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The results iq option baixar that the composition of Zn 99. 300 wtAluminium 0. 333 wtCadmium 0. 029 wtCopper 0. 021 wtPlumbum 0. The values of electrochemical potential and electrochemical efficiency were -1. 073 V and 842 Ah kg respectively. They can be concluded that the normal meaning of recycled zinc anode can be used as cathode protection on ships. The results of this research can assist in the management of used zinc anode waste, the supply of zinc anodes for consumers at relatively low prices, and recommends that used zinc anodes be used for the prevention of corrosion on ships.

Design Control Systems of Human Machine Interface in the NTVS-2894 Seat Grinder Machine to Increase Productivity, to Decrease Trouble and Downtime of the Machine Syahril Ardi, Damar Ardyansyah. Politeknik Manufaktur Astra. In the Manufacturing of automotive spare parts, increased sales of vehicles is resulted in increased demand for production of engine valve of the customer. To meet customer demand, we carry out improvement and overhaul of the machine or seat grinder NTVS-2894 for the seat grinder on a machining line.

NTVS-2894 seat grinder machine has been decreased machine productivity, the amount of trouble and the amount of downtime. Because of the time prior to the overhaul, NTVS-2894 seat grinder machine does not have a backup HMI Human Machine Interface program. The goal of the design and manufacture in this program is to improve the achievement of production, and allows an operator to operate beside it easier to troubleshoot the NTVS- 2894 seat grinder machine thereby reducing downtime on the NTVS-2894 seat grinder machine.

The result after the design, HMI program successfully made it back, machine productivity increased by 34. 8the amount of trouble and downtime decreased 40 decrease from 3,160 minutes to 1,700 minutes. IMPLEMENTATION OF WEB SERVICES TECHNOLOGY WITH REST PROTOCOL FOR PRESENTATION OF MINING POTENTIAL INFORMATION Tajuddin Abdillah, Edi Setiawan, Roviana H Dai. The process of presenting information on areas with mine potential in Gorontalo Province has several problems 1 the presentation of information is still done manually; 2 the difficulty of policy makers in identifying and analyzing mining potentials due to the absence of accurate and up to date information, consequently other government agencies that need such information have difficulty obtaining it.

To overcome these problems on overhaul the NTVS-2984 seat grinder machine include mechanical and programs, is to do the design and manufacture of HMI Human Machine Interface GP-4501T program. This research uses research and development method with ADDIE Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation model. The results showed that the built system could perform data exchange process and present the mine potential information using software with different platforms that help other government agencies in obtaining information as needed.

This study aims to implement web services technology using REST protocol to present information on mining potential in Gorontalo Province. NEW MODEL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GOVERNANCE IN THE GOVERNMENT OF GORONTALO CITY USING FRAMEWORK COBIT 4. Aziz Bouty, Moh. Hidayat Koniyo, Dian Novian. This will lead to poor data management process so that there can be loss, destruction, theft and tapping of important data. Information technology Management by the government of Gorontalo city still has limited resources and lack of standard document of information technology management.

In this study using case study method, by conducting surveys and data collection on the object of research that is on 5 five agencies contained in the government of Gorontalo city. In this research will also be controlled to the information technology process that runs in Government of Gorontalo city. This study aims to determine the level of maturity of information technology governance at the government of Gorontalo City by applying the COBIT framework standard. The main target is the creation of information technology model that can be used by the Governance of Gorontalo city as a reference in planning and managing information technology.

To achieve these targets the steps to be taken are 1 survey and data collection, 2 compilation of information technology framework, 3 measurement of information technology governance, 4 analysis of information technology governance. Validation of A Numerical Program for Analyzing Potential Kinetic Energy in the Bangka Strait, North Sulawesi, Indonesia P T D RompasH Taunaumang, and F J Sangari. Universitas Negeri Manado. The paper presents validation of the numerical program that compute the distribution of marine current velocities in the Bangka strait.

The numerical program used the RANS model where the pressure distribution in the vertical assumed to be hydrostatic. It found no different significant between the numerical results and the measurement results. The 2D and 3D numerical program results compared with the measurement results which are observation results to the moment conditions of low and high tide currents. The results will be use in analyzing potential kinetic energy at actually conditions in the Bangka strait North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

; Andrian, Defa. Institut Sains Teknologi AKPRIND. Effect of Pertilite-Spiritus Blend Fuel on Performance of Single Cylinder Spark Ignition Engine Wibowo, Hary; Susastriawan, A. In this work, effect of Spiritus addition on Pertalite on engine s performance brake horse power and torque, specific fuel consumption, and exhaust gas emission is experimentally investigated.

The tests are conducted at 3000-7000 rpm for four different fuels, i. e; pertalite, 95 P-5 S, 90 P-10 S, and 85 P-15 S. The blend ratios of Pertalite P and Spirtus S are measured by volume. The result show that The addition of 15 Spiritus by volume on Pertalilte can enhance the blend combustion hence improve engine s brake horse power and decrease specific fuel consumption rate. Implementation of ANP-DNumber Method in Determining Supplier to Improve Service towards Supermarket Consumers A.

However, engine s torque is lower when using the blend 85 P-15 S if compared with using Pertalite. Novian, M R A Kaluku. Performance assessment on the supplier by the supermarket manager is relatively difficult to conduct and implies subjectivity, because there is no measureable and objective performance indicator. This study aims to assist in the decision making process and to look for alternative solutions in assessing the performance of each supplier, so that the service towards the customers will improve as well.

ANP method is used to find the weight of each sub-criteria that will be used to measure the supplier performance. The weight result of each sub-criteria derived from the ANP method is used again in measuring the performance and to rank the performance of each supplier by using DNumber method that generates the highest value of the supplier is 0. The result of this study shows that the ANP and DNumber methods can be used to measure the supplier performance therefore it can assist the selection of supplier which can increase service towards the mart s consumers.

Design of Integrated Database on Mobile Device Information System Nurnawati, Erna Kumalasari; Ermawati. An integration database is a database which acts as the data store for multiple applications, and thus integrates data across these applications in contrast to an Application Database. An integration database needs a schema that takes all its client applications into account Fowler.

The benefit of this is that sharing data between applications does not require an extra layer of integration services on the applications. Any changes to data made in a single application are made available to all applications at the time of database commit - thus keeping the applications data use better synchronized. This study aims to design and build an integrated database that can be used by various applications in mobile device based system platforms with the based of smart city system.

The design and development of the database is emphasized on the flexibility, security and completeness of attributes that can be used together by various applications to be built. The method used in this study is to review the literature review and compare with the needs of database systems to be built. 71666 while the lowest value is 0.

The built-in database can be used by various applications, whether used together or separately. Test the resulting design with some prototype apps and analyze system performance with test data. The results of this study are expected to be an integrated database design that can be used by various similar applications in the mobile device system platform.

a Civil Engineering Department Universitas Sumatera Utara rachmie_caroline at yahoo. Optimization of Coconut Fiber Utilization to Concrete Mixture Rahmi Karolina aNora Usrina b. id b Civil Engineering Department Universitas Sumatera Utara. Waste material or waste is often used as a material that can be used for specific purposes such as field engineering structure materials, waste has been widely studied for later utilized.

