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The data will be analyzed using descriptive statistics and analysis of variations between groups. The result will be discussed by describing the level of ICC among students, the level of five ICC dimensions, and the difference of ICC levels among students with different training experience in intercultural communication. FACULTY OF LANGUAGES AND ARTS, UNIVERSITAS NEGERI SEMARANG. The newest version of 2013 curriculum which was published in 2016 has been considered to be able to answer the challenge of future education in 21st century by emphasizing the balance of knowledge, attitude, and skills.

CULTURAL ARTS CURRICULUM AND ITS IMPLEMENTATION IN NON-ART VOCATIONAL SCHOOL WADIYO. This study is aiming at finding out the implementation of cultural arts curriculum in the actual teaching and learning art at non-art vocational school. The scope of this study, therefore, will be limited to the teaching of music as an obligatory subject in non-art vocational school.

The method applied in the study was qualitative. c Faculty Of Engineering, Manado State University Tondano, North Sulawesi 95618. The data was analyzed by using content and interactive analysis. Results showed that the implementation of cultural arts at non-art vocational school was directed more to the knowledge and skills while at the same time neglecting the aspect of attitude which should be represented by the activity of appreciation.

The activity of appreciation itself is related to the cultural development of individuals character which is shown through the character of honest, responsible, emphatic, and respect. However, these characters have not been understood well by the teachers. The study found that the teachers have not been able to understand the value of character education through appreciative attitude.

It was seen from the teachers lesson plans and classroom activities which tended to give better mark for students with good level of music s knowledge and skills; and neglected ability of students to have good attitude in cultural arts. In the end of the study, researcher believes that the misconception of teachers were arisen from the unclear explanation and course description given in syllabus.

ASEAN University Network in Indonesia How Governments Policy Tackling the Adversity 1. Jelly Leviza, 2. Syaravina Lubis, 3. Keizerina Devi. Fakultas Hukum, Universitas Sumatera Utara. The quality of higher education is a very crucial thing to be noticed by the Government of Indonesia considering it is highly relevant to the quality of Human Resources or the quality of the national workforce. The participation of Indonesia in the ASEAN University Network AUNis a manifestation of the Governments policy to guarantee the quality of national higher education because AUN is a benchmark of university quality standards in ASEAN.

Based on the results of the study, it is known that the assessment criteria of AUN Quality Assurance are based on 15 criteria 1 expected learning outcome, 2 program specification, 3 program structure and content, 4 teaching and learning strategy, 5 student assessment, 6 academic Staff quality, 7 support staff quality 8 student quality, 9 student advice and support, 10 facilities and infrastructure, 11 quality iq option imposto of teaching and learning process, 12 staff development activities, 13 stakeholders feedback, 14And 15 stakeholders satisfaction.

Based on what have been stated above, there are two following points will be analysed first, the assessment criteria set out in AUN Quality Assurance; Second, the Indonesia s government policy regarding the presence of AUN. The Government s policy of AUN is manifested in the form of socialisation and encouragement at various universities in Indonesia to adjust with the demands of the AUN standard.

Those two aspects are important to be analysed when discussing the implementation of AUN in Indonesia because there are different levels of the quality of higher education in Indonesia. A Descriptive Study Of Comparative Educational Education Institutions Lptk Graduates On Background Education Of High School And Vocational High School In Subject Productive Technique Machining Ricky Cahyasari Putra, Inu Hardi Kusumah, Yayat. Professional competence teachers require teachers to master the basic standard of competence basic competency areas of study undertaken.

So the JPTM hosted a learning lab course to score candidates competent teachers. It is just there is still phenomenon which States graduates Educational Education Institutions LPTK including JPTM incompetent rather than polytechnic alumnus. Which in case, focused on student input of vocational high school and high school background. The expectation from this research is standard ratio to acceptance vocational and a high school student which is JPTM graduates has a professional competence that appropriate in Vocational High School needs.

With hint the quota expected implementation of learning machining techniques practical will run effectively and efficiently which produce the candidates that capable the competency standard or basic competency of study itself. Comparative Study of Adaptation Graduate of Vocational High School graduates machining technique with High school graduates in industry Ricky Cahyasari Putra, Dedi Rohendi, Asep Hadian Sasmita. Vocational High School preparing the graduates to be ready to work, meanwhile High school preparing the graduates entering the university, however the unemployed graduates of Vocational High School is higher than High school graduates which showed by Central Bureau of Statistics data in 2014 unemployment graduates Vocational High School has amount 11.

24 while High school graduates is 9. This research investigated the manufacture industry as a user of High school graduates and Vocational High School graduates machining technique that has issue about Vocational High School graduates has a long adaptation to stay at industry rather than High School graduate. Literacy ICT Vocational Middle School Student Yusep Zaeni Miraj aDedi Rohendi b. This therefore work through ICTS purpose and utility by vocational Middle School student on processes learning and developing self.

Data collecting tech via kuesioner, and interview, and data at analisis utilizes descriptive statistic. This observational sample consisting of student vocational Middle School student that is at Kabupaten Siak. This research points out that ICTS purpose at environmental huge vocational Middle School student but utility from ICT that cant yet be optimized according to requirement in learning.

Open Innovation Practices on Higher Education Institution A case of Ubaya Polytechnic Benny Lianto. Industrial Engineering Dept, University of Surabaya. Abstract Open Innovation OI strategy has been admitted as a concept and new strategy which is very essential for any organization in the knowledge-based economic system. However, study and discussion of open innovation practices on higher education organization is still limited.

it leaves question dealing with how exactly the type of activities and the effect of OI. The research aims to conduct a study about the open innovation practices at Ubaya Polytechnic by reviewing three types and the process of OI, namely inbound OI outside-inOutbound OI inside-outand Coupled OI based on 5 types of external lingkages forward, backward, horizontal, public, and informal linkages.

Based on the study show that most activities mainly focus on inbound OI activities 62,9 compared to the other type of OI, Outbound-OI 7,4 and Couple-OI 29,6. Workload analysis of energy-based SMK teachers in preparing and teaching Kebri Kein Moudy Pajung. Department of Vocational and Technology Education Postgraduate School of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Bandung, Indonesia kkmoudyp at gmail.

