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If you want to queue to playlist, middle-click on an item. Access Context Menu. You can right-click on an item to quickly access the context menu. Right-click on the blank area to go back. Iq option home there are multiple ways to go back to the previous screen, it seems quite easy especially when you are using a mouse. To go up, all you have to do is just mouse wheel up. To go down, simply mouse wheel down. Platform Specific Keyboard Shortcuts. Shortcut Key Windows Key.

If you wish to access an option on your system, outside of Kodi but without having to exit it. Just press the Windows key and you are good. Some helpful Kodi keyboard shortcuts for Mac users. If you want to quit the app, press the Cmd Q keys on your Mac keyboard. Hide Minimize to the Dock. Cmd H and Cmd M keyboard shortcuts come into play when you want to hide minimize the app to the dock. Toggle Fullscreen.

Pressing the Cmd F keys allows you to toggle full-screen. To capture screenshot, all you have to do is just press the Cmd S keys at once. That ends our article on the best Kodi Keyboard shortcuts that you should know. If you need an official list of all Kodi keyboard shortcuts, you can click here to learn them. However, I think for most users, the keyboard shortcuts mentioned here are more than enough. How to Go Back in Kodi. It s quite simple to go back to Kodi.

Simply, click tap on the back button. You can also hit the Esc key to go back to the previous screen. When using the mouse, right-click on the blank area. What is Keymap. Keymaps are XML base files that are used to define the mapping of keys including keyboard keys as well as joysticks, mouse, and remote buttons. How do I Minimize Kodi on My Computer. To minimize Kodi on your computer running Windows, simply press the Win M keys. If you want to minimize Kodi to the dock on your Mac, press Cmd M keys.

Use These Kodi Keyboard Shortcuts to Use Kodi with Ease. Once you start using these keyboard shortcuts, using Kodi will be a peace of cake for you. As per my experience, it will take you about two to three weeks of using Kodi to remember all these keyboard shortcuts. I personally use these Kodi keyboard shortcuts even without thinking about them now.

Do check them out and let us know your favorite Kodi keyboard shortcuts by writing in the comments section below. Many thanks nice work I have a problem see attached photo as you see the display of time and text. I have been trying for weeks to install a build, however, once I start the download of the build it stops at 39. 99MB every single time. It downloaded just fine on my other laptop. Can anyone help me with this issue, please.

My kodi went full screen as if I hit full screen but I didn t. I hit my escape key and that didn t work either. I just want window size in order to see my other google tabswindows tabs at the same time. I should also add that I can t even see the kodi logo, it is truly on FULL screen as if watching a youtube video in theatre mode. Backslash key toggles between windowed and full screen.

PS I have windows 7 home premium. Ok so I tried that and it still on full screen. ALEXA, my kodi is back to normal now. Keystrokes to change to from full screen windowed screen using High Sierra on a Mac used to be Command f but this no longer works. I can see my taskbar now but that s the only thing that changed when I hit the backslash key. Anyone know why or is there another way to do it. Regards Harrythespida. is there a search feature on a kodi keyboard. I am a totally inept senior whose daughter is fed up with me.

I have tv box and will be watching a movie on Kodi specto, when it will stop and go blank with only about 20 mins before the e. Then i have to sit through the whole movie again until I get to the last part. I try to fastvforward but it doesn t work. Can anyone patiently help. do a google search for ARES Wizard and buffering. You need to increase the default buffer size from 60 to a larger number 150 200 depending on how much you have.

Ares Wizard in tweeks mode will do this for you. swipe down from the top of the tablet to bring up soft keys and use go-back key. Keyboard shortcuts in kodi are case-sensitive, and most of these are listed in the wrong case e. the shortcut for stop is xnot X. Getting that right would help the listing a lot. I have been using Kodi for several months on my android tablet. When I turned it on tonight it opened with the Library screen and I cannot get out of it. It s packed with features you use every day along with less common tools you rarely need, and you probably keep one hand on the mouse to make use of its countless tools.

But if you would prefer to keep your hands on the keyboard to type more iq option home, it pays to learn some keyboard shortcuts. You certainly don t need to master them all, but learning the shortcuts for features you use most often will dramatically improve your speed and efficiency every time you sit in front of the PC. Apple Macbook Pro From 1,299. Chromebook 4 from 299. 99 at Samsung. Windows keyboard shortcut summary. Here are the top 43 keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Windows.

