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I had created that macro, but it gave me trouble sometimes when pasting non-text data. You have just made my work a TON simpler. by sonicsc October 29, 2012 at 10 17 pm. Rhonda, thank you. by Laura November 13, 2012 at 7 11 am. To paste text only, you hit Ctrl V, Ctrl, T. I tried this, but Ctrl V just pastes the copied formatted text, and Ctrl t does nothing that I could see except change the tab indent on the ruler.

How do you paste unformatted text using these keys. What sequence do you use. by Rhonda November 13, 2012 at 8 07 am. Rhonda, its Ctrl and then T separately, not Ctrl T, but this works in Office 2010 only, i guess. it is not working on 2007. by Xuberi November 20, 2012 at 1 02 pm. I just tried this in Word 2007 you re right, it doesn t work there, But it does work in Word 2010.

For those following this thread, essentially what happens is that Ctrl v pastes the copied text, then the paste options button shows with a Ctrl next to itso you press the Ctrl key which activates the paste optionsthen you press t, which is the keyboard shortcut for the text only option in Word 2010. The sequence in Word 2010 is as Laura wrote on 13 November 2012 Ctrl v, Ctrl, t. I ll add some info about this with pictures to the main post.

by Rhonda November 20, 2012 at 2 14 pm. In Word 2003 and 2007, you couldn t easily paste copied text as unformatted text. by Rhonda November 21, 2012 at 8 28 am. thanks, this is a big help. I got so frustrated while writing my report that I got here via Google. by eric April 21, 2013 at 11 54 pm. I ve been looking for this solution ever since Windows 7 came out. by s May 12, 2013 at 2 33 am. Using the macro command posted by Ahmed solves the Visual Studio problem. by Ninestone July 3, 2013 at 3 18 am.

Alternatively, in Word 2007 you could just alter the cut, copy, paste options directly in word. Office button Word Options Advanced. Then under cut, copy, paste you can change the default behaviour. by chris April 14, 2014 at 9 36 pm. Great tip and tutorial. And great idea for the alt v choice of keys. by Julio April 16, 2014 at 1 09 pm. I am copying from PowerPoint 2007 via a Ctrl C. by Don Glenn May 1, 2014 at 3 04 am. Just found Ninestrone s macro and it will work for PowerPoint 2007 also.

by Don Glenn May 1, 2014 at 3 06 am. There s a simpler method to accomplish the keyboard shortcut without creating a macro and then assigning a keyboard shortcut to it just assign a new keyboard shortcut directly to the Keep Text Only command itself. Here s how in Word 2010 File Options Customize Ribbon Keyboard shortcuts Customize button. In the Categories cell, select All Commands. In the Commands cell, select PasteTextOnly.

Under Specify keyboard sequence, well, specify a keyboard sequence none is assigned by default. Thank you very, very much really, really useful. Strangely I had trouble when I copied and pasted NoFormatPaste from your instructions when I typed it in to Name Macro I had no problem. Totally appreciate all the tips, but I disagree that the 3-step process detailed in your Update There is in Word 2010.

revision I just received notification of truly qualifies as a keyboard shortcut one, perhaps two steps, maybe. Is 3 steps any faster than right-clicking and selecting paste as plain text. Much quicker in the long run to record or write then save the macro to a keyboard shortcut and be done with it. I tried the macro in Word 2007 but get the Run-time error 5342.

by zeke7 May 23, 2015 at 1 40 pm. I agree Zeke. However, many Word users either aren t familiar with macros, don t know how to create one, or don t do this action often enough to add a macro and a KB shortcut for it. Apologies Rhonda, in haste I read the update as notification of a keyboard shortcut, but in the update s context it s entirely appropro.

I must learn to be less hasty. by zeke7 May 24, 2015 at 9 17 am. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Just what I needed. by Barth L Maher July 7, 2015 at 12 30 am. by Luka March 20, 2016 at 4 47 pm. Thanks for a useful tip. by leon187 July 18, 2016 at 6 51 pm. This macro was really very useful for me when I worked in Word 2007. Then I switched to Word 2016 and tried to use the same macro. Unfortunately it did not work in Word 2016. Does anybody have the same problem.

by Zhanna August 10, 2016 at 1 57 am. I don t have Word 2016 installed, but I m surprised it doesn t work. However, there are a couple of other ways you can do this within Word without a macro see the Word 2010 link in the second paragraph of the post for one way. The other way is to assign a keyboard shortcut to the command for this in Word 1.