The aim of this research is to knowing how much energy released by vocational school teachers from the mental load and workload that involves physical activity in preparing the teaching and confront implementation of teaching tasks in the classroom theory and in carrying out practicum or practice at school prepare students to face the practice Field or industrial work practices.

Workload is described as the relationship between a number of capabilities or capacity of mental processes or thoughts or resources with or and a number of tasks required. Vocational teachers as learning agents are required to possess knowledge and skills relevant to their field of expertise to have specific jobs through the field of education, training to apply to learners, based on the burden of their work tasks that require full thinking, feeling and physical activity and involving all Components.

To obtain accurate data in the measurement of this workload is done by appropriate measurement method that is working Sampling, Time and Motion Studies, and Recording of own activities. Analysis The amount of energy expenditure vocational School teachers in preparing and doing teaching Kebri Kein Moudy Pajung. The Personality Competence of Electrical Vocational Teachers in Manado to Face the Asean Economic Community F.

Tasiam aDjoko Kustono bPurnomo bHakkun Elmunsyah b. a Universitas Negeri Manado b Universitas Negeri Malang. This paper presents the personality competence of electrical vocational teachers in Manado to face the Asean Economic Community. Method used qualitative and quantitative approach. Inductive analysis used in qualitative and statistical analysis in quantitative analysis. The results have shown that the personality competence of electric vocational teachers in Manado is good 19. 56sufficient 58.

70and bad 21. The personality competence still needs to be improved through education and training. ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION THROUGH TEACHING FACTORY Herry Sumual, Grace Jenny Soputan. Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Negeri Manado Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Negeri Manado. The spirit of entrepreneur must be formed in an integrated process in learning so that awakening the soul of commitment, responsibility and work ethic on the candidate of vocational high school graduates.

Learning teaching factory teaches students how to find problems, build prototypes, learn to make business plan, and learn iq option imposto present their own solutions. The research objective is to assess the effectiveness of Teaching Factory implementation in improving the competence and skills of students in the field of entrepreneurship. Hadlock et al. in Siswandi and Sukoco 2015explains that the purpose of teaching factory is to make students realize that teaching should be more than what is found in the book.

Students not only practice soft skills in learning, learn to work in teams, practice interpersonal communication skills, but gain hands-on experience and practice work to enter the workforce later. The method used in this research is case study. Key informants were determined purposively in charge of teaching factory, students, and teachers who teach in productive subject. The results achieved in this study are 1 catering and hospitality units are the most active groups in producing products for teaching factory, 2 the role of entrepreneurial groups in each unit of production in order to increase productivity 3 students earn revenues of teaching factory and production unit get percentage of product or service sales, 3 the role of each production unit determine the level of teaching factory effectiveness.

Analysis of Students Productive Skills in the Building Engineering Program of Vocational High School SMK for the Job of Construction Services Rolly R. Oroh aHaris A. Syafrudie bR. Sugandi bIsnandar b. a Universitas Negeri Manado rolly. This study aims to know the factors of conformity of productive skills of vocational high school students in doing the work of concrete structures towards the needs of construction services.

Sample of the respondents is vocational high school student from several districts in North Sulawesi. Data obtained through student performance test instruments. Data analysis using factor analysis technique. The result of the research reveals the students productive skills in doing the work of concrete structures according to the need of construction services is working of concrete casting consists of the stage of concrete casting in accordance with work methods and make scaffolding from good materials.

Some of the respondents students in doing some concrete structure work have done well, but not yet according to working drawings, working methods and technical specifications of the work. The learning is done in accordance with the competency-oriented school curriculum but the teaching materials given have not been maximized in accordance with the needs of productive skills required construction services industry. The results have an impact on the low absorption of graduates in the implementation of the construction services industry.

Softskill Needs In Review from an industry angle Sri Prihatiningsih. Technical and Vocational Education Studies Program Graduate School of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Jl. Setiabudhi 229 Bandung 40154, Jawa Barat, INDONESIA. World of work industry requires a number of characters that are owned by employees working in work activities, it is intended that the industry can easily achieve business success through achievement indicators through the contributions of employees in work activities.

For employees who are graduates of vocational education level, should this character has with him since they completed vocational education, but in fact the character is not fully owned by the students in learning in vocational, only 56. 4 of characters softskill given in vocational learningso that it becomes soft skill gaps vocational graduates with soft skills required by duniakerja industry.

FACTORS INFLUENCING EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS DEVELOPMENT OF VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Djami Olii a Mardji bHary Suswanto bTri Kuncoro b. a Malang State University djolii411 at gmail. com b Malang State University. A survey design was used. The aim of this study was to explore the contribution of industry training, industry climate, and work motivation toward employability skills of Vocational High School Students in North Sulawesi.

Data were collected using quantitative surveys with a sample of 141 students of eight Vocational High School in North Sulawesi. The data analysis using multiple regression. The results this study proposes that the development of these empolabity skills is influenced by students industry training, and industry climate, as well as work motivation. Designing a Home Care Based Elderly Assistance Program Liska Umusyaadah, Ade Juwaedah, Yoyoh Jubaedah. PKH the expectation family program is a program of Indonesia s Government through the ministry of social directorate to accelerate the poverty reduction and the achievement of Millennium Development Goals MDGs target as well as the policies development in social protection and social welfare domain.

The Ministry of Social Services indirectly providing home care services with has the responsibility to manage the elderly family assistance activities as a main companion in performing care of home-based elderly. This research is motivated that existing participants of PKH that already exist in Sumedang Region, especially in the South Sumedang District on the social welfare components is only limited to the health checking, while for assisting the elderly based Home Care program there has been no structured and systematic, where as the elderly still need assistance, especially from the family and community environment.

The purpose of this study to generate elderly assistance program based home care in participants of PKH. This study uses a method of Research and Development with Model Addie which include analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation. Participants in this study using purposive sampling, where selected families of PKH who provide active assistance to the elderly. Identification of needs through open interviews to the 82 families of elderly and 6 companion in PKH.

