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Archive for the Keyboard shortcuts Category. or puzzlehacker. Home Martin puzzlehacker hacker. Useful firefox Shorcuts. In Keyboard shortcuts 1 Comment. Which of these firefox shortcuts do you use most. I use ctrl enter and ctrl n most often, even though I knew quite a few others I didnt quite use it. CTRL TAB will prove to be useful to me to shift through the jungle of tabs I open in the same window. CRTL N -New Window.

CTRL L- Cursor to addressbar. CTRL K -Cursor to searchbox. CTRL W close tab. CTRL SHIFT T- Undo close last close tab. CTRL - -Increase or decrease font size. CTRL F -Find on page. CTRL ENTER Adds www. CTRL TAB Shifts from tab to tab. puzzlehacker has crossed 10,0000 visits. CTRL D -To bookmark a page. You waste a lot of time looking for the tiny X square at the top right hand corner of your screen each time you want to close a window. In Keyboard shortcuts Useful info Leave a Comment.

The fastest way to close a window is to press Control then W with two fingers of your left hand. To try this open a new window first with Control N then close it with Control W. You ll see how fast and easy it is. Instead of typing the full URL address eg. com you only have to type yahoo then press the Control key keep pressing and strike the Enter key before letting go of both. Cool, isn t it.

Unfortunately this only works in Internet Explorer not in Netscape. Do the same for Google. com Go ahead, try it now. Note In case it doesn t work do this Go the the menu bar of Internet Explorer, click on Tools Internet Options Content Autocomplete then put a tick on Web address. Close IE and when you start IE again it should work. If you wish to maximize screen space for the Internet page you are reading, all you have to do is to press the F11 button. This is a toggle button, that is, by pressing F11 again you will go back to its original state.

f you are searching for a particular word or name in an Internet page probably you were sent there by a search engine but don t know where the key word is in the page, just press the Control button followed by the F button for Find. You will then be able to type the word in the box. Click on Next and if the word is there it will be highlighted. Interesting tech tips. An error has occurred; the feed is probably down.

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Use Spaces in Your Windows Password for Extra Security Iq option bot wolframalpha for doing complex calculations online. Martin puzzlehacker puzzlehacker has crossed 10,0000 visits. September 2011 January 2011 July 2010 March 2010 January 2010 December 2009 November 2009 October 2009 September 2009 July 2009 January 2009 September 2008 July 2008 June 2008 April 2008 March 2008 February 2008 January 2008 December 2007 September 2007 July 2007 June 2007 April 2007 March 2007 February 2007.

0 windows tricks windows XP Wordpress tips Yahoo antispy. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from Powered by FeedBurner. Shortcut Action space play pause toggle broadcast state f fullscreen down arrow volume down up arrow volume up m mute left arrow seek backward right arrow seek forward. StreamSpot players can be controlled by both the graphical interface using clicks and touchesas well as a series of keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Accessibility Options for StreamSpot Players. The shortcuts above apply to StreamSpot players and venue pages. Available keyboard shortcuts to control the StreamSpot player are below. along with the file includes a custom keyboard hotkey create by jean. he will show how export and import a custom rhino option file. jean will now go through the steps to the use of keyboard shortcuts in rhino. Keyboard shortcuts and importing custom options.

There s already some by default and there s a lot of blanks. This is a perfect opportunity to utilize this entire window so you can access your commands much quicker than having to travel all the way here, holding down the icon, looking for it, those precious seconds do add up over the course of time and it does slow down your workflow in my experience.

- Voiceover Let s take a look now at setting up our keyboard shortcuts and also working with importing and exporting custom options. If we go into our Options using this icon here and go into the Keyboard section you will notice that there are a bunch of ways you can use keyboard strokes to access various tools. So when we go into the Options again and look at the Keyboard we actually had set up a very good system where we have very useful shortcuts to help us work much faster.

Rhino 5 Essential Training. Rhino and V-Ray Rendering. Rhino and V-Ray Product Design Rendering. Rhino Animation with Bongo. Rhino T-Splines. So the way I ve set it up is when you go into your Options here under Tools you have the option to export your options so if you do have a nice setup with Rhino, you ve made your own shortcut menu and everything. Setting Up the Interface and Options. Making a Basic Oval Stone Ring. Making an Engagement Ring.

