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Learn the strategies and tactics to take your social media marketing to new heights. Click on the smiley face emoji icon. But what if you re working from a desktop and hoping to add an emoji or two to a message. Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference. Mouse Magnification Letters Arrows Left Double-Click Go to Full Screen Alt-1 1X magnification Alt-A Alternate Vista Only 1 Alt-Up Arrow Cursor Up Left Click Hold Drag lock Alt-2 2X magnification Alt-C Show Hide Cursor Alt-Down Arrow Cursor Down Left Click Release drag lock Alt-3 3X magnification Alt-D Default size Alt-Left Arrow Cursor Left Right Click Open Menu Alt-4 4X magnification Alt-G Presentation Mode Alt-Right Arrow Cursor Right Alt-5 5X magnification Alt-I Invert Colors Ctrl-Up Arrow Pan Up Edit Keys Alt-6 6X magnification Alt-J Toggle Text tracking Ctrl-Down Arrow Pan Down Alt-Home Window Left Alt-7 7X magnification Alt-K This List Shortcut keys Ctrl-Left Arrow Pan Left Alt-Delete Window Left Alt-8 8X magnification Alt-L Lock Position Ctrl-Right Arrow Pan Right Alt-End Window Right Alt-9 9X magnification Alt-M Magnification dialog Up Arrow Top border up Alt-PgUp Window Up Alt-- _ Decrease magnification -0.

1 Alt-N Cursor Lines Down Arrow Bottom border down Alt-PgDn Window Down Alt- Increase magnification 0. 1 Alt-Q Exit Save Right Arrow Right border right Alt. period Increase magnification 0. 1 Alt-R Lens View Toggle Shift-Up Arrow Bottom border up Alt-S Show Hide toggle Shift-Down Arrow Top border down Alt-T Transparency Shift-Left Arrow Right border left Alt-V Full Display toggle Shift-Right Arrow Left border right Alt-Z Full Screen toggle.

The Most Useful Keyboard shortcuts, along with Other Useful Keyboard shortcuts is followed by the Complete List of Keyboard shortcuts. For a list categorized by function, see Shortcut Keys by Function. IMPORTANT NOTE For consistency, throughout this document, all shortcut keys will be represented as their default setting, e. You can change the Alt key modifier to Alt-Shift or Ctrl-Shift in the Advanced Menu Keyboard Shortcuts.

This affects all Alt keyboard shortcuts listed below EXCEPT the Alt Arrow key panning functions. Useful Mouse Operations. Left Double-Click In the window mode of operation, this changes to the Full Screen mode of operation. Left Click Hold In the window mode of operation, this engages a drag-lock mouse cursor will change when in usewhich allows you to drag The Magnifier around without holding down a mouse button.

To release, Left Click again. Right Click In the window mode of operation, this will open The Magnifier menu based on current menu setting. Most Useful Keyboard shortcuts. Alt-Z Full Screen Zoom Window toggle. Alt-S Show Hide The Magnifier window toggle. Alt-9 1X, 2X, thru 9X magnification. Alt- Increase magnification 0. Alt-- _ Decrease magnification -0. Alt- comma Decrease magnification -0. Alt-K Show this list of Keyboard Shortcuts.

Other Useful Keyboard shortcuts. Alt-C Show Hide Magnified Cursor. Alt-D Return to default size window mode only. Alt-G Presentation Mode the Go away cursor mode - hides mouse cursor. Alt-J Toggle Text tracking both track text caret, dialogs on or off. Alt-I Invert Colors shown in The Magnifier. Alt-N Show Hide Cursor Lines. Alt-T Show Transparency dialog.

Alt-M Show Magnification dialog. Alt-O The Magnifier follows cursor toggle window mode only. Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts. Alt-1 1X magnification. Alt-2 2X magnification. Alt-3 3X magnification. Alt-4 4X magnification. Alt-5 5X magnification. Alt-6 6X magnification. Alt-7 7X magnification. Alt-8 8X magnification. Alt-9 9X magnification. Alt-A Alternate Magnifier Vista Only - see Note 1 below. Alt-L Lock Magnified Position. Alt-Q Close Exit The Magnifier. Alt-R Lens View Mode Round Magnifier Toggle.