File Options Customize Ribbon. Click the Customize button next to Keyboard Shortcuts below the left panel. Scroll down the left panel and select More Commands. In the right panel select PasteTextOnly. Assign your keyboard shortcut. Click OK to close the dialog boxes. NOTE I ve checked this sequence of steps in Word 2010, and I know Word 2013 is similar I assume Word 2016 is similar too. com 2009 07 02 word-keyboard-shortcut-to-paste-unformatted-text and. Worked perfectly, however, for word 2007, If you don t already have the Developer Tab, first choose Office Button Word Options, the Word Option dialog box pops up, then click Popular, then select the box at Show Developer Tab in the Ribbonthen click OK.

In addition, if you don t like the Word 2008 toolbar setup, using custom toolbars can let you work around some inconveniences, such as that the Reviewing toolbar will only appear if Word thinks you need it for that document, and that the Standard toolbar cannot be undocked. Word nearly always offers multiple ways to do what you want, and there are far more predefined commands than just the ones on obvious menus or toolbars, including specific fonts, AutoText, and styles and macros in versions before Word 2008, although Word 2008 does not let you control AppleScripts through the Customize dialogs.

Avoid Repetition Customize Toolbars and Keyboard Shortcuts. But you can t turn off the Document Elements bar in Print Layout view, sorry. Word 2008 to customize toolbars, use View Customize Toolbars and Menusor right-click the document toolbar. If you have a one-button mouse, hold down control while clicking to right-click. To customize the keyboard, look under Tools Customize Keyboard. Word 2004 and earlier both the keyboard and menu are available through Tools Customize.

Protect Your Customizations. By default, any changes to toolbars, menus, or keyboard shortcuts will be saved in the Normal template. Be sure to back up your Normal Template regularly if you are customizing these things. Location of the Normal Template. In Word 2004 and earlier, you are advised to create a new custom toolbar rather than changing the existing ones, because iqoption conta custom toolbars can be recovered from a corrupt Normal temple, but default toolbars that you changed cannot be recovered.

In Word 2008, this is still a good idea†but then you have to give up the ability to dock the toolbar in the document window. If you want to change a toolbar that can be docked, then be extra careful to back up the Normal template regularly. Customizing a Toolbar. Simply drag any command from the Customize dialogs onto a toolbar.

A fake main menu bar File, Edit, View, etc will appear when you are in the Customize Toolbars dialog. You drag the commands onto this fake main menu bar, and the changes will show up in the real one when you close Customize Toolbars. You can move commands from toolbar to toolbar†for instance, if you want to add the Reviewing features to another toolbar, hold down Option while dragging the command.

This will create a copy on your new toolbar. To change the appearance of a command on the toolbar, right-click the command and select Properties. If you find yourself constantly repeating the same menu actions, chances are there is a command you can move to on a menu or toolbar, or assign a keyboard shortcut, for easy access. The Customize Toolbars dialog must be open in order to select Properties. If using Word 2008, you will need to undock a built-in toolbar in order to access Properties.

The change will persist when you re-dock the toolbar. Finding the Right Command. In the Customize dialogs, the left column lists various categories, and the right column changes to show the commands under that category. Oddly, the All Commands category sometimes has commands that are not listed in any of the File, View, etc categories.

It can be quite difficult to figure out exactly what Word calls the thing you want to do, so the Customize dialogs requires some exploration and can be very frustrating. It s often rewarding, however, and more you use it, the better you will be at guessing correctly, and the quicker it will become. Some versions have a space to show a description of the selected command, which is extremely helpful.

You can get a complete list of commands by name by selecting Tools Macro Macros, where it says Macros inselect Word Commandsselect the command called ListCommands and press Run. You can navigate the long list by typing letters. If you know the name of the command you are looking for, the alphabetical All Commands list is the best way to find it.

If you are able to do what you want, but want to change the way you access it, the dropdown menu on the Undo toolbar icon will list Word s name for a function, letting you find it in All Commands. Sometimes you may need to prefix that name with the appropriate category name Insert, File, etc. If you know the keyboard shortcut but want to know the command name, pretend you are assigning any other function to that shortcut in Tools Customize.