The program is designed consists of program components objectives, goals, forms of assistance, organizing institutions and implementing the program, besides, program modules include assisting the elderly. Form of assistance the elderly cover physical, social, mental and spiritual. Expert judgment program conducted by academics and practitioners elderly service agencies. Repairs done by the revised program and developed according to feedback from the validator.

Trials program that has been revised and expanded to do a non potential elderly was 82 years old. These trials were conducted by the companion of the family environment and the companions PKH in the south sumedang district. Recommended for families and companions PKH, the program can be implemented to meet the various needs of the elderly. For the elderly should introspect, especially in the health and follow the advice recommended by related parties.

For further research the elderly assistance program based Home Care can be developed or modified according to the needs of research. Relevance Analysis of Vocational Skills Program With Economic Potential in Ciamis Regency Liah Siti Syarifah. Master Program of Educational Administration, Indonesia University of Education. The purpose of this research is to analyze the relevance of vocational skills program with economic potential in Ciamis Regency.

The research using descriptive qualitative method with delphi analysis and location quotien analysis. Delphi analysis used to find factors causing incompatibility of vocational skill program with economic potential and formulate direction in developing vocational skill program based on economic potential of Ciamis Regency. The type of data processed is secondary data obtained from the Central Bureau of Statistics BPSRegional Development Planning Board BAPPEDA and Regency Education Office Ciamis.

While the Location Quotien analysis used to analyze the economic potential of Ciamis Regency. The results explain that Computer and Network Engineering is the most skill program in Kabupaten Ciamis, which is 24 units. While the most relevant expertise program with the potential area in Ciamis Regency which is agricultural potential there are 8 units Agribusiness plant breeding and tissue culture is 1 unit, agribusiness food crops and horticulture is 6 units and farming processing techniques is 1 unit.

The Department of Education of mechanical engineering JPTM as a producer of teachers Vocational High School in particular fields of study techniques of Machining is required for print the teacher candidates who have the professional competence, in particular the competence of certain level Machining Techniques. R Palilingan b. a Engineering Faculty, Manado State University jln. Kampus Unima, Tondano marioparinsi at yahoo. com b Engineering Faculty, Manado State University jln.

Kampus Unima, Tondano. In Indonesia, Vocational School SMK is a type of secondary education that specifically prepares graduates to become skilled workers which are ready to plunge into the wider industries. INDONESIAN LABOUR MARKET INFORMATION SYSTEM LMIS DEVELOPMENT FOR VOCATIONAL SCHOOLS AND INDUSTRIES Mario Tulenan Parinsi aDr. Different from the General High School graduates, Vocational School graduates have skills that can be applied in industries with specific requirement.

Vocational School graduates needed the industries as a place to work and to earn income for living, and on the other hand the industries also needed workers from Vocational School background to produce goods and services in order to gain revenue. Labour Market Information System LMIS have a major role in providing information about the supply and the demand that may allow connecting graduates and industries. Indonesian LMIS does not have Information System that which specifically connecting Vocational School and industries.

Indeed the several flaws can be identified on current LMIS such as limited list of industries in database, updates on the vacant job vacant information static and in maintenance. LMIS should be a system that does link labour to industries with multiple functions. Among that is to help the flow of the information, the easy access, and a user-friendly maintenance. The aim of this article is to make develop the concept of an ideal LMIS which allows linking the Vocational School graduates with specific skills to the industries in Indonesia.

Ongoing industrial scenario anticipates continual reskilling and upskilling of technicians - An example of Indian state Mahesh Vishwakarma, Sadhana Vishwakarma. Vishwakarma Industrial Training Institute Jabalpur, India. Reskilling and upskilling of technicians working in industries is the talk of today. In the ongoing scenario of rapidly changing technologies which require specialized skills is posing a big challenge before both employers and employees to keep pace with the industrial demand.

Technicians generally undergo specialized training in a trade at any technical institution before entering the world of work. The on-job training remains the only source of upgrading their skills unless they get an opportunity to undergo a dedicated training in advanced technologies. The technology has been changing rapidly in the past years with the existing technologies becoming outdated within few years. Both employers and employees now need to breeze through this challenging scenario to remain in the race.

Changing department, quitting, layoffs, etc. are no longer a viable option for either parties since skilled manpower is anyways needed to run the industry. The local labour laws coupled with the pressure from employees union is another bottleneck for employers choosing such options. Reskilling involves training people to do a different job especially when the technology has become obsolete. Reskilling is needed not only when the long-term employees are laid off or made redundant but also if they remain on company s payroll.

Reskilling involves developing skills in allied professions. Upskilling, on the other hand, enhances the abilities of employees who continue to stay in the same profession. Author of the paper is associated with vocational training for past 35 years. He analyses the opinions of technicians working in different industries in a state in central India. Based on the opinions collected, suitable suggestions are made for both employers and employees to meet the challenges of reskilling and upskilling of technicians in different industries.

Though the study focuses on an Indian state but its findings can be used to benefit many industries operating in the Asian region. Metee Pigultong, Assistant Professor Dr. Department of Educational Technology and Communications, Faculty of Technical Education, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand.

This research has the purpose to study about Relationship between Student and Instructor in the Class of Hands - on at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. The research consists of collecting information from 2 groups 11 club presidents of each faculty who are leadership figures for students to collect information on the opinion about relationship between Student and Instructor during class activity and 400 students who have valid student status in 2016 at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi.

This research uses content analysis technique, Average and Standard Deviation to interpret the information. The results of the research show that students have some Opinion about relationship between Student and Instructor during class activity as follow 1 Teach using examples X 3. 789 2 The teachers must let students practice on their own without being disturbed X 3. 782 3 Ask the teachers to teach students with proven knowledge that is reasonable and practical X 3.

831 4 Ask the teachers to listen to the opinions of students in the class seriously X 3. 821 5 Improve the facilities in the classroom according to teaching activities X 3. ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning Case Studies of Vocational High School in Malang Retno Indah Rokhmawati. Fakultas Ilmu Komputer, Universitas Brawijaya.

