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First, Enable VoiceOver Keyboard Navigation on iPad. To use keyboard navigation, you ll need a keyboard connected to the iPad either through Bluetooth or another external keyboard attached through the power port. Next, you ll need to turn VoiceOver on by doing the following. Open Settingstap Generalgo to Accessibilityand flip VoiceOver to ON. If you want to silence the speaking of screen items on iPad when VoiceOver is enabled, just hit Control Option S to silence the speech aspect of VoiceOver.

With VoiceOver enabled you will gain access to the keyboard navigation feature, but because the VoiceOver feature is intended as an accessibility function there s also a speaking aspect that comes with VoiceOver being turned on. Now for the commands. iPad Navigation Keyboard Commands with VoiceOver. Basic keyboard navigation shortcuts on iPad with VoiceOver enabled are as follows. Control Option H Home button Control Option H H Show multitask bar Control Option i Item chooser Escape Back button Right Arrow next item Left Arrow previous item Up Down Arrows simultaneously tap selected item Option Down Arrow scroll down Option Up Arrow scroll up Option Left or Right Arrow scroll left or right Control Option S turn VoiceOver speech on or off.

These keyboard shortcuts can be used from anywhere. iPad App Switcher Keyboard Commands. You ll notice many of them are shared between Mac OS X and iOS, making them familiar and quite easy to use for Mac users who are using the iPad. Command Shift Tab switch to the previous app Command Tab switch back to the original app Left Right Arrowthen Option Left or Option Right navigate through Dock. Arguably the most useful set of commands are related to app switching.

These shortcuts speed up multitasking in iOS so much that they should be considered mandatory knowledge for anyone trying to do serious work on the iPad with an external keyboard. Memorize and master these and you re sure to be more productive. Whether you have a keyboard dock, case, or just a bluetooth keyboard, check these out, they can completely change the way you use an iPad.

Did you know you can navigate around the iPad using only a keyboard, without touching the screen at all. Thanks to Eric for pointing us to the great basis of these tips at TaoOfMac. Topmost iPad image from Flickr. How to Find Mac Keyboard Shortcuts How to Enable Voice Navigation in Maps on iPhone 14 Keyboard Shortcuts for Files App on iPad 16 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Pages on iPad. Hey Paul, Thanks for sharing your great tips, very useful for any cases, I ll try to do it later.

Friendly greetings from. I m new to Bluetooth keyboards am wondering how to navigate around within apps on iPhone 6 plus I.what key combo is same as double tapping to select. i hyave an ipad air with a keyboard case. but nothing i do with the command or option button works its so frustrating can anyone help. How can i use the tab option to navigate through text filed example if I am using whatsapp or such like, and I want to type a text and send it for example.

The problem with going to voice over mode is that everything now needs a double click. The experience using this feature with background music turned on is really terrible. How do you avoid that. The feature seems to be intended for visually impaired people. Setting up VoiceOver just stops me getting back to this page to see which commands now work. for the logitech keyboard this does not work smoothly. Thankyou so much. This is so much more convenient for me. the cmd combination keys don t work as intended that s my experience.

Some sort of feminine hygene product. Billy, don t mention the brand again. I ve told u that is my monthly feminine product. Don t let other people know about it. I will feel shy. What are the windows keyboard keys please. The start key is command. as a normal KB does not have the CMD and option keys. Can anyone confirm if this works with the iPhone too. I just tried this out on my iPhone 5 tonight and yes these features do work.

Its actually really cool. There is a bit of a learning curve and a tonne of shortcuts to learn but once you get going with it its great. I couldn t however get the command-tab feature mentioned above to work so I am thinking that its iPad specific or I am missing something. I tried on both an Apple Wireless Keyboard and a Logitech bluetooth keyboard and both worked. Thanks OSX Daily. New Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet.

We ve updated the Mockups Keyboard Shortcuts cheat sheet to reflect new shortcuts in 2. Thanks for going to the effort to create this. Gotta love the shortcuts. Thanks a lot, lot of people don t know how to use keyboard without mouse with this instructions they develop a lot. Thanks, Paul. I agree that we should do this. It would be great to have the shortcut descriptions available from a popup from the Help menu. I m an Atlassian On-Demand user if that matters. Thanks, it will help our starting staff become power users quicker.