You can use this list for reference, and if you need a more detailed explanation of a shortcut, scroll down. Navigating in Windows. Open the Start menu Win Open the right-click Start button menu Win X Search Win S Open Settings Win I Open the Action Center Win A Open File Explorer Win E Open the Game Bar Win G Open the Run window Win R Open the Ease of Access Center Win U Show or hide the desktop Win D Open Task Manager Ctrl Shift Esc Lock Windows Win L Open Lock Screen Ctrl Alt Del Talk to Cortana Win C.

Working with Windows. 43 essential Windows keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly use and navigate the PC operating system. Microsoft Windows the operating system running on most of the world s computers is a vast and complex program made up of about 50 million lines of code. Snap a window Win Left Arrow or Win Right Arrow Minimize all open windows Win M Restore minimized windows Win Shift M Minimize everything except the active window Win Home Maximize the height of a window Win Shift Up Arrow Minimize the selected window Win Down Arrow Close the current window Alt F4.

Cycle through apps in the taskbar Win T Cycle through open apps Alt Tab Switch to an app on taskbar Win number Right-click an app on the taskbar Win Alt number. Working with virtual desktops. Open the Task View Win Tab Add a new virtual desktop Win Ctrl D Switch to the next virtual desktop Win Ctrl Right Arrow or Win Ctrl Left Arrow. Taking screenshots. Essential shortcuts.

Screenshot the entire desktop PrtScn Screenshot the selected window Alt PrtScn Save a screenshot of the desktop Win PrtScn. Windows keyboard shortcuts explained. If you find that the purpose or use of a keyboard shortcut listed above isn t obvious, refer to it below in this expanded list for more information.

Open the Start menu Press the Windows key. Select All Ctrl A Copy Ctrl C Cut Ctrl X Paste Ctrl V Undo Ctrl Z Redo Ctrl Y Close Ctrl W Delete immediately Shift Delete Cycle through options Tab or Shift Tab Rename a file or folder F2 Windows 10 help online Win F1 Refresh F5. Working with apps. You can also press Ctrl Esc. Open the right-click Start button menu Press Win X to open the menu you see when you right-click Start.

This is also known as the Quick Link menu. Search Press Win S to put focus in the Start Search box at the bottom left of the taskbar. Open Settings Press Win I to open Settings. Open the Action Center Press Win A to open the Action Center pane on the right side of the screen. Open File Explorer Press Win E to open a File Explorer window. You can open multiple windows this way.

Open the Game Bar Press Win G to open the Game Bar and gaming controls. Open the Run window Press Win R to open the Run window for quickly starting programs, opening locations on your computer, and more. Open the Ease of Access Center Press Win U to open the Ease of Access section of the Settings app. Show or hide the desktop Press Win D to minimize all windows and show the full desktop. Press it again to restore the windows but you can only restore windows automatically if you do it right away.

Lock Windows Press Win L to instantly lock Windows. Open Task Manager Press Ctrl Shift Esc to open the Task Manager. Open Lock Screen Press Ctrl Alt Del to open the lock screen, which provides multiple options for locking Windows or switching user accounts. Talk to Cortana Press Win C to put Cortana in listening mode if Cortana is enabled. Snap a window Press Win Left Arrow to snap the active window to the left half of the screen.

You can also press either shortcut repeatedly to cycle through all the window position options. Press Win Right Arrow to snap it to the right half of the screen. Minimize all open windows Press Win M to minimize all windows and reveal the desktop. Restore minimized windows Press Win Shift M to restore all windows, if you do it right after pressing Win M.

Maximize the height of a window Press Win Shift Up Arrow to make the active window as tall as the desktop without changing its width. Minimize everything except the active window Press Win Home to minimize all windows except the active one. Press it again to restore all windows. Minimize the selected window Press Win Down Arrow to minimize the selected window. It s like the opposite of Win Home.

You might be asked if you want to save your work before the window closes. Close the current window Press Alt F4 to close the current window or program. Cycle through open apps Press Alt Tab to see all the open apps. Press Alt Tab repeatedly to cycle through the options. To cancel, press Esc. Switch to an app on the taskbar To open or expand a particular app in the taskbar without cycling through them, press Win and the number that represents where the app is in the taskbar.

