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But an easy way to deal with this is to track the host key to the host OS and the other command key can still be tracked to the guest OS. Please note that in this case even most of the F-keys aren t send to the guest. If somebody doesn t like that, then they can change their host key, or make a unique combination of keys for a host key like ctrl cmd. comment 12 Changed 8 years ago by bandolerito. Another one VERY interested in this option on vb.

19 useful Mac startup keyboard shortcuts you should know. For those of you who have wondered about the many ways you can start up your Mac, here s a list of the Mac startup keyboard shortcuts you can invoke to access handy macOS features which are only available at boot time. Beyond system errors, different people have different needs when it comes to starting up their computer. For example, you could be a pro user who dual boots between macOS and Windows on a daily basis.

Most of the time, your Mac just works until it refuses to start up properly due to an unforeseen system error, a misbehaving app, a broken system component and what not. Others might be wondering about booting a Mac from a disk other than their designated startup disk. To boot your Intel-based Mac into any of the macOS built-in startup modes, you must press and hold one or more keys detailed below after turning on the computer.

Press the keys immediately after hearing the startup sound, unless otherwise specified. Mac startup key combinations. Prevent automatic login If you enabled the option to automatically log a specific macOS account every time your Mac starts up, you can override this setting by holding the left Shift key after the macOS boot progress indicator appears. Manually restart Power Boot from CD DVD C Startup Manager Option Single-User Mode Command S Target Disk Mode T Verbose Mode Command V Safe Mode Shift Recovery OS Command R Internet Recovery OS Command Option R Apple Hardware Test D Apple Hardware Test over the Internet Option D Boot from NetBoot server N Boot from NetBoot server using the default image Option N Eject removable media Media EjectF12mouse button or trackpad button macOS Startup Volume X will start up your Mac from an macOS startup volume when it d otherwise boot from a non-macOS volume, like a Windows partition Prevent Login Items from opening To override your current settings and prevent Login Items and Finder windows from your last session from opening when you log in, hold down the Shift key after clicking the Log In button in the iq option é bom login window until the desktop appears.

Now release the keys and then turn your Mac back on using the power button. Other keyboard shortcuts are available after your Mac has started up. Our ongoing tutorial series has covered many Mac startup modes thus far. To learn more about many of them, simply tap or click their linked names on the bulleted list above. Startup key combos not registering. On certain Mac notebook models, startup key combos may fail to register in certain situations.

For instance, if you own an early-2015 twelve-inch MacBook model and have Apple s Bluetooth keyboard connected to it, these key combinations won t work on your wireless keyboard. The solution couldn t be simpler use the MacBook s iq option é bom keyboard to get to Startup Manager, Recovery Mode, Single User Mode, Safe Mode and other features that are available at boot time.

Another option hook up any standard USB keyboard to your Mac via a USB-C adapter. The startup chime as a troubleshooting feature. You shouldn t turn the volume all the way down before restarting your Mac. Hearing startup tones other than the familiar startup chord is the first step in determining what might be causing hiccups that your computer is experiencing. For more tips like this, browse our complete tutorials archive.

Other Mac startup keyboard shortcuts. Are there any Mac startup keyboard shortcuts you think we missed. If so, add your key combo in the comments below. Not sure how to do certain things on your Apple device. Let us know at email protected and a future tutorial might provide a solution. Or perhaps you re looking to isolate the cause of a software issue in the macOS Safe Mode or boot straight into Recovery OS as the last option.

Shoot us your how-to suggestions at email protected. Reset PRAM NVRAM Command Option P Rthen release the keys after you hear the startup sound for a second time Reset SMC Shut down your Mac, and then press and hold the left-side Shift Control Option keys along with the Power button, all at the same time, until the computer turns on. Mac iOS Windows Android. com keyboard shortcuts. For shortcuts that work on the 1Password website, see 1Password.

Global keyboard shortcuts. To customize these three keyboard shortcuts, choose 1Password menu Preferences, and click the General icon. Shortcut Action Command†Backslash Fill Login on current web page. Option†Command†Backslash Show 1Password mini. Control†Option†Command†L Lock 1Password. 1Password app. Shortcut Action Command†N Create a new item. Command†D Duplicate the selected item. Command†E Edit the selected item.