The Opinions about Relationship between Student and Instructor in the Class of Hands - on. ABSTRACT This study investigated the best practice model of integrating ICT in teaching and learning, which is seen from several aspects including facilities and infrastructure, policy and support, and funding that supporting ICT integration. This research presents the main finding based on questionnaire, interview, and observation from teachers and head teachers, from Vocational High School VHS purposively sampled, both public and private schools.

This research used a quantitative descriptive approach. Sample of this research was 30 teachers and 3 head teachers from VHS in Malang who has integrated ICT in teaching. The result showed that the level of ICT facilities and infrastructure that supporting ICT integration is categorized as infusing level 3rd levelthe level of ICT policy that supporting ICT integration is categorized as infusing level 3rd leveland the level of ICT funding that supporting ICT integration is categorized as applying level 2nd level.

Generally, VHS in Malang has priority of funding allocation as follows 1 procurement of ICT hardware; 2 maintenance of ICT resources; 3 skill development training; 4 internet connection; 5 procurement of software; and 6 incentives for teachers who integrate ICTs in learning. Based on the findings, recommendations for future research or policy are made. Entrepreneurship Ability SMK Students In Teaching Factory Learning Implementation Henson Febri Wendi.

University of Education Bandung Jl. 207 Bandung 40154 hensonfebriwendi at ymail. Abstract The purpose of the research is to express the influence of factory teaching and practice skill to students entrepreneurship ability. The research used expost facto approach. Population in this research that is all student of TSM SMK Kartika XI-1 Bandung. The sample of 40 respondents was determined using proportional random sampling technique.

Data were collected by questionnaire and test instruments. Data analysis used descriptive statistics and multiple linear regression. DEVELOPMENT OF TEACHER RESOURCES MULTI CASE STUDY ON THREE DINAS PENDIDIKAN IN NORTH SULAWESI PROVINCE Viktory Nicodemus Joufre Rotty. This study refers to the understanding and phenomenon of education, Dinas Pendidikan, and the development of teacher resources. The research intends to gain an in-depth understanding of the concept or pattern of teacher resource development at Dinas Pendidikan of Bitung City, Dinas Pendidikan of Tomohon City, Dinas Pendidikan of Manado City in North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

The focus of this research emphasizes the development of teacher resources, teacher resource development planning, implementation of teacher resource development, and monitoring and evaluation of teacher resource development. This research uses qualitative approach with multi case study design. The main data collection techniques are in-depth interview and then completed with document study techniques literature and obeservation. Data analysis is done while data collection and after data collected intact.

Technical data analysis is data collection, data simplification, and data deduction. Check the validity of research findings through credibility, transferability, dependability, and confirmability. The results of this study are expected to provide benefits both theoretically and practically. The conclusions of this research are 1 development of teacher resources implemented by Dinas Pendidikan with method of training and educational method, academic and non academic, useful for teacher, Dinas Pendidikan, and society.

Important factors in teacher resource development are related to regulation, availability of funds, and sources of funds. 2 planning of teacher resource development is done by capturing and analyzing data, identifying some alternative problem solving, and formulating in priority activities with time and budget considerations. Teacher resource development planning does not involve teachers directly. 3 implementation of teacher resource development begins with socialization activities to unite understanding through coordination meeting, official letter, announcement internet announcement boardand other communication tools.

Then facilitation to guide and direct, confirmation and validation of data, and implementation. 4 monitoring and evaluation of teacher resources development through administrative monitoring and evaluation document inspection, completion of questionnaires, guidance and direction, improvement and adjustment, and reporting and monitoring and evaluation factually observation, interviews, improvements and adjustments, and reporting.

Based on the results of this study, there are several suggestions to all parties 1 Local Government through the Dinas Pendidikan, to be able to pay more attention to the development of teacher resources through the priority of sustainable teacher resource development programs, the provision of appropriate and accountable budgets under the terms Prevailing laws, making the Regional Regulations to protect and strengthen teachers, and involve teachers directly in the planning process, 2 teachers, in order to improve and adjust mentality and mindset to a new paradigm of education.

Teachers to continue to seek new innovations, independently design and implement teacher resource development, 3 other researchers, open opportunities for developing, improving, and further reviewing the development of teacher resources. 1 Choirun Niswatin, M. How Do the Vocational Higher School Students Cope with the Difficulties in Composing Abstracts for Their Final Projects.

Adnan Latief, 3 Dr. Suharyadi, M. 1 Politeknik Kota Malang 2 Universitas Negeri Malang 3 Universitas Negeri Malang. This research aims to uncover the fact about engineering students in dealing with composing abstracts for their final projects. The research applies a descriptive qualitive quantitative design. Furthermore, interviews were carried out to explain the details where necessary. It is found that the common problems faced by engineering students include 1 building words into sentences, 2 identifying the most appropriate technical terms, and 3 grammar.

To cope with those difficulties, thus, they require a recommended translation application, supported by acquaintances proofreading. The data were collected through questioners involving 104 engineering students, including the alumni at Politeknik Kota Malang. On top of that they need to discuss them with supervisors more than three times, instead of written feedback only.

CORRELATION ANALYSIS OF THE CLASS FACILITIES AND INFRASTRUCTURE AVAILABILITY WITH THE STUDENTS ACHIEVEMENT IN CLASS OF BUILDING DRAWING TECHNIQUE; A CASE STUDY IN SMKN 1 SUMEDANG Nessya Apriani Emil, Usep Surahman, Adi Ardiansyah. Department of Architectural Education, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

Study results was a benchmark in the learning. Indicators achievement learning is expressed study results in the form of value raport. Value raport is an indicator learning achievement who shows the extent to which mastery of student in understand a field of knowledge. Many factors that can influence on the learning and finally have an impact on study results students, one of them is facilities and insfrastructure.

