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Delete selected track. Select next higher track. Select next lower track. Mute Unmute selected track. Solo Unsolo selected track. Show Hide track automation curve. Show Hide arrange track. Show Hide master track. Show Hide podcast track. Show Hide movie track. Turn ducking on off. Track Info pane. Select next higher category or instrument. Up Arrow when Track Info pane is open and either a category or an instrument is selected.

Select next lower category or instrument. Show Hide Track Info. Down Arrow when Track Info pane is open and either a category or an instrument is selected. Move from instrument column to category column. Left Arrow when Track Info pane is open and an instrument is selected. Move from category column to instrument column. Right Arrow when Track Info pane is open and a category is selected. Learning to play. Automatic notation view.

1 in a Learn to Play lesson. Show chord names. 2 iq option boleto rapido a Learn to Play lesson. Show chord grids guitar Show left hand only piano. 3 in a Learn to Play lesson. Show tablature guitar Show right hand only piano. 4 in a Learn to Play lesson. Show tablature and standard notation guitar Show both hands piano. 5 in a Learn to Play lesson. Show notation and animated instrument. 8 in a Learn to Play lesson. Show animated instrument only. 9 in a Learn to Play lesson. Show notation only.

0 in a Learn to Play lesson. Easy view piano lessons only. E in a Learn to Play lesson. Arranging and editing. Join selected regions. Delete Arrange region with timeline content and close. Lock automation curves to regions. Turn cycle region on off. Turn metronome on off. Show Hide alignment guides. Turn count in on off. Move selected notes to previous grid position. Move selected notes to next grid position.

Move selected notes back one measure. Move selected notes forward one measure. Transpose selected notes up a semitone. Transpose selected notes down a semitone. Transpose selected notes up an octave. Transpose selected notes down an octave. Adjusting master volume. Raise master volume. Lower master volume. Showing windows and editors. Show Track Info pane. Show loop browser. Show Media Browser.

Show Tuner in LCD. Command-F with a Real Instrument track selected. Command-F with a Software Instrument track selected. Show Chords in LCD. 2 Responses to Keyboard shortcuts. Key Action left, right IPTV previous next channels group FILES, PLUGINS playing small seeking up, down, page up, page down move cursor FILES, PLUGINS playing big seeking enter select item play x stop space pause play i show hide playing info bar EPG info show hide EPG program detailsEPG info select previous next EPG program e IPTV show hide EPG info PLUGINS show hide plugin s additional info c show hide channels videos list s source selection IPTV Files Plugins p Playing show hide video playing options a Playing next audio track z Playing next zoom mode w Playing next aspect ratio t Playing next subtitles - volume down up m audio mute u download and update provider s playlist s backspace hide OSD ctrl enter enter exit fullscreen mode esc exit fullscreen mode o show hide service media info.

Can you please add a shortcut to add channels to favourites. Qt Creator provides various keyboard shortcuts to speed up your development process. You can add more shortcuts if your favorite combination is missing. In addition, you can specify your own keyboard shortcuts for some functions that can be easily performed with a mouse, and therefore do not appear in menus or have default keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts are listed by category. To find a keyboard shortcut in the list, enter a function name or shortcut in the Filter field.

The shortcuts iq option boleto rapido are displayed in red color are associated with several functions. Qt Creator executes the function that is available in the current context. If several functions are available for the same shortcut at a time, there is a conflict and Qt Creator cannot execute any function. A keyboard shortcut might also conflict with a shortcut that a Window manager uses for its own purposes.

In that case, Qt Creator shortcuts do not work. Typically, you can configure the shortcuts in the window manager, but if that is not allowed, you can change the Qt Creator shortcuts. For example, Unity on Ubuntu 11. 10 uses F10 in its window manager, and therefore the default Qt Creator keyboard shortcut F10 Step Over does not work on that system. To override the platform default value that determines whether keyboard shortcuts are shown in the labels of context menu items, select Tools Options Environment Interface.

The label of the Show keyboard shortcuts in context menus check box indicates whether the platform default value is on or off. Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts. To customize a keyboard shortcut. Select Tools Options Environment Keyboard. Select a command from the list. In the Key Sequence field, you have the following options Enter the shortcut key you want to associate with the selected command.