Modeling a Cabochon Drop Earring. Modeling a Basic Enamel Cuff. Video Keyboard shortcuts and importing custom options. Microsoft has given us multiple ways to accomplish any task, including the Ribbon, right-clicking the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Any power user will tell you, however, that you will work more proficiently if you spend less time using the mouse. Keyboard Shortcuts and Option Tweaks for Microsoft Office Programs. What are keyboard shortcuts.

But if you are interested in a complete list by program, click the link on screen to go to Microsoft s website. By the way, keyboard shortcuts can also be referred to as command shortcuts, but they are the same thing. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts out there, and you can even create your own. How do keyboard shortcuts work. Most keyboard shortcuts involve holding down one or more keys simultaneously.

Also, most keyboard shortcuts use the Control key plus a letter. There are some, however that will add Alt and or Shift to the key press combination, and some that involve just the Function keys at the top of your keyboard. The most common example of keyboard shortcuts are the ones for Copy and Paste. In the video you can see that I have highlighted some text. Now I will deselect by pressing the arrow key, and then press the return key a couple of times to add in a few new lines.

By pressing Ctrl and the letter C at the same time I copy that information to the pasteboard. Now I will press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl V and you ll see my name pasted onto the new line. When you see the plus sign used in this way you don t actually type the plus sign. Microsoft broke the Open Keyboard shortcut or did they. Microsoft introduced a hitch in Office 2013 that potentially blocked one keyboard shortcut from working efficiently. In Office 2010 and earlier, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl O would take you to a list of your files, normally your documents library.

As you can see in the video, however, the shortcut now takes me to the Backstage and forces me to use the mouse to find and open files. I ll press the Escape key now to get out of the Backstage and return to my document. The solution to making Ctrl O work in Office 2013. Luckily, the engineers at Microsoft also gave us a way around the hitch, iq option bot they hid it in that spookiest of all places, the Options dialog.

Remember, you always get back into the Backstage by clicking on the File tab on the ribbon. On the bottom left side of the Backstage is the Options button. Here in Word I have the choice of 10 different buttons on the right hand side. When I click on it, a dialog box opens that too few people have every looked at. The number of buttons and what they say will vary from Office program to program, but almost all of them have the Save button.

The fix we re looking for is on the Options Save screen, so I ll go ahead and click on Save. And lo and behold, the third checkbox from the top says Don t show the Backstage when opening or saving files. I ll go ahead and place a checkmark beside that selection, and click on OK at the bottom of the dialog. Now when I use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl O for Open you can see I jump straight to my list of files, which I can navigate very easily using the keyboard.

The same Option to Don t show the Backstage when opening or saving files is in all Microsoft Office programs. The good news is that when I click the checkbox in one program it simultaneously checks it in all other Office programs. As I open Excel and navigate to the same Options dialog, you ll see that the checkbox is now checked by default.

It doesn t matter which office program you start in, but there can be differences between all of the Options dialog boxes. This is most prevalent in Microsoft Access. As you can see, the choices in the Access Options dialog box are different, and there is no Save button. Instead, you ll have to go to Client Settings on the left side, then scroll down to the Display section and find the checkbox and click on it if necessary. I want to talk with you today about one of my favorite tips for getting around in Microsoft Office programs keyboard shortcuts.

My idea which was kind of bothering me at the same time is a idea of selectors like you can highlight elements and move them all at once and be able to use shortcuts to copy ctrl cpaste ctrl vand move to a different page but that shortcut will be hard unless if you click it and pops up an context menu. Also maybe you could make it more easier and add it an custom context menu for easy website editing like rightclick and element and has copy and past and move so you don t have to click a button to do that.

And this is a great idea and everyone should think so as well, I hope. This post was archived due to age and low vote count. If it s still something you d like to see, however, you re free to repost it in the future. Time and motion study proves it that making use of keyboard shortcuts. How to Assign Keyboard Shortcut to Open Excel in Windows. posted on March 24, 2012. If you are used to keyboard short-cuts, it really makes life easier. You can really do tasks way faster. You have plenty of keyboard shortcuts once you are working in Excel.