Plus this version is much more nicer that the previous version. Paste Values Only, Transpose, Paste Link, Paste Formatting, etc. New Keyboard Shortcuts for Paste Special in Excel 2010. In Excel 2010, you can now use special keyboard shortcuts to control your Paste Special Options e. There is a new technique to learn, however, before you can become proficient with these keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2010.

Let me demonstrate. Live Preview for Paste Special in Excel 2010. In my previous video tutorial, I demonstrated how to take advantage of this great new feature Live Preview for Pasting in Excel 2010. Click here to watch that video. Content Key on Keyboard. Press and Release the Ctrl Key, then press the letter key for the shortcut.

Press the Context Key on your keyboard to the right of the Space-bar; between the Alt Ctrl keys and then press the letter key for the shortcut. Two Ways to Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Paste Special in Excel 2010. Each of these techniques is easier to explain through a video demonstration than to write out the instructions. So, I encourage you to watch my video if you want to learn these new techniques for Excel 2010. Learn More Paste Special Options.

Main Menu for 9 Essential Excel Skills. This IS one of the 9 Essential Skills that I have identified. Follow this link to learn more about the 4 hour training video. The DVD-ROM includes 25 individual video tutorials, a 29-page instructional manual, and the Excel 2010 Practice Files that I used while filming the videos. On my latest DVD-ROM, Nine Essential Skills for Excel 2010, I go into greater detail about the many ways that you can use Paste Special. Watch Video in High Definition on YouTube.

I really enjoy your tutorials, and I want to learn more. I am pleased that you enjoy my tutorials. Just keep learning and practicing your new Excel skills. I encourage you to stick with it. Danny Rocks The Company Rocks. It does take time and dedication. If anyone is having trouble with method 1 which is quickest I just realised you have to actually CTRL V first to paste, then press CTRL to get the paste special menu up and for instance press a to paste values well, convert what was pasted to values or whatever you want to do hover over them to find the shortcut letter to press.

Thanks a lot for saving me time. What I usually do in PowerPoint is make a duplicate of the slide that has content that is similar to what I am looking to replace. Do you know how to make a paste special auto fit to the size of the slide. Ctrl D is a great Keyboard Shortcut for Duplicating a Slide. Then, if it is Picture that I want to change, I use the Picture Tools to Change the Picture. This USUALLY leaves the formatting frame and size in place for the new picture.

Try that technique. Hi David I do not know how to do that via Paste Special. Microsoft s new OS comes with new hotkeys. New Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Revealed. Microsoft s new Windows 10 Technical Preview adds some pretty helpful features to the desktop platform, including multiple desktops and the Task View, so it s only natural to expect the operating system to also sport some new keyboard shortcuts that would allow users to make the most of these options without touching the mouse.

Back in August, when we reported about the multiple desktops option coming in at-that-time-called Windows 9, we also revealed that sources from within the company tipped us about the introduction of new keyboard shortcuts which could be used to access this feature faster. Of course, keyboard shortcuts for multiple desktops pretty much make sense given the fact that consumers usually want to switch desktops as fast as possible without using the mouse, so Microsoft had no other choice than to introduce them in Windows 10.

Six new keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10. Not to mention that hotkeys for managing multiple desktops are already available in rival platforms, including Linux, where users can easily manage running apps straight from the keyboard. Microsoft s Brandon LeBlanc has revealed in a blog post today that Windows 10 comes with six new keyboard shortcuts specifically implemented to manage the new options introduced with the preview.

Snapping window WIN LEFT or RIGHT can be used with UP or DOWN to iqoption fora do ar into quadrants Switch to recent window ALT TAB unchanged Hold shows new Task view window view, let go and switches to app. Here are the six hotkeys, as provided by LeBlanc. Task view WIN TAB New Task view opens up and stays open. Create new virtual desktop WIN CTRL D Close current virtual desktop WIN CTRL F4 Switch virtual desktop WIN CTRL LEFT or RIGHT. New hotkeys for Command Prompt as well.

As we ve already reported to you, the Windows 10 Command Prompt comes with several improvements, and as is the case of multiple desktops, new keyboard shortcuts are available as well. Microsoft s Scott Hanselman, who works on the Web Platform Team at Microsoft, revealed the new Cmd Prompt shortcuts in a post on his blog and you can find all of them at the end of the article. Needless to say, the biggest improvement in terms of keyboard shortcuts for the Command Prompt is the support for CTRL V pasting option, which was announced with much fanfare at the September 30 event, when Microsoft presented the new Windows 10 Preview.

