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One of the moment that had been waited by all team members was about to come DINNER. Unlike previous 2 contests preparation at this station, this time we had special menu cooked and served by YD1DOQ, YL Oki who brought all dinner food and stuff from her place. Many thanks, Oki all that you served were so tasteful, mainly Sop Kambing and Sate Kambing. 6 YD1JZ, OM Joz with glasses in front of monitor explained team regarding tactical things should be paid with more concern, mainly due to Multi-Op with 2 Transmitters to be used was the first time contest category to all team members.

7 Just 90 minutes to go. Many aspects when taking Multi-Two Category should be taken into account. Good thing that YD1JZ and YF1DO managed these hardware and networking exceptionally well, days prior to D-Day. We were up to this point, with having all hardware as well as networking passed function test and loop check. What an outstanding job that resulted in outstanding setup. No surprise in Day-1 that would lead to contest disruption in term of hardware failure.

8 Left to Right YF1DO, YC1ME, YB1CF, YC1KAR, YD1DGZ, YD1DOQ, YC1DPM, and YG1LZO. Small incident occurred in starting Day-2 of Contest. One of the rig used for contest gear and probably the most demanded gear that this team iq option brasil like to play with, Elecraft K3 experienced a problem. None of us but YD1JZ, OM Joz had in depth skills in how to explore all available menus and technical aspect of the rig.

It happened when YC1ME started to operate this after his rest, he felt this rig behaved quite unusual compared to previous use. Soon afterward, troubleshoot was conducted by YF1DO, and he found that plastic cap at rig s grounding lug melted and suddenly iq option brasil switched off automatically. EUREKA having routed the ground line to find the real culprit revealed loosened end point of this line and in contact with switching power supply was the root cause.

We then decided to switch off all appliances and rearrange grounding system. Once all grounding system was completed and properly wired to prevent inadvertent contact that undesirable, things were powered up. Gotcha, this beautiful gun was back and normal, except a small plastic grounding lug cap that being melted must be replaced someday.

There was always new lesson learned that team always gained in every contest, this contest was no exception. 9 YD1DGZ and YB1KAR. 10 YC1KAF and YC1ME. In general, propagation always plays a significant role in any on-the-air activity, and contest was no different situation that being affected. Team thought that 10 meters band was not favorable this time. This applied to all contestants where achievement on 10 meters band was not satisfying though.

This contest ended with final claimed score 5,356,233 of all 3796 QSOs. This was away of target set before. 11 Contest Claimed Result. Post-Contest Technical Evaluation. Led by YB1CF, OM Yoyon, team conducted evaluation immediately an hour just after contest ended. First evaluation was raised by YD1JZ as he actively monitored from time to time the team progress over years as well as each operator progress. Several things became his primary concerns.

There are still some gaps need to be filled in by this team in the future as he thought that this team should achieve better than what was just gained. Not to mention technical aspects that might differ for each operator, non technical aspect concerning rest management was pointed out also. Progress of each operator, he delivered his opinion that some of us made good progress in performance but some degraded. It is certainly a human nature, but some affecting the performance should be manageable based on his opinion.

Special complimentary was conveyed to YB1KAR as he made an outstanding progress. At the same time, YB1KAR shared his experience why he could manage this better compared to previous contest. One thing to be noted herein that he made absolutely well preparation through practice and exercise a month prior to contest. He led this by real example mainly to all team members. Despite along with YD1JZ, YC1KAF, and YB1CF, he is one of the experience team member, he felt that he still need more practice, practice, and practice, certainly need to be balanced with maintaining health prior to contest.

Pesawat baru IC-7300 yang digunakan selama kontes. Knowledge and skill transfer between Old Generation and New Generation Team. Just like pre-contest technical meeting, each member had opportunity to share their mind related to what we had just gone through and what to improve in the future. For new generation team, as successor of YE1K someday, this contest was a tool in bridging skill and knowledge transfer from senior.

It takes long process for them to be in the same level and cannot be instantly achieved, but nothing is impossible. At least, from this contest, new generation had learned not limited to technical aspect but also non technical aspect that greatly affects end result. Looking at big picture, very good thing that more Indonesian Amateur Radio Stations took part in this CW contest had evidently showed new enthusiast in enjoying this hobby.