But you want to open. Keyboard Shortcuts Command your QWERTY. But Friends, these are merely the tip of the iceberg. At this point, even Grandma has found CTRL S, V and P. You know, all those parties that involve sitting at your computer. There s a whole language of keyboard shortcuts out there that will accelerate your browsing, ease your mouse addiction, and make you look super cool at parties. Surfing the web. You can check out a full list of keyboard shortcuts for your browser here, but we ve taken the liberty of highlighting a few of our favorites.

Prepare to have your hair blown back. Mac users, where we say CTRL, you use Command. You don t need that stinkin mouse. You can skate back and forth from one page to the next using just two keys Delete to go back, and Shift Delete to go forward. It s such an easy and satisfying shortcut that it s actually kind of addictive. Current Page. You know when you get to one of those web pages where it seems like you re scrolling to the center of the Internet with no way back to the top.

YOU DON T NEED A JUMP LINK, NINJA. Just hit CTRL Up Arrow. Only want to go up a little bit. YOU GOT THIS Shift Spacebar. Cutting and pasting is great until you need to transfer 96 pt Comic Sans in white to good old 12 pt Arial. The shift key is your new best friend. CTRL Shift V does the job without having to mess around in your Edit nav. There are lots of search engines out there.

When you re using Firefox, alllll the engines are belong to you. Just click into the search bar, then hit CTRL Up or Down Arrows. Windows Tabs. You know we re all about the privacy around here. Want your next Firefox tab to be private. BOOM invisibility powers activated. Not anymore, Grasshopper. Tuck that history right into your sidebar with a little CTRL Shift H. Same goes for bookmarks. Keep all your bookmarks nice and cozy in that sidebar with the CTRL B shortcut.

Wishing Firefox did something that it doesn t seem to do. Chances are there s an add-on for that. Hit the CTRL Shift A keyboard shortcut and check out the options. Turns out keyboard shortcuts can enable a level of laziness efficiency the likes of which most mere humans have never experienced. For instance, you never have to type another TLD again. Just type the address and hit. CTRL Return for. com Shift Return for. net CTRL Shift Return for.

Convinced yet. Download Firefox and let your fingers fly. Your browsing history such a useful thing that s so annoying to access. Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Backspace Option-Delete. Hot off the presses from Lifehacker headquarters LA i.just discovered this morning in my dining room-cum-office comes my favorite new keyboard shortcut, Control-Backspace Windows Option-Delete Mac. Ctrl-Backspace Option-Delete will delete the entire word to the left of your cursor in one keystroke, meaning no holding down and waiting to individually delete every letter from Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - the swift shortcut will take care of the whole word in one fell swoop.

Additionally, Ctrl-Delete Option-Fn-Delete at least that s what it is on my MacBook Pro will delete the entire word to the right of the cursor. Hack Attack Knock down repetitive email with AutoHotKey. As someone who previously did a lot of Ctrl-Shift-Left to highlight and then hit Backspace to get rid of unwanted words quickly - let s just say I didn t know true love could strike thrice in a lifetime I m looking at you Quicksilver and AutoHotKey. Since fn-delete on a MacBook or iBook keyboard is the equivalent of a forward delete which looks kind of like xI would think that control- forward-delete on a full size Mac keyboard should work the same way.

A peeve of the anti-Mac world is Apple not renaming their original delete key to backspace like everyone else. Question Q keyboard shortcuts for apple mail. I don t find the pre-loaded shortcuts all that easy to manage. I would like to modify the apple mail keyboard shortcuts for such popular actions such as send and create new message. Can they be edited. I went to system pref - keyboard - shortcuts, but apple mail isn t a modifiable option. I m using the latest Yosemite OS.

Posted on Dec 20, 2014 9 16 AM. If I understand correctly, you want to change the shortcut keys used by commands in the Mail program that already have shorcut commands like Send, Reply All, etc. Hi there kramer1001. You were definately on the right track by going to the Keyboard preferences on your computer. The following article outlines how to change the preset shortcuts to whatever key combination you would like, named.

Assign your own keyboard shortcuts to menu commands in any OS X app, including Finder. This might be useful if a global shortcut, which works the same with most apps, conflicts with a specific app shortcut. In this case, you could assign a different key combination. You cannot create keyboard shortcuts for general purpose tasks such as opening an app. Choose Apple menu System Preferences, then click Keyboard.