This study attempts to know correlation and impact of facilities and infrastructure to the achievement of student learning on the subject of drawing with software on class of Building Drawing Technique SMKN 1 Sumedang. Descriptive quantitative analysis was employed. Technique data collection used were the observation form, questionnaire survey, and documentation. An instrumen used were the form checklist about conformity of existing infrastructure with the standard of been possessed by the government, students response about existing infrastructure, and the students preference on the Subject of Drawing with Software.

Based on the analysis, we found that 1 the learning student on the subject of drawing with software was in the 83 good students 962 40 students 46 commented very good on existing infrastucture in the computer laboratories at SMKN 1 Sumedang, so that it can be concluded that existing infrastructurre categorized in very good grade, 3 there are significant correlation between facilities and infrastucture of the results of student learning, this is proven by value R2 r-square 0,629 in p-sig 0,000, the size of the contributions effective given facilities and infrastructure to the results of student learning on the subject of drawing with software is 62,99.

a Department of Geography Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia b Department of Civics Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia c Department of Elementary School Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia correspondent author nandi at upi. The study aims at evaluating a manual book and assessment document that use to educational field experiences practices by the student teacher candidate at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia UPI.

Dispositions Aspect on The Educational Field Experiences Practices of Student Teacher Candidate Nandi aSapriya bEffy Mulyasari c. Recently, the educational field experiences practices PPL is still contains weaknesses in the affective domain or personality traits dispositions. To produce an appropriate assessment scope of PPL UPI, the study focuses on the standard documents on the implementation of teacher education programs and observation and evaluation of the assessment on PPL UPI.

Source of data obtained from assessment documents of PPL UPI, some learning support courses, as well as assessment standards on teacher education providers institutions. This research use descriptive method with research subject is PPL UPI student. The research variables are rubric of assessment of student teacher candidate in PPL program with indicator social aspect and personality. The research instrument is documentation study, interview, and observation. The results showed that the disposition aspect document in the rubric of students PPL assessment in UPI, contains teacher preparation standard, the observation format for the student teacher candidate and the integrated internal progress assessment format in the manual book.

Instructional Package of Development of skill in Using Fine Motor of Children for Children with intellectual Disabilities. Thosporn Sangsawang. Faculty of Technical Education, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. Abstract This research has the following purposes 1 To find the efficiency of the self-learning activity set on the development of skill in using the fine motor of children with intellectual disabilities.

2 to compare the abilities to use the small muscles after the study more than before the study of children with intellectual disabilities, who made the survey with the self-learning activity on the development of small muscles use. 3 To explore the satisfaction of the children with intellectual disabilities using the self-learning activity for the development of small muscles use. The sample groups in the research are the kids with intellectual disabilities of the special education Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Provincial Nakhon Nayok Center in the school year 2016, for seven children.

The tools used in the research consist of the self-learning activity on development of small muscles use for the children with intellectual disabilities of the unique, the observation form of abilities of small muscles before and after using the activity set and the observation form of satisfaction of the children with intellectual disabilities of the special towards the self-learning activity set on development of small muscles for the children with intellectual disabilities of the special.

The statistics used for the research include the percentage, mean value, standard deviation and the t-test for the dependent sample. A value equal to 3. 86, SD value equal to 2. Keyword instructional package, children with intellectual disabilities of the special, development activity for small muscles use. 05 and the satisfaction observation form of the student towards the self-learning activity on small muscles use for the down syndrome children with average value equal to 4.

STRENGTHENING THE TEACHER S ORGANIZATIONAL CITIZENSHIP BEHAVIOR OCB IN THE VOCATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL TROUGH THE PRODUCTION BASED EDUCATION PBE MODEL CASE STUDY IN SURAKARTA CITY Herman Saputro, Suharno, Indah Widiastuti, Budi Harjanto. Through the PBE model, the student gets the industrial environment experience in the context of education. Some of the vocational high schools in Surakarta have applied the Production Based Education PBE in order to improve the skill and competency of the student.

Therefore, the PBE model has similarity with the teaching factory model. The implementation of PBE model is needed the professional teachers who have the skill qualifications in the production and learning. In this study, we would like focuses on the teacher s behavior related to the implementation of PBE model in vocational high schools in Surakarta.

OCB or good soldier syndrome could be manifested by the teachers in school interaction such as loyalty, volunteering and helping others. This study concentrates on the strengthening the teacher s Organizational Citizenship Behavior OCB in the vocational high school through the PBE model. This study also analyses the OCB level in the vocational high schools in Surakarta that have applied the PBE model.

From the results, it is shown that the PBE model had a significant effect on the improvement of OCB of vocational teachers in Surakarta city. The detail explanation of improvement of teacher s behavior variables and its correlation to the teacher performances in iq option imposto schools will be discussed in this paper. The Attitude of Constructional Workers toward the Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety OHS Lilis Widaningsih, Indah Susanti, Treza Chandra Julian. Beside its outdoor workplace involving many workers who usually work manually, the workers work culture and less awareness of occupational health and safety are attributed to the high accident rate.

This study explores some construction workers who are involved in some construction projects in big cities such as Bandung and Jakarta. The questionnaire-given to the construction workers focusing on stone construction, wood construction, and finishing session-reveals that the construction workers knowledge and understanding of nine Occupational Health and Safety OHS aspects reaches above 50. However, does not appear to reflect their knowledge and understanding of Occupational Health and Safety OHS.

The results of Focus Group Discussion FGD and an in-depth interview show that the fallacious implementation of Occupational Health and Safety OHS is attributed to their traditional work culture. WORK BASED LEARNING AND PRACTICUM MODULE Susi Susanti. The aims of this research is the achievement of the implementation of work based learning in the form of practicum, produces practicum module, and obtained the results of the evaluation of students in work based learning in the form practicum.

Construction industry refers to one of the industries dealing with high accident rate. Research approach that used is R D Research and development To develop module practicum and research methodology that used is pre-experimental designs in form one-shot case study to perform implementation and evaluation work based learning in form practicum. The results of this research shown implementation work based learning in form practicum stated very good.

