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Measurement of electrical properties and water content using EM50 with sensor 5TE per cm. Both of these parameters were analyzed to the depth. The results showed there were two distinct electrical properties layers. The upper layer to 197 cm associated with the high conductivity layer 2. 48 dS m and up to 197 cm associated with the low conductivity layer 1.

16 dS m moreover the results of water content on soil of rubber plantation had a range of 0. The profile of both parameters showed that both electrical properties and water contents were decreasing with the depth. CBR value generated by a mixture of 10 volcanic which brooded for 14 days was 8. The effect of alkaline concentration on coconut husk crystallinity and the yield of sugars released a.

Arief Widjaja. Department of Physics, Sam Ratulangi University Manado b. The data showed that the alkaline application on lignocellulose could transform the crystallinity whose XRD peaks increased highly, which indicated that cellulose was more opened and exposed. Department of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya Corresponding Authors email arief_w at chem-eng.

After pretreatment, the chemical compositions cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin were changed significantly. This work was to analyze the coconut husk structures treated by alkaline whereby its concentrations were altered from 1 until 4 over the yield of sugar released from polysaccharides. When alkaline concentration was added to 4the cellulose was decreased slightly, which indicated that a part of cellulose and hemicellulose was dissolved into solution.

The employing 1 alkaline, the cellulosic content inclined that was the biggest increase compared to that of non-pretreatment. It was found the crystallinity of substrate conducted by alkaline pretreatment influenced on the biochemical reaction in producing the reducing sugars. The products liberated enzymatically of coconut husk treated by 1 alkaline and 4 improved if compared to that of native solid. PERSPECTION OF CAMPUS CITIZEN IN WASTE MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY at UIN SUNAN AMPEL SURABAYA Erry Ika Rhofita1, M.

1 Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya Email erryikarhofita at rocketmail. Ahsan2, Slamet Mulyono Redjosari3. com 2 Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya 3 Faculty of Philosophy and Ushuludin UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. The purpose of this study is to review the initial planning of 3R based waste management system at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya which is related to the level of knowledge and perception of campus residents.

A qualitative approach is used to obtain data from parties who have decision-making authority related to programs and policies. This research is a form of combination research, which uses quantitative and qualitative approach in one research activity. Method of data retrieval is done through observation, interview, focus group discussion, literature study and documentation. Quantitative approach to obtain data derived from environmental users lecturers, education personnel and students.

The results showed that 1 the level of experience of the campus residents greatly affect their perceptions related to the 3R based waste management system; 2 perceptions of s decision-making authority determine the level of awareness of lecturers, education personnel, and students to manage waste in accordance with Law No. 8 of 2008 and Government Regulation No. 81 Year 2012; and 3 support of decision-making authority related to suggestions and infrastructure and regulations on the waste management system directly has a positive effect on the perceptions of lecturers, education staff, and students.

Studying the relationship between compatibilizer and impact strength of PLA PP blend by using DOE Pattanun Jariyakulsith, Somchai Puajindanetr. In the present, we have become increasingly concern about the environment since we mostly use the products of polymer that can not degradable in natural which may cause the problem of plastic waste and also the problem of oil shortage in the near future. Because polymer are produced from the petroleum industry. Polylactic acid is derived from the corn starch or sugar cane which are the renewable resources.

Thus, this research interested in green materials for replacing the usage of commodity plastic called polylactic acid PLA. In addition, polylactic acid is widely use in many industries because of its good mechanical properties. However, it also has the weak points such as brittle and low impact strength. Impact strength and toughness were characterized. So this research aims to improve the impact strength and toughness of polylactic acid by blended with polypropylene PPusing the design of experimental method to study the relationship between the polypropylene-grafted-maleic anhydride as a compatibilizer and dicumyl peroxide as an initiator to the properties of PLA PP blend.

The result showed that 1 the impact strength of PLA was increased after blended with polypropylene because the compatibility between PLA and PP was improved by adding the polypropylene-grafted-maleic anhydride. 2 the polypropylene-grafted-maleic anhydride had more effect to the properties of PLA PP blend than the dicumyl peroxide. For the future, PLA could have more applications and could formed by various ways of polymer processing without the limitations of brittle and would have the new green materials that response to the needs of consumers.

THE MECHANISTIC APPROACH FOR LONG LIFE PAVEMENT CONSTRUCTION Rama Syaputra Usman, Ary Setyawan. Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta. In assessing the performance of pavement one method often used is a mechanistic method with the assumption of pavement into a structure of multi-layer structure for flexible pavements and a structure of beam on elastic foundation for rigid pavement.

With iq option ganhar dinheiro traffic load work on it, which in this case is regarded as an evenly static load, then there will be tension stress and strain on the structure. Stress, strain and the deflection is the response of the pavement material experienced loading. This is closely in order to predict the performance of the pavement structure and predict the service life that will be useful in planning program of rehabilitation and maintenance of the pavement.