Cycle through apps in the taskbar Press Win T repeatedly to cycle through the apps in the taskbar. When you reach the app, you want to run or expand, release the keys and press Enter. For example, if you want to open a web browser, which is the first entry on the left side of the taskbar, press Win 1. Right-click an app on the taskbar To open the right-click context menu for a particular app in the taskbar, press Win Alt and the number representing where the app is in the taskbar.

Open the Task View Press Win Tab to open the Task View that shows your available virtual desktops and your app timeline. Add a new virtual desktop Press Win Ctrl D to create a new virtual desktop. You can also press Win Ctrl Left Arrow to cycle through them in the opposite order. Switch to the next virtual desktop Press Win Ctrl Right Arrow to cycle through all virtual desktops in the order they appear at the top of the Task View.

Screenshot the entire desktop Press PrtScn, which you can usually find in the top row of your keyboard, to capture a screenshot of the whole desktop. It is copied to the clipboard. Screenshot the selected window Press Alt PrtScn look for this key in the top row of your keyboard to capture a screenshot of the active window. Save a screenshot of the desktop Press Win PrtScn look for this key in the top row of your keyboard to capture a screenshot of the entire desktop.

It is automatically saved to the Screenshots folder in Pictures. Select All Press Ctrl A to select all the items in the current folder or location. Copy Press Ctrl C to copy the selected items or content to the clipboard. Cut Press Ctrl X to cut the selected items or content and place them in the clipboard. Paste Press Ctrl V to paste the clipboard contents to the current location.

Undo Undo the last action you took by pressing Ctrl Z. Redo Press Ctrl Y to perform the last thing you did again if it s possible. If Windows can t redo the previous action, nothing will happen. Close Press Ctrl W to close the current window it s the same as Alt F4. Delete immediately Press Shift Delete to delete the current item right away, without going to the Recycle Bin first.

If you delete a file or folder this way, it cannot be undone or recovered. Cycle through options Press Tab repeatedly to cycle through a list of options. You can press Shift Tab to cycle through in the opposite direction. Rename a file or folder Press F2 to edit the name of a selected file or folder. Windows 10 help online Press Win F1 to open a web browser to the Windows 10 help and support page.

How to check your Windows computer s storage space in 2 ways, and see how your data is being stored. Refresh Press F5 to reload or refresh a web page. How to use Spotify keyboard shortcuts on your Mac or PC to manage your playback and playlists. How to use keyboard shortcuts on your iPhone or create your own, to type faster and more accurately. How to use keyboard shortcuts on your iPad or create your own, to type faster and more accurately.

The 35 best Google Docs keyboard shortcuts for speeding up your workflow on a Mac or PC. Gallery Simple solutions to fix basic computer problems StarsInsider. Related coverage from Tech Reference. בית רשימת קטגוריות רשימת קורסים עריכת וידאו אדובי פרימייר. על מנת לצפות בשיעור עליך להירשם לקורס. 5 Adobe Premiere Pro CC Keyboard Shortcuts for FAST Video Editing. משך השיעור 4 18 כמות הצפיות 35 עודכן בתאריך 28-04-2020. Thanks again to EditorsKeys for sponsoring this series.

0 45 Shift Cut to cut multiple clips at the same point at once. LIST OF SHORTCUTS FROM TUTORIAL TIMECODE. 1 11 Alt Option Drag to duplicate a clip in timeline 1 36 Ripple Delete to delete and shift clips over automatically 2 10 Track Select to move large portions of your clips in your timeline at once. be i_VEnHsGjGc 2. 2 38 Shortcut to open and customize your keyboard shortcuts. be aAMY3MnCEIo 3. be r4G9-Yydwfc 4. be be5ssWu69xI 5. Coming soon Essential Graphics in Premiere Pro CC.

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WATCH OTHER VIDEOS FROM THIS SERIES. 5 great Google Drive tips Keyboard shortcuts, saving options, templates and more. Our last look under Google Drive s hood turned up such great hidden tricks, we went back to uncover more. Here are 5 more that will help streamline your workflow. Show all keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are what separate productivity pros from mouse-clicking amateurs.

But it s impossible to remember every key combo for every program. Fortunately, Google Drive provides an easily accessible cheat sheet. You can open it from within any Google app or when you re in your list of Drive documents. In Windows, press Ctrland on a Mac press. This brings up an overlay with all the hotkeys for whichever part of Drive you re in.