Command†S Save changes to an item. Command†Delete Move the selected item s to the Trash. Command†PeriodВ. Cancel an edit. Shift†Command†C Copy the password of the selected item. Control†Command†C Copy the username of the selected item. Shift†Control†Command†C Copy the one-time password of the selected item. Cancel the current search. Command†O Open the selected item in a separate window. Control†Option†Command†F Show search options.

Command†F or Option†Command†F Find items. Command†K Show the Quick Open search window. Command†L Show or hide the vaults list in the sidebar. Option†Command†L Collapse or expand the sidebar when the vaults list is hidden. Command†Left Curly Bracket Show previous category. Command†Right Curly Bracket Show next category. Command†0 View All Vaults.

Command†1 to Command†9 Switch to one of your first nine vaults. Option†Command†Return Open the selected Login item in your web browser and fill your username and password. Option Reveal all passwords in the item details. To conceal passwords, choose View Conceal Passwords. Control†Command†P View Conceal Passwords.

Tab Switch focus from the sidebar to the search field to the item list. Shift†Tab Switch focus from the item list to the search field to the sidebar. Command†CommaВOpen preferences. Command†W Close the current window. Command†M Minimize the current window to the Dock. Control†Option†Command†Q Quit 1Password completely. 1Password mini. Shortcut Action UpВ Arrow Select the previous category, item, or field. DownВ Arrow Select the next category, item, or field.

Right Arrow Select the item details. Left Arrow Select the item list. Command-Down Arrow Open the category menu. Copy the selected item detail. Open the selected Login item in your web browser and fill your username and password. Save and copy the generated password. Copy the generated password. Copy the password of the selected item. Shift†Command†O Open the selected item in the 1Password app.

Shift†Command†E Edit the selected item in the 1Password app. Save a new Login for the current website. Save changes to an item in a separate window. Command-N Open the password generator. Option†click to close a separate window Close all separate windows. Command†CommaВOpen 1Password preferences. If you have an external keyboard connected to your iOS device, you can use keyboard shortcuts in 1Password. To show a list of shortcuts available at any moment, press and hold the Command key on the keyboard.

Close 1Password mini. Shortcut Action Command†E Edit the selected item. Command†F Find items. Esc Cancel the current search. Command†Backslash Open the selected Login item in the 1Password browser and fill your username and password. Command†1 View Favorites. Command†2 View Categories. Command†3 View Organize. Command†4 View Settings. Command†5 Open the 1Password browser. 1Password browser. To open the 1Password browser, tap a website in a Login item, or touch and hold anywhere in the tab bar at the bottom of the screen.

Command†Left Bracket Go to the previous page. Command†Right Bracket Go to the next page. Shortcut Action Command†Backslash Choose an item to fill. Command†L Edit the web address. Command†S Share the current page. Command†T Open a new tab. Shift†Command†Left Bracket Make the previous tab the active tab. Shift†Command†Right Bracket Make the next tab the active tab. Command†O Show all tabs. Command†W Close the current tab. Option†Command†W Close all tabs and the 1Password browser.

Esc Close the 1Password browser. To customize these four keyboard shortcuts, choose 1Password Settings, then click General. Shortcut Action CtrlВ В backslashВ Fill Login on current web page. CtrlВ В AltВ В backslash Show 1Password mini. CtrlВ В ShiftВ В backslash Open 1Password. WindowsВ logoВ keyВ В В ShiftВ В L Lock 1Password.

Shortcut Action CtrlВ В N Create a new item. CtrlВ В ShiftВ В N Create a new item in the selected category. CtrlВ В E Edit the selected item. Clear the search field. CtrlВ В S Save changes to an item. CtrlВ В Del Move the selected item s to the Trash. ShiftВ В Enter Move, delete, or change the type of the selected field. CtrlВ В D Show vaults. CtrlВ В F Find items. CtrlВ В ShiftВ В F Search all items. CtrlВ В Enter. When 1Password is unlocked Open the selected Login item in your default browser and fill your username and password.

When 1Password is locked Unlock using Secure Desktop. CtrlВ В R Reveal the selected password. CtrlВ В Alt Reveal all passwords in the item details. CtrlВ В L View the selected password in Large Type. CtrlВ В C Copy the selected item detail to the clipboard. CtrlВ В ShiftВ В C Copy the username, password, or one-time password of the selected item to the clipboard. CtrlВ В UpВ arrow Select the previous item detail. CtrlВ В DownВ arrow Select the next item detail.