You can only create keyboard shortcuts for existing menu commands. Click Shortcuts, select App Shortcuts, then click Add. Click the Application pop-up menu, then choose an app. If you want to set the same key combination for a menu command that appears in many apps, choose All Applications. Type the menu command for which you want to set a keyboard shortcut in the Menu Title field. You must type the command exactly as it appears in the Application menu, including ellipses and any other punctuation.

To type an ellipsis, use three periods without spaces. Click in the Keyboard Shortcut field, press the key combination that you want to assign to the menu command, then click Add. Quit and restart any apps you re using for the new keyboard shortcut to take effect. If you assign a keyboard shortcut that already exists for another command or another app, your new shortcut won t work. Find the menu command that s using it, then reassign the keyboard shortcut for that item.

You can t use each type of key for example, a letter key more than once in a key combination. If the app you want to select doesn t appear in the list, choose Other, then locate it using the Open dialog. Some apps may not allow you to set keyboard shortcuts. To remove a customized shortcut, click Delete. All the very best. Dec 22, 2014 7 27 AM. Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

Thank you for your help, but I can t follow your instructions due to the fact that I don t have a button on my Shortcuts screen within System Preferences. See attached photo of my screen. Please advise on how to proceed with the capability. Dec 24, 2014 12 36 PM. Try selecting All controls. You should have a left window where you can select App Shortcuts. If you don t, try clicking Restore Defaults. Question Q keyboard shortcuts for apple mail More Less.

Dec 25, 2014 9 53 AM. Shortcut Keys for Cell Edit Mode Options. We can give the input to the computer in a very easy way with these shortcuts. Here you need to click on an option name or find more information to know the complete description of that option with examples. There are several keyboard shortcuts are available which make our work easy and smooth. Keyboard Shortcuts for Cell Edit Mode Option in Excel 365. In this article, we are going to see the list of shortcut keys for cell edit mode options in MS Excel 365.

No Option Name Windows Mac Shortcut Keys Read More 1 Edit the Active Cell F2 U Find more information 2 Insert or Edit Comment Shift F2 Fn F2 Find more information 3 Cancel Entry in Excel Esc Esc Find more information 4 Select One Character Right in Excel Shift Find more information 5 How to Select One Character Left in Excel Shift Find more information 6 Move One Word Right Ctrl Find more information 7 How to Move One Word Left Ctrl Find more information 8 Select One Word Right Ctrl Shift Find more information 9 How to Select One Word Left in Excel Ctrl Shift Find more information 10 Select to the Beginning of Cell Shift Home Fn Find more information 11 How to Select to the End of Cell Shift End Fn Find more information 12 Delete to End of Line Ctrl Delete Delete Find more information 13 How to delete the character to the left of the cursor Backspace Delete Find more information 14 delete the character to the right of the cursor Delete Fn Delete Find more information 15 Start a New Line the Same Cell Alt Enter Return Find more information.

This list assisted you to understand about each cell edit mode option by knowing its shortcut keys, its description, and examples. In this article, you can grasp all the shortcut keys that are related to the Cell edit mode option in Excel 365. Thanks for visiting Geek Excel. Keep Learning. Kindly, share your feedback in the comment section. Keyboard shortcuts are great time savers, as long as you can remember them. SHORTCUT KEYS FORMATTING APPLIED. General format. I recently discovered that Excel uses the top left keys on your keyboard as easy to remember formatting shortcuts for numbers, date, and time.

I m not making it up when I say that most people I talk with on the phone refer to the. This is the default format for Excel, so you will only need this one for a cell that has already been formatted differently. as squiggly line. So I ll make its actual name, Tilde, the nerd word of the day. Number format with 2 decimal places, thousand separator, and minus sign for negative numbers.

CTRL SHIFT Date format as DD-MMM-YY. CTRL SHIFT Currency format with 2 decimal places and negatives in parentheses. CTRL SHIFT Percentage format with no decimal places. Excel Keyboard Navigation and Selection Time Saving Excel Keyboard Shortcuts Displaying Decimals versus Rounding in Excel Using Underline for Headings and Totals instead of PRINTING MULTIPLE SHEETS FROM AN EXCEL WORKBOOK.