Open this overlay to see how to navigate your Drive list with hotkeys. Start with templates. Google doesn t make it obvious, but you can jump-start any document with a template. From Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, or Drawings select File New From template. This will open that app s template gallery, each stocked with a head-spinning array of options. You may never have to create a document from scratch again.

Access Google s well-stocked template gallery to jump-start your projects. Create a table of contents. If you ve created a lengthy document, chances are you ve probably used various headers to break the text into more manageable sections for the reader. You can make it even easier to navigate by adding a table of contents. Just move your cursor to the top of the document, and select Insert Table of Contents.

Docs generates a TOC from the document s headers, transforming each one into a clickable link so readers can easily jump to any section. Save anything on the web to Drive. This one requires an add-on, but if you favor the Chrome browser it s worth it. Download the Save to Google Drive extension from the Chrome Web Store, and whenever you come across something online you want to keep, just right-click it and select Save to Google Drive. You can save images, video, links, entire web pages or just selected portions.

The Save to Google Drive extension lets you capture anything on the web with one click. Make Google Drive your default documents folder. If you re already saving most of your files to Google Drive, you can make the process more seamless by setting it as your default Documents folder. In Windows, right-click on your Documents folder and select Properties.

Click Include a folder, then select your Google Drive from the list. Click Set Save Location, apply the changes. Any new documents you create will be automatically saved to Drive. Keyboard shortcuts aren t things that every computer user takes advantage of. It could be because you don t think about them, don t use them often enough, or simply don t know what they are. 50 common keyboard shortcuts all Mac users should know. But using keyboard shortcuts can help you do many things much faster on your Mac.

You can control your system, work with documents, and navigate quicker and easier than you probably think. For a nice reference you can bookmark, here are 50 common keyboard shortcuts that all Mac users should know. System keyboard shortcuts. Navigate your Mac with shortcuts that let you put your Mac to sleep, shut it down, and force restart.

Put your Mac to sleep Option Command Power button Put your display to sleep Control Shift Power button Log out of your Mac user account Shift Command Q Force restart without option to save open files Control Command Power button Quit all apps and shut down with option to save open files Control Option Command Power button Display a dialog box to restart, sleep, or shut down Control Power button.

Show, display, and Dock keyboard shortcuts. Open Spotlight Search, display apps in full screen, and take screenshots. Show and hide Spotlight Search Command Space bar Show and hide the Dock Option Command D Show the Character Viewer Control Command Space bar Display the current app in full screen Control Command F Full display screenshot Command Shift 3 Selection screenshot Command Shift 4 Open Screen Utility Command Shift 5. Open folders, view items, and create new folders with these Finder shortcuts.

Finder keyboard shortcuts. Open the Computer window Shift Command C Open the Desktop folder Shift Command D Open the Recents folder Shift Command F Open the Downloads folder Option Command L Open the Documents folder Shift Command O Open the Utilities folder Shift Command U Open the AirDrop window Shift Command R Open a Go To Folder window Shift Command G Open the iCloud Drive folder Shift Command I uppercase i View items in Finder as icons Command 1 View items in Finder as a list Command 2 View items in Finder as columns Command 3 Create a new folder Shift Command N Create a new Smart Folder Option Command N Show and hide the Sidebar Option Command S Show and hide the Path Bar Option Command P Show and hide the Status Bar Option Command slash.

Document keyboard shortcuts. While these shortcuts may vary depending on the app you re using, they are handy for working with documents. Bold and un-bold text Command B Italicize or un-italicize text Command I uppercase i Underline or un-underline text Command U Page up Fn Up arrow Page down Fn Down arrow Go to beginning of document Home Fn Left arrow Go to end of document End Fn Right arrow Save document Command S Print document Command P Undo Command Z Redo Shift Command Z.

Miscellaneous keyboard shortcuts. Other keyboard shortcuts to keep in mind that you might find useful. Cut Command X Copy Command C Paste Command V Select all items Command A Find items Command F Minimize the front window Command M Close the front window Command W Force quit an app Option Command Esc Switch to the next most recently-used app Command Tab. More keyboard shortcuts. For additional keyboard shortcuts that we ve covered on iDB, check these out.