AltВ В UpВ arrow Move the item detail up. AltВ В DownВ arrow Move the item detail down. CtrlВ В minusВ - Decrease the font size. CtrlВ В plusВ Increase the font size. CtrlВ В 0В zero Reset the font size. CtrlВ В O Sign in to a 1Password account. Shortcut Action CtrlВ В Enter Unlock using Secure Desktop when 1Password is locked. AltВ В 0В zero Show vaults. AltВ В 1 View your favorite items. AltВ В 2 View all your items. AltВ В 3 View Login items. AltВ В 4 View Credit Card items.

AltВ В 5 View Identity items. AltВ В 6 View Password items. CtrlВ В Tab Select the next category in the sidebar. CtrlВ В ShiftВ В Tab Select the previous category in the sidebar. If you have an external keyboard connected to your Android device, you can use keyboard shortcuts in 1Password. 1Password keyboard shortcuts. Esc Cancel the current search or navigate back. CtrlВ В BackslashВ Open the selected Login item in the 1Password browser and fill your username and password.

CtrlВ В 3 View Tags. CtrlВ В 4 View Settings. CtrlВ В 2 View Categories. CtrlВ В AltВ В L Lock 1Password. To open the 1Password browser, tap a website in a Login item. CtrlВ В 1 View Favorites. 2 Ways to Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Macros. Skill Level Intermediate. Bottom Line Learn two different ways to create keyboard shortcuts to run macros, and discover the pros and cons for both methods.

Download the Excel File. You can download the example Excel file I use in the video here. Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts to Run Macros. Assigning keyboard shortcuts to simple or complex macros can help you work faster in Excel. This is especially true if you have to perform the same actions repeatedly. In this post we look at two popular ways to create the shortcut keys. These include the Macro Options window and VBA code for the Application.

OnKey method. I also explain the pros cons of each method. The Macro Options Window Shortcut Key. We can use the Macro Options window in Excel to create a shortcut key to call the macro. Here are the instructions on how to set it up. Start by going to the Developer tab and clicking on the Macros button. If you don t see the Developer tab on your ribbon, you can add it using these instructions. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Alt F8. After selecting the macro that you want to assign the shortcut to, click the Options button.

In the Macro Options Window, you can create the shortcut you want by adding a letter, number, or symbol. Be careful not to override an existing shortcut that you frequently use, such as Ctrl C to copy. One way to avoid doing this is by adding Shift to the shortcut to make it a bit more complex. In my example, I used Ctrl Shift C. To delete the shortcutsimply repeat the process for accessing the Macro Options Window and then delete the character that you entered to create the shortcut. The Application.

OnKey Method in VBA. We can also use VBA code to create shortcut keys for macros. OnKey method allows us to create and delete the shortcuts. It also gives us more options and flexibility with our keyboard shortcuts. Start by accessing the VB Editor. You can do this by clicking the Visual Basic button on the Developer tab, or pressing Alt F11.

Create Shortcuts with OnKey. In the VB editor, we are going to write some simple code to assign a macro to a keyboard shortcut. Create a new macro and name it CreateShortcut or whatever you choose to name the procedureAdd a new line and start it with the command Application. OnKey followed by a space. OnKey method has two parameters for the Key and Procedure. The Key is the keyboard shortcut combination represented by key codes.

The Procedure is the name of the macro that will be called when the key combination is pressed. Both parameters are enclosed in quotation marks. In my example I use for the Key parameter. The is the code for Ctrlthe is code for Shiftand the C key is enclosed in curly brackets or braces. How are you supposed to know the code for each key.

Microsoft has this helpful document, which contains a complete list. Following this code, you are going to name the procedure that you want to assign to that combination of keys. In this case, we want the key combination to run the macro called CellColorGreen. Delete Shortcuts with OnKey. As you can also see in the image above, the code to delete this process is simple.