Alt-V Full Display entire Virtual desktop toggle. Alt-Home Move Window Left. Alt-Delete Move Window Left. Alt-End Move Window Right. Alt-PgUp Move Window Up. Alt-PgDn Move Window Down. Note The Arrow Key combinations remain the same whether the Alt, Alt-Shift, or Ctrl-Shift modifier is in use i. Alt-Up Arrow will always perform the same operation regardless of which modifier combination is in use. Note The Alt-Arrow keys moves the mouse cursor to change the magnification point. This is for fine-tuning or zeroing in on a specific point, especially when the magnification is rather large.

Also note there is an accessibility feature to control the mouse cursor from the Numeric keypad MouseKeys. Also note that these Alt keys are not controlled by the Keyboard Shortcuts setting in The Magnifier. Note The Alt-Left Arrow and Alt-Right Arrow keys are shortcuts to iq option nao abre Forward and Backward in popular web browsers, and this will cause conflicts using these from The Magnifier since the page you are viewing will change.

Alt-Up Arrow Move Cursor Up scroll magnification. Alt-Down Arrow Move Cursor Down scroll magnification. Alt-Left Arrow Move Cursor Left scroll magnification. Alt-Right Arrow Move Cursor Right scroll magnification. Note The Ctrl-Arrow keys change the magnification point internally, so when the Control key is released, the magnification point will return to the mouse cursor position snaps back. Ctrl-Up Arrow Move Magnification point Up temporarily scroll magnification.

This is an alternate approach to pan or scroll the magnification without affecting anything else in the system but what is shown in The Magnifier s display. Ctrl-Down Arrow Move Magnification point Down temporarily scroll magnification. Ctrl-Left Arrow Move Magnification point Left temporarily scroll magnification. Ctrl-Right Arrow Move Magnification point Right temporarily scroll magnification. Note The Arrow keys can size position The Magnifier window.

You must click on and give the keyboard focus to The Magnifier for these keys to operate. These only work in the Window mode of operation. Up Arrow Move top border up. Down Arrow Move bottom border down. Left Arrow Move left border left. Right Arrow Move rigth border right. Shift-Up Arrow Move bottom border up. Shift-Down Arrow Move top border down. Shift-Left Arrow Move right border left. Shift-Right Arrow Move left border right.

Note 1 Vista Only In Windows Vista, Microsoft has created a magnification interface that creates a useful mechanism for doing the screen magnification while in Vista. Depending on your system configuration, video adapter, video adapter driver, monitor resolution, and display settings, this magnification may not render. In all cases, it is recommended you update your system or drivers to enable Vista to work correctly. When the magnification subsystem is not operating in Vista, The Magnifier s background window will be visible, and text will be displayed outlining the option of using an alternate magnification scheme accessible using Alt-A.

This is provided only as an alternate, failsafe type magnification option for users of The Magnifier. Refer to Advanced Notes regarding the Alternate Magnification in Vista. Note 2 - Keyboard Focus The Magnifier Because The Magnifier is a user-interface enhancement, and operates alongside the user s normal use of basic programs and applications, the user will most often have the keyboard focus everywhere but The Magnifier.

Because customers asked for a way to control modify The Magnifier while working within Windows, The Magnifier must monitor the keyboard independently of the normal way programs work within Windows i. This all works wonderfully, and makes everyone happy, up until there is a conflict between a keystroke combination The Magnifier reacts to, and when that particular keystroke combination is used within the program the user is currently working with.

In some cases, the problem may only be a minor annoyance - at other times, it may be a serious impediment. If there is a serious conflict, then selecting one of alternate shortcut modifiers is the best option and will reduce the possibility of a conflict. You can choose from the Alt key, the Alt Shift keys, or Control Shift key modifiers.

where only the program with keystroke focus sees reacts to the keyboard. Note 3 - Operation Notes When multiple magnifiers are running, some of the keyboard shortcuts will affect ALL magnifiers running. In some cases, using the menu options when multiple magnifiers are running may be more effective e. positioning, setting features, etc. Note 4 - Advanced Notes The keyboard shortcuts are implemented in 2 distinct ways. 1 approach uses 3 sets of Keyboard Accelerators for Alt, Alt-Shift, and Ctrl-Shiftthat are used when The Magnifier has the keyboard focus.