The performance assessment indicators are often used for flexible pavements is fatigue cracking and permanent deformation rutting. This study was aimed to evaluate and analyze the performance of flexible pavements at Pulau Indah street Kupang in predicting the future damage and designing the right treatment for maintenance and rehabilitation. Cable Driven Cart-Rail Robot for Farm Automation Abel V.

David, Harish T. AMMACHI Labs Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Amrita University India. Vertical farming is an innovative method to grow crops in vertical stacks within a controlled environment. It reduces crop failure compared to traditional farming and increases production of crops using automation.

In the proposed system, a cart-rail robot is used to automate different farming tasks. Unlike a conventional system that usually uses rack and pinion or is limited to 1 Degree Of Freedom DOF motion, the proposed system uses a cable that actuates the entire motion of the cart providing 2 DOF motion. A cart attached with four spherical wheels slides on a dual shaped U rail track and is pulled using a haul cable. As it works like a Cartesian robot, the motion of the cart is constrained to the XY plane and further constrained to the rail.

The rails are laid out in columns with a single row. Vertical shelves stacked with crops are kept beside the column rails. The motion of the cart through each axis is controlled by a capstan transmission drive. The position of the cart is sensed by quadrature encoder coupled to the motor. Physical modelling is done to represent the dynamics of the cart.

A closed loop linear feedback controller was designed using state-space representation and the gains were selected using pole placement method. 1cm accuracy in braking distance was achieved, for the cart-rail robot to transit from the row rail onto the column rail. Velocity is limited to the range of 0. 2m s for the given payload of 20kg. It was observed that a steady state in breaking distance is achieved with an overshoot of 0.

This paper also discusses preliminary trials conducted by mounting a pesticide sprayer mechanism on the cart to validate the tracking effectiveness of the designed controller. A study of the variation in braking distance due to change in payload was done. UTILIZATION OF MULTIMEDIA LABORATORY AN ACCEPTANCE ANALYSIS USING TAM Merriam Modeong; V. Manado State University. The world of technology in this century is developing innovations using multimedia.

Besides being used for applications and animation, multimedia is also used to present a creative and fun learning. Thus, multimedia is often utilized by teachers to present a learning materials. Learning that delivered by multimedia enables people to understand the information of up to 60 of the learning in general. To applying the creative learning to the classroom, multimedia presentation needs a laboratory as a space that provides multimedia needs.

This study aims to reveal the level of student acceptance on the multimedia laboratories, by explaining the direct and indirect effect of internal support and technology infrastructure. Technology Acceptance Model TAM is used as the basis of measurement on this research, through the perception of usefulness, ease of use, and the intention, it s recognized capable of predicting user acceptance about technology. The data analysis using path analysis that focuses on trimming models, it s performed to improve the model of path analysis structure by removing exogenous variables that have insignificant path coefficients.

This study used the quantitative method. The result of this study will describe the variables that have a direct and indirect effect on acceptance of system s users. Study Program Database using Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling FCO-IM Gladly Caren Rorimpandey, Ferdinan Ivan Sangkop. Teknik Informatika Universitas Negeri Manado.

A study program is the core of the university. Every data in the university should come from their study programs. Informatics is the one of study program in Manado State University UNIMA that has a lot of students and popular even it just started around 1 year. It means data of that study program will always be increased.

Fully Communication Oriented and Information modeling FCO-IM is the modeling approach which based on facts. The primary objectives of this research are to provide high-quality conceptual model and database system with high performance. In this paper, we developed from verbalization, classification, qualification, define constraints, derivation of a relational schema until database system which is used SQL Server as the Database Management System.

In-Process Prediction of Surface Roughness in Aluminium Turning Atitaya Chaijareenont and Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen. Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. A turning process is one of the most necessary processes which are widely used to produce parts in manufacturing industry such as mechanical and automotive parts.

Surface roughness has been used to consider the quality of parts. Nevertheless, surface roughness cannot be measured during the turning process at the same time as there are many factors affect the surface roughness. Hence, the objective of this research is to propose a developed model to predict the in-process surface roughness of aluminium Al 6063 during the turning process by using the cutting fore ratio.

The cutting conditions which affect the surface roughness have been examined in this study. In the case of this research, the dynamometer is employed to generate a signal while turning. The cutting force signals are amplified through the charge amplifier before digitization and calculation in the computer. The cutting force ratio, which is the ratio of feed force to main force, is applied to develop the in-process surface roughness model which cooperates with the various cutting conditions of the cutting speed, the feed rate, the tool nose radius, the depth of cut and the cutting force ratio.

The surface roughness model is developed based on the experimentally obtained results by employing the exponential function. The multiple regression analysis is utilized to calculate the regression coefficients with the use of the least square method at 95 confident level. It is proved by cutting tests that the in-process surface roughness is able to be predicted and obtained with high accuracy and acceptable for turning process in the industry.