Select Recordpress the keys to use as the keyboard shortcut, and select Stop Recording when you are done. To assign multiple keyboard shortcuts to a function, select Addand enter or record an additional key combination. To revert to the default shortcut, select Reset. Qt Creator allows you to use different keyboard shortcut mapping schemes. To import a keyboard shortcut mapping scheme, click Import and select the. kms file containing the keyboard shortcut mapping scheme you want to import.

To export the current keyboard shortcut mapping scheme, click Export and select the location where you want to save the exported. The following tables list the default keyboard shortcuts. They are categorized by actions. Action Keyboard shortcut Open file or project Ctrl O New file or project Ctrl N Open in external editor Alt V, Alt I Select all Ctrl A Delete Del Cut Ctrl X Copy Ctrl C Paste Ctrl V Redo Ctrl Y Print Ctrl P Save Ctrl S Save all Ctrl Shift S Close window Ctrl W Close all Ctrl Shift W Close current file Ctrl F4 Go back Alt Left Go forward Alt Right Go to line Ctrl L Next open document in history Ctrl Shift Tab Go to other split Ctrl E, O Previous open document in history Ctrl Tab Activate Locator Ctrl K Switch to Welcome mode Ctrl 1 Switch to Edit mode Ctrl 2 Switch to Design mode Ctrl 3 Switch to Debug mode Ctrl 4 Switch to Projects mode Ctrl 5 Switch to Help mode Ctrl 6 Toggle Issues pane Alt 1 Cmd 1 on macOS Toggle Search Results pane Alt 2 Cmd 2 on macOS Toggle Application Output pane Alt 3 Cmd 3 on macOS Toggle Compile Output pane Alt 4 Cmd 4 on macOS Toggle other output panes Alt number Cmd number on macOS.

Where the number is the number of the output pane. To view all functions available in Qt Creator and the keyboard shortcuts defined for them, select Tools Options Environment Keyboard. Activate Bookmarks view Alt M Activate File System view Alt Y Activate Open Documents view Alt O Maximize output panes Alt 9 Move to next item in output panes F6 Move to previous item in output panes Shift F6 Activate Projects view Alt X Full screen Ctrl Shift F11 Toggle the sidebar Alt 0 Cmd 0 on macOS Undo Ctrl Z Move to Edit mode.

In Edit mode. The first press moves focus to the editor The second press closes secondary windows Esc Exit Qt Creator Ctrl Q. Editing Keyboard Shortcuts. Action Keyboard shortcut Auto-indent selection Ctrl I Collapse Ctrl Trigger a completion in this scope Ctrl Space Copy line Ctrl Ins Copy line down Ctrl Alt Down Copy line up Ctrl Alt Up Paste from the clipboard history Ctrl Shift V.

Subsequent presses move you back in the history. Cut line Shift Del Join lines Ctrl J Insert line above current line Ctrl Shift Enter Insert line below current line Ctrl Enter Decrease font size Ctrl - Ctrl Roll mouse wheel down Increase font size Ctrl Ctrl Roll mouse wheel up Reset font size Ctrl 0 Toggle Vim-style editing Alt V, Alt V Split Ctrl E, 2 Split side by side Ctrl E, 3 Remove all splits Ctrl E, 1 Remove current split Ctrl E, 0 Select all Ctrl A Go to block end Ctrl Go to block start Ctrl Go to block end and select the lines between the current cursor position and the end of the block Ctrl Shift Go to block start and select the lines between the current cursor position and the beginning of the block Ctrl Shift Select the current block.

The second press extends the selection to the parent block. To enable this behavior, select Tools Options Text Editor Behavior Enable smart selection changing. Ctrl U Undo the latest smart block selection Ctrl Alt Shift U Move current line down Ctrl Shift Down Move current line up Ctrl Shift Up Trigger a refactoring action in this scope Alt Enter Rewrap paragraph Ctrl E, R Enable text wrapping Ctrl E, Ctrl W Toggle comment for selection Ctrl Visualize whitespace Ctrl E, Ctrl V Adjust size Ctrl J Lay out in a grid Ctrl G Lay out horizontally Ctrl H Lay out vertically Ctrl L Preview Alt Shift R Edit signals and slots F4 Toggle bookmark Ctrl M Go to next bookmark Ctrl.