The other is a keyboard monitoring approach using the GetAsyncKeyState Windows API for the combination key and the shortcut key. The sizing options using the arrow keys and shift-arrow keys are only implemented as keyboard accelerators requiring focus to be on The Magnifier. 1 Alt-O Follows cursor toggle Left Arrow Left border left Alt- comma Decrease magnification -0.

The Global Archicad Community. Board index II. The most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD. Specific Questions Problems Working in Archicad. The most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD 203059. 40 posts 1 2 3 4 Next. I am going to create a new ArchiCAD video tutorial focused on keyboard shortcuts and quick mouse-clicks. I would love to get your suggestions for this topic, to make sure I create the best reference possible. I want to go beyond the simple browser-based reference list and demonstrate the most useful ones onscreen.

Below is a list of the current shortcuts that I will include - please respond and add your comments and suggestions if you have any ideas for things that I may have forgotten. I m particularly interested in the ones that seem cool or that you couldn t live without or that are hidden not widely known. THE MOST IMPORTANT AND USEFUL KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS FOR ARCHICAD GENERAL.

Open File Command CTRL - O Save File Command CTRL - S Print Command CTRL - P. Command CTRL - L Layer Settings dialog. CANCEL AND UNDO. Escape key one of the following actions in this order - Cancels current editing or drawing operation if one is in process Deselects Elements if any are selected Removes Marquee if drawn Switches to Arrow Tool if set to another tool. Delete Mac Backspace PC key Backs up one step at a time in polywall, polyline or polygon input.

Command CTRL - Z Undo Option-Command ALT-CTRL - Z Redo. COORDINATE VALUES AND PLACEMENT. x, y, r, a, d Set coordinate values in Tracker d distance r radius plus key add current value whichever coordinate is being edited to previous value shown in Tracker - minus or dash key subtract current value from previous value in Tracker NOTE in U.two dashes are necessary; one can be a separator between feet and inches, e.

Enter key confirms current Tracker values as shown or current mouse position, and clicks mouse. b, t In Info Box, set base and top values for wall, beam, column, slab, stair, mesh, object Windows and Doors accept b or t depending on which anchor is set Roofs accept b for pivot line height. Shift- PC or Custom shortcut Mac Create Guideline segment. Shift-Option ALT-SHIFT Moves User Origin to node point on the fly. Shift key - temporarily activates Arrow tool; adds to selection set; removes from selection set.

NOTE Shift key held down while drawing or editing rubber-band line visible constrains cursor to nearest known angle. ArchiCAD determines the nearest end or node point and makes that the Edit Origin; then determines the nearest known angle. W key Built-in shortcut to toggle between the Arrow tool and the last used drawing tool. TAB key When hovering with the Arrow tool or Shift key over two or more overlapping elements, cycles through elements allowing you to choose which one to select.

Spacebar holding down with Arrow tool active, or with Shift key also held down - toggles QuickSelect magnet mode. Group Command CTRL - G Ungroup Option-Command ALT-CTRL - G Suspend Groups Option ALT - G. Command CTRL - T Element Settings opens dialog based on which tool is active in Toolbox Default Settings if nothing is selected; or Selected Element Settings.

Command-Option CTRL-ALT - T Edit Selection Set allows parameter setting for multiple types of elements in one dialog. Option ALT Click Eye-dropper. Option-Command ALT-CTRL Click Syringe. Option-Command ALT-CTRL Click in library part window Selects different part while transfering parameters, keeps style or family resemblance.

DRAWING AND EDITING. Drag Command CTRL - D Rotate Command CTRL - E NOTE e is the last letter of Rotate Mirror Command CTRL - M. Press and release Option CTRL key During Move, Rotate, Mirror or Elevate command, will make a copy. Press and release Option-Command CTRL-ALT keys During Move, Rotate, Mirror or Elevate command, will make multiple copies until the Escape key is pressed.