This entry was posted on January 24, 2012, 10 00 am and is filed under General Tips. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS FOR COMMON NUMBER FORMATS IN EXCEL. The shortcuts are as follows. CTRL SHIFT Time format as H MM AM PM. advice you can use short and to the point every Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday. A Technology Tip. Keyboard Shortcuts for Easily Changing Line Spacing in MS Word. You can change line spacing in Word by clicking on Format, selecting Paragraph, clicking on the Indents and spacing tab, and adjusting the spacing settings.

That s a lot of work. There is a better way. Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 technology research practice. Changing the line spacing in a Word document is very easy if you remember a few keyboard shortcuts. Pressing Ctrl 5 changes to 1. 5 line spacing Pressing Ctrl 2 changes to double line spacing Pressing Ctrl 1 will give you single line spacing. If you are using Word for Mac, substitute the Command key for the Ctrl key. Remember these keyboard shortcuts next time you need to change the line spacing in a Word document you are typing.

Editor Dan Pinnington. One comment on Keyboard Shortcuts for Easily Changing Line Spacing in MS Word. This is officially one of the best, game-changing, time-saving tips in formatting Word docs. Blessings on blessings for sharing bro. Subscribe to Lawyer Tips by email or RSS. An exhaustive list of Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad and iPhone.

Yesterday we told you about new keyboard shortcuts added in iOS 7, but iOS already supported a bunch of keyboard shortcuts that many people might not be aware of. While keyboard shortcuts are hard to remember, they re a great productivity boost once you get over the learning curve. So if you re in a text editing application, you won t have to take your hands off the keyboard each time you want to select text to copy and paste.

So here s an exhaustive list of keyboard shortcuts for iPhone and iPad that can be used with a Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Since most of these shortcuts are largely undocumented, you can refer to this list to get started. These shortcuts are the same as on any Mac, so you shouldn t have any problem picking them up quickly on the iPad. C Copy X Cut V Paste Z Undo Z Redo Delete to Delete the text to the beginning of the line Control K to Delete the text to the end of the line Alt Option Delete to Delete the word before the cursor Jump to top of document Jump to bottom of document Jump to beginning of line Jump to end of line Alt Jump to previous start of line Alt Jump to next end of line Alt Jump to previous word Alt Jump to next word Select the text above Select the text below Select the text on the left Select the text on the right Select all the text to the beginning of the document Select all the text to the end of the document Select the text to the beginning of the line Select the text to the end of the line Alt Select the text above, line by line Alt Select the text below, line by line Alt Select the text on the left, word by word Alt Select the text on the right, word by word.

While not normally enabled, iOS will also let you switch between apps and do a lot more if you enable VoiceOver. To switch it on, go to Settings General Accessibility and turn on VoiceOver. Along with the shortcuts, this will also enable the actual voice over, but you can turn that off by pressing Control Option S. Control Option H Home button Control Option H H Show multitask bar Control Option i Item chooser Escape Back button next item previous item simultaneously tap selected item Option scroll down Option scroll up Option or scroll left or right Control Option S turn VoiceOver speech on or off Command Shift Tab switch to the previous app Command Tab switch back to the original appthen Option or Option navigate through Dock.

N create a new message D send a message Backspace key to delete the currently selected message or select suggested email address in To CC BCC popover fields. K comment K show next comment K show previous comment. The iOS 7 SDK lets developers add custom keyboard shortcuts in their apps for external Bluetooth keyboards. So expect your favorite iOS text editor to add support for this very soon. Have we missed any other keyboard shortcuts for the iPhone or iPad in the list.

The screenshots have been updated for iOS 7. Keyboard Shortcuts for iPhone iPad Updated for iOS 7. Don t release the key before making a selection else the choices will disappear. Tip 2 When you are done typing a sentence, double-tap the space bar on the keyboard and it will automatically insert a dot or period followed by a space. The next alphabet that you type will be written in uppercase without you having to press the Shift key. Tip 3 The iOS keyboard is pretty smart at adding apostrophes.