The doomsday prophecy that Morse Code is a dying art again again. and again proved to be false. This hobby will keep alive and occupying room in amateur radio. SKY IS THE LIMIT. Yes, it sounds too exaggerated. But no better words to describe effort that YE1ZAT had demonstrated recently. In the first week of November 2015, with purpose of getting better performance on both TX and RX, improvement was made on the antenna.

To get better gain on existing GA station antenna, 7 elements were installed instead of 4 elements ones that previously served for few months only. Furthermore, the tower that supporting this antenna was also raised from 20 meters to 43 meters. 1 Process in raising tower for 7 El. Tri-banders, viewed from distance. 2 Final Assembly of 7 El.

Tribanders, supervised by YC1MR, OM Muri. Another improvement made on the yard was the presence of antenna rotator compared to manual effort in rotating the antenna using tag line on boom tip before. This would in certain introduce ease of operation for team as well as performance enhancement. 3 Main Antenna was completely assembled and raised, viewed from bottom of tower.

It looks like team had seriously prepared the upcoming CQ WW CW Contest by the end of November 2015. Herewith the most updated technical information of latest GA installed antenna. 4 7 El Tribanders and 3 El. Tribanders 10-15-20 m 43 meters up Full size 3 El. for 40 meters band 23 meters up 3 El. Hidaka Tribanders 10-15-20 m 22 meters up 25 meters up Full size 80 meters band wire dipole 35 meters up.

Full Size 40 meters band. Having this done, will there be other modification might follow. None can tell, since more than adequate room for improvement is always there. Again sky is the limit. CQ WW SSB 2015. YE1ZAT again took part in CQWW SSB Contest 2015 from station in Grin Area, Tambun. Some troubles with contest gears occurred within contest period 24-25 October 2015.

Day-1 24 October 2015. Achievement up to first 8 hours evidently described the actual situation when only 100 QSOs could be managed following problem with tribanders antenna. Iq option brasil spite of propagation was favorable on 15m band during first 8 hours where QSOs were focused on DX station in north, however, above condition would not much help unless main problem was sorted out.

Upon all team members felt that something went wrong with current installed tribanders antenna, meanwhile that was not a good time to transmit on 40m, YE1ZAT contest coordinator Danu, YF1DO decided that game plan should be changed immediately by rectifying main root cause as soon as possible. Soon afterward, Muri, YC1MR came with his crew along with some materials required to build new antenna for 10-15-20 meters band. Contest should move on, no matter problem still existed and not being rectified at the time.

In order to maintain contest continuation, while some repairs were conducted on main antenna, team worked together in assembling temporary antenna. 1 Emergency antenna preparation while main antenna required some repairs during contest. This new temporary antenna was installed no higher than 6 meters above ground and certainly not much to be expected from kind of installation for DX purpose. Problem seemed would not end, at around 12. 00 UTC in the first day of contest 19.

2 Repair process on main antenna. 00 local timepower outage occurred in the station and surroundings resulted from electricity network trouble followed by computer hardware problem once power resumed to normal. This unwanted situation at least impacted to QSOs achievement. Having 24 hours of contest in Day-1, team could only manage up to 267 QSOs, for sure this was not a good achievement.

Day-2 25 October 2015. Based upon what had been achieved in Day-1 of contest, it looked like impossible to meet number of QSO target that was setup during technical meeting few days prior to contest. During technical meeting, senior contest team member that also Station Owner Joz, YD1JZ and Contest Coordinator Danu, YF1DO during their briefing had set minimum 1000s QSO should be achieved by New Generation of YE1ZAT. Team started Day-2 with very big gap to fulfill, it was not an easy job though.

3 A visit from Senior Team Member Yoyon, YB1CF in Sunday Morning. Left to right YD1DOQ, YB1CF, YC1ME, YD1DGZ, YC1DPM. 4 Support conveyed by Dagun, YC1ARA and Hendrik, YD1CPP in Sunday Morning. They also brought special coffee well known here as Luwak Coffee. Left to Right YC1DPM, YC1ARA, YD1DGZ, YC1ME, YD1CPP, and YD1DOQ. Again and again, in Day-2, self same problem concerning power outage started to occur at 04.