One of the waste material that has not been much studied as a concrete building material is coconut fiber ash. In this study, coconut fiber ash as a cement substitute in concrete mixtures. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent of the effect of replacement of cement with coconut fibers ash to setting time, slump test value, concrete compressive strength quality and concrete split tensile strength. The replacement composition of cement with coconut fiber ash are 01,534,567,5910,51213,5 and 15 of the concrete volume.

From the concrete compressive strength testing on samples with different variations of coconut fiber ash we can conclude that the material is only effective used in substitution variation of 1,5 and 3 of coconut fiber ash with final compressive strength value are 23,32 MPa and 22,50 MPa. Simulation and Failure Analysis of Car Bumper Made of Pineapple Leaf Fiber Reinforced Composite Arbintarso, Ellyawan Setyo; Muslim; Rusianto, Toto.

The bumper car made of the Natural Fiber Reinforced Composite NFRC is possible to be produced with the advantage of easy to get, and cheap. The planned quality of concrete is 20 MPa and the duration of immersion are 28 days. Pineapple leaf fiber has chosen as a natural fiber, which the maximum of the strength of 368 MPa. Simulations and failure analysis have been conducted and showed an increased impact speed in line with increased displacement, strain, and stress that occur on the surface of the bumper.

The bumper can withstand collisions at a rate of less than 70 km h. Evaluation of Work Posture and Quantification of fatigue by Rapid Entire Body Assessment REBA Indah Rizkya1, Khalida Syahputri2, Rahmi M Sari3, Anizar4, Ikhsan Siregar5. Work related musculoskeletal disorders MSDspoor body postures, and low back injuries are the most common problems occurring in many industries including small-medium scaled industry.

This study presents assessment and evaluation of ergonomic postures of material handling worker. Evaluation of work posture was carried out using REBA Rapid Entire Body Assessment. REBA is a technique to quantize the fatigue experienced by the worker while manually lifting loads. Fatigue due to abnormal work posture leads to complaints of labor-perceived pain. REBA methods were used to assessment of working postures for the existing process by a procedural analysis of body postures involved.

This study shows that parts of body have a high risk of work are the back, neck, and upper arms with REBA score 9, so action should be taken as soon as possible. Controlling iq option baixar were implemented to those process with high risk then substantial risk reduction was achieved. Optimization of Rambutan Seed Nephelium Lappaceum L. as Food Raw Material and Processed Nutritious and Valueable Meda Wahini 1 Mauren Gita Miranti 2 Febriani Lukitasari 3. Universitas Negeri Surabaya 1 medawahini at unesa.

id 2 maurenmiranti at unesa. id 3 febrianilukitasari16070895005 at mhs. Rambutan Nephelium Lappaceum L. is a plant that identical with Southeast Asian countries, in some areas of Indonesia no exception. Rambutan is consumed by people in the form of pulp, while the seed is discarded. Therefore, it needs to be optimized into raw materials of food and processed with high nutritional value and has economic value.

The purpose of this research were 1 to find the best raw of rambutan seed formula; 2 to know the nutritional value of the best raw of rambutan seed; 3 to produce raw material and various processed of rambutan seed product. The research method was quasi experiment with 2x3 factorial design, Namely by using the type of immersion materials by NaCl and Ca OH 2 and the amount of soaking ingredients by 102030.

This research indicates that the seed of rambutan is very potential to be an alternative high-value raw materials. The results showed that 1 the best raw of rambutan seed formula was used 30 Ca OH 2; 2 the best raw of rambutan seed contains 12,08 proteinand 6,41 of lipid; 3 the best raw of rambutan seed produce coffee, flour and processed of various nuts of rambutan seed. Performance of Savonius Blade Waterwheel with Variation of Blade Number L. a Universitas Hasanuddin b Universitas Negeri Manado.

The utilization of water energy source is mainly used as a provider of electrical energy through hydroelectric power. The potential utilization of water flow energy relatively small. The objective of this study is to know the best blade of Savonius waterwheel with various variables such as water discharge, blade number, and loading. The data used the efficiency of waterwheel, variation of blade number, variable water discharge, and loading in the shaft.

The test results have shown that the performance of a top-water mill with a semicircular curve with a variation in the number of blades are 4, 6, and 8 at discharge and loading of 0. 01587 m3 s and 1000 grams respectively. Performance of the number of blades are 4, 6, and 8 are 9. 056 respectively. The blades number of 8 obtained the greatest performance. Performance S type Savonius Wind Turbine with Variation of Fin Addition on Blade Stephanus Fajar Pamungkas aDanar Susilo Wijayanto aHerman Saputro aIndah Widiastuti a.

a Mechanical Engineering Education, Teaching and Education Faculty of Sebelas Maret University Ahmad Yani street Numb. 200 Pabelan Kartasuta Sukoharjo stephanusfajar63 at gmail. Wind power has been receiving attention as the new energy resource in addressing the ecological problems of burning fossil fuels. Savonius wind rotor is a vertical axis wind turbines VAWT which has relatively simple structure and low operating speed.

The fin is added to fill the space in the blade in directing the wind flow. These characteristics make it suitable for areas with low average wind speed as in Indonesia. This rotor has two turbine blades, a rotor diameter of 1,1 m and rotor height of 1,4 m, used pulley transmission system with 1 4,2 multiplication ratio, and used a generator type PMG 200 W. The research was conducted during dry season in a suburb in Central Java Indonesia by measuring the wind speed in the afternoon. The average wind iq option baixar in the area is 2.

3 m s with the maximum of 4. It was found that additional fin significantly increase the ability of Savonius rotor VAWT to generate electrical energy shown by increasing of electrical power. The highest power generated is 13. 40 Watt at a wind speed of 4. 5 m s by adding 1 one fin in the blade. It increased by 22. 71 from the rotor blade with no additional fin.

However, increasing number of fins in the blade was not linearly increase the electrical power generated. The wind rotor blade with 4 additional fins is indicated has the lowest performance, generating only 10. 80 Watt electrical power, accounted lower than the one generated by no fin-rotor blade. By knowing the effect of the rotor shape, the rotor dimension, the addition of fin, transmission, and generator used, it is possible to determine alternative geometry design in increasing the electrical power generated by Savonius wind turbine.

Bio-Ethanol Production from Peat Using Fermentation Method Kiagus Ahmad Roni; Mardwita; Merisha Hastarina. Chemical Engineering Department,Muhammadiyah University of Palembang. Industrial Engineering Department, Muhammadiyah University of Palembang. Chemical Engineering Department, Muhammadiyah University of Palembang. Renewable energy development in Indonesia is one of government s programs to reduce carbon dioxide emission and dependence to fossil fuel.

Bio-ethanol is an alternative energy that can be developed to replace solar fuel. Peat is a source of bio-ethanol which is very potential because of its abundant source in Indonesia. This research investigated the lifecycle of bio-ethanol from peat, resulting carbon dioxide emission reduction and energy net. Fermentation method was used to produce bio-ethanol from peat.