That is shown by the percentage of a score given observer of students, teacher and implementation of work based learning sequence 83,488,9 and 88,9. Practicum module developed stated worthy to implementated. That is shown by result validation media experts, matter, and language with a score of the percentage sequence 84,6 very worthy93,1 very worthyand 79,2 worthy. Work based learning in form practicum by using practicum module can increase the competence of students.

The students evaluation results shown through the percentage of the achieved result posttest and competency test sequence 75 and 100 students has achieved minimum achieved criteria. THE IMPACT OF INTERNET USE FOR STUDENTS AT SMKN 4 PEKANBARU Rona Hayu Puspita1 Dedi Rohendi2. Postgraduate of technology and vocational education Departement of machine engeneering education Indonesia university of education.

Abstract Development of Internet technology increasingly modern and sophisticated not only benefit users but also have an effect that is not good for users, especially among students, from a study of 120 students sampled, Internet usage will become addicted and more likely to ha-case negative and less support in learning activities.

This is evident from the results of research using the Internet for social media as much as 82 respondents or 68. 33 answered always and 50 respondents or 41. 67 answered frequently, use for online gaming activity, response of 120 respondents 65 respondents or 54, 17 answered always utilize the internet for online games, 50 respondents or 41.

67 answered frequently use the internet for online games,while utilizing the Internet for watch youtube, 56 respondents or 46. 67 answered frequently use the Internet to watch youtube and 62 respondents or 51. 67 always use the Internet to watch youtube, answers of 120 respondents 41 respondents or 34. 17 answered rarely use the Internet to learn and seek information. Understanding, Preparing and Implementing Occupational Safety and Health OSHA to Electrical Engineering Student at Vocational-school Level Maria Veronika Simanjuntak.

The level of accidents in industry is very high caused by the lack of knowledge and awareness of workers toward the health and safety OSHA. OSHA is an effort to create a comfortable and productive atmosphere to accomplish a purpose or goal as maximum as possible. Vocational Education students must conduct training on business and industry, prior to that they should have a clear understanding on occupational health and safety OSHA.

OSHA is very important to avoid risk in the workplace. The purpose of this research is to analyze the understanding, preparation and implementation of work safety and health OSHA of the students. Method used is descriptive method and data collected using instrument, observation and interview. The results of the study is the conclusion about the understanding, preparation and application of occupational safety and health OSHA of electrical engineering students. Managing Secondary Education of Vocational to face the ASEAN Economic Community AEC Bambang Trisno1, Dadang Lukman Hakim2.

The existence of the ASEAN Economic Community AEC fosters a number of concepts and models of education service management in vocational high schools in Indonesia. One of them is the quality and readiness of resources in the participation in the AEC. 1Department of Electrical Engineering Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia 2Department of Electrical Engineering Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia. The purpose of this paper is to describe a number of indicators and variables that have an important influence on the success in participating in the AEC.

The research method used is to describe a number of discussion results, interviews with a number of educators from vocational high schools and vocational higher education in West Java and the results of literature studies. Data processing is done by grouping variables based on opinion ratings or majority views. The result is a productive workforce in the process of vocational education services, graduate language skills as well as educators, introduction of law and state defense in the labor system of educators and learners, soft skills skills, certification service authorities and government policies in the process and provision of infrastructure and Competitive vocational education facilities within the ASEAN region have a significant impact on the success of participating in the competition.

PROFESSIONALISM AND ACADEMIC STAFF OF VOCATIONAL HIGHER EDUCATION CAREER POLICY IN INDONESIA Bambang Trisno,1 Ahmad Daniar. In line with the governments program to improve the quantity and quality of vocational education, a number of policy changes have been established, such as, graduated of vocational teachers by KEMENDIKBUD and career development of vocational higher education lecturers under KEMENRISTEK.

As a professional vocational of mid-level expert D3 and D4 provider, lecturers has dual purposes, Based on these condition, this paper aim to describe and to assess the professionalism level and the career development capacity of vocational lecturers in universities. The results are, Interest and Motivation of High Education Vocational Graduates, Professional Development Plan of Vocational Higher Education lecturers, Readiness of Vocational Higher Education Process Facilities, Growth of women in academic career and Local Wisdom-based Industry Partners.

Design Process and Production Based Learning As A Basic Strategy for Creating Income Generating Unit IGU UPI PTN-BH Dedy Suryadi and Nandan Supriatna. The establishment of UPI Statute as State-Owned State University PTN-BH has implications on the requirements that UPI must fulfill. One of them is the need for UPI to generate the value of Income Generating Unit IGU.

This requirement is felt hard considering UPI is one of the universities whose focus is on the education and not penetrated into the business and industry. Surely this becomes the thinking of the entire academic community to make a breakthrough by optimizing their potential. The existence of these demands becomes a challenge as well as an opportunity for the provision of technology and vocational education in UPI, where one of them is Building Engineering Education program especially with learning that emphasizes on the achievement of productive competence of graduates.

This study aims to find a pattern of practical learning that produces economically valuable products as an indicator of IGU value achievement as an effort to support UPI as PTN-BH. Learning strategy is done by designing a process approach and production base learning PPBL as the basis of learning as well as development of production units capable of becoming IGU in UPI.

The research method used is single experiment, where the research is done only on one unit of practice class wood work and furniture finishing technique with control on the process and the resulting product referring to work standard and industrial product. Through literature study and FGD method, in a number of vocational higher education in Bandung, the results of analysis can be described through the conclusions of the main indicators of human resources vocational education current and future issues.

The result of this research is the compilation of the learning approach of PPBL in producing competence and product of economic value as the development strategy of the production unit at the university in the achievement of IGU UPI PTN-BH. ICIEVE 2017 - Submission Management System. Powered By Konfrenzi 1. 74G 2020 All Rights Reserved. The teacher s OCB behavior became important to study because OCB is a good way to the vocational high school to reach the organizational effectiveness.

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Berapa Deposit Minimum Di Instaforex. Setoran minimum di InstaForex Cuma 1, menjadikannya broker forex terbaik untuk mereka yang mempunyai dana minimun untuk berinvestasi. Butuh diingat kalau bila Anda mendanai lewat transfer, setoran minimum naik jadi 300. Cara Membuka Account Di Instaforex. Untuk membuka account dengan broker online InstaForex, cukup simak langkah-langkah simpel ini.