Effect of Germanium Concentration Variation on Tunneling Current Calculation of Si Si1-xGex Si Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Lilik Hasanah, Endi Suhendi and Khairurrijal1. Jurusan Fisika, FPMIPA Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Jl. Setiabudhi No 229 Bandung Telp 62 022 2504548 1 Kelompok Keahlian Fisika Material Elektronik Program Studi Fisika, FMIPA-ITB Jl.

Ganesa 10 Bandung 40212, Telp. 62 022 2511848. Tunelling current calculation on Si Si1-xGex Si heterojunction bipolar transistor is done by including the coupling between transversal and longitudinal components of electron motion. This analytical tunneling current model is then used to study how the germanium concentration in base to Si Si1-xGex Si heterojunction bipolar transistor influence the tunneling current. It is obtained that tunneling current will increase as the germanium concentration given in base decrease.

The calculation result shows that the coupling between kinetic energy in parallel and perpendicular to Si1-xGex barrier surface affect tunneling current significantly when electron velocity is faster than 1x105 m s. TENSILE STRENGTH OF COCONUT FIBER WASTE AS AN ORGANIC FIBER ON CONCRETE Jeffrey Andre Delarue, ST.

Felly Ferol Warouw, ST. Jurusan Pendidikan Teknik Bangunan Fakultas Teknik Universitas Negeri Manado. Coconut fiber waste as waste material from processed fiber making from coco fiber is generally just thrown away and burned. This waste still has fiber properties with size 5 - 7 cm and diameter ranging from 0. This study aims to treat waste so as to obtain fiber that can be utilized as organic fiber in fiber concrete.

The fiber diameter used in the study was 0. Further examined the chemical content and tested tensile strength. The results showed that the chemical content of the fiber, namely hemicellulose 7. 46cellulose 42. 90 and lignin 41. The tensile test result gives an average tensile strength value of 18. 2 N with an average tensile stress of 117. 46 MPa with a standard deviation of 25. ANALYSIS OF TEACHER S ICT LITERACY IN VOCATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY EXPERTISE PROGRAM Nurhabibah.

departemen techology and vocational education postgraduate school Indonesian University of Education UPI. Information, Communication and Technology ICT had influenced on educational field as channel or iq option ganhar dinheiro which is used in learning and teaching process. ICT or more well-known as technology information and communication comprise two aspects, namely information technology and communication technology. Information technology related to process, usage as aid device, manipulation and management of information.

Meanwhile, communication technology comprise the use of aid tool to process and transfer data from one device to another device. ICT is an integral entity related to processing, manipulation, management and transfer of information. Utilizing ICT in learning and teaching process is benefit and facilitation for a teacher, so it create learning and teaching process e-learning which is effective, increase students creativity, and grow independent learning.

However, in applying ICT in Vocational Secondary School, often find unreadiness of human resource teachers. This unreadiness is caused by teacher habit in learning which tend to satisfy with traditional pattern direct teaching. The habit is very influential to teachers self-confidence and competence in utilizing ICT in vocational school suited with age, gender and educational level.

Whereas, integrating ICT into application of ICT based learning is an urgent thing for a teacher without age limit. Design methodology of study is descriptive survey. Sample of study are 30 teachers who are selected randomly from Public and Private Vocational Secondary School. Instrument of study consist of test and non test. Test instrument is ICT basic competence test for vocational secondary school teachers in the form of ICT literacy questionnaire, whereas non test instrument is data collection adapted from ICT Literacy Questionnaire.

The aim is to find out the level of ICT literacy usage in teachers learning process in vocational secondary school. Consumers Perceptions on Electricity Energy Saving in Residential Area A Survey from Makassar, Indonesia Yusri Syam Akil, Saiful, Sri Mawar Said, and Imran Taufik. Department of Electrical Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Gowa - 92171, Indonesia; Department of Industrial Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Gowa - 92171, Indonesia; STMIK Handayani, Makassar - 90232, Indonesia.

In general, consumers perception and behavior can affect the usage level of electricity energy in one place. Thus, knowing perception and behavior of consumers are an important variable such as to design appropriate energy conservation program for residential sector in one country to keep balancing between supply and existing electricity demand in power systems. As consumers perception and behavior on energy saving can be different at certain place, this research aims to identify and to analyze urban consumers perceptions in relation to efficiency of electricity energy usage in residential area in Indonesia.

Here, focus on the observed household is house with installed power capacity 900 VA and above. To achieve the aims, a survey using questionnaire is conducted for 400 household in Makassar city as a case study. The designed questionnaire is mainly measured consumers perceptions about saving energy regarding the usage of lighting, air-conditioner ACand refrigerator in their homes. Next, statistical approach is used to analyze obtained data from respondents.