Word will warn you that the shortcut is already assigned to CommandNameYouWantedToKnow. Use Help Send Feedback in Word to request that MS add a search box to the Customize dialogs, in future versions. Atomic Object s blog on everything we find fascinating. Xcode Efficiency Tips Keyboard Shortcuts. Atomic Spin. At Atomic, we highly value efficiency, so it s important for a developer working in Xcode to familiarize themselves with at least some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts.

To that end, this blog post will cover some of the keyboard shortcuts and resources I find myself using the most. Exhaustive Shortcut Lists. Before mentioning specific shortcuts, here s a link to the shortcut documentation from Apple command shortcuts. Many developers have also created useful cheat sheets for quick reference. Big lists are great for reference, but I find it is easier to learn a new IDE in small bits, starting with what seems to be the most useful bits first the low hanging fruit.

Although other IDEs exist, Apple s Xcode remains the most popular choice for development of iOS applications. Finally, here are the Mac modifier keyboard symbols and what they represent these are frustratingly non-obvious for a newcomer to Mac- for instance, why don t the control or alt option keys on my macbook pro keyboard also have the symbols. Command Shift Option Alt Control Left Right Arrow Keys Up Down Arrow Keys.

Getting around Xcode s Workspace Windows. When describing keyboard shortcuts, it is informative to keep these areas in mind. The Editor where most coding work is done. Xcode breaks up its main workspace window into several sub-areas. The Navigator where a developer can navigate through tests, project files, compiler errors, breakpoints, etc. The Debug Area used during debugging.

The Utility Area quick help, file and data descriptions, etc. Because of all the sub-areas in the workspace, screen space can get used up very quickly. That makes it important to be able to hide areas you don t need when you aren t using them. The utility area is a good example when working on a storyboard or nib, I use the utility are a lot. When coding, I only find myself looking at it for quick help, so I will often hide it. Similarly, the debug area doesn t serve a purpose when not debugging or examining output.

Apple has provided shortcuts for showing and hiding all of these areas, and I found a great blog post by Robert Saunders with a helpful map I have highlighted the shortcuts for showing hiding areas in red. Navigating in the Editor. The single most useful feature for navigating code is Owhich Apple calls Open Quicklybut is actually an awesome, super-fast fuzzy search for file names. As you type, the file list is quickly populated, and you can use the arrow keys to select the file to open.

Open Quickly is essential on larger projects where searching through the project navigator is not an option if you want to remain sane. My other most-used hotkeys in the Editor are. Building, Running, Testing. Xcode puts a big play button in the upper left corner of the workspace and many build clean run options in the Product menu, but using keyboard shortcuts for these common tasks is a big time saver.

Lastly, there are a few shortcuts I find myself using over and over again while debugging. Learning and using Xcode keyboard shortcuts enough to build up muscle memory has really improved my coding speed and efficiency. Whenever I talk hotkeys with other iOS developers exciting. we always seem to teach each other new keyboard shortcuts so I d love to hear from other developers out there which they find most useful; I m sure I ve missed some. Connecting the Intellij IDEA Debugger to a Maven Execution.

Tools for Tedious Tasks in Visual Studio Code. Using Discord to Drop Erect Communication Barriers When WFH. By commenting below, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our linked Privacy Policy. Thanks, this is something I m going to use, definitively. Glad to hear it, manu. xCode can be rough at times, but knowing the keyboard shortcuts helps a lot. this is cool codes thank u. It s very useful to me.

Nice effort. Much needed for the beginners like me. very help full shortcuts, Thanks. Given so much Confidence. Appreciate your effort. I am John, how are you everybody. Very Helpful Thank you. This article posted at this website is really good. one more L Go to Line. As a new iOS XCode developer struggling to use web references to learn what where to go to accomplish a task. In doing so I often see references to things like Navigate to Settingsbut have no idea how to do that in the GUI.

In the Navigate window I cannot find Settings on any dropdown, not in the icon hints nor anywhere else. Might you shed some light on this as well. Simple but very useful tips. Good articles, It is very helpful to do code using xCode so efficient and fast. I am looking for same kind articles. Hi John, nice article. Is there a way to go to previous cursor position as opposed to previous file OR.