For instance, if you need to type doesn tjust forget the apostrophe and quickly type doesnt the keyboard will automatically insert the apostrophe at the appropriate place. You can also press and hold the comma key to get the apostrophe without switching to the numeric keyboard. Tip 4 The numeric keyboard. 123 on your iOS device shows the dollar symbol by default.

However, if you need to type the Pound or the Euro currency symbol, just hold the key and you ll see a long list of alternative currency symbols. Tip 5 If you want to change the style of quotation marks or need to use a longer dash punctuation mark instead of the default hyphen, press and hold the corresponding key. For typing the degree symbol in your email message, switch to the numeric keyboard and hold the 0 key for a while. Tip 6 Typing the whole sentence in capital letters is often considered rude but there can be instances where you may have to type a word or two in uppercase.

In the default setting, you ll to have to tap the Shift key after typing every single character or you can Enable Caps Lock under Settings General Keyboard and then double-tap the shift key to turn it into a Caps lock key. They will stay dark until you press the key again. Tip 7 While you are inside the Safari browser, type only the domain name and then press and hold the dot. It will offer you an option to add popular domain extensions or TLD like.

net to your web address with a tap. Tip 8 You can also use the dot key in the Mail app of your iPhone or iPad to type email addresses quickly. While typing an email address in Mail, press and hold the dot. key and you ll get a list of domain extension to auto-complete your email address. Tip 9 You can split the iPad keyboard into two and type faster with both your hands while holding the device. While the on-screen keyboard is visible, press and hold the keyboard icon in the lower right and choose the Split option.

If the option isn t available on your iPad, go to Settings - General - Keyboard and toggle the Split Keyboard option. Tip 10 Here s another useful but undocumented keyboard trick that will help you quickly switch between numerical 123 and alphabetical ABC keyboards on your iOS device. Let s say you are typing a document and need to insert an email address in your text. Now the symbol is not available on the alphabetic keyboard so you ll first have to switch to the numeric keyboard.

123tap and then again switch to ABC mode. That s three keystrokes for typing one key. There s a simple option as well - just press the. 123 key, slide the finger to reach the key and then lift the finger up to release the key. You can use the trick to type numbers, punctuations marks, currency symbols and all other characters that re found only on the numerical keypad of your iPhone or iPad. How to Create your wwn iPad Case with a Book How to Connect an External Microphone to your iOS Device Download Web Pages as PDFs with Chrome for iOS Open Web Pages in Google Chrome for iOS Bookmarklet How to Open iTunes Links inside Chrome for iOS Run the iOS Simulator in your Web Browser How to Use Bookmarklets in Chrome for Mobile Create a Strong Passcode for your iOS Devices Useful Bookmarklets for your iPad and iPhone How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on iOS.

Tip 1 If you want to type special characters with accent marks like the letters à or èsimply tap and hold the corresponding alphabet key for a while and it will pop-up a list of related accented characters for you to choose from. Here are the 10 most useful shortcuts that will help you type faster using the on-screen keyboard of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The Shortcuts tab in the Keyboard preferences is your gateway to ultimate keyboard control on your OS X.

Ginger app for mac. The Shortcuts settings have all the different aspects on OS X you can affect in the left pane, and the right pane breaks each one down into individual actions. Essential Mac OS X Lion Shortcuts That You Really Need To Know About With Lion Apple has brought some great new features to the Mac.

In this post I have put together some of the most essential new keyboard shortcuts that I think make using Lion so much easier and fun to use. Using Cmd Space as Alfred hotkey Cmd Space is a very convenient hotkey combination you may want to use for Alfred. As it s a desirable one, you may find that another app or macOS service is reserving it.

Mac Os Download. By pressing certain key combinations, you can do things that normally need a mouse, trackpad, or other input device. Control-Command-F Use the app in full screen, if supported by the app. Space bar Use Quick Look to preview iq option bot selected item. Option Keyboard Brightness Up Open Keyboard. How to Initiate Split View, Method 2.

The second way is to enter full screen mode in the first app you want to use Split View with. You can do this either using the menu bar or using the keyboard shortcut, Control Command F. Then enter Mission Control and drag another app s window to the top of the desktop spaces area. From within these services, you can have an actual conversation with someone seriously, out loudor even chat face to face over video.