In the fermentation, two types of yeast were used, they were bread yeast and tape yeast and the fermentation temperature was between 20 C to 40 C. The products were analyzed by a gas chromatograph GC. The results showed that at the 10th day, the bio-ethanol production was the highest using tape yeast. This research also concern to the side effects of by-products from bio-ethanol production.

The use of by-products may improve the environment performance and bio-ethanol energy until 30-70. Spatial modeling of tsunami impact in Manado city using Geographic Information System Joyce Christian Kumaat, Sontje Kandoli, Febriyani Laeloma. Email joykekumaat at unima. id Geography Department Faculty Social Science Universitas Negeri Manado. The city of Manado is a coastal area in the shape of a bay. Manado Bay is a water body that protrudes in the area of Manado City where the condition of this region is likely to have a tsunami threat.

Manado Bay is home to several rivers such as Tondano River has geological history of both land and sea. There are several active faults, such as in the sea, subduction of sub plate in north of island, Mayu mountain plate, and Sangihe plate east of North Sulawesi. The purpose of this study is divided into two parts General purpose is to describe GIS-based disaster mitigation that can be done to minimize disaster risk if Tsunami disaster occurs in coastal area of Manado Bay, while special purpose consists of 3 parts, namely 1.

Mapping of zone- Tsunami vulnerability zone of Manado Bay; 2. Mapping the distance and time of the scenario of the Manado Bay Tsunami evacuation route; 3. Mapping of the number of buildings and roads exposed to the Manado Bay Tsunami. Data collection techniques use secondary data collection techniques. Secondary data comes from related institutions or institutions, libraries, or individual archives.

The data collection is also continued by direct observation. Direct observation is meant by direct observation by using checklist for secondary data adjustment and then determination of coordinate point with Global Position System GPS at some tsunami location. EFFECT OF BLADE FIN ON THE POWER GENERATED BY A SAVONIUS ROTOR VERTICAL AXIS WIND TURBINE TYPE L Deny Prabowo, Danar Susilo Wijayanto, Indah Widiastuti.

Sebelas Maret University. Increasing of electricity energy consumption sourced from fossils over time continues to grow. The fossil energy reserves will be faster exhausted than expected because of the increasing trend of fossil energy production. Wind as an environmentally friendly renewable energy source can be an alternative solution reduce the consumption of fossil energy.

1 m and a rotor height of 1. This research used a savonius wind turbine type L with a rotor diameter of 1. The material used for the blade is aluminum plate. Generator using a type PMG 200 Watt with pulley transmition system 1 4. The method used is the experimental method by varying the addition of the fin on blade and the wind speed. Variables taken in this research are wind speed, variation of attaching fin, and electric power generated by wind turbine.

Variations of additioning fin are without fin, 1 fin, 2 fin, 3 fin, 4 fin. Testing tools using anemometer, tachometer, ampere and digital voltmeter. The highest wind frequency occurs at wind speed interval 2. The average wind speed during the test was 2. 8 m s with a maximum wind speed of 5 m s. The results of the research was found that the blade fin affect the electric power generated but the number of fin in the blade is not linearly result in increasing ot the electric power.

This research aims to analyze the influence of blade fin on the power generated by a savonius wind turbine type L with variation of wind speed. The increasing number of fin results in lower power generated compared by the with one fin. The variation of addition 1 fin generates the largest electric power that is 10. 66 watt at wind speed of 4. 5 m s with 240 rpm rotation of generator. The lowest cut in speed is 2 m s achieved the addition of 4 fin on the blade.

By knowing the shape of the rotor, the dimensions of the rotor, the addition of fin, transmission and generator used can be found alternatives to increase the electrical power generated by savonius wind turbine. Analysis of Axial Turbine Pico-hydro Electrical Power Plant in Tinnor Village, North Sulawesi F J Sangari aP T D Rompas b.

a Department of Education Electrical Engineering, Universitas Negeri Manado Jalan Kampus FT-Unima, Tondano 95618, Indonesia ferry_sangari at yahoo. com b Department of Information and Communication Technology Education, Universitas Negeri Manado Jalan Kampus FT-Unima, Tondano 95618, Indonesia. This study presents analysis of pico-hydro electrical power plant in Tinnor village, North Sulawesi. The electricity supply in Tinoor is still very limited so to need specific handling by local government and researcher.

The objective of this study is to get a design of axial turbine pico-hydro electrical power plant. The method used the study of literature, survey the construction site of the power plant and the characteristics of the location being a place of study, analysis of hydropower ability and analyzing costs of power plant. The result showed that the design of axial turbine pico-hydro installation is connected to a generator to produce electrical energy maximum can be used for household needs in Tinoor village.

This analyze will be propose to local government of Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia to be followed. Parental Defense to the Offspring Mathematical Model and Simulation Fadilah Ilahi aJuariah bRahayu Kariadinata b. a Department of Mathematics, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati, Jl. Nasution No. 105, Bandung 40614, Indonesia E-mail fadilah. id b Department of Mathematics Education, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati, Jl. 105, Bandung 40614, Indonesia.

Parental defense of offspring is an important thing during a predator attack in many species. A higher level of defense will save the offspring but in the other hand it also exposes a higher risk for parent. In this article, the authors try to construct the model for parental defense in prey population. The model based on stage structured dynamical model which assumed that the offspring are entirely dependent on parental care for survival.

A contact between parent and predator describe as a distance, not a direct bodily contact. The dynamic and stability analysis are done here to predict the optimal level of defense. Furthermore, the simulation are shown to understand the behavior of prey population with a certain level of parental defense. The simulation showed that parental defense is increase during breeding and nesting season.

A Prospective Method to Increase Oil Recovery in Waxy-Shallow Reservoir Fiki Hidayat, Muslim Abdurrahman. Universitas Islam Riau. Waxy oil has been the main characteristics of The X field. Initial screening criteria studies indicated that cyclic steam stimulation CCS would be the optimum option because favorable reservoir condition. Based on this method we would like to know how much oil gain and the effect of steam for the stimulated and surrounding well.

The injection of steam was done for 7 days followed by 14 days of soaking period. 39,000 liter of Marine fuel oil was used to generate steam for stimulation with an average produce steam quality about 80. Average of 255 MMBTU of steam was injected each day with total steam injected was about 1. The oil production was increased four times from 5 bopd into 21 bopd. Proper well candidate and high permeability are the some reason for successfully this method in order to increase oil production.

Additional heat from steam reduced the damage near wellbore due to wax deposition. This is verify by increasing productivity index from 3 bbl psi to 4 bbl psi. From results and observation data, this method can be a platform for typical shallow depth reservoir with high paraffinic content especially other reservoir in Sihapas formation. MORPHOLOGICAL AND AGRONOMIC CHARACTERIZATION OF Etlingera elatior Jack EXPLORATION IN SUKABUMI, WEST JAVA Liberty Chaidir, Cecep Hidayat, Asep Supriadin, Anna Aina, Nuryan.

Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. Etlingera elatior Jacklocalized Honje, is an underutilized species in Zingiberaceae family potentially use as resources of secondary metabolite compound for medicines, cosmetics, bio-insecticides and antioxidant needs. The recent research and report for this species in Indonesia, particularly its genetic diversity, pharmaceutical utilization as medicines, and conservation effort, is still have limited acces.

Less attention and interest for this species will threat the existence of this potential species. Morphological characterization and study of genetic diversity is needed to increase its value and conservation efforts. This research aim to obtain the accessions as parent resources for plant development and the accessions which able to be used as madicine compound. Each location was collected approximately 20 accession of plant. Morphological character was observed according to Descriptor list of Zingiberacea and modified for Etlingera elatior Jack.

The exploration obtained 39 accessions of Honje and characterized based on morphological and agronomic. This research used desciptive explorative survey by choosing area based on altitude; low land, medium, and high land in Sukabumi district, West Java. These 39 accessions of Honje showed large genetic diversity with value of phenotypic variances are larger than two standard deviations in almost all agronomic characters.

Cluster analysis between accessions of Honje was showed in dendogram output with coefficient of Eucidean by 3. TIN001 accession had the most far genetic relationship with REN001 and REN002 thus these accessions potentially to be used as parent in breeding program of Honje. universitas Islam Negri Sunan Gunung Djati. PERFORMANCE OF PELTON TURBINE FOR HYDROELECTRIC GENERATION IN VARYING DESIGN PARAMETERS Ary Cahya Setyawan, Nur Kholifah, Danar Susilo Wijayanto, Indah Widiastuti, Herman Saputro.

Water power is a renewable energy source which has great potential in replacing fossil energy for generating electricity. The aim of this research is to analyze influence of vertical distance of water source water head and nozzle diameter on the electrical power generated by Pelton turbine. This research used Pelton turbine type with 22 buckets vanes. It used a PMG 200 watts generator with 1 2 pulley transmission system. Four different values of nozzle diameter and three different values of water head were chosen as the design parameters of the turbine.

The electrical power was measured in three replications for each combination of the design parameters. The research showed that water head and nozzle diameter significantly affect the power generated by the Pelton turbine. The higher the water head from the surface, the more power generated. It was found that the electric power linearly increases with the increasing of nozzle diameter.

However, it reaches the peak in 9 mm nozzle diameter and is getting lower in larger diameter. The highest electric power of 16. To identify the performance of Savonius rotor in generating electrical energy, this research experimentally studied the effect of fin addition for the S shape of Savonius VAWT. 6 m with 9 mm nozzle diameter. 89 watt is observed by adjusting the water head on 4. Those design parameters are able to produce a rotation speed at 320 rpm in the generator. By identifying iq option baixar appropriate design parameters, it is possible to have more power generated by the water turbine used for hydroelectric power generation plant.

THE EFFECT OF BIODIESEL ADDITION TO DIESEL FUEL AND THE APLLICATION OF SQUARE SIPPED PIPE IN THE UPPER TANK RADIATOR ON FUEL CONSUMPTION IN THE TEST DRIVE OF ISUZU PANTHER LV2001 CAR Hasan Bisri, Danar Susilo Wijayanto, Ranto Hadisaputro. The growth of four-wheeled vehicles, especially CI engine has increased year by year. It increases the national use of diesel fuel, so that the national stock of the diesel fuel on the market is decreased. One of solutions to overcome the problem is the use of biodiesel and heating fuel.

This research aims to investigate the effect of biodiesel addition to diesel fuel and fuel heating through a square sipped pipes in upper tank radiator on fuel consumption in the Isuzu Panther LV2001 car test drive. This research method is experimental method. The sample of this research is Isuzu Panther car LV2001 4. The data analyzing technique is descriptive analysis with comparative approach.

The test drive used SNI 7554 2010. The variations of biodiesel in to diesel fuel are 0510152025and 30. Then the variations of the distance between square-sipped are 10 mm, 20 mm, and 30 mm. The results of the research showed that the addition of biodiesel in diesel fuel can efficient the fuel consumption. The most efficient consumption is in addition of 15 biodiesel in the amount of 266.

There is an effect of fuel heating that can efficient fuel consumption. The most efficient consumption is in the using of 30 mm square-sipped pipes radiator. The addition of biodiesel and fuel heating can efficient fuel consumption. The most efficient consumption is in addition of 20 biodiesel and heating of the fuel with 30 mm square-sipped pipes in the amount of 206.

The consumption difference is 193. 4 of the standard consumption. By knowing the effect of the addition biodeisel to diesel fuel and fuel heating with the distance between square-sipped used, it is possible to efficient fuel consumption by the Isuzu Panther LV2001 car. ANALYSIS IN SILICO OF NONSTRUCTURAL GENE OF ZIKA VIRUS FOR ZIKA FEVER VACCINE Yani Suryani1Opik Taupiqurrohman1Sri Rahayu Ningsih1Muhammad Ali Ramdhani2.

1 Department of Biology, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung 2 Department of Informatics, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. Zika fever is a disease caused by Zika virus infection ZIKV that is transmitted to humans by Aedes aegypti mosquito. One of the effective for Zika fever prevention efforts is vaccination. The aim of the study was to obtain candidate epitope peptide vaccine from the Zika4A non-structural gene. This gene is very potential as a source of epitope vaccine candidates because it is not homologous to the human genome and not immunogen.

This fever can cause disability in the body organs. This research was conducted at Computational Laboratory of Department of Biology, Faculty of Science and Technology, State Islamic University of Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung in December 2016 until February 2017. The process of vaccine candidate search is done through immunoinformatics approach. The results showed that the MLLGLLGTV peptide Methionine, Leucine, Leucine, Glycine, Leucine, Leucine, Glycine, Threonine, and valine had a strong affinity for the major histocompatibility complex protein I MHC I shown with a very low free energy value compared to the control Ie -1502.

16 Kcal mol and -1390. 25 Kcal mol, respectively. Based on this, the sequence of MLLGLLGTV is a potential peptide for Zika fever vaccine candidate. Iskandarsyah bGartika S. a Postgraduate Geology Department, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia b Environmental Geology Hydrogeology Laboratory, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia sapari at unpad.

THE SUSCEPTIBILITY OF SEAWATER INTRUSION BASED ON RESISTIVITY AT BANDA ACEH CITY, INDONESIA Akmal Muhni aMoh. id c Department of Geology Engineering, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. A research has been conducted to analyze the susceptibility of seawater intrusion based on resistivity value in Banda Aceh city. This study aimed to determine the lithology of susceptibility of seawater intrusion areas by using 2D resistivity Wenner-Schlumberger s configuration.

This method is also used to interpret the subsurface layer structure of susceptibility of seawater intrusion in Banda Aceh city. In geomorphology and topography, the Banda Aceh plains extend to the southeast around Krueng Aceh River in Aceh Besar district Western and eastern coastal areas and Pidie district. Banda Aceh city has a slope of 0-10 and a height of 0-10 meters above sea level. The results in this study showed that the resistivity of susceptibility of seawater intrusion in the research area is below 1.