Command CTRL - U Multiply. Spacebar With a linear or polygon drawing tool active e. wall, slab, roof, fill, line, polyline, arc, etc. Magic Wand autotrace. Drafting shortcuts in the Toolbar Trim, Split, Adjust, Intersect, Fillet Keyboard shortcuts including the use of the Command or Control key by itself to Trim iq option nao abre with the scissors icon. Command CTRL Click depends on context Nothing selected - Scissors icon - Trim pieces of linear or curved elements Dimension chain selected - add points Walls or Lines selected - Adjust to meet the edge of another element Wall s and or Roof s selected - Trim or Crop to clicked element roof or wall.

NAVIGATION KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS. F2 Floor Plan F3 Show 3D Window last-used selection or marquee will be active Command CTRL - F3 Axonometric view mode Option ALT - F3 Perspective view mode F4 Mac F5 Windows Show Selection Marquee in 3D Command-F4 Mac CTRL-F5 Windows Show All in 3D F6 Last Section F7 Last Layout. Fit in Window Command CTRL - On Windows, and recent versions on Mac Double-click middle-mouse button. Mouse middle-button press Pan view NOTE There is a free add-on called Magic Prefs that makes this work for the Apple Magic Mouse, which does not have any buttons.

O key In 3D window, triggers Orbit mode; end Orbit by hitting O again or using Escape key Middle-button plus Shift key In 3D view, activates Orbit mode; release buttons to end Orbit mode. Cursor keys Left, Right, Up, Down Scroll in that direction. In Plan Command CTRL Up Arrow Go up a story Command CTRL Down Arrow Go down a story. In Layout Book Option ALT - Left Arrow Previous Layout Option ALT - Right Arrow Next Layout.

Shift Cursor keys Left, Right, Up, Down Nudge selected element s the distance set in the Snap Grid. Shift-Option Shift-ALT Cursor keys Nudge selected elements the larger distance set in the Construction Grid. Shift-S Turns on or off the Grid Snap NOTE this used to be s without the Shift-key modifier. M key Measure tool; hit M again or Escape to finish Measure mode.

Q key While drawing or editing an element with the mouse constrained on an angle usually with the Shift keythis will cycle through Cursor Snap Variations. F key While editing an element with a Pet Palette option in effect, this will flick through the available Pet Palette options. SPECIAL MOUSE CLICKS. Double-click Magnifier Plus button Zoom in to twice the magnification Double-click Magnifier Minus button Zoom out to half the magnification. Favorites palette double-click Activate tool and set default; If elements of that type are selected, injects the saved settings into the element s.

Flick buttons in Library Part Settings or Info Box Switches to next or previous library part; has the side effect of resetting the library part to the default settings. Empty hole button In Window or Door Settings or Info Box, will switch to Empty Opening while maintaining the same width and height. Arrow-click or Shift-click on EDGE of hole within polygon element such as Slab, Roof, Mesh, Fill, etc.

Select HOLE only allows the hole to be dragged, drag a copy, multiply, deleted, etc. Please respond with your comments and suggestions as soon as possible. Thanks for your help in this little project. User mini profile. Eric Bobrow. Rank Iq option nao abre member Posts 153 Joined Fri Jun 16, 2006 9 40 pm Status Off-line Location San Rafael CA ARCHICAD user since 1989 ARCHICAD version 23.

Re The most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD 203063. Here s two keyboard shortcuts that I use all the time. Command 1 Toggles True line weights on off. Toggles trace reference on off the tilde key. Marc Corney, Architect Red Canoe Architecture, P. 6 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 Memory 48 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 Graphics Radeon Pro 580X 8GB ArchiCAD 23 5005 USA Full ArchiCAD 24 3008 USA Full - Test Driving.

6 Processor 3. Rank Senior member Posts 1702 Joined Sun Apr 18, 2004 3 01 am Status Off-line Location N 43º 31. 895Idaho, USA ARCHICAD version AC23-24. Re The most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD 203073. Rank Junior member Posts 121 Joined Sun Nov 04, 2007 5 59 am Status Off-line Location Santa Fe New Mexico.