Keyboard shortcuts are terrific tools and once you get used to them, you ll find yourself using them without even thinking about it. Do you take advantage of keyboard shortcuts on your Mac. Which ones do you use the most. 8 Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft s Internet Explorer 9 is a modern, fast, and efficient web browser that will speed up the web for its users. But, if you really want to get the most out of this new and vastly improved web browser, you ve got to take advantage of keyboard shortcuts.

Every browser has keyboard shortcuts. Some shortcuts are universally recognized. Some are unique to a specific browser, but every shortcut will save you time and help you navigate the web more quickly. Hold down the Ctrl button, mash the T key, and IE9 will open a new browser tab. For example, your ecommerce store s admin panel, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and your product management system think Basecamp or JIRA are probably all open at once.

So when you want to look up something on Bing or Google, or if you want to check something on Wikipedia, use this shortcut to open a new tab without having to move your hand to your mouse. Ctrl Tab Step Through Tabs. As the day wears on, you may find yourself with dozens of tabs open. You still need most of these, but moving between tabs is starting to be a struggle.

Try holding down Ctrl and pressing the Tab key. In IE9, this will step through all of the open tabs, helping you to jump quickly from one page to another. Ctrl 1 to 8 Leap to a Specific Tab. If the tab you want to switch to happens to be one of the first eight, simply hold down the Ctrl key and press the corresponding number key. IE9 will leap directly to the tab you select. This is especially helpful if you are working on a task that requires you to switch back and forth between two specific tabs.

Ctrl 9 Makes the Last Tab Active. Another helpful shortcut, holding down the Ctrl key and pressing 9, will make the very last tab active. Similar to the shortcut mentioned above, this one is great for leaping to the end of the line, so to speak. Ctrl Alt F4 Close All Tabs But One. When it s time to clean up your tabs, holding down the Ctrl key and the Alt key and then pressing F4 will close all of the tabs except the active one. So just focus on the one tab you want to keep and this shortcut will close the rest.

Ctrl Enter Get www. Keyboard shortcuts are all about saving time and motion. So ask yourself, how often in a given day do you type google. com or practicalecommerce. com or any of a dozen or more other URLs into your browser s address bar. A lot of times, right. Instead, type just the site name, like google or practicalecommerce and hold down the Ctrl key while you press the Enter key.

IE9 will automatically place a www. in front of what you typed and a. com after what you typed. It will even take you to the iq option home address. So typing google and using this shortcut will take you directly to www. Ctrl F Search the Current Page for a Keyword. One fairly common keyboard shortcut is Ctrl F. This key combination will open a search box in IE9, allowing you to search for a keyword on page.

This is especially helpful for researching topics on content-dense web pages. October 12, 2010 Armando Roggio. F12, Then Alt 7 to 9 Change Rendering Mode. Compared to earlier versions of Internet Explorer, IE9 is extremely friendly to web developers and website owners and marketers. For example, one longstanding challenge with Internet Explorer is that several old and dilapidated versions of the browser are still in use, and each successive version of IE renders web pages very differently.

So web developers and site owners typically have had to purchase additional software, use virtual machines, or use tools like the IETester browser to learn how their sites look in, say, IE7. While IE9 cannot go out and destroy every instance of IE6 through IE8, it can give you an idea of how your page will look in those older browsers. To see how a particular page will look in an older IE, click F12 to open developer tools then hold down the Alt key and press 7, 8, or 9 to render the current page as IE7, IE8, or IE9 respectively.

Some web forums say that pressing Alt 5 or Alt 6 will force the browser to render in IE5 or IE6. If you re like many modern Internet users, you often have several browser tabs open and in use. Keyboard shortcuts can speed up your daily journeys on the Internet super highway, transforming an average IE user into a power user. In this article, I ve outlined the IE9 keyboard shortcuts that I use most, but there are dozens more.

Master these and then find your own favorites. Conversion What to Test on an Ecommerce Site Management Finance How to Sell on Marketplaces without Harming your Store s Brand. But in testing, I couldn t reproduce the effect for these two much older versions. 9 New Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know. That much is clear. You should also, though, know how best to take advantage of its shiny new features. While there are dozens of new keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10, most of them apply to Command Prompt, a part of the PC most casual users don t have much call to explore.

The following shortcuts, though, will help you master improved features like Snap which lets you snap desktop windows to the left or right side of your screen, taking up either a half or a quarter of your display and new ones like Task View, which like OS X s Mission Control allows you to set up several different virtual desktops that you can quickly switch between.