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Nikmati trading dengan InstaForex. Untuk menolong Anda dengan proses pembuatan account, tim peninjau InstaForex kami membuat daftar lengkap hal-hal yang Anda perlukan untuk mendaftar di broker ini, yang bisa Anda temukan di bawah ini. Data pribadi. Anda wajib memberikan nama lengkap, no telepon, serta alamat email Anda. Sepanjang verifikasi, Anda juga perlu membagikan alamat Anda.

Data pengaturan. Informasi pengaturan yang dibutuhkan sama dengan data pribadi Anda. Untuk memverifikasi account Anda, Anda wajib menyerahkan dokumen bukti diri apa pun, walaupun InstaForex iq option imposto memilih SIM ataupun paspor. Anda mungkin juga wajib menyerahkan bukti alamat dalam wujud tagihan ataupun ID utilitas yang berisi nama serta alamat lengkap Anda. Apa pun persyaratan trading Anda, Anda akan menemukan tipe account yang sesuai buat Anda.

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Account Islami. InstaForex menawarkan account Islami serta bebas swap. Betul-betul free untuk membuka account Islam, sebab ini merupakan pertimbangan terkait dengan kebebasan beragama. Account Demo. Pembahasan broker forex InstaForex kami kali ini nmenganjurkan Anda memulai dengan account demo. Account ini dirancang spesial untuk memenuhi persyaratan hukum Syariah. Ini merupakan account free dari InstaForex serta membolehkan Anda berlatih strategi trading untuk meminimalkan resiko besar serta potensi kehabisan uang yang terkait dengan trading forex.

Account trading demo free berperan penuh serta menyediakan akses ke MetaTrader 4, membolehkan Anda untuk berlatih trading dengan instrumen mata uang, CFD saham AS, emas, perak, serta CFD future, di antara aset yang lain. Biaya Trading. Biaya trading untuk InstaForex berkisar rata-rata. Account Insta Standard mempunyai biaya sisi rata-rata yang lebih besar sedangkan account Insta Eurica mempunyai biaya yang sangat kompetitif. Biaya jelas diuraikan, dengan account Eurica membebankan 0,03 sampai 0,07 persen per trading.

Tarif Pembiayaan Semalam. Tarif untuk pembiayaan serta posisi semalam di InstaForex bermacam- macam bergantung pada instrumen mana yang terlibat dalam trading yang tengah berlangsung. InstaForex tidak membebankan biaya deposit. Biaya Setoran. Beberapa platform serta metode pembayaran bisa jadi membebankan biaya kepada Anda, yang diberikan InstaForex kepada klien. Biaya Penarikan. Account individu di InstaForex membayar biaya sistem 1,5 persen ditambah 0,30 untuk penarikan.

Untuk account bisnis, ini bertambah jadi 2,5 persen ditambah 0,30. Biaya Non-Trading. InstaForex memungut biaya tidak aktif 10 per bulan. Broker cuma membebankan biaya tidak aktif ini bila account tidak digunakan selama 12 bulan. Biaya tidak aktif terletak di sisi bawah rata- rata serta lama tidak aktif yang dibutuhkan 12 bulan berada di sisi tinggi rata- rata, yang keduanya positif dalam tinjauan broker InstaForex ini. Tata Cara Pembayaran Instaforex.

Sebagai pemegang account di InstaForex, Anda mempunyai opsi tata cara pembayaran yang tersedia untuk setoran serta penarikan. InstaForex tidak membebankan biaya setoran apa pun, namun bank Anda bisa jadi membebankan biayanya. Setoran lewat kartu bank, termasuk Visa serta MasterCard, memerlukan waktu sampai 24 jam. Transfer kawat bank memerlukan waktu sampai 2 sampai 4 hari untuk diproses.

Setoran praktis juga ada lewat Neteller, Bitcoin serta Litecoin, Solidtrustpay, PayCo, serta OnlineNaira serta dompet yang lain. Transfer lokal tersedia dengan waktu pemrosesan satu sampai 2 hari kerja. China Union Pay juga didukung serta bisa memakan waktu sampai 7 jam kerja. Seperti yang diharapkan dari web forex mana pun, InstaForex memerlukan tata cara penarikan yang sama dengan tata cara setoran, untuk penarikan hingga jumlah setoran awal.

Bonus Trading Instaforex. Tiap saat, InstaForex cenderung mempunyai semacam bonus trading ataupun deposit yang ada. Pada saat ulasan ini dibuat, Instaforex menawarkan bonus mengambang sebanyak 55 persen untuk setoran. Terdapat welcome bonus serta kemampuan untuk memperoleh bonus lebih besar bila Anda bergabung dengan InstaForex Club.

Ketentuan serta syarat berlaku untuk penawaran ini serta Anda wajib memenuhi persyaratan tertentu sebelum dana dari penawaran bonus bisa ditarik. Tidak hanya itu, InstaForex kerap menyelenggarakan kontes serta bermacam kampanye, termasuk yang terbuka untuk klien. Ini merupakan peluang luar biasa untuk trader dari seluruh tingkatan keahlian untuk bersaing dengan trader lain serta menguji strategi trading di area yang sudah ditetapkan.

Hadiahnya bermacam-macam serta syarat tertentu bisa jadi berlaku untuk memenuhi persyaratan kontes. Terdapat pula program afiliasi dari InstaForex, yang memberikan penghargaan kepada orang untuk membantu broker memperoleh account baru. Pembahasan kami terhadap broker forex InstaForex menunjukkan bahwa broker tersebut menawarkan MetaTrader 4, sebab ini merupakan standar industri untuk trading forex. MetaTrader 4 mencakup indikator teknis bawaan, kutipan online, analitik, alat analisis teknis, dukungan untuk trading otomatis, 9 kerangka waktu, pemakaian 10 grafik interaktif secara bersamaan, trading satu klik, serta umpan valas.