Look and sound your best with high quality audio and video. Since sometimes reading lol doesn t deliver the same punch as actually hearing your friend laugh at your jokes, you iq option bot now use voice and video capabilities in your Google Chat properties i. e Gmail, Googleorkut. Best apps for mac. Getting started is -- all you need is a webcam. Google Talk Plugin lets you video chat right from Gmail, iGoogle, and Orkut. Explore keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint 2019 for Windows.

PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly complete tasks. Keyboard Shortcuts for PowerPoint 2019 for Windows. Product Version PowerPoint 2019 for Windows. OS Windows 10 and higher. PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts. Date Created October 16, 2019 Last Updated October 16, 2019. If you discover a shortcut key not listed here, please get in touch with us through our feedback form.

For links to keyboard shortcuts in other versions of PowerPoint, scroll down this page a little. PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts 2019 for Windows. Ctrl Shortcuts. Ctrl A Select all slide objects Normal view Select all slides Slides tab and Slide Sorter view Select all text in Outline view Change the pointer to an arrow Slide Show view. Ctrl B Bold selected text. Ctrl Shift C Copy object attributes. Ctrl D Duplicate slide objects Normal view Duplicate slides Slide Sorter view, and in Slides pane within Normal view Duplicate selected Layout or selected Slide Master Slide Master view.

Ctrl Shift D Duplicate active slide. Ctrl E Center Align selected text Normal view Change Pointer to Eraser works only if there are annotations in Slide Show view. Ctrl F Opens Find dialog box. Ctrl Shift F Ctrl Shift P Opens Font dialog box, when text is selected. Ctrl G Group selected slide objects. Ctrl Shift G Ungroup selected group. Ctrl H Opens Replace dialog box Hide Pointer and Navigation buttons Slide Show view.

Ctrl Shift H Show Hide Notes pane. Ctrl I Italicize selected text. Ctrl J Justify selected text. Ctrl K Opens Insert hyperlink dialog box. Ctrl L Left align selected text. Ctrl M Insert New Slide Normal and Slide Sorter views Insert New Master Slide Master view. Ctrl N Create New Presentation. Ctrl Shift N Duplicates active presentation. Ctrl O Open presentation.

Ctrl P Ctrl F2 Ctrl Shift F12 Opens the Print pane in Backstage view for the active presentation Changes Pointer to Pen Slide Show view iq option bot Ctrl P only. Ctrl Q Exit PowerPoint. Ctrl R Right align selected text. Ctrl S Save for presentations saved at least once Save As for presentations never saved OpensВ All Slides dialog box Slide Show view.

Ctrl Shift J Regroup previously grouped objects. Ctrl Shift V Paste object attributes. Ctrl U Underline selected text Hide the pointer and navigation button Slide Show view. Ctrl W Close active presentation. Ctrl Y F4 Repeat or redo. Ctrl Alt V Opens Paste Iq option bot dialog box. Ctrl T Opens Font dialog box select the text or text container first Display the computer task bar Slide Show view.

Ctrl 1 Access formatting options for a selected chart element. Ctrl F1 Hide and unhide Ribbon Ribbon tabs are visible. Ctrl Shift F1 Hide and unhide Ribbon, Title Bar, Quick Access Toolbar, and Status Bar. Ctrl F4 Close active presentation. Ctrl F5 Opens Present Online dialog box. Ctrl F6 Switch between open PowerPoint presentations. Recently opened ones after previously opened ones. Ctrl Shift F6 Switch between open PowerPoint presentations.

Previously opened ones after recently opened ones. Ctrl Shift F9 Turn off on Snap to Grid. Ctrl F12 Open presentation. Ctrl Shift Reorder selected slide object one layer below. Ctrl Shift Reorder selected slide object one layer above. Ctrl Tab Switch between open PowerPoint presentations. Ctrl Shift Tab Switch between the Normal View and Outline view. Ctrl Space Reset all text formatting to default select all text in Outline view, and use this shortcut key. Ctrl Backspace Delete the word just before the insertion point.

Ctrl Delete Delete the word just after the insertion point. Ctrl Home Cursor goes to the beginning of the first word in a text container while editing. If nothing on your slide is selected, goes to the first slide Selects first slide Slide Sorter view. Ctrl Shift Home Select from cursor location to the beginning of all text click within text container to establish the cursor location first.