Open Task View interface to see all the virtual desktops you have running Windows key Tab Switch to recent window within Task View ALT TAB Create new virtual desktop Windows key CTRL D Close current virtual desktop Windows key CTRL F4 View the next virtual desktop Windows key CTRL Right View the previous virtual desktop Windows key CTRL Left. Microsoft Windows. Snap a window left Windows key Left Snap a window right Windows key Right Snap a window to a quadrant Windows key Up or Down after moving left or right.

You should upgrade to Windows 10. A Concise Guide to After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts. If you want to take your AE chops to the next level, you need to know your shortcuts like the back of your hand. There s a ton of shortcuts and which ones you need to remember depends on your workflow. To get you started, Topher put together this primer which does not cover every shortcut there is so if you have some good ones to share, please do so in the comments and help make this the Ultimate Guide to After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts.

The first keyboard shortcuts I ever learned, were the keys to display certain properties. S shows Scale, P shows Position, A shows Anchor Point, R for Rotation, and T for Opacity T is for Transparency I guess, but it displays Opacity. Consequently, if you press one of these, and then hold down shift and continue to press more keyboard shortcuts, it will display them as well, without getting rid of the previous.

This goes for any parameter-displaying keyboard shortcuts we talk about. Tool Shortcuts. I hate having to go to where my toolbar palette is located, so I have made it a point to memorize these keybaord shortcuts to switch my tools instantly V for Selection Tool, H for Hand Tool, Z for Zoom Tool, W for Rotation Tool Wotation.C cycles through the various Camera Tools, as well as the new Unified Camera Tool in AECS4, Y for the Pan Behind Tool to move your Anchor PointQ cycles through the shape mask tools, G cycles through the various Pen Tools, Control T switches between Vertical and Horizontal Text Tools, Control B is for the Brush, Clone Stamp, or Eraser Tools, and Control P is for the Puppet Tool AECS3 and above.

Also keep in mind you can hold the Space Bar or the Scroll Wheel button if you have one on your mouse to enable the Hand Tool as well. Also you can use the Scroll Wheel to zoom in and out in your composition window. Previewing and Display Shortcuts. I touched on this in my last article, 11 Frequently Asked Questions about After Effects, with explaining how to RAM preview correctly.

Numpad Zero previews Audio and Video, Numpad Period previews only Audio, and Enter previews only Video. Also holding Control Scrubbing your timeline displays A V in realtime. Now that s out of the way, here are some more shortcuts to save you some time. Caps Lock will temporarily suspend image updates until you hit it again, Alt-Clicking the Grid and Guide Options or hitting the apostrophe key will toggle the Title Action Safe Zones. You can also use the. tilda key to display the palette your mouse is currenly within the bounds of to make it full screen.

Timeline Shortcuts. These are going to tell how to move around in your timeline as well as setting work areas easier, and modifying parameters. First off, you can use the B key to set the beginning of your work area and the N key to set the end. great for if you need to RAM preview certain areas. You can select certain layers and hit Control Alt B to set your work area to the duration of those layers, or if no layers are selected it will reset the work area to the entire comp.

Also to refine that you can use the Page Up and Page Down keys to move frame by frame within the timeline, and adding shift to the mix moves you 10 frames either way. Using Alt Page Down Up moves your layer 1 frame or Shift Alt Page Down Up moves it 10 frames. Also to move to the very beginning or end of your comp, hit the Home key or End key. The J and K keys will move you right and left between keyframes, and if you want to make a keyframe Easy Ease, just select it and hit F9.

Add Shift to that, and you move to the beginning or end of you Work Area. Pretty simple concept, but its time consuming to keep going to the File menu time after time. Creating Things. These will help you with constant trips up north. Control Alt Shift T makes a new text layer, Control Y makes a new solid Control Shift Y modifies your solid settingsControl Alt Shift L makes a new light, Control Alt Shift C makes a new camera, Control Alt Shift Y makes a new Null Object.

You can make a new composition with Control N, as well as modify your Composition Settings with Control K. To add the last effect you used is Control Alt Shift E. For duplicating layers you use Control D, but to split a layer you use Control Shift D. To use the Make Movie function same as sending to Render Queue, but with an Output already generated is Control M.