I do that all the time in Android Studio and would like the same in Xcode. Nice articles, thanks. We re hiring in Ann Arbor open positions. Can custom software take your business to the next level. Atomic does more than talk about software. We also make it for clients large and small in all kinds of industries. Atomic is a software design development consultancy.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Action. As YouTube is becoming an essential part of our lives, it is the time that you should know about the YouTube keyboard shortcuts too. If you think your system keyboard is just meant for the Windows and other services pre-installed on your system then you are completely wrong. You can use your keyboard to perform various shortcuts tasks on YouTube which usually takes quite some time.

In this way, without even disturbing your current streaming videos, you can perform whatever action is required. Alphabetical Keys. Check out this list given below, to understand all the keyboard shortcuts related to YouTube. In fact, some of them also operate as the alternative to other shortcut keys too. This K Key is used for playing or pausing the current streaming video on YouTube at any given point of time.

This section of YouTube keyboard shortcuts entirely belongs to all types of alphabetical keys. It does not even require you to focus on the video first. However, if you will press it again then it will unmute the video instantly. The direct use of the M Key is for muting the current video which is being played. You can use the L Key amongst the rest of the YouTube controls in order to move forward the video to 10 seconds.

J Key is used as the exact opposite operation key for L Key. You can move the current playing video backwards to 10 seconds. While a video is currently playing, you can press the F key to enter the Full Screen mode. You can again press the F Key to exit the full screen mode instantly. There are a lot of YouTube keyboard shortcuts and next one is by C key. You can press it to turn on the Closed Captions CC. However, press it again to turn off the CC.

The option of B Key is to alter the background color. You can press the B Key to change the background color of CC. R is serve as the direct Key which can be used for Restarting the video. You can find many alternative to this key easily on the keyboard. From 0 to 9 you can use these number keys as the YouTube keyboard iqoption conta too. Each key belongs to the similar function but varies on the basis of output.

Number Keys. You can clear your doubts through the details given below. The function of this number key is different from the rest of others. It is used to Restart the video whenever you want without having to focus on the video first. This number key is used for moving the play head to 10. It is good for skipping unnecessary parts of the videos.

This is another number key which serves as YouTube key shortcuts. It is used for moving the play head 20. You can use the Number Key 3 to move the play head to 30 further. This number key is used for moving the play head 40. All the number keys are used for the same purpose only. Amongst the rest of the YouTube keyboard shortcuts 6 is another one to join them. It is used for moving the play head to 60. To move the play head 50 further, you can use the number key 5 for it.

You can use the number key 7 for moving the play head to 70. Number Key 8 is used for moving the play head to 80. This is the final number key and it is used for maximum changes possible. You can use this for moving the play head 90. There are total 4 arrow keys and these are also utilized as the YouTube keyboard shortcuts. You can get to know about their functions and features through the details given below. Up Arrow Key is used for turning up the volume usually and its use is mostly universal.

When you press it one time, you can increase the volume 5. For more increment, you need to press is accordingly. The use of Down Arrow Key is exactly opposite to the Up Arrow Key and this is also quite universal. Left Key also indicates going backwards related to various Windows operations. This is a part of keyboard shortcuts for YouTube which is used for moving backward the video for 5 second.

One tap of Down key decreases the volume by 5. Right key is also regarded as the forward key in terms of various aspects. This key is used for moving the video forward to 5 seconds duration. Apart from the arrow, alphabetical and number keys, there are other keys mentioned on the keyboard. These are also used as YouTube keyboard shortcuts and to discover more about their working, you can see the descriptions below.

This is a key which is used universally for the same purpose for all the video players. You can press it once for pausing the playing video and then press it again for playing the paused video. If you are feeling bored of a video then directly press End to skip to the end of the video without any hassle. Home key is used as the alternate of the 0 number key and you can restart the video by pressing it. There are various YouTube keyboard commands and Esc or Escape key is one of them.

This key is used for accessing the player control buttons. You can press it to move forward in these options. It is used for escaping from the full screen mode. While you are moving forward in the control options through Tab key, you can press enter to select that option. This key is used for increasing the current playing speed of the video. Most recent blog posts.

