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Cmd-R Opens the Find and Replace dialog box. Setting Tabs Keys Action Tab Shifts all text to the right of the insertion point one tab stop to the right. Cmd-T Shifts text in the line containing the insertion point to the right one tab stop. Cmd-D Shifts text in the line containing the insertion point to the left one tab stop. Modifying Code Keys Action Ctrl-Spacebar Opens the Java code completion dialog box.

Shift-Enter Enters the text that is selected in the code completion box into your file. Ctrl-I Opens the Insert Code pop-up menu. Ctrl-Shift-I Adds an import statement to the import section of the code when the cursor is over the class name to be imported. Shift-Spacebar Adds a space without checking for abbreviations to expand. Using Bookmarks Keys Action Cmd-F2 Sets or unsets a bookmark at the current line.

F2 Goes to the next bookmark. Note For a complete list of NetBeans IDE keyboard equivalents, check the Keyboard Shortcuts Card by choosing Help Keyboard Shortcuts Card. Alternately, you can reference the Keyboard Iq option quebrou section of the NetBeans IDE built-in Help. You can access the Options window on Mac OS X by selecting NetBeans Preferences 8984- in the main menu. The following are some techniques you can use to get more out of NetBeans IDE on Mac OS X.

To emulate right mouse click behavior. Use Ctrl-click by pressing and holding the Control button while clicking. Also see issue 32463 regarding right-click emulation on multiple files. To specify which JDK to run NetBeans on. Use the --jdkhome. option when starting NetBeans. is the root of the JDK installation. The NetBeans installer looks for suitable JDK installations available on user s system and allows you to select the one you want to run NetBeans on.

However, the setting may become obsolete when the user installs a new JDK later, or may be inconvenient if you want to run the IDE with another JDK. That s where the --jdkhome switch comes in handy. Note If you want to set the. option permanently, you can do so in the netbeans. conf file as described below. To make custom startup parameters permanent. If you want NetBeans to always start with specific options such as --userdir, --jdkhome, --fontsize, that you don t have to type them on the command line at every launch, the most convenient way is to add your custom options directly to the NetBeans configuration netbeans.

To do this, Control-click the NetBeans application icon and choose Show Package Contents from the contextual menu. In the Finder window that appears, navigate to the Contents Resources NetBeans etc directory, Control-click netbeans. confchoose Open With from the contextual menu, and select your preferred text editor. Then add the custom parameters you wish to use and save your changes. The netbeans. conf file can include the following entries. netbeans_default_userdir the default location and name of the userdir.

Note that this entry is only valid in the global configuration file. It cannot be redefined in the local netbeans. conf file, because the launcher already needs to know the location of the userdir when the local netbeans. conf file is being processed. netbeans_default_options any parameters passed to NetBeans or the JVM such as memory configuration parameters, debugging options, --fontsize, various experimental switches, etc. netbeans_jdkhome the default location of the JDK to run NetBeans on.

Note that this can be overridden with the --jdkhome switch. You can also find news, articles, additional modules, and other useful information on the NetBeans project web site. Since NetBeans is an open-source project, the web site also provides access to source code, a bug database, information on creating your own NetBeans modules, and much more.

If you encounter any Mac OS X-specific problems, please let us know by filing a bug, but don t forget to specify that you are using the Mac OS X operating system. These tables list the default shortcuts for all workspaces; your workspace may not have all of the tool sets, tools, menus, and commands listed. The Vectorworks program has keyboard shortcuts for several common tasks.

Vectorworks 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts. The shortcuts are available as a PDF file in the help system Table of Contents, for easy printing. Tool Shortcuts Modify in Workspace Editor. Basic Palette. Building Shell Tool Set. Component Wall Join. 3D Modeling Tool Set. Set Working Plane. Visualization Tool Set. Dims Notes Tool Set. Constrained Linear Dimension. Unconstrained Linear Dimension. Walls Tool Set.

Command Shortcuts Modify in Workspace Editor. Zoom†Fit to Page Area. Zoom†Fit to Objects. Standard views Top Plan. Final Quality Renderworks. Dashed Hidden Line. Final Shaded Polygon. Create Multiple Viewports. Modify Menu. Rotate Right 90. Join and Fillet. Convert to Group. Convert to Mesh. Convert to 3D Polys.