45 Ωm with intrusion depth varies from 0 to 34,1 meters. Based on the analysis and interpretation of data, the subsurface structure of the region composed of clayey sand, sandy clay and clay that spreads laterally. The deployment of seawater intrusion occurs at the northern part of Banda Aceh directly related to the coastal area. Nutrition Formulation of Microbial Biostimulation for MEOR Application Using Surface Response Methodology Central Composite Design Model Isty Adhitya Purwasena aDea Indriani Astuti bRara Ajeng Annisa Wulandari bRika Handaruni b.

a School of Life Sciences and Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia isty at sith. id b School of Life Sciences and Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology Jalan Iq option baixar 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia. The increment of oil consumption in Indonesia is not supported by the oil production which has been declined since 2002.

Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery MEOR is one of the technology for increasing the oil production by employing microorganism. The aim of this research is to determine the optimum nutrients concentration which stimulating the growth of indigenous microorganisms of oil reservoir in South Sumatera. The experiments were performed using a surface response with central composite design CCD by using molasses, NPK, and urea as independent variables.

The experiments were carried out using 200 ml vial bottles at 50oC under anaerobic conditions for six weeks. The highest total cell number was 9,2x105 CFU ml while the reduction of IFT and viscosity were 47,48 and 63,73 respectively after six weeks incubation. GC-MS analysis of oil sample showed the presence of cyclic chain hydrocarbon fractions degradation into straight chain hydrocarbon fractions.

The response parameters are consisted of the number of anaerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria, pH, viscosity, and IFT. Based on statistical analysis of CCD, the optimum nutrients concentration which are could be applied for MEOR applications are molasses 2,05 v vNPK 0,48 w v and urea 0,99 w v. Clay Stabilization using the ash of Mount Sinabung in terms of the value of California Bearing Ratio CBR Ika Puji Hastuty1Roesyanto2, and Samuel M.

A Napitupulu3. There are three ways of soil stabilization process, i. Most areas in Indonesia consist of clay soils with high plasticity so that to meet technical requirements the soil needs improvement, which is known as soil stabilization. mechanical, physical and chemical. In this study, chemical stabilization was performed, that was by adding stabilizing agents to the soil. The stabilizing agent used was the ash of Mount Sinabung. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of the addition of Mount Sinabung ash to CBR value, to determine the effect of the curing time of 1 day and 14 days mixture on the CBR value, and to find the mixed content with effective curing time to produce the largest CBR value.

Based on this study, the soil type CL Clay Low Plasticity was obtained, based on the classification of USCS and categorized as A-6 6 based on the classification of AASHTO with the most effective mixed stabilizer material which was the variation of 10 Mount Sinabung ash with 14 days of curing time. The CBR value resulted from the mixture of 10 Mount Sinabung ash that was cured within 14 days was 8.

By the increase of the content of the Mount Sinabung ash, the CBR value always improved to the level of 10Mount Sinabung ash then decreased and became constant at the mixture of higher volcanic ash mixture but remained above the CBR value of the original soil. LEAN MANUFACTURING ANALYSIS TO REDUCE WASTE ON PRODUCTION PROCESS OF PRODUCTS FAN Ikhsan Siregar, Abdillah Arif Nasution, Ulfi Andayani, Rahmi M.

Sari, Khalida Syahputri, Anizar. This research is based on case study that being on electrical company. One of the products that will be researched is the fan, which when running the production process there is a time that is not value-added, among others, the removal of material which is not efficient in the raw materials and component molding fan. This study aims to reduce waste or non-value added activities and shorten the total lead time by using the tools Value Stream Mapping.

Lean manufacturing methods used to analyze and reduce the non-value added activities, namely the value stream mapping analysis tools, process mapping activity with 5W1H, and tools 5 whys. Based on the research note that no value-added activities in the production process of a fan of 647. 94 minutes of total lead time of 725. Process cycle efficiency in the production process indicates that the fan is still very low at 11. While estimates of the repair showed a decrease in total lead time became 340.

Difrentiation of 0 and 10 Nano Chitosan and Platelet Rich Plasma from Preosteoblast Cell with Alkali Pospatase as in Vitro Surugate Marker Wedagama D. Faculty of Dentistry, University of Mahasaraswati Denpasar, Bali of Indonesia. Abstract This study was concern in the effect of nano chitosan mix with platelet rich plasma PRP on 0 and 10 concentration to proliferation rate of preosteoblast sel with incubation time 5 and 7 days used in vitro culturee system.

After confluentcell were ready to platting in well-24 to gave treatments. The Bloods sample took with centrifugal technique. In this study the treatment was divide into 2 groups, nano chitosan PRP and hydroksiapatite PRP. Difrentiation of preosteoblast cell saw with imonositokimia staining ang the difrentiation of cells were counted and investigated with confocal laser scanning microscope CLSM.

Data was analysed, the normality of sample data analysed with Shapiro-Wilk, comparation test used independent sample t test and one way Annova test F test. All of them analysed with SPSS software for Windows 22. The experiment result showed that nano chitosan PRP can accelerated difrentiation than Hydroksiapatite PRP on 0 concentration and 10 concentration.

The independent sample t test result showed that there were a significant different p 0. Quality Function Deployment QFD Application for Ergonomic Work Facility Design Ikhsan Siregar, Amalia Amalia, Ulfi Andayani, Anizar, Rahmi M. Sari, Indah Rizkya Tarigan, Khalida Syahputri. QFD begins when we want to identify the needs of consumers expressed in qualitative characteristics.

QFD is a matrix House of Quality matrix that connects what the customer wants and how a product is copied, produced to meet customer needs. Facilities that are not ergonomic make workers uncomfortable and result in pain complaints. Work facility improvements were made by applying the QFD methodology to minimize occupational pain complaints.

The result of the research was found the design of new work facility with high dimension of the chair foot 45,14 cm, the length of the holder 45,59 cm, the width of the holder 32,51 cm, the height of the back of 58,26 cm, the width of the backrest 41,66 cm and the height of the foot of machine 6841 cm. Analysis and Experiments of the Effect of Reinforcement of Wood Beam Using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer against Bending Strength Torang Sitorus.

Flexural reinforcement on wood beams is intended to increase the maximum load capacity that can be beaten by wood beams until they are failure. One of the most widely used resilient reinforcements currently used is reinforcement using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer CFRP which is a combination of high strength with a light weight. This reinforcement is intended for historical buildings that need to be increased load capacity that can be borne due to changes in building function, or the increase of the load on the building.

The purpose of this research is to know the effect of reinforcement of wood beams with CFRP and variation of length of reinforcement to flexible strength of wood beams, and beam behavior reinforced with CFRP due to loading. Structural beam testing using mahogany logs with cross sectional size 75x100mm2 along 2 m consisting of 4 types of samples with each type consists of 2 pieces of sample.

From the test it is found that the maximum load increase that can be borne by the sample with the length of reinforcement span, span, and along the span has increased the maximum load respectively that is 4,39337,340and 48,323 compared to wood beams without reinforcement. The average damage occurring in samples with CFRP is debonding failure. The first sample was a wood beams without reinforcement, the second sample was a wood beams with a reinforcing length of spans in the middle, a third sample was a wood beams with a reinforcing length spans in the middle, and a fourth sample was a wood beams with retrofitting along the length of the span.