I ve typed it just below the section for creating the shortcut. Instead of CreateShortcut we will call it DeleteShortcut and we remove the procedure name CellColorGreen from the code. The absence of a procedure tells Excel not to assign an action to that combination of keyboard strokes. This also resets the key combination to any native Excel keyboard shortcuts. For example, if we were iq option é bom Ctrl C instead, the keyboard shortcut would revert back to performing the Copy action when Ctrl C is pressed.

Both the Create and Delete macros can have multiple lines of code with the OnKey method. This allows you to setup different shortcuts for different macros all at the same time. Automate OnKey with Events. However, you can actually automate this by using the Workbook_Open and Workbook_BeforeClose events. Here are instructions on how to set it up see the video above for more details. In the VB Editor, double-click on ThisWorkbook in the Project Window.

Choose Workbook in the drop-down box. That will add the Workbook_Open event. Add a line of code to call the macro that you ve created. In our case, the code would read Call Module1. CreateShortcut without the quotation marks. You can also add an event to delete the macro anytime you close the workbook. Just choose BeforeClose in the drop-down on the right and call the same macro.

If your macros are stored in your Personal Macro Workbookyou can follow the same procedure as above. Checkout this article on how to create your own Personal Macro Workbook if you don t have yours setup yet. Pros Cons for Each Method. For both methods, the keyboard shortcut can be used on any file we have open in Excel, as long as the file that contains the macros remains open. Let s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages for each method.

Pros Macro Options Window. With this method, keyboard shortcuts are really easy to set up and can be a little more appealing to people who might be intimidated by writing code. Cons Macro Options Window. You are limited in terms of the keys that can be used. Unfortunately, you can t use special keys such as HomeEndPage Upetc. The user might already have the same shortcut key assigned, so if you as the developer assign one for the workbook, you can t control which one yours or the user s will run.

The order it runs in is based on the alphabetical order of the macro names in all open workbooks on the user s computer. There s no list or index of the shortcut keys you ve created, and there is no way to search to find them. So if you ve created several and can t exactly remember, you may have trouble keeping track of what keys are out there. There are macros that can help create this list, but this takes extra work every time you want to see your shortcuts.

Pros Application. You can easily look up your keyboard shortcuts by by searching the VBA code for the word onkey. Use the Find window Ctrl F in the VB Editor. If multiple macros or workbooks use the same shortcut, you can control the order or priority of the macros that run. Shortcuts created with the OnKey method will supersede those created with the Macro Options window.

So, running the OnKey method will ensure that the macro it references is run when the shortcut key is pressed. The keyboard shortcuts are easy to delete or remove. We can create macro buttons in the Ribbon to enable or disable keyboard shortcuts. Or, iq option é bom can even use a keyboard shortcut to toggle our keyboard shortcuts. You are able to use special keys besides Ctrl Shift such as AltHomeEndPage Downetc.

The Ctrl Alt combination gives us a lot more options for shortcut keys. Dynamic shortcuts can change the procedure that is called based on conditions in the workbook. Cons Application. You must update your code if the macro name changes. You have to actually run the macro to assign shortcuts. So which method is better for macro shortcuts. Well, my preferred way is the OnKey method. With the OnKey method it is much easier to find and see all of our shortcuts, we have more key options, and more control over quickly enabling disabling multiple shortcuts.

There is no perfect solution, but I recommend using the OnKey method if you are going to set up multiple shortcuts in your Personal Macro Workbook. If you like using keyboard shortcuts to make your work faster and more efficient, I recommend you check out my posts 18 VBA Macro Shortcuts and also The Best Keyboards for Excel Shortcuts.

I d love to hear about the most useful shortcuts you ve created, or want to create. Please comment below to let me know or to ask any questions you might have about assigning keyboard shortcuts. Shortcut to Filter by Cell s Value in Excel. VBA Macro to Create Power Query Connections for All Excel Tables. How to Add Macro Buttons to the Excel Ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar. My Journey with Standing Desks. Excellent, very well explained, thank you. I enjoiyed this one. I have quite some macro s in my PMW.

SinceI followed the VB-Pro Course, I ve setup a custom tab with buttons to run the macros I most use. Now I m going to add shortcuts as well using the Application. Thanks again Jon. Happy to hear about all the macros in your PMW, and excited for all the progress you ve made. Thanks Edil. Hi Jon, Thanks for the valuable explanation.