Convert to NURBS. Unrotate 3D Objects. Ctrl Alt I uppercase i. Cmd Option I uppercase i. Extrude Along Path. Create Fillet Surface. Create Planar Caps. Create Surface from Curves. Spotlight Menu. Auto Number Positions. Find and Modify. Label Legend Manager. Window Menu. Ctrl I uppercase i. Cmd I uppercase i. Activate Object Info Palette. Ctrl †back quote.

Other Shortcuts Modify in Workspace Editor. Cycle Through Modes on Tool Bar. Miscellaneous Keys. Toggle SmartCursor Cues. Toggle Angles Relative to Prior Segment. Set Smart Point, Edge, or Vector Snap Lock. Toggle Automatic Working Plane. X-ray Select Mode. Close 2D Polygon, Polyline, Polygonal Wall Network, or Path-based Objects. Toggle Snapping Palette Settings. A AA Set Grid dialog box. S SS Angle Snaps dialog box. D DD Smart Points dialog box.

Smart Edge 2D only. F FF Edge Snaps dialog box. Snap to Working Plane 3D only. Q QQ 3D Snapping dialog box. Snap to Intersection. Snap to Distance. E EE Snap Distance dialog box. Snap to Tangent 2D only. Arrow Key Shortcuts Modify in Vectorworks Preferences, Edit Tab. Switch active layer or class. Ctrl Arrow up and down for layers, left and right for classes. Cmd Arrow up and down for layers, left and right for classes. Miscellaneous Key Shortcuts Cannot be Modified.

Temporarily activate another tool. Press and hold Space bar, while you select and use another tool. Temporarily activate Selection tool. Press and hold Alt while you select objects Rotate, Mirror, Offset, Clip, and Move by Points tools. Press and hold Cmd while you select objects Rotate, Mirror, Offset, Clip, and Move by Points tools. Temporarily activate Flyover tool. Press and hold Ctrl mouse wheel button. Temporarily activate Zoom tool. Press and hold Space bar Ctrl zoom in or Space bar Ctrl Alt zoom out.

Press and hold Space bar Cmd zoom in or Space bar Cmd Option zoom out. Hide unselected objects during movement. Press and hold Ctrl Flyover, Walkthrough, Translate View, and Rotate View tools. Press and hold Cmd Flyover, Walkthrough, Translate View, and Rotate View tools. Increase zoom by a factor of 2. Decrease zoom by a factor of 2. Increase zoom by a factor of 4.

Decrease zoom by a factor of 4. Deselect all selected objects. Cancel the current operation. Exit text editing mode. Exit Group must be enabled from the Data Bar and Edit Group Options. While drawing walls, NURBS, etc.undo the last clicked point. Display additional tooltip information. With tooltip displayed, press and hold Shift.

With tooltip displayed, press and hold Cmd. Mouse Shortcuts Cannot be Modified. Refresh the drawing view. Double-click Pan tool. Set the print page origin to the user origin. Double-click Move Page tool. Option-double-click Zoom tool. Open or edit a Resource Browser object. Ctrl-double-click the resource name or thumbnail. Cmd-double-click the resource name or thumbnail.

Activate a class, design layer, or sheet layer. Double-click the item name in the Navigation palette. Switch to a saved view. Double-click the view name in the Navigation palette. Change visibility for all classes or layers. Alt-click a Visibility column in the Navigation palette. Option-click a Visibility column in the Navigation palette. Edit a saved view.

Alt-double-click the view name in the Saved Views palette. Option-double-click the view name in the Saved Views palette. Double-click anywhere in the drawing works for many, but not all tools. With Selection tool selected, Ctrl-click and drag an object. With Selection tool selected, Option-click and drag an object.

Many shortcuts can be customized, as indicated in the headings below. Create a similar object activate tool and attributes. Cmd Option-click an existing object. Ctrl Alt-click an existing object. Switch to Next or Previous view in history. On Windows, with a 5-button mouse, click button 4 or 5 same as Back or Forward for web browsers. Pan the drawing view.

With a wheel mouse, press and hold the wheel button. With a wheel mouse, roll forward to zoom in and backward to zoom out. With a wheel mouse, Ctrl-roll up and down ; Shift-roll left and right. With a wheel mouse, Option-roll up and down ; Shift-roll left and right. The mouse wheel zooms by default, and scrolls with a modifier key. You can swap these functions in the Vectorworks Preferences, Edit tab. Edit or Create a Keyboard Shortcut. View and Edit Keyboard Shortcuts. There are a number of keyboard shortcuts available in SDL MultiTerm.