Designing On-Board Data Handling For EDF Electric Ducted Fan Rocket Agus Mulyana,Lutfi Abdussalam Al Faiz. Universitas Komputer Indonesia. The EDF Electric Ducted Fan rocket to launch requires a system of monitoring, tracking and controlling to allow the rocket to glide properly. One of the important components in the rocket is OBDH On-Board Data Handling which serves as a medium to perform commands and data processing. However, TTC Telemetry, Tracking, and Command are required to communicate between GCS Ground Control Station and OBDH on EDF rockets.

In the design of integrated OBDH controller uses a lot of electronics modules, to know the behavior of rocket used IMU sensor Inertial Measurement Unit in which consist of 3-axis gyroscope sensor and Accelerometer 3-axis. To do tracking used GPS, compass sensor as a determinant of the direction of the rocket as well as a reference point on the z-axis of gyroscope sensor processing and used barometer sensors to measure the height of the rocket at the time of glide.

The data can be known in real-time by sending data through radio modules at 2. 9 minutes and the process cycle efficiency is greater by 24which indicates that the production process has been better. 4 GHz frequency using XBee-Pro S2B to GCS. By using windows filter, iq option baixar can be reduced, and it useful to guarantee monitoring and controlling system can working properly. Auto Drain Valve Water Separator Inside The Unit of Komatsu HD 465-7R Ir. T Manurung, MT, Yohanes Tri Joko W, ST.MT, Reza Inalda Poetra.

Water separator is a component that separate water from fuel, so the circulating fuel in the fuel system is not contaminated by water. If there is water inside the water separator, it will be carried by into the fuel system and then impacting to the engine performance. It s such as lowering engine power because the fuel filter is clogged due to the fuel mix with water. Then the real danger is in case of the fuel mixes with the water.

It will damage the fuel system components such as blockage of injectors due to corrosion and wear of fuel supply pump. As informed from daily maintenance record data, We have found that the lower power engine trouble was caused by the fuel filter that was clogged high enough. In this condition, it is needed optional device to automatically discharge the water from the water separator so the operator does not needed to drain the water manually.

By this method, the potential risk of mix up water with fuel would be avoided and the loss of others component failure would be mostly avoided. DESIGN AND DEVELOP EMPLOYEE ATTENDANCE SYSTEM USING RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION RFID AT FACULTY OF ENGINEERING MANADO STATE UNIVERSITY g. The operator will be warned by buzzing active alarm and flashing caution lamp inside the cabin. The fact that all of the employee s lecturer and staff attendance are still recorded manually by using book reduce significantly the chances of accuracy and efficiency to the effort of the faculty to measure the performance all of the attendant and to know the number of attendance of each staff.

By knowing all of those things, therefore the faculty can optimize their productivity in order to server the students who are studying on Faculty of Engineering The objective of this research is to design and develop a software of RFID attendance system which is integrated with database system. Using such a system will definitely increase the discipline attitude of the employees which in the long run will improve the overall performance The application of RFID attendance system consists of several main components such as tags that will be used as a replacement of id cards, and reader that will read the information related to the employee attendance.

The culturee media of preosteoblast cell MC3T3-E1 ATCC murine cell line used alpha-MEM, 2mM L-glutamin, 1mm sodium piruvat, 10 FBS and 10 penstrep in 25 cm2 flask bottle and incubated in incubator with 5 CO2 and the temperature was 37oC untill the cell was confluent 70-80. The integrated database will allow the system to automatically store data directly to the database.

The result of this project is a software of RFID attendance system which has a function to store the data or information of every single employee, with a maximum reading range of 2 cm, with success probability of 1 and requires a minimum interval between readings of 2 seconds in order to achieve an optimal functionability. The Combination of RSA And Block Chiper Algorithms To Maintain Message Authentication a Sepri Yanti Tarigan and 2 Devita Permata Sari.

a Magister of Information Technology, Universitas Sumatera Utara b Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Poliprofesi Medan. RSA algorithm is one of the popular public key algorithm used and even still used today. The strength of this algorithm lies in the exponential process, and the factorial number into 2 prime numbers which until now takes a long time to do factoring. The RSA scheme itself adopts the block cipher scheme, where prior to encryption, the existing plaintext is divided into blocks of the same length, where the plaintext and ciphertext are integers between 1 to n, where n is typically 1024 bit, and the block length itself is smaller or equal to log n 1 with base 2.

With the combination of RSA algorithm and block chiper it is expected that the authentication of the message can be maintained. The secured message will be encrypted with RSA algorithm first and will be encrypted again using block chiper. And conversely, the chipertext will be decrypted with the block chiper first and decrypted again with the RSA algorithm. This paper suggests a combination of RSA algorithms and block chiper to secure data.

The Sustainability of Public Transport in Medan, medis s surbakti. Medan City is the third largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta and Surabaya. With a total area of 265. 10 km2 and a population of 2. 1 million people, it is proper that Medan City has operated a mass transportation system, which can accommodate the needs of the city movement.

The current transportation system is dominated by a paratransit that has a capacity of 12 passengers. In fact, the data released by Ditlantas Poldasu and the Department of Transportation of Medan City shows that in 2013 the total number of passenger vehicles is 408,877 units, 99 of which are private vehicles, and there are only 1580 public transport.

Planning the bus as a public transportation system in the city of Medan who tried to integrate it with the surrounding cities until now has not been done. One of the problems is the overlap of the bus route with existing public transport routes. Bappeda Medan City in the Year 2014 has done the initial planning of monorail development in Medan City. Based on the experience of bus implementation in public transportation system in Medan city which is not running in accordance with its planning, this paper tries to describe comprehensively the process that must be taken at strategic, tactical and operational level so that public transpotation system in Medan city wiil be a Well-organized transportation system and support a sustainable transportation system.

The Value of Passenger Car Equivalents for Becak Bermotor in Medan Surbakti-Medis Sejahtera, Pandia-Indra Jaya, and Sembiring-Irwan Suranta. The road traffic systems, travel patterns and other traffic characteristics are different for each country due to differences in the geometric patterns, available transport facilities for commuters, proportional and type of the vehicle itself and so on. This raises resistance from organda as an association of public transport operators located in the city of Medan.

In Indonesia, the standard of pce Passenger Car Equivalent value found on IHCM Indonesian Highway Capacity Manual published in 1997. 5 respectively. IHCM stated that the value of pce for heavy vehicles and motorcycles are 1. On these day, regarding Medan as a third biggest city in Indonesia, there have been lot of changes with regarding to the composition of the vehicle, as well as variations of the type of the vehicle itself. Becak bermotor motorized tricycles is a vehicle which is widely available in the city of Medan.

Data from Medan City Transportation Department stated that there are more than 20,000 motorized motorized tricycles vehicles operating in the city at these day. Pce value of these rickshaws will be calculated empirically based on observations at road and intersections in Medan. The calculation result shows that the pce value of motorized rickshaw is more than 1. Optimization of Institution Accreditation App with Google Apps Mr. This value will make the calculations regarding the performance of the traffic can be performed more accurately.

