windowor part of the screen. In this lesson, we ll share how to take screenshots for Windows and macOS computersas well as for mobile devices. If you need to review how to perform shortcuts with your keyboard, go to our Keyboard Shortcuts lesson.

Taking screenshots in Windows. When taking a screenshot in Windows, you ll use the Print Scrn key in your keyboard shortcuts. The image will copy to the clipboard. It s important to note that only one image at a time can be copied to the clipboard. Print Scrn This copies the entire screen. Once you ve taken a screenshot, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl V to paste it into applications like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Paint, and Photoshop.

You can then edit and save the image. Taking screenshots in macOS. When taking screenshots in macOS, these keyboard shortcuts will automatically save the picture to your desktop as an image file. Shift Command 3 This takes a screenshot of the entire screen. Shift Command 4 The mouse changes into a crosshair icon. You can then choose from two options Click and drag the mouse to take a screenshot of part of the screen. Screenshot apps. An alternative to using keyboard shortcuts is to use a built-in screenshot app, such as the Snipping Tool in Windows or the Screenshot app in macOS previous versions use the Grab app instead.

If you d like additional options like the ability to edit your images or add calloutsyou can download an app like Snagit or Skitch. Snagit and Skitch also feature a time delay setting for capturing an action, like opening a menu. If you re interested in creating screen recordings screencastsyou can download one of these apps ActivePresenter Windows or TechSmith Capture macOS. Taking screenshots on mobile devices. To take a screenshot on an Apple mobile device, all you have to do is press the Home button and the Sleep wake button at the same time.

This will take a photo of what s on your screen, and the image will save to your camera roll in the Photos app. The best Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Share All sharing options for The best Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Windows 10 is available today as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you ve followed our guide on how to upgrade, then you might be interested in some new keyboard shortcuts. Microsoft has introduced a variety of keyboard shortcuts to navigate between new features, like virtual desktops, and even activate the new Cortana digital assistant.

All the new important additions use the Windows key, so they re easy to activate. If you re a trackpad user, then there are also some changes here tapping three fingers activates Cortana you can change this to activate Action Centerswiping three fingers up shows the new Task View, and swiping three fingers left or right alternates between apps.

Here are the most important Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Winkey 10 keyboard shortcut Description Winkey Tab Activates Task View Winkey A Activates Action Center Winkey C Activates Cortana with speech Winkey D Shows desktop Winkey E Opens File Explorer Winkey G Activates the new Xbox game bar to let you record games or take screenshots. Winkey H Activates share feature in Windows 10 apps Winkey I Opens Windows 10 settings Winkey K Activates Connect feature to stream to wireless displays and audio devices Winkey L Locks a machine Winkey P Project a screen Winkey R Run a command Winkey S Activates Cortana Winkey X Opens power user features Winkey Left Right Up Down Snaps apps to the side of a screen press Up or Down after snapping left right to enable four apps to snap Winkey Ctrl D Creates a new virtual desktop Winkey Ctrl F4 Close virtual desktop Winkey Ctrl Left or Right Switch between virtual desktops Winkey Shift Left or Right Move apps from one monitor to another Winkey 1 2 3.

The first app is number one. Open programs that are pinned on the taskbar. Verge Video Windows 10 review. The Com plete List of Microsoft Paint Key board Shortcuts. Recently we wrote about some tricks that can help you in using MS Paint productively. Sandeep Agarwal. We are referring to keyboard shortcuts and we feel that if mastered, they can really enhance your efficiency with MS Paint too. Let us begin. While those tips are amazing, there is one more thing that comes in handy when you are using MS Paint or rather, any other tool.

These shortcuts have been tried and tested on Windows 7. Ideally, they should work on other versions as well. However, there could be a few differences in actions or key combinations. We are sure you d be smart enough to figure that out. The Magic of Ctrl. While most of these combinations are common to many applications, there are some that a iq option paga may find new and unique. Ctrl A Select entire canvas Ctrl C Copy selected area Ctrl X Cut selected area Ctrl V Paste clipboard data Ctrl Z Undo last action Ctrl Y Redo action Ctrl E Shows image properties Ctrl G Toggles grid lines Ctrl P Print the picture Ctrl R Show or hide the ruler Ctrl W Open the Resize and Skew dialog box Ctrl N Create a new picture Ctrl O Open a picture Ctrl S Save changes to a picture Ctrl Page Up Zoom in Ctrl Page Down Zoom out Ctrl B Bold selected text Ctrl I Make selected text italics Ctrl U Underline selected text Ctrl Num Pad Scale up and tool or shape Ctrl Num Pad Scale down tool or shape.

Here are few images showing the grid lines, ruler, resize and skew dialog and the image properties dialog. The Alt Combo. I find it really useful when my mouse malfunctions due to whatever reasons. Alt-F Opens the File menu Alt-H Shows key help Switch to Home tab Alt-V Switch to View tab Alt-F4 Close the window Alt-Esc Minimizes MS Paint interface Alt-Spacebar Equivalent to right-clicking on the title bar.

If you simply press the Alt key you will be shown few key tips as shown in the image using which you can navigate the interface and its tools. What s in the Function Keys. Windows in general has specific functions associated with each function key F1 through F12 keys. Lets us see what MS Paint supports. F1 Open Paint Help F11 View a picture in full screen mode F12 Save the picture as a new file F10 Displays key tips like the Alt key.

Right Arrow Move the selection or active shape right by one pixel Left Arrow Move the selection or active shape left by one pixel Down Arrow Move the selection or active shape down by one pixel Up Arrow Move the selection or active shape up by one pixel.

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You can open it from within any Google app or when you re in your list of Drive documents. In Windows, press Ctrland on a Mac press.