Select Keyboard Shortcuts. Click the cell in the Shortcut column. Press the key, or combination of keys, that you want to use for the shortcut. Select Tools Options from the menu. Click outside the row you just edited. SDL MultiTerm checks if the new shortcut is already in use. If it is already in use, the row is highlighted in red, and you must remove or edit the shortcut. Delete a Keyboard Shortcut. Select the shortcut to be deleted, and press Delete on the keyboard. To give feedback on the product features contact your Sales representative, or SDL support at oos.

To send feedback about the documentation click here techcomms sdl. Topic View and Edit Keyboard Shortcuts Published 24-Feb-2011. Vimium is a free browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser that adds numerous new keyboard shortcuts to the browser. Vimium, Speed Up Google Chrome With Keyboard Shortcuts. Using the keyboard of the computer instead of the mouse can speed up select web browsing processes significantly.

Think of opening a new tab for instance. You can press Ctrl-T to do so or move the mouse cursor over the new tab button and click on it. Most web browsers limit the available keyboard shortcuts and do not offer options to add additional hotkeys to speed up specific operations that are not supported by default, or switch shortcuts around if you prefer a different layout. Vimium for Chrome. Vimium is a Google Chrome extension that adds a few dozen keyboard controls to the browser to speed up web browsing.

The controls become available directly after installation and can be used to achieve various goals in the Google browser. It is for instance possible to press h, j, k or l to scroll left, down, up or right, press gg to automatically iq option quebrou to the top, or Shift-G to reach the bottom of the active page. More useful than commands that are already available, albeit set to different keys, are the additional options that are provided by Vimium.

That s just a sample of the possibilities that the extension offers. Chrome users with Vimium installed can press t to open a new tab, d to close the active tab, u to restore the last closed tab and Shift-J or Shift-K to navigate quickly between tabs. The latter is especially useful for users who usually right-click to do that, as the right-click menu does not always offer that functionality.

Other commands of interest are Shift-H and Shift-L to go back or forward in history. The key r reloads the current page, and y copies the url to the clipboard. A complete list of commands is available on the Google Chrome Extensions gallery page. It is possible to pause the extension by pressing i, which ignores all hotkeys until Esc is hit. Vimium furthermore supports options to block keys on certain web pages; useful if you run into compatibility issues with keys on select sites. The extension s options provide functions to exclude URLs and keys, remap certain keys, and add search engine shortcuts.

You may also click on the show advanced options button to manage next and previous patterns, change the new tab URL or default search engine, and to back up and restore configuration data. Vimium can speed up standard web browsing in the Chrome browser. Firefox find in Vimperator a similar extension for their browser. For Firefox, keyconfig is excellent. Here is what is new Mozilla there is a high probability that your browsing history can be used to identify you Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 80.

0 CCleaner flagged as potentially unwanted by Windows Defender Mozilla Add-ons developers may soon pay Mozilla for reviews and promoted listings. Firefox 82 for Android with option to display the address bar permanently Why you should always use YouTube s Privacy-Enhanced Mode Firefox 81 for Android gets much needed Downloads interface Microsoft Windows Security Updates September 2020 overview NotesMan is a simple and open source note taking program that supports autosave Search inside text documents quickly with Grepy Access Windows 10 God Mode, toggle a Transparent Taskbar, Color Start Menu and more with Win10 All Settings Change the brightness and contrast of your monitor quickly with MyMonic Store multiple items in the clipboard and insert them with simple keyboard shortcuts with Qlip Save text or image from the clipboard to a file with a single-click using PasteHere.

2019 How to speed up the Brave browser 2018 Microsoft confirms Disk Cleanup tool deprecation in Windows 10 2017 HP pushes third-party ink blocking printer firmware update again 2016 KB3189866 stuck at 45 or 95. Install it manually instead 2015 Why you cannot launch multiple instances of Windows apps the usual way. But alas, I guess for now I ll have to go back to using Seroto. Forum Old versions. Or delete the appropriate custom skin that you installed from My Documents VirtualDJ Skins 10 -- Posted Sun 21 Nov 10 5 58 pm.