If you are someone who spends most of their leisure time on YouTube or you are a YouTuber then you should definitely get to know about these YouTube keyboard shortcuts. It is not just about saving the time but also about understanding the options and technological advancements that we can use. Of course, you would not be able to iqoption conta used to of them really early but if you will keep on trying then I am sure you are going to forget your mouse touchpad for sure.

Call it lazy or call it smart, it is up to you but I think you should always be open to new ideas especially regarding technology. 26 Mar 2020, 10 10. FOR anyone suddenly finding themselves using Zoom all the time, there are some keyboard shortcuts to help. These neat tips and tricks can give you a push to talk option and even the ability to mute everyone but a call host. Zoom keyboard shortcuts including push to talk button and muting everyone but the host.

And the big advantage is that you don t even need to use a mouse. So if you d rather use a different key, it s easy enough. How to find Zoom shortcuts. To find the full list of settings, open the Zoom app and click the gear icon to enter settings. You ll be then presented with a list of loads of keyboard shortcuts for Zoom. And if you ever want to return to the normal settings, click the Restore Defaults bottom.

Click on the settings to change the bound key to something else. This will reset all of the keyboard shortcuts to their standard-issue bindings. There are loads of great shortcuts, including hitting the spacebar for push to talk. That means you can leave your device on mute, and then hold the spacebar down when you want to speak. It s a great way to make sure you re not putting out unnecessary background noise.

Then in the menu, choose the Keyboard Shortcuts heading. You can also start screen sharing, mute and unmute audio, mute everyone but the host, start and stop video, and switch camera using shortcuts. However, the shortcuts will be different depending on whether you re using Windows or Mac. It s also possible to change keyboard shortcuts in the Zoom settings.

And if you re using a mobile device then there aren t any shortcuts available. MOST READ IN TECH. OUT OF JUICE. In other news, find out how to change your Zoom background and create your own fake room. LOSING SLEEP. Do you know any great Zoom tips or tricks. A hilarious Zoom prank lets people skip virtual meetings by creating looping videos of themselves. We pay for your stories. Do you have a story for The Sun Online Tech Science team.

Email us at tech the-sun. Coronavirus Tech How To. I CAN T FEEL ANYTHING. Grandad s haunting screams after breaking neck in pool accident. What Zoom shortcuts are available. SPACE NEIGHBOURS. SEA-ING GHOSTS. MICKEY MOCKED. POINTLESS PURCHASE. Couple ridiculed for Disneyland engagement as another bloke proposes nearby. Dunelm shopper left baffled by confusing sticker on wood chopping board. TEEN MURDER. Parents of missing girl, 17, charged with murder 7 weeks after disappearance.

Corrie s Ben Price admits he breaks down crying over Oliver s death storyline.Cornell University. How Much Do You Know About This King of the Dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus rex is by far the most popular dinosaur, having spawned a huge number of books, iqoption conta, TV shows, and video games. What s truly amazing, though, is how much what was once assumed as fact about this carnivore has later been called into question and how much is still being discovered.

Here are 10 facts known to be true. Not the Biggest Meat-Eating Dinosaur. Most people assume that the North American Tyrannosaurus rex at 40 feet from head to tail and seven to nine tons was the biggest carnivorous dinosaur that ever lived. rexhowever, was equaled or outclassed by not one but two dinosaurs the South American Giganotosauruswhich weighed about nine tons, and the northern African Spinosauruswhich tipped the scales at 10 tons. These three theropods never had the chance to square off in combat, since they lived in different times and places, separated by millions of years and thousands of miles.

Arms Not as Tiny as Once Thought. Mark Garlick Science Photo Library Getty Images. One feature of Tyrannosaurus rex that everyone makes fun of is its arms, which seem disproportionately tiny compared to the rest of its massive body. rex s arms were over three feet long, however, and may have been capable of bench pressing 400 pounds each. In any event, T. rex didn t have the smallest arm-to-body ratio among carnivorous dinosaurs; that was the Carnotauruswhose arms looked like tiny nubs.

Very Bad Breath. The dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era obviously didn t brush their teeth or floss. Some experts think shards of rotten, bacteria-infested meat constantly lodged in its closely packed teeth gave Tyrannosaurus rex a septic bite, which infected and eventually killed its wounded prey.



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