It is expected output of this iq option ganhar dinheiro can give more insight in understanding residential consumers perceptions level on electricity energy saving which may use by power utility and or policy maker as a reference in designing suitable program for energy conservation and in developing demand model for load forecasting in Makassar, Indonesia.

a School of Postgraduate Studies, Parahyangan Catholic University Jalan Merdeka No. 30, Bandung 40177, Indonesia maria. The Implementation of Lean System for Research Process in Higher Education Maria Fransiska Hanna aCatharina Badra Nawangpalupi b. id b Department of Industrial Engineering, Parahyangan Catholic University Jl.

94, Bandung 40141, Indonesia. Lean is one of philosophy of manufacturing process improvement which continuously identify and reduce waste. Ciumbuleuit No. Lean has been used in many industries especially in production system. But it can also use in office or service sector. This paper addresses these issues by proposing a case study on lean implementation in research administration process.

By using value stream mapping, it s possible to identification waste on research administration process and make the improvement. The identification of business innovation in a manufacturing supply chain Catharina Badra Nawangpalupi, Maria Widyarini. Industrial Engineering Department, Parahyangan Catholic University Jl Ciumbuleuit 94 Bandung 40141, Indonesia. Supply chain management is a set of techniques and approaches used for efficiently managing the relationship between suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distributors and retaiers in order to produce and distribute products at the right quantities, to the right locations, and at the right time.

Managing supply chain is the role for every related chain, and the role and business alignment are key issues for successful management process. This paper presents an implementation of lean thinking in independent research activity. In many cases, the chains consist of small, medium and large companies that have different business capabilities. This paper aims to investigate the characteristics of every chain in a manufacturing sector and to identify what innovation implemented by every chain to ensure an effective supply chain management.

The research was carried out using a case study approach in automotive two-wheel industry, combining literature review and in-depth interview. The findings showed that innovation is adopted by each chain relative to their business capabilities and the driver for innovation is to comply with the brand-owner manufacturer standards. The success of the business innovation in the supply chain mostly is a top-down approach and is related to the commitment of business owners or top managers.

Ionic Liquid-based Mediated Lipid Extraction from Microalgae Botryococcus braunii Heli Siti Halimatul Munawaroh aHanny Fitriani aGun Gun Gumilar aSiti Aisyah aAhmad Mudzakir aAsep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto aAsri Peni b. a Program Studi Kimia, FPMIPA Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Jl. Setiabudhi No. 229, Bandung 40154, Jawa Barat-Indonesia heli at upi.

edu b Departemen Biologi, Universitas Padjadjaran Jl. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of using ionic liquid cis-oleyl imidazolinium acetate IL on total lipids recovery and fatty acids composition of microalgae Botryococcus braunii extracted by organic solvents alone or in combination with IL by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. Raya Bandung-Sumedang, Hegarmanah, Jatinangor, Sumedang 45363, Jawa Barat-Indonesia.

Percentage lipid extract from each 0. 5g of dry biomass for each solvent is 52. 05 using methanol, and 17. The total lipids extracted using methanol, and methanol chloroform 1 2 was compared with the lipid extracted by IL in combination with methanol, and methanol chloroform 1 2 as co-solvent. 59 using methanol chloroform 1 2. In addition, the IL-based extraction recovered a 73. 40 using methanol and methanol chloroform 1 2 as co-solvent, respectively.

GC-MS analysis showed that the combination of IL with methanol as co-solvent recovered more diverse fatty acid compared to the combination of IL with methanol chloroform 1 2and organic solvent-based alone. All in all, the existence of IL with proper co-solvent assisted the total lipid recovery and fatty acids in Botryococcus braunii and might be for other high lipid content microalgae. Mechanism of Community Participation as a Model of Sustainable Tourism Area Development Case Study In Manado Coastal Area Dr.

Eng aJeffrey Andre Delarue, ST. a Jurusan Pendidikan Teknik Bangunan Prodi Arsitektur Fakultas Teknik Universitas Negeri Manado ferolwarouw at yahoo. com b Jurusan Pendidikan Teknik Bangunan Fakultas Teknik Universitas Negeri Manado. Manado city with ideal coastal tourism potential and located in the center of the worlds coral triangle.

Currently Manado is developing sustainable coastal tourism development policy. Sustainable tourism must be able to adapt to the condition of society without ignoring the environment. The extent to which the process of development of sustainable development is determined by the role of community participation involved in the development of tourism. This study attempts to identify the level of community participation involved in tourism development in the coastal area of Manado Bay to be a model of sustainable regional development.

The findings of the community participation level will be translated into a development model as a new mechanism in a sustainable development approach. The level of community participation in tourism development in Manado City is measured in the form of quantitative research in the form of questionnaires to community based on the level of community participation developed by Sheery Arnstein with purposive sampling technique.