10 -- Posted Sun 21 Nov 10 8 39 pm. if iq option quebrou the software was actually fully integrated with the Numarks, this would be a killer combination. i exited the app using Alt F4. Press Cancel. When VDJ reloads it tells you the skin is the wrong size for your resolution. Press ALT F4 to exit the app Load the App again. Press Cancel Default Skin is now shown. 10 -- Posted Tue 20 Dec 11 6 55 pm. html Especially if you are working DJ and are making money as a result of using it. The default skin should now be in use so you can go to Config and change what you need.

html 10 -- Posted Tue 16 Oct 12 7 54 am. VirtualDJ LE 7 and earlier have very restricted config options. 10 -- Posted Thu 29 Sep 16 5 22 pm. Hitting F12 for instance opens the Developer tools, or Ctrl-Shift-B the bookmarks manager when I intend to hit Ctrl-Shift-V to paste without formatting. Vivaldi Tip Block all keyboard shortcuts. The Vivaldi web browser ships with an interesting option to block all keyboard shortcuts on the active web page.

If this happened to you as well in the past, you know that it can be a frustrating experience, especially if you hit shortcuts accidentally that impact the page you are on close, reload, load switch to another page, stop playback. Block all keyboard shortcuts. I don t know if Vivaldi is the only modern browser that offers an option to disable all keyboard shortcuts in the browser.

It is definitely the first that I spotted the option in. It is not set by default, which means that you need to set it up first before you can make use of it. Load vivaldi settings keyboard in the browser s address bar and hit enter. Locate the Page section and expand it. Scroll down until you find the disable keyboard shortcuts shortcut there. Click in the field, and press a key or key combination to set the new shortcut. Note that you cannot map a key that is already mapped to the action.

The new keyboard shortcut is set right away. Hit it, to disable the bulk of keyboard shortcuts in the browser. Yes, some shortcuts continue to work. The shortcut used to disable shortcuts for instance continues to work, and acts as a toggle so that you can re-enable shortcuts using it without having to find the option in the menu somewhere. Other shortcuts that continue to work are Ctrl-V to paste content, and Ctrl-C to copy the highlighted text.

Most keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl-T to open Tabs, Ctrl-L to activate the address bar, or Ctrl-D to bookmark a page are blocked. Please note that this is true for all pages open in Vivaldi, and not only the active page. Also, restarting Vivaldi does not reset the ability to use keyboard shortcuts. If shortcuts are blocked, they remain blocked even when you close and re-open the web browser.

Blocking the majority of keyboard shortcuts may be overkill, but some users may find the feature interesting. For instance, if you prefer to use the mouse for all operations in the browser, you may have little to no use for keyboard shortcuts. And users who happen to activate them accidentally, may also find it useful. I have to admit that it is probably better to disable the shortcuts that you hit accidentally in the Vivaldi configuration instead, as it does not remove access to the remaining shortcuts.

Now You Do you use keyboard shortcuts in your browser. I dislike keyboard shortcuts of any kind. I didn t pay extra money for a GUI OS in order to use iq option quebrou shortcuts. I could have stayed with DOS or UNIX. Then there is the trouble of memorizing these shortcuts and keeping them straight for each individual application. It may be OK for youngsters, but it gets harder with age. However, I don t think I will adopt Vivaldi any time soon.

I am not ruling it out, though. X They are quite useful. It happens that I use keyboard shortcuts accidentally in the browsers that I m using. If Vivaldi can incorporate that, that d be nice. This is just another good thing that Vivaldi is doing. Firefox is continually removing options while Vivaldi is and will add new options.

They even promise to listen to you if you want to help improve their browser. Imagine that. They state that they are building this browser for you. Thank you Martin for your work and for your site. I found the customary wordprocessing shortcuts did uncustomary things the first time I tried using Blogger in Vilvaldi. Thanks for this tip. Now that I ve disabled Vivaldi s shortcuts, I can keep using Vivaldi which I have learned to like quite a bit.

The fact is that not every task is best completed with a mouse or other pointing device. Especially when you not just consuming content, but are also working with the keyboard already to generate content or otherwise typing. If you know a few keyboard shortcuts, you can greatly improve your productivity, save yourself some time and also reduce the strain on your body. I can only imagine that you do not work in tech with an opinion that having iq option quebrou graphical user interface means that you shouldn t have to use a keyboard.