Re The most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD 203075. I use all of those mentioned, and more. And, agree completely with Jack that it is important that folks create their own as they see that they are reaching for menus elsewhere often. Some other ones that I use frequently and may be different from the standard keys for those things with default shortcuts are. ctrl cmd-F Find and Select. ctrl cmd-minus adjust extends or trims one or multiple lines walls to a clicked or virtually drawn line.

ctrl cmd-B split break a line wall at the selected intersection of clicked or virtually drawn line. ctrl cmd-shift- zoom to selection. I use zoom extents in Eric s list the most often ctrl- but sometimes the project is too huge and selecting an area and zooming just it is faster. I intersect walls lines. H hairline true-weight toggle Marc s cmd-1. Shift-I Info Palette - info on selected elements.

shift-E SEOp palette. Shift S olid, E Element. ctrl cmd-Z followed by ctrl cmd-Shift-Z Undo Redo selects last created element s. ctrl cmd-shift-O open selected object in the GDL editor. shift-O Align 3D Texture Set Origin shift-P Align 3D Texture Reset. Karl Ottenstein. Rank Moderator Posts 8236 Joined Tue Oct 28, 2003 12 54 am Status Off-line Location Bozeman, Montana USA. Re The most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD 203076. learned a new one from you today W Built-in shortcut to toggle between the Arrow tool and the last used drawing tool.

Master Script. Master Script ArchiCAD BIM Service www. Rank Active member Posts 425 Joined Thu Apr 09, 2009 3 28 pm Status Off-line Location Netherlands. Is there any shortcut for repeating or continue same command not same as toggling between selection and last command used like Trim by holding and pressing ctrl key from keyboard. Re The most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD 203086.

Rank Junior member Posts 114 Joined Fri Nov 04, 2011 10 38 am Status Off-line Location India. Katalin Takacs. Rank Active member Posts 205 Joined Tue Dec 07, 2010 10 14 am Status Off-line Location Budapest. Re The most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD 203114. ratnabhirud wrote Hello Eric. Another of the forum moderators. Macbook Pro 2.

eduardo rolón AIA NCARB. 6 i7 16GB ram OS X 10. XX latest AC24 US INT - AC08. Rank Moderator Posts iq option nao abre Joined Fri Nov 14, 2003 3 31 pm Status Off-line Location Puerto Rico, BVI, Miami. Re The most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD 203116. Here s my top 20 list. Jack is absolutely right. I think it s best to teach people about what commands are most important to have shortcuts for and not focus so much on what those shortcuts are because I know we all have slightly different variations.

So just as important is the logic behind choosing which keyboard combinations to use. ArchiCAD 23 US Latest Hotfixes Updates Mac OS X 10. newest Mac Book Pro 2. 4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 64 GB 2667 MHz DDR4. Rank Veteran member Posts 658 Joined Wed Feb 08, 2006 9 08 pm Status Off-line Location Seattle, Washington ARCHICAD user since 9 ARCHICAD version 22. Re The most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD 203214.

It is interesting to get perspectives from multiple people - that s what makes ArchiCAD-Talk so useful. I will incorporate some of what has been posted into the video tutorial, which I hope to record and post this week. Re The most useful keyboard shortcuts for ArchiCAD 203104. The Must-Know Keyboard Shortcuts for Screencastify.

Screencastify is one of Chrome s most popular screen recording tools, and it comes in the form of an extension. And, the fact that it s a browser extension doesn t mean that it can t record your desktop. However, to master Screencastify, you need to make the most out of the available shortcuts. Oh, and Screencastify has many cool ones that stand at your convenience. Here are some must-know Screencastify keyboard shortcuts that will help you make the most out of this brilliant extension.

Open Screencastify. You can open the extension at all times, wherever you are in your browser with a simple Alt Shift S command. On macOS, press Option Shift S. This is very useful for making quick adjustments to your video recording settings. Stop Start Recording. One thing that makes you look less professional and makes your videos less smooth is having to stop the recording manually.

There s a way around it, of course, and that s cutting out the tail end of the video. But why do that during editing when you can use a neat shortcut that will stop recording for you. Press Alt Shift R Windows or Option Shift R Mac to stop or start screen recording. Pause Resume Recording. Even more important is the pause resume command. Without using this shortcut, you ll have to pause your video manually and then tweak these pauses in postproduction.