The level of participation developed by Sheery Arnstein successively from the low level of high Manipulation, Therapy, Informing, Consultation, Placation, Partnership, Delegaten Power, Citizen Control. The results revealed that the level of community participation in tourism development in the Malalayang coast of Manado Bay was at the consultation level. The level of consultation shows that the government invites public opinion after being informed to the public and there has been a two-way dialogue between the government and the community.

The community has provided input and active discussion through the two way dialogue. Although there has been a two-way dialogue, but this way the success rate is low because there is no guarantee that community concerns and ideas will be noticed. The findings of the level of participation were then developed into a model of sustainable tourism area development mechanism. Community Participation For Sustainable Tourism Model In Manado Coastal Area Felly Ferol Warouw aProf.

Alamsyah MS bDr. Hutomo, APU c. com b Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia c Penelti Indonesian Seagrass Foundation. Manado city with coastal tourism potential which is at the center of the worlds coral triangle are in the process of development of tourism -based development. The development process is determined by the role and participation of the people residing the area of development. a Fakultas Teknik Universitas Negeri Manado ferolwarouw at yahoo. The measured level of community participation in the form of quantitative research in the form of a questionnaire to find the level of community participation based on a review theory Sheery Arnstein through purposive sampling approach.

Fatherly support the research process is then performed in order to reveal the extent of community participation in Manado tourism development especially in the area of the Gulf coast of Manado. The level of participation is a row of low level ketinggi namely ManipulationTherapyinformingConsultationplacationpartnershipDelegaten PowerCitizen Control. The study found that the level of community participation in tourism development in coastal Manado bay is at the level of consultation.

The level of consultation indicate that the government invited public opinion after the given information to the public and there has been a two-way dialogue between government and society. Felly Ferol Warouw, SH. Although there has been a two-way dialoguebut this way the success rate is low because there is no guarantee that the concerns and ideas of the community will be considered. Community has provided input and active discussion by way of the two-way dialogue.

That requires the practical implications for development programs that could support the increasing degree of participation so that community participation will continue to survive even increased. Conclusions program that needs to be done based on feedback from the community is needed the program is to involve the public directly to tourism development in accordance with the characteristics and potential of the community itself.

Application of Fuzzy FMEA for Minimizing Rework on Crumb Rubber Khalida Syahputri, Rahmi M. Sari, Indah Rizkya T, Anizar, Mangara Tambunan, Jelly Leviza. Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sumatera Utara. The quality of crumb rubber product is a major factor in consumer preference. In crumb rubber process production, lots of products need to rework because it does not match with specified specifications. The types of rework product based on SIR that cause of defects such as hard, soft and dirt.

The quality of crumb rubber has several grades according to Indonesian Rubber Standard SIR. However, the reworked products will produce crumb rubber with lower grade quality. This certainly affects the selling price of the crumb rubber. Also rework will incur additional production costs. This problem must be addressed immediately.

Efforts that can be used to minimize the number of rework is to identify the factors that cause failure and determine the priority level of the risk of failure in the production process crumb rubber. It can be used is by using Fuzzy FMEA method. This method aims to get the risk of failure and the level of risk of failure during the crumb rubber production process. With Fuzzy FMEA method also obtained the highest RPN value is iq option ganhar dinheiro to 489 for the risk of failure of engine dryer temperature is too high.

Through the highest priority level of failure RPNcompany can determine the steps to make improvements during the production process to improve the quality of crumb rubber products. An Expert System for Diagnosing Eye Diseases using Forward Chaining Method Cindy Pamela Cornelia Munaiseche, Daniel Riano Kaparang, Parabelem Tinno Dolf Rompas. Engineering Faculty, Manado State University. Expert System is a system that is trying to adopt human knowledge into a computer, so that the computer can resolve the issue as was done by experts.

The purpose of this study to design an application of expert system for diagnosing eye diseases using forward chaining method as one of inference technique. The eye organ chosen because it is the one of five senses that are essential for vision and very sensitive in human life, and many cases of eye diseases that cause blindness due to delayed handled. Expert system software application built to recognize the type of eye disease after consultation by answering a few questions displayed by the system, and can infer the type of eye diseases suffered by the patient.

The expert system application design consists of seven stages preliminary studies, data collection, data analysis, system design, system implementation, and the last, drawing conclusions. In addition, an application created to provide solutions or actions that can be performed by patients in relation to eye disease he suffered. OPTIMIZATION OF SAVING PRODUCTION COST IN PLASTIC JUTE SACKS WITH DYNAMIC PROGRAMMING Rahmi M Sari1 Khalida Syahputri2 Indah Rizkya3 Anizar4 Elisabeth Ginting5.

UNIVERSITAS SUMATERA UTARA. The plastic jute sack is one of the most popular rice packaging products in the market. The LDPE sacks used for rice packaging often experience fluctuations in market demand. One type of plastic jute sack used is LDPE type. It can be seen from the frequent companies overproduction and out of stock in each period. Certainly this overproduction problem has an impact on the increase in production costs.