Meta Trader 5 juga tersedia, yang dilengkapi dengan kalender ekonomi bawaan, indikator teknis, grafik grafik, serta arsitektur prosesor 64-bit. Walaupun tidak ada banyak instrumen yang ada di MT5, trader tertentu lebih suka fitur serta fungsionalitas yang disediakan platform ini. InstaForex juga mendukung dukungan PAMM untuk investor serta trader. Ini memberikan kontrol bonus untuk trader berpengalaman. Platform Trading Instaforex. InstaBinary merupakan platform InstaForex untuk trading instrumen biner di wilayah tempat aset ini ditawarkan.

Ini termasuk fitur kutipan 6-digit, bagan yang jelas, serta solusi web. Platform ini online, tanpa butuh mengunduh. InstaForex juga menawarkan WebIFX, yang membolehkan Anda bertrading berjangka, CFD, serta forex di peramban. Platform ini berbasis website serta dilengkapi dengan seluruh fitur yang Anda harapkan dari platform trading yang bisa diunduh. Ini mencakup 3 antarmuka kerja pilihan Anda, bagan saldo untuk membantu dengan analisis trading, kabar pasar, analisis pasar, serta akses penuh ke seluruh instrumen trading.

Apa Kebijakan Eksekusi Di Instaforex. Untuk memastikan seluruh transaksi dieksekusi dengan cepat, InstaForex mempunyai sistem kepemilikannya dengan 9 server trading lengkap. InstaForex mengikuti kebijakan eksekusi ECN serta memiliki dokumentasi yang jelas tentang kebijakan pelaksanaannya, seperti yang diharapkan dari broker forex yang teregulasi. Mereka semua berbagi traffic serta bekerja dengan pusat data perantara tambahan, termasuk 25 server di seluruh dunia.

Terdapat 9 pusat data di Amerika Serikat, yang menyediakan akses ke seluruh dunia, termasuk Federasi Rusia serta Amerika Utara. Server Singapore mempunyai 10 pusat data serta terutama digunakan oleh klien dari Asia Selatan serta Timur Tengah. Terdapat pula 2 server trading di Eropa dengan beberapa pusat data.

Pasar Dan Produk InstaForex. Beberapa broker menawarkan banyak pair forex, menjadikan InstaForex opsi yang kuat untuk mereka yang menginginkan akses ke beragam pairforex. Ulasan InstaForex 2020 ini menunjukkan kalau broker menawarkan pilihan pair forex yang mengesankan. Sebagian besar aset yang ada di InstaForex selain forex adalah dalam wujud CFD, termasuk indeks.

Pasar termasuk Dow Jones, NASDAQ, FTSE 100, serta DAX 30. Trading cryptocurrency lewat InstaForex simpel serta dilakukan dalam wujud CFD. Ini memungkinkan untuk leverage serta berarti bahwa klien tidak butuh memiliki aset yang mendasarinya. Beberapa cryptocurrency yang ditawarkan oleh InstaForex termasuk Bitcoin, Litecoin, serta Ethereum. Seluruh saham dari InstaForex tersedia sebagai CFD, membolehkan klien untuk memakai leverage serta untuk memperoleh keuntungan apakah pasar naik ataupun turun.

Anda akan mendapatkan bermacam- macam saham terkemuka yang sehat untuk diseleksi, termasuk di antara lain Walt Disney, DowDuPont, serta Facebook. Sebagian besar trading komoditas di InstaForex merupakan dalam bentuk CFD future, menawarkan likuiditas tinggi, trading sepanjang waktu, stabilitas, serta keandalan.

Komoditas yang ditawarkan di InstaForex termasuk energi, logam, pertanian, serta barang. Trading Sosial. Bila Anda tertarik dalam trading sosial ataupun copy trading, Anda akan menghargai layanan ForexCopy InstaForex. Ini merupakan layanan yang mengizinkan Anda menyalin trading yang dicoba oleh trader yang sukses. Anda bisa memakainya untuk bertrading valas, cryptocurrency, serta saham.

Sistem ini sangat menolong untuk pemula. Mereka yang berpengalaman serta sukses dalam bertrading juga bisa menggunakan program ForexCopy. Pembahasan InstaForex 2020 kami merekomendasikan ini sebagai opsi yang baik untuk trader berpengalaman yang mau menambah pemasukan mereka melalui komisi. Tidak ada batasan jumlah pengikut yang bisa Anda miliki, jadi ini berarti pendapatan tidak terbatas lewat komisi. Kompatibilitas Seluler. Anda bisa meninjau situs website InstaForex dengan mudah di perangkat seluler Anda, sebab halaman dimaksimalkan untuk fungsionalitas seluler.

Dalam ulasan broker forex InstaForex ini, kami menganjurkan bahwa jika Anda mau bertrading saat bepergian, maka Anda wajib mempertimbangkan mengunduh MetaTrader 4 untuk ponsel pintar ataupun tablet Anda. Ini akan memberi Anda akses ke platform trading forex terbaik yang sangat terkenal, di mana pun Anda pergi. Dimungkinkan pula untuk mengakses berbagai website di situs trading dari InstaForex, termasuk MT4 serta WebIFX dari fitur seluler Anda.

Ini juga akan terhubung dengan mulus dengan platform MetaTrader 4 lain yang Anda pakai untuk bertrading dengan InstaForex. Alat Penelitian. Sebagian besar pembahasan broker forex InstaForex memungkinkan Anda akan memuji InstaForex untuk seluruh perlengkapan riset serta analisis yang sudah ada. InstaForex menawarkan perlengkapan analisis serta riset untuk seluruh tingkatan pengalaman trader, dari pemula sampai trader maju.

Terdapat bagian spesial dari situs website untuk Analisis serta Ulasan Forex, di mana Anda bisa mendapatkan data dari para pakar di InstaForex. Anda akan mendapatkan pembahasan jangka panjang serta pendek dari aset tertentu dan pasar secara keseluruhan. InstaForex juga menyediakan analisis video dengan klip Trade of the Day.

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