Works with namespaces, classes, functions, variables, include statements and macros. Go to previous bookmark CtrlFetch snippet Alt C, Alt F Paste snippet Alt C, Alt P Find references to symbol under cursor Ctrl Shift U Follow symbol under cursor. F2 Rename symbol under cursor Ctrl Shift R Switch between function declaration and definition Shift F2 Open type hierarchy Ctrl Shift T Switch between header and source file F4 Turn selected text into lowercase Alt U Turn selected text into uppercase Alt Shift U Run static checks on JavaScript code to find common problems Ctrl Shift C Find and replace Ctrl F Find next F3 Find previous Shift F3 Find next occurrence of selected text Ctrl F3 Find previous occurrence of selected text Ctrl Shift F3 Replace next Ctrl Open advanced find Ctrl Shift F Record a text-editing macro Alt Stop recording a macro Alt Play last macro Alt R Show Qt Quick toolbars Ctrl Alt Space Execute user actions in FakeVim mode Alt V, n, where n is the number of the user action, from 1 to 9.

Emacs Shortcuts. You can specify shortcuts for executing actions in a way that is familiar to Emacs editor users. The actions are not bound to any key combinations by default. The following actions are available. Copy Cut Delete Character Exchange Cursor and Mark Go to File End Go to File Start Go to Line End Go to Line Start Go to Next Character Go to Next Line Go to Next Word Go to Previous Character Go to Previous Line Go to Previous Word Insert Line and Indent Kill Line Kill Word Mark Scroll Half Screen Down Scroll Half Screen Up Yank.

Image Viewer Shortcuts. Action Keyboard shortcut Switch to background Ctrl Switch to outline Ctrl Zoom in Ctrl Zoom out Ctrl - Fit to screen Ctrl Original size Ctrl 0. Design Mode Keyboard Shortcuts. You can use the following keyboard shortcuts when editing QML files in the Design mode. Action Keyboard shortcut Open the QML file that defines the selected component F2 Move between Text Editor and Form Editor F4 Toggle left sidebar Ctrl Alt 0 Toggle right sidebar Ctrl Alt Shift 0.

Debugging Keyboard Shortcuts. Action Keyboard shortcut Start or continue debugging F5 Exit debugger Shift F5 Step over F10 Step into F11 Step out Shift F11 Toggle breakpoint F9 Run to selected function Ctrl F6 Run to line Ctrl F10 Reverse direction F12. Project Keyboard Shortcuts. Help Keyboard Shortcuts. Action Keyboard shortcut View context-sensitive help F1 Activate contents in Help mode Ctrl T Add bookmark in Help mode Ctrl M Activate index in Help mode Ctrl I Reset font size Ctrl 0 Activate search in Help mode Ctrl S.

Version Control Keyboard Shortcuts. Action Keyboard shortcut Build project Ctrl B Build all Ctrl Shift B New project Ctrl Shift N Open project Ctrl Shift O Select the kit to build and run your project with Ctrl T Run Ctrl R. Action Version control system Bazaar CVS Git Mercurial Perforce Subversion Add Alt C, Alt A Alt G, Alt A Alt P, Alt A Alt S, Alt A Commit Submit Alt Z, Alt C Alt C, Alt C Alt G, Alt C Alt G, Alt C Alt P, Alt S Alt S, Alt C Diff Alt Z, Alt D Alt C, Alt D Alt G, Alt D Alt G, Alt D Alt S, Alt D Diff project Alt G, Alt Shift D Alt P, Alt D Blame Annotate Alt G, Alt B Log Filelog Alt Z, Alt L Alt G, Alt L Alt G, Alt L Alt P, Alt F Log project Alt G, Alt K Status Alt Z, Alt S Alt G, Alt S Undo changes Revert Alt G, Alt U Alt P, Alt R Edit Alt P, Alt E Opened Alt P, Alt O.

For example, selecting and deleting words or lines in an editor. NOTE Mac users should use Command instead of Ctrl. To save time, use following keyboard shortcut keys in Smartsheet. Cut, Copy, Paste and Other Frequently Used Shortcuts. PC Shortcut Mac Shortcut Description Ctrl X Command X Cut Ctrl C Command C Copy. You can copy data within a sheet in Smartsheet or between sheets.

You can copy rows, cells, formulas, hyperlinks, and hierarchy. NOTE Copying a row does not copy its associated attachments or comments. TIP If you ve copied a multi-line cell in Excel or other program, double-click on the cell in Smartsheet before pasting it in to prevent the lines from spilling over into the cells below.