While out of stock of course resulted in lost sales experienced will adversely affect the company, especially from the cost of production. Based on the problems, the company must immediately perform an optimal production planning to overcome various problems in the company. Fluctuating demand is certainly a problem for companies in determining the amount of production that can meet the demand. One method for saving the optimal cost of production that can be used is dynamic programming.

This method aims to obtain the optimal amount of production in accordance with market demand. With dynamic programming method, the company will obtain optimum production amount with minimum production cost and also considering the total capacity of the company available. From the dynamic programming results obtained optimal production amount with cost savings of 2.

PRIORITY DETERMINATION OF UNDERWATER TOURISM SITES DEVELOPMENT IN GORONTALO PROVINCE USING ANALYTICAL HIERARCHY PROCESS Manda Rohandi, Mohammad Yusuf Tuloli, R. Thohir Yassin. Universitas Negeri Gorontalo. The potential of underwater tourism in Gorontalo province is very abundant, because it is located between the sea of Celebes and the gulf of Tomini. This potential assets are not well managed due to the limited budget allocation. The determination of underwater tourism site priority is needed to determine the development priority due to the lack of funds.

Decision support system DSS is used to help the government to determine the best priority of underwater tourism site development. This research aim to determine the priority of underwater tourism site development in Gorontalo province using the Analytical Hierarchy Process AHP which is one of DSS method that apply Multi-Attribute Decision Making MADM.

This method use 5 criteria and 28 alternatives to determine the best priority of underwater tourism site development in Gorontalo province. The calculation of AHP obtained that the best priority of underwater site for development is pulau cinta. This DSS is only helps the decision maker or the government to determine the best underwater site for development, although the final decision is in decision maker policy.

Application of productivity index with Craig Harris Method on Tea Products Indah Iq option ganhar dinheiro, Khalida Syahputri2, Rahmi M Sari3, Anizar4, Ikhsan Siregar5. Universitas Sumatera Utara Jalan Almamater Kampus USU, Padang Bulan Medan 20155, Indonesia email indahrizkya at usu. Tea is one of the plantation commodities that contribute greatly to the countrys foreign exchange and also absorbs lots of manpower.

In the past few years, the demand for tea in the world market has increased. The demand for tea products on the world market should be directly proportional to demand in tea plantations. But this does not apply to tea plantations in North Sumatera. Based on preliminary data, found that profit tea plantations in 2015 and 2016 experienced a decline in 7. Declining in profit is closely related to the productivity of the plantation.

Craig Harris method is used to calculate the productivity of various variables that affect the production process such as labor, materials, capital and others. The calculation of productivity is important to be done so that company can conduct further analysis of the factors that affect productivity. With craig harris method, the partial productivity index decreased for labor and materials by 10. 4while the total productivity index was 1. From the calculation of partial productivity index and total productivity index then analyzed the results, that the company is expected to make efforts to increase productivity.

Muis2, Ika Puji Hastuty3 dan M. Imam Ma arif Siregar4. Estimation of Compaction Parameters Based on Soil Classifications Adina Sari Lubis1, Zulkarnain A. Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Sumatera Utara. Factors that must be considered in compaction of the soil works were the type of soil material, field control, maintenance and availability of funds.

Those problems then raised the idea of how to estimate the density of the soil with a proper implementation system, fast, and economical. This study aims to estimate the compaction parameter such as the maximum dry unit weight γdmax and optimum water content Wopt based on soil classification. Each of thirty samples were being tested for its properties index, and a Compaction Test was done to obtain the magnitude of the compaction parameter. From the research result, the soil types were A4, A-6 and A-7 according to AASHTO and SC, SC-SM and CL based on USCS.

By linear regression, the equation for estimation of the maximum dry unit weight γdmax 1,862-0,005 FINES-0,003 LL and estimation of the optimum water content wopt -0,607 0,362 FINES 0,161 LL. By Goswami Model there was an equation Y m Log G k, estimation of the maximum dry unit weight γdmax with m -0,376 and k 2,482, estimation of the optimum water content wopt with m 21,265 and k -32,421. For both of these equations a 95 confidence interval was obtained. ANALYSIS OF GREEN BUILDING IMPLEMENTATION IN SCHOOLING IN MANAHASA TOWARDS STUDENT S GREEN BEHAVIOR Debbie A.

Prodi ARSITEKTUR Fakultas TEKNIK UNIVERSITAS NEGERI MANADO. This research is intended for 1 to find out the green building implementation in schooling in Minahasa; 2 to analysis the relationship between implementation of green building concept in school with student s green behavior. We re Expecting the result of our research become the minimum standard of greed building implementation that develop student s green behavior.