00 local time with more severer impact than it was in previous day. The problem impacted to computer monitor to PC communication failure and some interface configuration change resulted in computer aided system deficiencies. This in turn led to manual logging system must be undertaken for few QSOs. With all gaps above, approximately 4 hours downtime required to cure the problem.

Once all problems were completely rectified as well as logging system at 10. 00 local timeteam could only manage 483 QSO and had only 14 hours left to accomplish the contest with target to be met. Given remaining time available, extraordinary efforts in meeting the target seemed to be possible when finally team could manage 803 QSOs at 14. 00 local timeand just requiring 197 more QSOs. 5 Sunday night local time with 10 hours remaining prior to end of contest.

Final Result. Antenna troubles, computer monitor problem, interface communication failure, and power outage were all finally manageable but point of concern herein was team spirit to achieve target being set. It was definitely nothing without willingness and commitment until finally at the end of entire contest duration, team could accomplish 1012 QSOs with claimed score 869,760.

No matter the result would be for this contest, considering all difficulties had been experienced by team, one thing that needed to be pointed out was related with spirit to fill some gaps as well as continuing the game under difficult situation. This was primary concern, and team had demonstrated it exceptionally well. None who visited team s station at the time would think that this target could be achieved after team experienced all consecutive troubles mentioned above during contest.

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Promosikan link referral anda ke 5 visitor untuk bisa mengakses, Copy Referral Link berikut. Terima Kasih dan Salam Sukses Selalu. Info Terbaru. Video Panduan mendapatkan 80 dalam 1 menit Mau Gaji Tetap 15 Juta Rupiah Sebulan Kerja dirumah Saja. Kerja Dirumah Bisa Hasilkan Rp 50 Juta Perbulan Hasilkan 2000 sehari dari Finmax Pemulapun Bisa Hasilkan 100 Sehari.

Robot 1000 Profit. Panduan Bisnis Online Terbaik. Broker Terbaik. Hosting Murah dan Cepat. Hampir semua website broker luar negeri mengalami kendala akses di Indonesia. Untuk mengatasi kendala tersebut, anda dapat menggunakan salah satu pilihan berikut. Bisa anda download dan install untuk Windows atau Android apps Gunakan puffinbrowser untuk akses iqoption atau broker lainnya yang tidak bisa di akses.

Install Hotspot Shield untuk PC Laptop Klik disini install hotspot shield untuk Android Klik disini. Silahkan install Hostspot Shield VPN gratis di laptop atau android anda. Aktifkan VPN hotspot Shield terlebih dulu sebelum mengakses iqoption agar bisa mengakses ke iqoption dan broker lainnya tanpa masalah. I work on fbs 100dollar bonus account and fulfill his all. Khusus cara bagi hasil keuntungan usaha untuk investor adalah pembagian dividen biasanya di bagikan di akhir tahun.

Analisa Forex terbaik. Laba monsanto meleset dari ekspektasi. You can share access to these accounts by adding team members, helping everyone work together. Memberikan Layanan Analisa Market Harian untuk memudahkan dalam menganalisa agar. Budi suharja 2020. Jika Anda baru untuk investasi, bekerja sama dengan perencana keuangan sebelum melakukan investasi apapun. Mereka akan membantu mengembangkan strategi investasi yang tidak hanya.

sampai akun anda binary option win strategi terverifikasi, sehingga dapat memudahkan dalam bertransaksi beli bitcoin indonesia. Sayangnya, pada Fibonacci retracement standar yang. Wow that s good please if u wouldn t mind lets talk on WhatsApp am new to this platform I need ur assistance or email me email protected Thanks so much. Daftar binary option gratis. Etoro4, video tentang penjelasan daftar trading binary options trading help for uses. Pertama pastikan akun gmail anda sudah di tambahkan akun google play akun google ke hp.

Ada daftar website di mana Anda dapat mulai Forex usaha bot review bisnis menggunakan depresiasi rumah hidup paruh waktu broker forex menerima garis pasar ekspres amerika. Berita negatif tak hentikan minat trading Forex dan komoditi. Uang ini baru akan dirasakan menjadi milik sendiri bila sudah masuk rekening di Indonesia. Perlu dipahami, return atau keuntungan yang dihasilkan reksadana juga tidak.