Ctrl S Command S Saves all unsaved information F2 Fn F2 Enters edit mode on selected cell Ctrl Z Command Z Undo the previous action since last save Ctrl Y Command Y Redo the previous action since last save Ctrl D Command D. Ctrl V Command V Paste. Select the cells that you want to fill. This shortcut is useful when a column contains a formula that you want to use in every cell in that column.

The cell containing the value that that you want to fill must be at the top of the selection. This capability is also available by clicking and dragging from the bottom-right corner of a selected cell. Ctrl K Command K Open Hyperlink window for selected cell Enter Return Open the Edit Widget window for the selected dashboard widget when dashboard is in Edit mode. Open a Sheet, Find Information, Move Around in a Sheet. PC Shortcut Mac Shortcut Description Ctrl Command Open a Sheet Ctrl F Command F Find information within a sheet Ctrl Shift F Command Shift F Open Search form for advanced search options Ctrl G Command G Display the Go To Row window to navigate to a specific row in the sheet Home Home Go to the first cell of the current row End End Move to the last cell of the current row Ctrl Home Command Home Takes you to the top left cell of a sheet Ctrl End Command End Takes you to the bottom right cell of a sheet PgUp Page Up Moves you up in a sheet PgDn Page Down Moves you down in a sheet.

Work with Hierarchy. PC Shortcut Mac Shortcut Description Ctrl right bracket Command right bracket Indent the row you will see the indent level in the Primary Column only Ctrl left bracket Command left bracket Outdent the row you will see the indent level in the Primary Column only. PC Shortcut Mac Shortcut Description Ctrl Enter Command Enter Inserts a carriage return or line break in Text Number cells.

NOTE In order to see the carriage returns in the sheet, apply wrap formatting to the cell by clicking the Wrap Text button on the toolbar at the top of the Smartsheet window. Ctrl I Command I Italic Ctrl U Command U Underline Ctrl B Command B Bold Alt 0149 Option 8 Inserts a bullet point in the cell. Insert or Select Rows and Columns. PC Shortcut Mac Shortcut Description Insert Ctrl I Inserts a row above the selected row.

Ctrl Spacebar. NOTE To insert multiple rows at once, press Shift and select multiple row headers, then click Insert. Ctrl Spacebar Selects the entire column of your active or selected cells Shift Spacebar Shift Spacebar Selects the entire row of your active or selected cells Spacebar Spacebar Displays or removes a checkbox, star, or flag in the selected cell.

For more information about checkbox, star, and flag columns see Use the Best Column Type for Your Data. Work with Dates. The following shortcuts work in cells of the Date column type. For more information about column types, see Use the Best Column Type for Your Data. Note that these abbreviations currently work only for English terms. Shortcut PC Mac Description t Inserts today s date n plus sign and a number Enters a date n days from today s date. For example, if today s date is 12 11 17, pressing 3 will enter 12 14 17.

-n minus sign and a number Enters a date n days before today s date. For example, if today s date is 12 11 17, pressing -3 will enter 12 8 17. sun mon tue wed thurs fri sat The date corresponding to the day of the week in the current week. yes Yesterday s date tom Tomorrow s date last week The current date -7 days next week The current date 7 days mmm ddwhere mmm is a series of letters representing a month and dd is a series of numbers representing a day.

For example, if today s date is 12 11 17, typing sun will return 12 10 17. The date of the entered string. For example, typing Dec 17 in the year 2019 will return 12 17 19. Shortcut PC Mac Description Ctrl L With the insertion point positioned on the column name in the formula, creates an absolute reference cell reference lock. Inserts before the column name horizontal cell reference lock.

ZBrush comes with many default hotkeys and mouse actions. They can speed up your workflow by allowing you to focus on your sculpting or painting, rather than constantly searching for an interface button. Also Custom Hotkeys can be assigned by the user for actions that they use often. Shortcuts or Hotkeys are keyboard combinations that produce the same effect as pressing a ZBrush interface item. The Alt key on Macintosh keyboards is sometimes called the Option key, and the Windows Enter key is called the Return key.

Wherever the Ctrl key is mentioned in this documentation, MacOSX users may want to use the Cmd Apple key instead, though note for keyboards with both a Ctrl and Cmd key either can be used. Shortcuts arranged by Category Shortcuts arranged by Palette A cheat sheet pdf with the most important items download here The full list as a printable pdf download here Default Hotkeys file. Become an insider. Sign up to access exclusive tools, giveaways tutorials.