A few weeks ago you pointed me to the Onkey method. And I thought of this only as a method to use when there is no Ctrl Shift shortcut available anymore for a certain letter with Macro Option. But the tracking and maintenance aspect is indeed relevant. It was today very easy for me to find all my Onkey shortcuts 5but the very first Macro Option shortcut comment I found in a module was wrong. I had deleted the shortcut as it was in conflict with a built-in shortcut and I had brought a button to the QAT, so it was also somehow obsolete.

With built-in shortcuts and all the shortcuts for macros or e. paste buddy there is the danger that one pushes a wrong combination and macros can t be undone. Any ideas for a naming convention that could bring in some structure or grouping and would helps to differentiate more easily. Instead of using one shortcut key per macro e. Ctrl Shift 1, Ctrl Shift 2you can use one shortcut key that displays a menu of macros, selectable with a simple or few character s e. F12 then 1, F12 then 2.

You can also use a VBA Enterpad to trigger your macros without using any shortcut keys at all. Hi Matthias, For macros that clear the undo history you might want to have a Yes No message box appear before they run. Video 4 on this page on The Personal Macro Workbook explains how to add the Yes No message box to any macro. The Yes button on the message box has focus set to it by default. So all you have to do is press Enter when it appears. This is one way to prevent accidental keyboard shortcut presses that are assigned to macros.

It is a pleasure to watch a professional at work. I hope that helps answer your question. Not only are you well versed in Excel but your presentation is well organized AND presented. There is nothing more distracting than listening to a speaker who frequently pauses with ahhs. Thank you for the article, but the is the code for Shift, the is code for Ctrl.

Fantastic Video. I am pretty familiar with macros, but this video taught me 5-6 things I did not know. It was well presented, and at a great pace. It is MORE QUICK to write the code for shortcut into macro itself. Please write this way. Sub MACRO_NAME Attribute MACRO_NAME. VB_Invoke_Func X n14. After this you can write the code you want. X n14 mean that when Ctrl Shift X is pressed, macro is started. You can change X with any other letter. If the letter is capitalised, then the Shift key is used and respective letter.

If the letter is NOT capitalised, then just Ctrl key is used and respective letter. I have a macro from a long time ago and I saw that it was already assigned a bunch of shortcut keys. Do you know how I can run a macro to see all my assigned keys. Basically, I was wondering if you would be able to help me find a macro to uncover the problem you stated in Con 3 on the macro options window. Jon, looks like the macros called by the OnKey method need to be placed in the ThisWorkbook or Module.

Is there any way to reference a macro that is stored within a specific sheet. I didn t see it referenced in your video or in the MSDN help page. Any idea on the correct way to format the code to reference a macro stored on a sheet. I wanted to know if a macros is possible which using onkey alt down arrow I immediately enlarged the column width of that cell to 50 and then when leaving that cell the column width is 5 for example.

I created a macro for a specific number format and assigned Ctrl Shift N to it. The macro will run if I go into the macros window and press Run but not using the shortcut. Hello and thank you for the wonderful iq option é bom. I am quite new at macros and VBA codes, so playing with some spreadsheets and data that I have put together. Is there a way of allocating this type of macro VBA code to a button. Either a shape or macro button, where when you press on the button it will take you to the end of the spreadsheet and one at the end to return home.

2, If you keep entering data and the end is now further down in the spreadsheet will the button automatically take you to the new end. Thank you and sorry for my ignorance Martine. send me VBA code or any other method to 1. Jump to any worksheets 2. Rename multiple sheets as per a list. Thanks Regards VENU. K email protected. Could you please help me with creating a macro for different keys the different comments display on Excel sheet.

For ex if we press Ctrl shift A the particular Cell should display as Tutorial. And next Ctrl shift B the cell should display Classes. Please help me to get this. Thanks for a great tutorial. FWIW, your video contains an error. At about 10 46 your voiceover says control alt but the code on-screen is which is shift alt. JOIN US LEARN EXCEL. Learn 10 great Excel techniques that will wow your boss and make your co-workers say, how did you do that.

Plus weekly updates to help you learn Excel. Download the eBook. My name is Jon Acampora and I m here to help you learn Excel. This blog is updated frequently with Excel and VBA tutorials tools to help improve your Excel skills and save time with your everyday tasks. Subscribe above to stay updated. More about me. Add-ins Charts Dashboards Functions Formulas Keyboard Shortcuts Pivot Tables Power Pivot Power Query Tables Tips Techniques VBA Macros.