The analysis unit is taken purposively, that is school that had been implemented the green building concept, Lokon High School at Tomohon, Manado Independent School MIS at North Minahasa, Manado s 3rd Public High School and Bitung s Public Vocational High School. Research location is North Sulawesi. Data Gathering is acquired by observation and questioner. The Assessment Criteria of green building on Analysis Unit, is taken from Greenship Existing Building ver 1.

The frequency distribution table and chi-square statistic analysis is used to find out the variable relationship. There are 4 main points that being assessed, which are 1 Energy Conservation and Efficiency; 2 Water Conservation; 3 Indoor Health and Comfort;4 Waste Managerial. The result of the research shows that there is a significant relation between green building implementation in school and student s Green behavior. The result is accordance with the Gesalts Psychologist theories, Max Wetheimer, Wolfgang Kohler and Kurt Koffka states that architecture can change the user s behavior.

The Impacts of Pozzolanic binder addition on stabilization of polluted dredged sediments Ernesto Silitonga. Universitas Negeri Medan. The management of dredged sediments has become more complicated, due to traditional solutions such as immersion are not an option anymore. In the other hand, to maintain harbor activities, large volumes of sediments are dredged each year. Disposal of large sediment from dredging activities is increasingly intractable problem. The primary goal of this study is to find a field application where the dredged sediment can be reutilized as a new material.

The reutilization of waste materials such as dredged sediment in road construction is one of the main applications. This research is Survey Research with quantitative descriptive method. The secondary objective of this research is to identify the behavioral aspect of dredged sediment stabilized with fly ash as a binder for a use in road pavement work. The addition of fly ash as a partial cement replacement is realized due to its engineering, economic and ecological benefits.

The first stage contains a determination of the physical and mechanical characteristics of the fly ash and the dredged sediments. Finally, the mechanical characteristics of the mix with fly ash addition are compared with the mix with conventional used binders cement. The formulation mixtures are then optimized for an economical reuse. The results indicate the effectiveness of fly ash in the mixes.

In terms of environmental impacts, on the basis of leaching tests, the designed dredged mixes satisfy the prescribed thresholds. TRAINER KIT QUALITY CONTROL DEVELOPMENT IN LEARNING WIRING HARNESS MOTORCYCLE Dede Saryono, Kamin Sumadi, Asep Setiadi H. Implementation of SMK in Indonesia shows the weaknesses that the greatest unemployment the lack of alignment between the school and industry, and there is no guarantee to get a decent job.

The learning of motorcycles in SMK requires practice in accordance with industry condition, but in practice the quality control tool to check the assembly of motorcycle electrical cable in accordance with the industrial condition is not yet available and expensive. The development of quality control trainer kits in the learning of electric motorcycle that suits strandar industry is a solution in providing equipment practice in schools. In the next stage, the dredged sediment from harbor of Cherbourg has been considered using 2 different types of fly ash and different percentage of fly ash.

The purpose of this research is to design and assemble trainer kit of quality control as supporting device of learning of motorcycle electrical system. The method of study using the development method, the measured variable is the relevance between the trainer kit with the learning syllabus and the effectiveness of the trainer kit on the understanding of the basic theory of the motorcycle electrical system. ANALYSIS OF ZINC ANODE CHARACTERISTICS FROM RESULT RECYCLED PRODUCTION OF ZINC ANODE MATERIAL Barokah 1, D Dj Kaligis1, J Huwae1M Z Fanani1 and P T D Rompas2.

Politeknik Kelautan dan Perikanan Bitung, Bitung, Indonesia 2. Universitas Negeri Manado, Tondano, Indonesia. This paper researching the utilization of anode zinc waste from ships through the recycling process. The objective is to obtain the values of electrochemical potential and electrochemical efficiency. Physical tests conducted in metallurgical laboratory include chemical composition, electrochemical potential value Vand electrochemical efficiency value Ah kg.

The analysis used DNV-RP-B401 cathode protection design DNV Det Norske Veritas standard. The melting process takes 30 minutes and the melting temperature is 609 o C. The results showed that the composition of Zn 99. 300 wtAluminium 0. 333 wtCadmium 0. 029 wtCopper 0. 021 wtPlumbum 0. The values of electrochemical potential and electrochemical efficiency were -1. 073 V and 842 Ah kg respectively. They can be concluded that the normal meaning of recycled zinc anode can be used as cathode protection on ships.

The results of this research can assist in the management of used zinc anode waste, the supply of zinc anodes for consumers at relatively low prices, and recommends that used zinc anodes be used for the prevention of corrosion on ships. Design Control Systems of Human Machine Interface in the NTVS-2894 Seat Grinder Machine to Increase Productivity, to Decrease Trouble and Downtime of the Machine Syahril Ardi, Damar Ardyansyah.