Maksy Sendiang, Mrs. Mareyke Alelo, Mrs. Venny Ponggawa. Manado State Polytechnic. The institution accreditation app is one application that stores and processes large amounts of data. The number of entities that must be covered by this application, the rapid and dynamic changes of data, the need for access stored data without constrained with time and place as well as security factors demanding a certain strategy in the development of this application.

This study aims to develop an institutional accreditation application and optimize it by utilizing features owned by Google Apps. Google apps as a cloud-based application have components that are accessible to both desktop and mobile devices. Such optimization includes storage, data input, flexible data access and high data security factors. This study uses a mixed method between qualitative and quantitative methods in collecting and analyzing data.

The data obtained is modeled using an object oriented approach and for the development of application using RUP Rationale Unified Process method which is the software development method which done repeatedly and focus on the architecture. The conclusion of this research is that the use of Google Apps components can optimize both desktop and mobile applications especially in terms of storage, mobility and data security.

Application of Taguchi method for surface roughness in the turning process of AISI 4140 Oyong Novareza, Dwi Hadi Sulistyarini, Randy Wiradmoko. This research is focusing on the surface roughness from turning process on a transmission shaft. It using of the material of medium carbon steel AISI 4140. It has carbon content approximately of 0. 430hardness of 197 BHN and tensile strength approximately of 655 MPa. The Taguchi method was used to get a combination factors and factor levels in order to get the level of an optimal surface roughness.

The factors that considered as an important during turning process are the spindle speed with the level of factors 420rpm, 620rpm, 1000rpm. The other factors are depth of cut with the level 0. Besides, there is the composition of a mixture of demineralize water and cutting oil which is used as the coolant with the composition level 1 20, 1 30 and 1 40.

The last factor is side rake angles on the tool made from High Speed Steel HSS that may affect the level of surface roughness with the variation of 5º, 10º, and 15º. TAGUCHI EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF COFFEE POWDER PRODUCE BY AMADANOM COFFEE INDUSTRY, MALANG Wisnu Wijayanto Putro, Oyong Novareza, Suluh Elman Swara, Rio Presetyo Lukodono, Ihram Rachmansyah. This research was conducted with a view to improve the quality of coffee powder produced by Amadanom Coffee Industry in Malang.

The taguchi experiment design was performed to obtain a combination of roasting parameters which could in turn improve the quality of coffee powder. During the roasting process, the acids that were naturally contained in coffee beans were transformed into acetic acid, malic acid, citric acid, and phosphoric acid, which in turn contributed to the coffee s actual taste. According to the ANOVA calculations, several key factors contributed to the actual taste of coffee powders. These were often not paid sufficient attention, resulting in their not having definite standards, which contributed to the low qualities of coffee powders, such that they failed to attract sufficient attention of consumers.

They are Roasting Temperature, Duration of Roasting, the Weight per Roasting, and the Cooling Duration. Organoleptic tests had been performed to rate the quality of coffee powders resulting from taguchi experiments, bearing in mind the four mentioned indicators. From the response tables, ANOVA predictions, and SNR, the optimal setting level was obtained that hopefully could help to improve the quality of coffee powders.

One factor of the highest significance to the quality improvement of robusta coffee powder used in this experiment, was the composition of Factor A2 Roasting Temperature of 185 degrees Celcius ; Factor B1 Duration of Roasting of 20 minutes ; Factor C2 Weight per Roasting of 7. 5 kilograms and Factor D2 Cooling Duration of 10 minutes. Those factors were the ones used during the confirmation experiment. The organoleptic tests of the resulting coffee powders showed an average of 4.

93 with regards to consumer rating. This meant that the average consumer of robusta coffee in Malang liked this product. The result was also far-off from those during the preliminary tests, when the stated average result for the Amadanom industry s product was a mere 1. 89; which effectively reflected consumers dislike for the product. Therefore it was hoped that the implementation of the optimal setting level could soon be initiated by the Amadanom Village s Coffee Industry, of Dampit District, Southern Malang Regency, in order to produce coffee powders of better quality and thus more favorable to consumers.

Seismic behavior of low-rise precast concrete bearing wall buildings Ekkachai Yooprasertchai a and Pennung Warnitchai b. a Faculty of Technical Education, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi 39 Moo1, Rangsit-Nakhonnayok Rd.Klong 6, Thanyaburi, Pathum Thani, Thailand ekkachai_y at rmutt. th b School of Engineering and Technology, Asian Institute of Technology, P.

Box 4, Klong Luang, Pathumthani, Thailand. This paper presents the seismic performance of one-half scaled precast concrete bearing wall specimen representing 2-story residential buildings widely constructed in Thailand. The wall specimen was cast from manufacturer, transported to the site, and installed on cast-in-situ foundation.

Two reinforcing bars were protruding from the foundation and inserted into corrugated ducts pre-embedded in the panel. The ducts were later filled with non-shrink grout cement to achieve structural integrity. A quasi-static cyclic loading test on the specimen was carried out to evaluate seismic performance of the in-plane wall panel. A simple fiber model was then developed using the RUAUMOKO computer program and validated with the experimental results.

A series of zero-length, compression-only nonlinear springs are adopted to simulate nonlinear responses of concrete at the wall base. The nonlinear behavior of reinforcing bars crossing the wall-foundation interface was modeled by an axial tension compression spring which can simulate the initial and post-yield stiffness, and yield strength of the bar using the Ramberg Osgood hysteretic rule. The research indicates that the wall panel specimen was significantly stronger than its connection.

The specimen reached its peak at a drift of 0. After the peak, the force gradually decreased and the force-displacement evidently demonstrated unstable loops. One reinforcing bar was fractured at the second drift of 0. 5 while the another was broken at the first drift of 0. No crack was observed on the wall panel. It was obviously observed that the source of lateral displacement was mainly dominated by a rocking deformation through creating large single crack at the wall-foundation interface.

The analytical study showed very good agreement with the test results. The simple model could be used to predict performance of the wall. Determination of Paddy Moisture Content using Microwave Sensing Technique Pakornkiat Sawetmethikul, Somsin Wangkhuntod, Udomsak Jantontapo, Nuttawat Suksangeam, Sutep Muangkongnoy, Janyaporn Dandong.

Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. This paper proposes a determination of paddy moisture content using microwave sensing technique. The two microwave probes used in our measurement were a 2. 7-GHz rectangular patch antenna based FR-4 laminate, which were installed at the inside wall of a 15. The amount of under-test paddy was approximately 600 gram, which was contained in the plastic box having a microwave probes installed, where the distance between probes was 10 cm.

The Vector Network Analyzer was used as a signal generator and receiver to monitor the transmitted S21 and reflected S11 coefficients varied by several moisture content percentages, at a range of 10 24. Finally, the standard charts of S21 vs moisture and S11 vs moisture were depicted in order to determine at any percentage of paddy moisture. Analysis of a three phase six pulse Static Syncrounous Compesator Janne Deivy Ticoh, Moureen Moudy Kambey.