The all-in-one digital sculpting solution Designed for the pursuit of art. ZBrush Features Store Find Retailers ZBrushCentral Sculptris Support Contact Jobs. All rights reserved, Pixologic and the Pixologic logo, ZBrush, and the ZBrush logo, Sculptris, and the Sculptris logo are registered trademarks of Pixologic, Inc. Various patents pending. Archive for the Keyboard shortcuts Category.

or puzzlehacker. Home Martin puzzlehacker hacker. Useful firefox Shorcuts. In Keyboard shortcuts 1 Comment. Which of these firefox shortcuts do you use most. I use ctrl enter and ctrl n most often, even though I knew quite a few others I didnt quite use it. CTRL TAB will prove to be useful to me to shift through the jungle of tabs I open in the same window. CRTL N -New Window. CTRL L- Cursor to addressbar. CTRL K -Cursor to searchbox. CTRL W close tab.

CTRL SHIFT T- Undo close last close tab. CTRL - -Increase or decrease font size. CTRL F -Find on page. CTRL ENTER Adds www. CTRL TAB Shifts from tab to tab. puzzlehacker has crossed 10,0000 visits. CTRL D -To bookmark a page. You waste a lot of time looking for the tiny X square at the top right hand corner of your screen each time you want to close a window.

In Keyboard shortcuts Useful info Leave a Comment. The fastest way to close a window is to press Control then W with two fingers of your left hand. To try this open a new window first with Control N then close it with Control W. You ll see how fast and easy it is. Instead of typing the full URL address eg.

com you only have to type yahoo then press the Control key keep pressing and strike the Enter key before letting go of both. Cool, isn t it. Unfortunately this only works in Internet Explorer not in Netscape. Do the same for Google. com Go ahead, try it now. Note In case it doesn t work do this Go the the menu bar of Internet Explorer, click on Tools Internet Options Content Autocomplete then put a tick on Web address.

Close IE and when you start IE again it should work. If you wish to maximize screen space for the Internet page you are reading, all you have to do is to press the F11 button. This is a toggle button, that is, by pressing F11 again you will go back to its original state. f you are searching for a particular word or name in an Internet page probably you were sent there by a search engine but don t know where the key word is in the page, just press the Control button followed by the F button for Find.

You will then be able to type the word in the box. Click on Next and if the word is there it will be highlighted. Interesting tech tips. An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Register Log in Entries feed Comments feed WordPress. access internet free Announcements Blog is shifted cellphone tricks circumventor proxies Comments computer tips Download youtube Firefox tips Free Avg antivirus free calls using fring Free Downloads Generate traffic gmail Google google tips Google Wave Gotalk hacking hacks Interesting sites introduction Javascript Keyboard shortcuts Mindblogging.

mp3 videos my pictures orkut Orkut tips password recovery PDF creator Poems by me powerpoint tips proxies Puzzlehacker tips Social Media Basics spiderzilla Sports Tips from google blog Uncategorized Useful info web 2. Internet Tips The easy way to navigate internet. Master Of medicine Learn medicine the easy way My Orkut profile Puzzlehacker IQ EQ ENDURANCE COMMONSENSE.

Mindblogger All about your mind and mine. Latest updated list of circumventor proxies Firefox 4 Beta 8 Available for Download, Improves Syncing Setup Use Press this to post what you like. Use Spaces in Your Windows Password for Extra Security Use wolframalpha for doing complex calculations online. Martin puzzlehacker puzzlehacker has crossed 10,0000 visits. September 2011 January 2011 July 2010 March 2010 January 2010 December 2009 November 2009 October 2009 September 2009 July 2009 January 2009 September 2008 July 2008 June 2008 April 2008 March 2008 February 2008 January 2008 December 2007 September 2007 July 2007 June 2007 April 2007 March 2007 February 2007.

0 windows tricks windows XP Wordpress tips Yahoo antispy. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from Powered by FeedBurner. Shortcut Action space play pause toggle broadcast state f fullscreen down arrow volume down up arrow volume up m mute left arrow seek backward right arrow seek forward. StreamSpot players can be controlled by both the graphical interface using clicks and touchesas well as a series of keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Accessibility Options for StreamSpot Players. The shortcuts above apply to StreamSpot players and venue pages. Available keyboard shortcuts to control the StreamSpot player are below. along with the file includes a custom keyboard hotkey create by jean. he will show how export and import a custom rhino option file.

jean will now go through the steps to the use of keyboard shortcuts in rhino. Keyboard shortcuts and importing custom options. There s already some by default and there s a lot of blanks. This is a perfect opportunity to utilize this entire window so you can access your commands much quicker than having to travel all the way here, holding down the icon, looking for it, those precious seconds do add up over the course of time and it does slow down your workflow in my experience. - Voiceover Let s take a look now at setting up our keyboard shortcuts and also working with importing and exporting custom options.