Blog Courses Add-ins About Contact Member Login. 2020 Excel Campus. 20 essential Windows keyboard shortcuts to save you a click. Let your fingertips fly. Following on from my other Adobe Cheat Sheets I have compiled a list of keyboard shortcuts for Acrobat. 2018 Adobe Acrobat DC Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet. DONWLOAD HIGH RES PRINT READY PDF OF THIS ADOBE ACROBAT KEYBOARD SHORTCUT CHEAT SHEET.

Share the Acrobat Cheat Sheet with this embed code. Latest posts by Jamie see all. How to Move a WordPress Website to a New Web Host 2020 Guide - July 14, 2020 Magento Stats for 2020 - July 10, 2020 Joomla Stats For 2020 - July 10, 2020. 6 thoughts on 2018 Adobe Acrobat DC Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet. I just discovered you can add new tags in the tags panel by hitting the menu application key twice, then N for new. Helps avoid using the mouse.

would like a link to the high res pdf here too. will use it in my office as decoration and information. Make WordPress Core. Login Notifications. Blog Handbook Tickets Components Browse Source Trac Timeline Create a New Ticket. Context Navigation. Previous Ticket Next Ticket. Move comment keyboard shortcuts setting to comments - screen options. Reported by lessbloat Owned by Milestone Priority normal Severity normal Version Component Comments Keywords needs-refresh dev-feedback Focuses administration Cc.

Seems like it would make more sense to move the comment keyboard shortcuts setting from Your Profile to the screen options pane of edit-comments. Attachments 2. 22164 new enhancement. Download all attachments as. Change History 12. 1 nacin 8 years ago. Keywords needs-patch added Milestone changed from Awaiting Review to Future Release. This was recently done on WordPress. This goes in line with removing and simplifying options settings screens in 3. com, and a few members of the core team reacted positively including me, Mark, and Matt.

2 SergeyBiryukov 8 years ago. SergeyBiryukov 8 years ago. Attachment 22164. patch added. 3 SergeyBiryukov 8 years ago. Keywords has-patch added; needs-patch removed. nacin 8 years ago. 4 follow-up 5 nacin 8 years ago. Played around with this today a bit. A few things. 1 Keyboard shortcuts should live-toggle based on the state of the checkbox. remove to work, as I think it tries to reach into long-gone jQuery internals.

When looking into that, our jQuery Hotkeys plugin is terribly out of date. If we can t hack in a fix to hotkeys, in order to update hotkeys, we ll need to rewrite our table_hotkeys. I started on the front-end, while Sergey handled the backend. If we can work out how to remove events, we should be able to combine both patches. 5 in reply to 4 SergeyBiryukov 8 years ago. 5, so if it has a simple patch soonit could be considered.

our jQuery Hotkeys plugin is terribly out of date. 6 nacin 8 years ago. 6 early, I think. This seems like a great thing for 3. Definitely not as simple as it appears, and I think anything less than having it turn on and off immediately and without a page refresh is not worth it. 7 knutsp 8 years ago. Cc knut added. 8 chriscct7 5 years ago.

Focuses administration added Iq option é bom needs-refresh dev-feedback added; has-patch removed. nacin So the question is what is the disadvantage to removing that option completely and having keyboard shortcuts on by default and then just putting a link to the shortcuts on the screen options on comments. 9 celloexpressions 5 years ago. 1 on getting this out of the profile screen however we can.

Screen options was my initial thought, but if we could get rid of the option entirely I d love to do that. I think the concern with on by default is that it could result in unexpected behavior for users not aware of the keyboard shortcuts, although I ve never used them so not sure how much of an issue that might be.

I saw one or two people on the accessibility team discussing the potential ill effects on some types of keyboard navigation, like with screenreaders. 10 helen 5 years ago. 24 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for After Effects. The more time that you spend in an app, the more beneficial it is to learn a few keyboard shortcuts. They re extremely useful to automate those repetitive tasks.

In a complex app like Adobe After Effects, keyboard shortcuts are doubly important. With so many tools and tasks, you have to know the keyboard commands that help you open that buried tool or panel.

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