Only If You Have It. This section is dealing with shortcuts that only deal with things that display if you have them. Such as if you hit the U key, it displays all keyframes, but if there are no keyframes, it shows nothing. You can use this by selecting one layer, or certain layers to show the properties for those layers only. Also, if you have no layers selected, pressing these shortcuts will reveal the parameters for all the layers in the composition.

EE reveals all Expressions, RR reveals Time Remapping properties, LL reveals audio Waveform, as well as L reveals parameter to modify the level of volume. MM will show any masks and their properties, as well as F showing just the Mask Feather, M showing just the Mask Shape, and TT just the Mask Opacity. If a layer is 3D you can use AA to show the Material Options, E shows any Effects applied, and UU displays all the modified properties for the layer selected.

File Menu Shortcuts. This is the stuff that really doesn t have to deal with the design aspect of using After Effects, but it is a really helpful thing to know when you are working on a deadline. For a new project hit Control Alt N and to open a project is Control O. There are few different ways to save too Regular save is Control S, to Save As is Control Shift S, and to Increment and Save is Control Alt Shift S. Importing files is Control I and Importing Multiple Files at once is Control Shift I.

You can also import files by double clicking in the project window, and if you shift select or control select within the import box that pops up, you can select multiple files. That about does it for this massive roundup of Keyboard Shortcuts. Remember you can change your shortcuts and make them custom by going to Adobe. com and downloading the script from Jeff Almasol, but I would recommend against it. Additionally, you can find some sweet keyboards and keyboard stickers online to make your work area even more awesome than it already was.

Акселераторы - строки, которые могут содержать множество модификаторов и код одной клавиши, комбинированные символоми используются для определения сочетания клавиш по всему приложению. Docs API Accelerator v10. Сочетания клавиш регистрируются с помощью модуля globalShortcutиспользуя метод registerт. Accelerators are Strings that can contain multiple modifiers and a single key code, combined by the character, and are used to define keyboard shortcuts throughout your application.

Shortcuts are registered with the globalShortcut module using the register method, i. Платформа заметок. На Linux и Windows, клавиша Command не имеет никакого эффекта, так что используйте CommandOrControlкоторый представляет собой Command на macOS и Control на Linux и Windows для определения некоторых акселераторов. Используйте Alt вместо опции. Клавиша Option существует только на macOS, в то время как клавиша Alt доступна на всех платформах.

Клавиша Super сопоставляется с клавишей Windows в Windows и Linux и Cmd на macOS. Platform notice. On Linux and Windows, the Command key does not have any effect so use CommandOrControl which represents Command on macOS and Control on Linux and Windows to define some accelerators. Use Alt instead of Option. The Option key only exists on macOS, whereas the Alt key is available on all platforms.

The Super key is mapped to the Windows key on Windows and Linux and Cmd on macOS. Доступные модификаторы. Command или Cmd для краткости Control или Ctrl для краткости CommandOrControl или CmdOrCtrl для краткости Alt Option AltGr Shift Super. Available modifiers. Command or Cmd for short Control or Ctrl for short CommandOrControl or CmdOrCtrl for short Alt Option AltGr Shift Super.

Доступные коды клавиш. 0 - 9 A - Z F1 - F24 Punctuation like. Plus Space Tab Capslock Numlock Scrolllock Backspace Delete Insert Return или Enter как псевдоним UpDownLeft и Right Home и End PageUp и PageDown Escape или Esc для краткости VolumeUpVolumeDown и VolumeMute MediaNextTrackMediaPreviousTrackMediaStop и MediaPlayPause PrintScreen NumPad клавиши num0 - num9 numdec - клавиша десятичный разделитель numadd - клавиша на numpad numsub - клавиша - на numpad nummult - клавиша на numpad numdiv - клавиша на numpad.

Available key codes. 0 to 9 A to Z F1 to F24 Punctuation like. Plus Space Tab Capslock Numlock Scrolllock Backspace Delete Insert Return or Enter as alias UpDownLeft and Right Home and End PageUp and PageDown Escape or Esc for short VolumeUpVolumeDown and VolumeMute MediaNextTrackMediaPreviousTrackMediaStop and MediaPlayPause PrintScreen NumPad Keys num0 - num9 numdec - decimal key numadd - numpad key numsub - numpad - key nummult - numpad key numdiv - numpad key. CommandOrControl A CommandOrControl Shift Z.