5cm x 10 cm plastic box. A Static Syncrounous Compesator has superior performance during low voltage condition as the reactive current can be maintained constant In a SVC, the capacitive reactive current drops linearly with the voltage at the limit of capacitive susceptance. The circuit consists of six switches, made up of six GTO thyristors with antiparallel diodes connected as a six pulse Graetz bridge.

The analysis of the circuit assumes that each switch is turned on only once in a cycle of supply voltage and conducts for 180 degree each. To simplify the analysis, to derive the equations describing the steady- state performance, assumed initially that i the capacitor size is infinite very large and therefore the DC side voltage is constant, and ii the losses in the circuit are neglected.

A STATCOM has superior performance during low voltage condition as the reactive current can be maintained constant In a SVC, the capacitive reactive current drops linearly with the voltage at the limit of capacitive susceptance. A STATCOM is comparable to a Synchronous Condenser or Compensator which can supply variable reactive power and regulate the voltage of the bus where it is connected. A high power GTO based STATCOM is a six pulse circuit. Program Studi Teknik Elektro Universitas Katolik De La Salle Manado.

Design of a Solar Micro Power Plant for Home Lighting Julie Rante, Alexander Patras, Lianly Rompis. Indonesia is a country located on the equator so that Indonesia is often referred to as one of the tropical countries in the world. A high power GTO based Static Syncrounous Compesator is a six pulse circuit.

Countries with tropical climate usually have two kinds of seasons, dry season and rainy season. A Static Syncrounous Compesator is comparable to a Synchronous Condenser or Compensator which can supply variable reactive power and regulate the voltage of the bus where it is connected. Given the high intensity of sunlight, Indonesians should be able to utilize sunlight by developing and constructing Solar Power Plants, PLTS.

Being on the equatorial line, Indonesia has a constant supply of sunshine throughout the year. This power plant is made by using solar thermal receiver panel, Solar Cell. This solar power plant is very beneficial for remote hinterlands and isolated islands where it is not covered by electricity from PLN. It includes literature study, observation, design, and implementation. The result of making this PLTS gives a basic solution in designing solar micro plant for home lighting, and conducting better improvements in the future.

This paper discusses the method of design and manufacture of solar power plants for a home. It is expected to be a solution for rural communities left behind or can be a solution for urban communities who often experience power cuts with energy efficiency and affordable prices. Information System Design In Sangihe Islands Based On Hybrid H Sumual a ,T J Saruan bF M Sumual c. 1,2 Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Negeri Manado, Manado, Indonesia 3 Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Negeri Manado, Manado, Indonesia.

Tourism is part of one industrial sector in Indonesia that has bright prospects and has the potential and opportunities are very large to be developed In developing a tourist destination should pay attention to various factors that affect the existence of a tourist destination. The regency of sangihe islands is one of the archipelagic districts that has a wide range of attractions both types, forms, and unique characteristics of regional traditions. Information System Design Tourist Attractions In Sangihe Islands is an information system that helps introduce Sangihe Islands in the tourism sector.

Design of Information Systems Objects In the Islands using UML design method Unified Modeling Languange Diagram is with Use Case Diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams. Implemented in HTML5 and Java programming language using Macromedia Dreamweaver8 and Android. Multimedia Content Development as Datasets of Human Emotion Recognition Through Facial Expressions Nicolaus Ernest Mamonto, Hata Maulana, S. I, and Dewi Yanti Liliana, S. Politeknik Negeri Jakarta. In research conducted by a team of researchers at the Machine Learning and Computer Vision MLCV Laboratory Faculty of Computer Science University of Indonesia who developed the technology of human emotional recognition through facial expression required a datasets containing video and image sequences from facial expressions of Indonesian people with certain emotional provisions.

Datasets that have been developed before contain facial expression from foreign people. The development of multimedia content aims to answer the problems experienced by the research team and other researchers who will conduct similar research. The method used in the development of multimedia content as facial expression datasets for human emotion recognition is the Villamil-Molina version of the multimedia development method.

Multimedia content developed with 10 subjects or talents with each talent performing 3 shots with each capturing talent having to demonstrate 19 facial expressions. After the process of editing and rendering, tests are carried out with the conclusion that the multimedia content can be used as a facial expression datasets for recognition of human emotions. Universitas Katolik De La Salle Manado. Pre-positioning of Critical Relief Supplies to Support Emergency Response in Multiple Disaster Areas Prudensy Febreine Opit.

This paper aims to develop a new stock pre-positioning model to support emergency relief response in the event of an earthquake. In this paper, the earthquake may hit multiple disaster areas at the same time and forces the distribution center to provide service to one or more disaster areas. Hence, this new model determines the maximum proportion of relief demand covered in distribution centers for each scenario. The scenario is considered based on the assumption that at least one or maximum of two adjoin disaster areas hit by the earthquake at the same time.

To solve this model, first, we assign the service area of each distribution center. Next, by using the result of the assigned service area, we determine the minimum value of the lower bound of proportion of unsatisfied relief demand Stage I. Afterwards, we use the output of stage I as an input to determine the maximum amount of critical relief supplies to be stocked in each distribution center Stage II.

This model is applied to the eastern part of Indonesia with 10 disaster areas and 3 distribution centers maintained by The National Agency for Disaster Management BNPB of Indonesia. A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE TRADITIONAL HOUSES KAILI AND BUGIS-MAKASSAR IN INDONESIA CASE STUDY THE SOURAJA SAORAJA HOUSE Moh. Fachruddin Suharto, Rifana S. In this study, I compared the physical elements of two Indonesian traditional houses between a Kaili tribe Central Sulawesi and a Bugis-Makassar tribe South Sulawesi.

If we viewed of the name, meaning and function from both traditional houses have similarities, namely the Souraja Saoraja house a Big House or a House of the Kinghowever, observed more detail the physical elements of architecture also show the differences. Observing the physical elements of architecture are one way to find out the similarities and differences from a traditional house.

The study was descriptive exploratory by using purposive sampling method and the study of literature. The process of analysis is to compare the architectural physical elements on both traditional houses refers to the theory of N. John Habraken an architect of the Dutch, who has been classifying them into three systems, namely spatial system, physical system and stylistic system.

The results of the analysis identified that the physical elements of architecture such as the orientation, the function and distribution of rooms the spatial systemthe constructions and materials of floor, wall and roof the physical system and the opening types of the door and window as well as ornaments used showed similarities. Meanwhile the physical elements of architecture such as the arrangement of columns, form and spatial pattern as well as the placement of the stairs the spatial systemthe constructions and materials of foundation, column and beam the physical system as well as the form of the roof and façade found differences of both traditional houses.

The Inverted pendulum with cart is the basic nonlinear platform which is applied to implement algorithm. The Balancing of the inverted pendulum system by using LQR with Integral action Surachat Chantarachit. The inverted pendulum is composed of cart and pole. The pole is pivoted on the cart with translated on x axis. The objective of this controller is to implement conventional LQR linear quadratic regulator. By adding the integral action to conventional LQR, the performance of this controller is better in term of robustness and overshoots.