Politeknik Manufaktur Astra. In the Manufacturing of automotive spare parts, increased sales of vehicles is resulted in increased demand for production of engine valve of the customer. To meet customer demand, we carry out improvement and overhaul of the machine or seat grinder NTVS-2894 for the seat grinder on a machining line. NTVS-2894 seat grinder machine has been decreased machine productivity, the amount of trouble and the amount of downtime.

Because of the time prior to the overhaul, NTVS-2894 seat grinder machine does not have a backup HMI Human Machine Interface program. The goal of the design and manufacture in this program is to improve the achievement of production, and allows an operator to operate beside it easier to troubleshoot the NTVS- 2894 seat grinder machine thereby reducing downtime on the NTVS-2894 seat grinder machine. The result after the design, HMI program successfully made it back, machine productivity increased by 34.

8the amount of trouble and downtime decreased 40 decrease from 3,160 minutes to 1,700 minutes. IMPLEMENTATION OF WEB SERVICES TECHNOLOGY WITH REST PROTOCOL FOR PRESENTATION OF MINING POTENTIAL INFORMATION Tajuddin Abdillah, Edi Setiawan, Roviana H Dai. The process of presenting information on areas with mine potential in Gorontalo Province has several problems 1 the presentation of information is still done manually; 2 the difficulty of policy makers in identifying and analyzing mining potentials due to the absence of accurate and up to date iq option ganhar dinheiro, consequently other government agencies that need such information have difficulty obtaining it.

To overcome these problems on overhaul the NTVS-2984 seat grinder machine include mechanical and programs, is to do the design and manufacture of HMI Human Machine Interface GP-4501T program. This research uses research and development method with ADDIE Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation model. The results showed that the built system could perform data exchange process and present the mine potential information using software with different platforms that help other government agencies in obtaining information as needed.

This study aims to implement web services technology using REST protocol to present information on mining potential in Gorontalo Province. NEW MODEL OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GOVERNANCE IN THE GOVERNMENT OF GORONTALO CITY USING FRAMEWORK COBIT 4. Aziz Bouty, Moh. Hidayat Koniyo, Dian Novian. This will lead to poor data management process so that there can be loss, destruction, theft and tapping of important data.

Information technology Management by the government of Gorontalo city still has limited resources and lack of standard document of information technology management. In this study using case study method, by conducting surveys and data collection on the object of research that is on 5 five agencies contained in the government of Gorontalo city. In this research will also be controlled to the information technology process that runs in Government of Gorontalo city.

This study aims to determine the level of maturity of information technology governance at the government of Gorontalo City by applying the COBIT framework standard. The main target is the creation of information technology model that can be used by the Governance of Gorontalo city as a reference in planning and managing information technology. To achieve these targets the steps to be taken are 1 survey and data collection, 2 compilation of information technology framework, 3 measurement of information technology governance, 4 analysis of information technology governance.

Validation of A Numerical Program for Analyzing Potential Kinetic Energy in the Bangka Strait, North Sulawesi, Indonesia P T D RompasH Taunaumang, and F J Sangari. Universitas Negeri Manado. The paper presents validation of the numerical program that compute the distribution of marine current velocities in the Bangka strait. The numerical program used the RANS model where the pressure distribution in the vertical assumed to be hydrostatic.

It found no different significant between the numerical results and the measurement results. The 2D and 3D numerical program results compared with the measurement results which are observation results to the moment conditions of low and high tide currents. The results will be use in analyzing potential kinetic energy at actually conditions in the Bangka strait North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

; Andrian, Defa. Institut Sains Teknologi AKPRIND. Effect of Pertilite-Spiritus Blend Fuel on Performance of Single Cylinder Spark Ignition Engine Wibowo, Hary; Susastriawan, A. In this work, effect of Spiritus addition on Pertalite on engine s performance brake horse power and torque, specific fuel consumption, and exhaust gas emission is experimentally investigated.

The tests are conducted at 3000-7000 rpm for four different fuels, i. e; pertalite, 95 P-5 S, 90 P-10 S, and 85 P-15 S. The blend ratios of Pertalite P and Spirtus S are measured by volume. The result show that The addition of 15 Spiritus by volume on Pertalilte can enhance the blend combustion hence improve engine s brake horse power and decrease specific fuel consumption rate.

Implementation of ANP-DNumber Method in Determining Supplier to Improve Service towards Supermarket Consumers A. However, engine s torque is lower when using the blend 85 P-15 S if compared with using Pertalite. Novian, M R A Kaluku. Performance assessment on the supplier by the supermarket manager is relatively difficult to conduct and implies subjectivity, because there is no measureable and objective performance indicator.

This study aims to assist in the decision making process and to look for alternative solutions in assessing the performance of each supplier, so that the service towards the customers will improve as well. ANP method is used to find the weight of each sub-criteria that will be used to measure the supplier performance.

The weight result of each sub-criteria derived from the ANP method is used again in measuring the performance and to rank the performance of each supplier by using DNumber method that generates the highest value of the supplier is 0.



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