Instead, use the Alt Shift P Option Shift P command to pause or resume recording at your convenience. Show Hide Toolbar. To toggle the annotation toolbar, press Alt T or Option T. This command may not be a game-changer, but it s undoubtedly useful. Focus Spotlight on Pointer. If you ve ever seen tutorial videos online, you ve seen people highlighting their pointer.

That will make things significantly easier to follow for your viewers. It s a simple command that turns the spotlight focus on the mouse on or off. You should press Alt F or Option F to activate this. Highlight Clicks. Sometimes, you want your viewers to know when you ve clicked and how many times you did it, without having to listen carefully. The Alt K Option K shortcut can help you with that.

Use it to highlight each mouse click with a red circle. Pen and Eraser. If you want some advanced showcase options, employ the pen and eraser tools to make your videos even clearer. Press Alt P Option P to activate the pen tool or press Alt E Option E to use the eraser tool. Press Alt Z or Option Z if you want to wipe the screen clear of all your edits. To return to the mouse cursor, press Alt M or Option M.

If you want the mouse pointer to disappear when not moving, press Alt H or Option H. To toggle the embedded webcam press Alt W or Option W. To show or hide the recording timer, press Alt C or Option C. A very cool thing about Screencastify is that you don t have to use the mentioned shortcuts. You can customize each one to your preference. To do this, open the extension.

Then, open the Main Menu and click Options. Find the Keyboard Shortcuts section and then select Configure Recording Shortcuts. From here, choose a shortcut and configure it to your preference. You can even change the shortcut preferences for different browsers. Screencastify Shortcuts. To make the most out of your videos, introduce the mentioned shortcuts. They may not look like much, but each one has its benefits. If you don t like one, no worries, you can change it.

What are your most-used shortcuts from this list. Have you changed the keys. Hit the comment section with your thoughts on Screencastify shortcuts and the extension in general. The Super-Powerful Mac Keyboard Shortcut That Most People Don t Use. Gary, I m running High Sierra can t upgrade any further on my 2010 iMac. Comments 5 Responses to The Super-Powerful Mac Keyboard Shortcut That Most People Don t Use. I don t see Menu Items after I pull up the Help menu. So I can t see the neat features.

Mark No, it has been around for a while. Have you tried different words. Different apps. Thats great Gaary even works with Microsoft Office, at least Word and Excel. This is a fabulous tip. Long time Mac Users are used to leaving manuals in the shrink-wrap and being just fine. Today things are not so intuitive, I find, and every now and then I have to break down and look for help usually Google it This will be faster.

You re right Gary, it is a great shortcut, and as one who loves using keyboard shortcuts I have a chuckle thinking that the keyboard is sort of like an AM FM radio, never seems to go out style or functionality, turn it on and it works. Leave a New Comment Related to The Super-Powerful Mac Keyboard Shortcut That Most People Don t Use. Is that a Catalina feature. Welcome to MacMost. Free Weekly Newsletter. MacMost Online Courses. Connect with MacMost. Courses at Udemy. Video Podcast at iTunes Free Weekly Email Newsletter MacMost Apple News Follow MacMost on Facebook Follow MacMost on Twitter iPhone iPad MacMost App.

A Beginner s Guide to the Mac Videos by Category Video Archive MacMost Online Courses News Notes Virus and Malware Information Center Protect Yourself From Online Scams A Graphical Guide To iCloud Free iPhone Ringtones iPhone App Recommendations Recommended Products Quick Tips. MacMost Sections. Free Downloadable Resources. Printable Mac Keyboard Shortcut Page For macOS Mojave Printable Mac How-To Cheat Sheet For Mojave Printable iPhone Gestures Cheat Sheet for iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max Book The Practical Guide to Mac Security Book 101 Mac Tips OS X Safari.

Popular Tutorials. A Beginner s Guide To Whether To Shut Down or Sleep Your Mac How To Make and Export a Slideshow On Your iPhone How To Set Any Sound File As a Ringtone On Your iPhone How To Add Custom Text In iMovie 4 Ways To Type Superscript and Subscript On a Mac Share a Name and Profile Picture or Animoji With Others in iOS 13 Messages 4 Ways To Type Fractions On a Mac Simple Animation In iMovie. About MacMost Support MacMost MacMost Online Courses WordPress Tips and Hacks Contact MacMost MacMost Video List MacMost Site Map MacMost Site Policies.