Ctrl End Cursor goes to the end of the last word in a text container while editing. If nothing on your slide is selected, goes to the last slide Selects last slide Slide Sorter view. Ctrl Shift End Select from cursor location to the end of all text click within text container to establish the cursor location first.

Ctrl Enter Switch to the next text placeholder in the presentation Add new slide if no more text placeholders exist. Ctrl Left Arrow Cursor goes to the beginning of the previous word Nudge selected slide object leftwards, in smaller increments if the Snap to Grid option is enabled. Ctrl Shift Left Arrow Select or cancel selection for one word to the left for text Size selected object s thinner in smaller increments than Shift Left Arrow.

Ctrl Right Arrow Move cursor to beginning of next word Nudge selected slide object rightwards, in smaller increments if the Snap to Grid option is enabled. Ctrl Shift Right Arrow Select or cancel selection for one word to the right for text Size selected object s thicker in smaller increments than Shift Right Arrow. Ctrl Up Arrow Move cursor to start of previous paragraph Nudge selected slide object upwards, in smaller increments if the Snap to Grid option is enabled Scroll Notes upwards in Presenter view.

Ctrl Shift Up Arrow Select or cancel selection for one paragraph above for text Size selected object s taller in smaller increments than Shift Up Arrow. Ctrl Down Arrow Move cursor to start of next paragraph Nudge selected slide object downwards, in smaller increments if the Snap to Grid option is enabled Scroll Notes downwards in Presenter view. Ctrl Shift Down Arrow Select or cancel selection for one paragraph below for text Size selected object s shorter in smaller increments than Shift Down Arrow.

Ctrl click; then arrow Keys LeftRightUpor Down Move nudge chart in a direction. Ctrl Page Up Scroll Notes one screenful upwards in Presenter view. How many of these do you presently use. Ctrl Page Down Scroll Notes one screenful downwards in Presenter view. Ctrl Shift Increase font size. Ctrl Shift Decrease font size. Ctrl Adds new section. Ctrl - minusJust †minus G Zoom out of a slide, or See all slides Slide Show view. G Show all slides Slide Show view Show all slides with active slide unaffected Presenter view.

Ctrl plusJust plus Zoom in a Slide Slide Show view. Ctrl Subscript selected text. Ctrl Shift Superscript selected text. Ctrl Shift Alt Superscript selected text press multiple times to change the height of the superscript. Ctrl Shift Alt Subscript selected text press multiple times to change the height of the subscript. Function Key Shortcuts. F1 Open PowerPoint Help Window all views except Slide Show view Opens a list of Slide Show shortcut keys Slide Show view.

F2 Activate text editing in a text object such as a placeholder, box, or shape. Press F2 again to deactivate text editing and select the entire text object Rename Section when a Section is selected in the Slides pane or in Slide Sorter view Rename Slide Object when a slide object is selected in the Selection Task Pane.

F5 View the Slide Show from first slide. Shift F5 View Slide Show from the current slide onwards. F6 Moves among various panes, the QAT, and the Ribbon Normal view Cycles between the Minimize button, the Pause button, and the Change text size button in the Notes pane Presenter view. Shift F7 Thesaurus opens when some text is selected on slide. F12 Opens Save as dialog box. Alt Shortcuts. Alt Activate Access Keys on the Ribbon. Alt A Access Animations tab of the Ribbon Read the next line in the Notes pane Presenter view.

Alt F Alt Shift F Open Backstage view. Alt G Access Design tab of the Ribbon. Alt H Access Home tab of the Ribbon. Alt J Access Contextual tabs of the Ribbon †results depend on what type of slide object is selected. Alt K Access Transitions tab of the Ribbon. Alt L Access Developer tab of the Ribbon if enabled. Alt M Access Slide Master tab of the Ribbon Slide Master view.

Alt N Access Insert tab of the Ribbon. Alt P Toggle between Play and Pause Buttons for media Works in Normal and Slide Show views. Alt Q Access the Tell Me help option Normal view Stops media playback Works in Normal and Slide Show views Read the next step, such as the next slide, the next animation, or the end of slide show Presenter view. Alt R Access Review tab of the Ribbon.

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