And you ve never had the pleasure of watching someone working who has mastered the use of keyboard shortcuts, either in the OS, or other software like Word or Excel. When you see someone who is able to throw combinations of keyboard shortcuts in a row in Word then you ll understand just how productive one can be if they learn them. Those people are true masters of their tools. Don t let some ideological misunderstanding of UI design prevent you from learning how to use your tools better.

You don t have to disable all the keyboard shortcuts, just change the ones that you don t like then you can make better use of both your browser and the web tools you use. I wish Keyboard Shortcuts were an optional extra rather than on by default. Far too many times I ve over-written data or switched documents or jumped pages by some unintentional key-combination. Almost always I have no idea what keys caused it because I ve hit another couple of keys before stopping. I m aware of things like Ctrl-B for Bold but IMO, the supposed time-saving just isn t worth the hassle.

I like very much Ctrl Click to select a paragraph available in any MS Product but never seen it at any Chromium engines. VS2015 and keyboard shortcuts Follow. I m used to have ReSharper configured to Visual Studio scheme, but in Visual Studio 2015, I m struggling to make keyboard binging work. I could say ReSharper does not work at all for me as I m heavilly using.

Explore Ctrl T Refactor Ctrl R R Improve Alt Enter Navigate to Alt. Tried to reset VS2015 keyboard scheme to default scheme is called Defaultthen did same with ReSharper chosed VisualStudio schemebut no result. Did I miss any guide how to set up key scheme different way than I m used to. Thanks for any advice. I have the exact same issue here it seems that whatever I check in the Options -- Keyboard Menuslets say Visual Studio Scheme - nothing happens.

My resharper Version is. JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate 2015. 200216 dotMemory 4. 154207 dotTrace 6. 160137 TeamCity Add-in 9. 154937 ReSharper 9. Application Packages JetBrains DotCommon Core build 103. 200932 on 2015-08-18 20 09 32Z. JetBrains DotCommon ElevationAgent build 103. JetBrains DotCommon ExternalStorage build 103. JetBrains DotCommon Native Core build 103. 191814 on 2015-08-18 19 18 14Z. JetBrains DotCommon. Psi Navigation build 103.

153401 on 2015-08-19 15 34 02Z. Psi UnitTesting build 103. and my VS info is. Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Version 14. 0 D14REL Microsoft. Installed Version Enterprise. any advice would be appreciated. Can you try resetting Visual Studio s keyboard shortcuts Tools - Options - Keyboard Resetand then ReSharper - Options - Keyboard - Apply Scheme the Apply Scheme is the important bit. Also, can you verify that you are logged into Visual Studio correctly. Log for a warning icon in the top right of Visual Studio.

It might be that Visual Studio s settings sync is causing issues. That did the trick Matt Ellis. Actually something was terribly wrong and I had to repeat this step several times. But I m actually suspecting myself to do something wrong anyway Now it works as expected. Mine does not contain ReSharper item in ReSharper - Options - Keyboard - Apply Scheme.

Is this a bug. Have spent far too much time trying to get this working, and it still doesn t work. What exactly does not work for you. Does hitting Alt Enter execute nothing. What action is mapped to Alt Enter shortcut here Tools Options Environment Keyboard. i had the same issue with resharper on VS2015 and spend hours searching, resetting and reinstalling.

After a couple of resets mehas described above i got Crtl t to work. For Alt Enter i just found the source of the problem in my case. In Tools Options Environment Keyboard, alt enter was assigned globally to view propertyreshaper_altEnter was assingned only for text editor. Probably this confilcted. You can check if this is the case for you by clicking into press shortcut key hitting Alt-Enter and inspecting the dropdown.

How can I get all the default Visual Studio shortcuts, except I want to use these Resharper shortcuts. -N - Enter type symbol file name. -T, D - Debug unit test. I don t see in the Resharper settings where you can configure individual values like this. It just says Apply Scheme so it sets everything to Resharper, or everthing to Visual Studio.

I don t feel like having to re-learn all the keybindings I have been using for years with Visual Studio. Roger, you can get the default shortcuts by going to Tools Options Keyboard and hitting the Reset button. This resets all VS shortcuts back to the default, including unassigning all of ReSharper s. You can now assign any keyboard shortcuts you like to any of ReSharper s actions, in the same Keyboard page in options - just type ReSharper in the list and it will filter down to all of the actions ReSharper exports.



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