If we go into our Options using this icon here and go into the Keyboard section you will notice that there are a bunch of ways you can use keyboard strokes to access various tools. So when we go into the Options again and look at the Keyboard we actually had set up a very good system where we have very useful shortcuts to help us work much faster. Rhino 5 Essential Training. Rhino and V-Ray Rendering. Rhino and V-Ray Product Design Rendering.

Rhino Animation with Bongo. Rhino T-Splines. So the way I ve set it up is when you go into your Options here under Tools you have the option to export your options so if you do have a nice setup with Rhino, you ve made your own shortcut menu and everything. Setting Up the Interface and Options. Making a Basic Oval Stone Ring. Making an Engagement Ring. Modeling a Cabochon Drop Earring. Modeling a Basic Enamel Cuff. Video Keyboard shortcuts and importing custom options.

Microsoft has given us multiple ways to accomplish any task, including the Ribbon, right-clicking the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Any power user will tell you, however, that you will work more proficiently if you spend less time using the mouse. Keyboard Shortcuts and Option Tweaks for Microsoft Office Programs. What are iq option boleto rapido shortcuts. But if you are interested in a complete list by program, click the link on screen to go to Microsoft s website.

By the way, keyboard shortcuts can also be referred to as command shortcuts, but they are the same thing. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts out there, and you can even create your own. How do keyboard shortcuts work. Most keyboard shortcuts involve holding down one or more keys simultaneously. Also, most keyboard shortcuts use the Control key plus a letter.

There are some, however that will add Alt and or Shift to the key press combination, and some that involve just the Function keys at the top of your keyboard. The most common example of keyboard shortcuts are the ones for Copy and Paste. In the video you can see that I have highlighted some text. Now I will deselect by pressing the arrow key, iq option boleto rapido then press the return key a couple of times to add in a few new lines.

By pressing Ctrl and the letter C at the same time I copy that information to the pasteboard. Now I will press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl V and you ll see my name pasted onto the new line. When you see the plus sign used in this way you don t actually type the plus sign. Microsoft broke the Open Keyboard shortcut or did they.

Microsoft introduced a hitch in Office 2013 that potentially blocked one keyboard shortcut from working efficiently. In Office 2010 and earlier, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl O would take you to a list of your files, normally your documents library. As you can see in the video, however, the shortcut now takes me to the Backstage and forces me to use the mouse to find and open files. I ll press the Escape key now to get out of the Backstage and return to my document.

The solution to making Ctrl O work in Office 2013. Luckily, the engineers at Microsoft also gave us a way around the hitch, but they hid it in that spookiest of all places, the Options dialog. Remember, you always get back into the Backstage by clicking on the File tab on the ribbon. On the bottom left side of the Backstage is the Options button. Here in Word I have the choice of 10 different buttons on the right hand side. When I click on it, a dialog box opens that too few people have every looked at.

The number of buttons and what they say will vary from Office program to program, but almost all of them have the Save button. The fix we re looking for is on the Options Save screen, so I ll go ahead and click on Save. And lo and behold, the third checkbox from the top says Don t show the Backstage when opening or saving files. I ll go ahead and place a checkmark beside that selection, and click on OK at the bottom of the dialog. Now when I use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl O for Open you can see I jump straight to my list of files, which I can navigate very easily using the keyboard.

The same Option to Don t show the Backstage when opening or saving files is in all Microsoft Office programs. The good news is that when I click the checkbox in one program it simultaneously checks it in all other Office programs. As I open Excel and navigate to the same Options dialog, you ll see that the checkbox is now checked by default. It doesn t matter which office program you start in, but there can be differences between all of the Options dialog boxes.

This is most prevalent in Microsoft Access. As you can see, the choices in the Access Options dialog box are different, and there is no Save button. Instead, you ll have to go to Client Settings on the left side, then scroll down to the Display section and find the checkbox and click on it if necessary. I want to talk with you today about one of my favorite tips for getting around in Microsoft Office programs keyboard shortcuts.

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