Copyright 2006-2020 CleverMedia, Inc. Comments 6 Responses to The Super-Powerful Mac Keyboard Shortcut That Most People Don t Use. All I see are a list of the Help Topics. Apple should put you on their payroll. A Beginner s Guide To Whether To Shut Down or Sleep Your Mac How To Make and Export a Slideshow On Your iPhone How To Set Any Sound File As a Ringtone On Your iPhone How To Add Custom Text In iMovie 4 Ways To Type Superscript and Subscript On a Mac Share a Name and Profile Picture or Animoji With Others in iOS 13 Messages 4 Ways To Type Fractions On a Mac Upgrading Older Macs To Earlier Versions Of macOS.

The Ultimate Guide to Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts. Here are the shortcuts we ve been finding most useful. Window snapping. Window snapping has changed slightly in Windows 10 and so have the shortcuts. If you want to give the impression that you ve been using Windows 10 for years, learning a few keyboard shortcuts is the best way to go about it you can navigate around the interface, get apps in position, trigger events, change settings and more with a couple of taps on your keyboard.

App windows can be snapped to either side of the screen, as in Windows 8, but you can also assign them to quadrants and get four windows open on screen simultaneously. Windows Key Left snap active window to the left. Windows Key Right snap active window to the right. Windows Key Up snap the active window to the top. Windows Key Down snap the active window to the bottom. Bonus Whenever you snap a window to a side or a quadrant, Windows will automatically suggest you pick one of your open apps to fill the remaining real estate on your desktop.

Virtual desktops. Official support for virtual desktops is one of the most exciting new additions in Windows 10 unless you ve been developing a third-party utility to do the same job. It s kind of like having extra invisible monitors. Each desktop can have its own set of apps but shortcuts and wallpaper are consistent across the board. Windows Key Ctrl D create a new virtual desktop. Windows Key Ctrl Left scroll through your desktops to the left. Windows Key Ctrl Right scroll through your desktops to the right.

Windows Key Tab see all your desktops and open apps. via the Task View page. Cortana and settings. Windows Key Ctrl F4 close the current desktop. As you ll know by now, Cortana has arrived on the desktop. If you don t feel entirely comfortable shouting out hey Cortana. Windows Key Q open up Cortana ready for voice input.

Windows Key S open up Cortana ready for typed input. Windows Key I open up the Windows 10 settings pane. Windows Key A open up Windows 10 notifications Action Center. Windows Key X open the Start button context menu the one with easy access to a host of common computer management features like the Command Prompt below.

The new Windows 10 command prompt gets new keyboard shortcuts as well. To use them, right-click on the command prompt title bar and choose Properties. On the Options tab, untick Use legacy console and enable Ctrl key shortcuts as well as the two text selection options. Shift Left highlight text to the left of the cursor. Shift Right highlight text to the left of the cursor. Ctrl Shift Left or Right highlight blocks of text instead of just characters at a time.

Ctrl C copy selected text to the Windows clipboard. Ctrl V paste text from the Windows clipboard into command prompt. Ctrl A select all text after the prompt. These work in other text-based applications as well, but they re new to Command Prompt. Finding your way around. Besides all the new Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts, there are plenty of old classics that have survived successive versions of the operating system and are still going strong.

Here are the combinations you re going to need to navigate around the interface. Windows Keytemporarily hide apps to briefly show the desktop. Windows Key D minimize apps to go straight to the desktop. Ctrl Shift M restore all minimized windows to full-size useful after a Win D. Windows Key Home minimize all windows except the one you re actively using. Windows Key L lock your PC and go to the lock screen. Windows Key E launch File Explorer aka Windows Explorer.

Alt Up go up one level in File Explorer. Alt Left go to the previous folder in File Explorer. Alt Right go to the next folder in File Explorer. across a crowded room, then there are keyboard shortcuts that can help once Cortana is active, you can choice voice or keyboard input. Alt Tab switch between windows.

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