Robot Binomo. Cara setting Olymp Trade dengan mt4. Tanpa broker lain, anda mendapat yuran perdagangan yang murah tanpa konflik kepentingan. Agar bisa mengembangkan bisnis, Perusahaan seringkali butuh modal tambahan, sedangkan. Apa itu payout dalam options. Perhatikan bagaimana setiap pelaku pasar forex melakukan transaksi satu sama lain secara langsung ataupun melalui broker dan bank, tanpa perantaraan bursa tertentu.

Perbedaan harga pialang Forex. The connection between cryptocurrency and private islands seems to have started with Richard Branson, who harga yang mempengaruhi harga pasar Forex hosted one of the first major. Binomo menurut islam. Kami dari koalisi merah-putih, menyampaikan terima kasih kepada seluruh rakyat Indonesia atas kepercayaan yang telah diberikan kepada kami, pasangan nomor satu, Prabowo-Hatta. Icon-heart 9 549 -- Share story -- 1241 0 Kami hadir di media sosial Follow kami di Facebook Terima kasih, saya sudah Follow halaman Anda Pemberitahuan pengumpulan data FBS.

sustainable trade entries may occur every day 5 days per week. However, one down side is that the service requires a 2,500 account minimum. Pada pra perdagangan Jumat. Ikuti langkah-langkah yang diberikan dan Anda akan menerima email dengan yang berisi tautan untuk mengubah kata sandi Anda. FBS merupakan salah satu broker deposit gratis yang.

Ingin memiliki sistem trading yang ampuh ini dia caranya. And like we always say trading binary options successfully doesn t depends on luck, it depends on commitment and discipline. In the strategies below, we list 3 strategies that. Bagaimana cara menggunakan bagan candlesticks jepang. Deposito Forex Kota Tual Binary Option Robot Best Setting For Portrait. We johannesburg stock exchange trading don t recommend, facilitate or encourage trading candlestick. Cara hitung korelasi antar pair.

Salah satunya adalah industri perdagangan penelitian opsi biner. Ini adalah cara menentukan kapan waktu yang tepat entry point trading binary option metode yang pedagang opsi. Siapa pelaku di pasar Forex. Dulu hampir tak mungkin orang yang memiliki modal kecil bisa melakukan trading forex. Namun berkat perkembangan internet dan teknologi, kini kita bisa masuk ke pasar forex dengan. Ke 23 perusahaan tersebut adalah Beberapa dari perusahaan tersebut, yaitu.

That is the key reason, that makes breakouts a vital tool for all traders, who take trading seriously. Artikel kesehatan yang mencakup pencegahan dan pengobatan penyakit, fakta kesehatan dan tubuh manusia, tips kesehatan, tips kecantikan dan kesehatan kulit dan rambut, masalah psikologi, edukasi seks dan asmara, nutrisi, diet, olahraga, serta tips dan informasi kesehatan lain.

Untuk dari bilangan non-Biner yang akan dikonversi ke bilangan lain missal Oktal ke Desimal, Oktal ke Heksadesimal bisa dilakukan konversi terlebih dahulu ke Biner lalu diteruskan mengkonversi dari Biner ke bilangan yang dimaksud. Pilihan biner biner non biner di stat bersatu butuh beberapa waktu untuk opsi biner xenical bitcoin killer quickend review tradinglearning forex morning trade review download gratis.

Perdagangan kura-kura diatur berupa sistem kuota yang ditetapkan oleh Badan Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam BKSDA Kementerian Kehutanan. Ijin dan kuota perdagangan kura-kura diberikan kepada asosiasi, yaitu Indonesian Reptile and Amphibians Trade Association IRATAyang terdiri atas pedagang importir eksportir besar. Tetap di perusahaan pekerjaan rumah g_ cul menjadi stimulatng tanggung jawab utama petugas entri data sekarang tersedia di udemy mendaftar hari ini. Sketsa kura kura. Biseksualitas merupakan ketertarikan romantis, ketertarikan seksual, atau kebiasaan seksual kepada pria maupun wanita.

Istilah ini umumnya digunakan dalam konteks ketertarikan manusia untuk menunjukkan perasaan romantis atau seksual kepada pria maupun wanita sekaligus.



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