Access Keys Keyboard Shortcuts for Facebook Users with Disabilities. Since Facebook has earned so many followers from all age groups, genders, nationalities, diversification, people from all walks of life should have access to it regardless of their differences. In facebook s noteworthy addition it has added accessibility features for people with disabilities.

Variations intended recipients. Internet Explorer for PC Altthen Enter Firefox for PC Shift Alt Safari for Mac Ctrl Opt Firefox for Mac Ctrl Opt Chrome for Mac Ctrl Opt Chrome for PC Alt. The following are the access keys keyboard shortcuts. Access Keys. 0 Help 1 Home 2 Timeline 3 Friends 4 Inbox 5 Notifications 6 Account Settings 7 Privacy 8 About 9 Terms m New Message. c Comment when on a story in News Feed j and k Scroll between News Feed stories l like or unlike a selected story q search for a friend to chat with p Focus on the text box when making a post Search.

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SQL Studies. Adding a new keyboard shortcut in SSMS. July 6, 2015 by Kenneth Fisher. I love keyboard shortcuts. I d rather keep my hands on the keyboard than move back and forth to the mouse. Not that I won t use the mouse, but only when I have to. One frequent and annoying task that I haven t been able to find a keyboard shortcut for is opening the Change Connection window. Recently I ve been working on configuring my SSMS Management Studio.

I ve used Aaron Bertrand s b t query window color format and modified my new query template. So while I was at it, I finally decided that since I couldn t find a short cut to open the Change Connection window, I d go ahead and create one. Well it s pretty simple. First go to Tools - Customize and hit the Keyboard button.

Next perform the following steps. Select the right command to set the shortcut on. in Show commands containing to just display the query commands. How you may ask. Select Query. ChangeConnection Change the Use new shortcut in to SQL Query Editor Click on Press shortcut keys and hit the key combination you want to use. I m using CTRL-F8 since it s free.

You can see the existing shortcut just below in Shortcut currently used by if there is one. Hit the Assign button. Hit the Ok button Unless you want to assign more shortcuts. If you do, go ahead, I ll wait. And the shortcut is now not only assigned but shows up in the menus as a reminder. Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Facebook. 7 thoughts on Adding a new keyboard shortcut in SSMS. That s very handy. Appreciate the info. Your welcome.

I find it rather handy myself. SQL SERVER Identifying Blocking Chain Using SQL Scripts But I Don t Have a Test Server Adding a new keyboard shortcut in SSMS. SQL Server Quickie 26 the Transaction Isolation Level Repeatable Read SQL SERVER Creating. time to set things up. Aaron Bertrand s b t color scheme, change the New Query template and map a keyboard shortcut to change connection. And of course open up my common windows Object Explorer, Template Explorer, Solution Explorer.

Map the Change Connection option to Ctrl-F8 I frequently re-use the same query window, so I change connections a lot. It goes a lot faster since I mapped it to a shortcut. Add keyboard shortcuts for common tasks. Map the change connection option to a keyboard command. 01-04-2008 04 43 PM. adding graph cursor with keyboard shortcut. Hello, I have the need to be able to add a cursor to a graph programmatically. I have a waterfall frequency-time display that I would like to quickly add delete cursors in order to measure symbol rates of incoming IQ data.

Using the graph cursor palette takes too long. Preferrably I would like one key, say cto create a cursor at the center of the plot and another key, say dto delete the active cursor. I found one example that uses the mouse down event in order to programmatically move the cursor as well as to set a cursor active if the mouse is directly on it. So, using the mouse to add delete a cursor probably won t work since I would like to combine all of the above functionality.

Has anyone tried this with cursors before. Tim Sileo RF Applications Engineer National Instruments. You don t stop running because you get old. You get old because you stop running. -Jack Kirk, From Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Re adding graph cursor with keyboard shortcut. 01-05-2008 11 19 AM. 01-05-2008 03 44 PM. I haven t tried this, but can you create boolean buttons for adding and deleting the cursor, and then assign keys to the booleans.

01-07-2008 07 01 AM. tst and LabviewGuruWannabe. Those sound like relatively easy solutions. I just noticed last Friday before leaving work that the key down event can iq option home be used with controls and not indicators. With LabviewGuru s suggestion of using a Boolean control I think it should work. I ll try it today and post back to let everyone know.

Thanks for both of your suggestions.

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