Of course, all these shortcuts would come in handy especially to IT admins and very experienced users, but it s good to know that they re there to help you do your work faster. Wednesday, October 19, 2005. SSMS - Comment keyboard shortcut. Speaking the language of business intelligence with an Australian accent. Unfortunately the T-SQL comment and uncomment keyboard shortcuts in SSMS are now a little more involved, probably as a result of the new consolidated management environment.

Query Analyser CTRL SHIFT C and CTRL SHIFT R would comment and then uncomment the block of selected SQL code. In Management Studio we now need to use CTRL K then CTRL C to comment and CTRL K then CTRL U to uncomment the selected text. This is a bit awkward but I guess we ll have to get used to it. Nick Barclay BI-Lingual. On the brighter side, this new comment shortcut can be used the same way for SQL, MDX, DMX, AMO and SQL Mobile queries.

In am I allowed to say Classic yet. The most recent list of shortcuts can be found here. And of course your local copy of BOL. UPDATE Thank you to Graham who has corrected me on the shortcuts. You can go to ToolsOptions. and click on Keyboard underneath Environment. There you have an option to change the keyboard scheme to SQL Server 2000 which will use the classic keyboard shortcuts.

If I d have bothered to read the text at the top of the Keyboard Shortcuts reference page I would not have posted this. Posted by Nick Barclay at 10 49 PM. Apologies for my laziness. You can go to Tools Options. I cannot find an option for New Console for Notebook, which appears in the right click menu, in the keyboard shortcuts settings.

No option for a keyboard shortcut of New Console for Notebook 7049. Could you please add this option. ywx649999311 commented Sep 9, 2019. I also find this will be super helpful. jasongrout commented Sep 9, 2019. You can do this from the Keyboard Shortcuts area of Advanced Settings in the Settings menu. Do you have a suggestion for a good default shortcut. Or is customizing a shortcut like above good enough. jasongrout Thanks a lot, that works great for me.

I am just wondering where I can find the documentation for the syntax. JuperLab has a lot of great features, but I just don t know how to make them more accessible from the keyboard. keyboard-shortcuts, but not really any good easy-to-find documentation on the format of the user override. Do you want to write something up and contribute it to the docs. The format is as above, where command is an internal JupyterLab command name these are listed in the system defaults panethe keys is a list of keystroke combinations, and the selector is a CSS selector for activating that keyboard shortcut the selector above makes the keyboard shortcut only work when you have a notebook active.

Add something like this in the user preferences. com jupyterlab jupyterlab-shortcutui, which we hope eventually makes it way into core JupyterLab. jrespeto commented Oct 3, 2019. command is an internal JupyterLab command name. I was looking for a shortcut command that was not listing in the Keyboard Shortcuts comment to make a shortcut. so searched for create-new in the project and found.

export const createNew fileeditor create-new ; export const createNewMarkdown fileeditor create-new-markdown-file. Then added my shortcuts. jiangtianli91 commented Aug 19, 2019. Notepad Keyboard Shortcuts. File menu Shortcut Action Ctrl-O Open File Ctrl-N New File Ctrl-S Save File Ctrl-Alt-S Save As Ctrl-Shift-S Save All Ctrl-P Print Alt-F4 Exit Ctrl-Tab Next Document also shows list of open files.

Can be disabled see Settings Preferences Global. Ctrl-W Close Current Document Edit menu Shortcut Action Ctrl-C Copy Ctrl-Insert Copy Ctrl-Shift-T Copy current line to clipboard Ctrl-X Cut Shift-Delete Cut Ctrl-V Paste Shift-Insert Paste Ctrl-Z Undo Alt-Backspace Undo Ctrl-Y Redo Ctrl-A Select All Alt-Shift-Arrow keys, or Alt Left mouse click Column Mode Select Ctrl Left mouse click Start new selected area.

Only multiple stream areas ca be selected this way. Can be disabled see above. Ctrl-Shift-Tab Previous Document also shows list of open files. ALT-C Column Editor Ctrl-D Duplicate Current Line Ctrl-T Switch the current line position with the previous line position Ctrl-Shift-Up Move Current Line, or current selection if a single stream, Up Ctrl-Shift-Down Move Current Line, or current selection if a single stream, Down Ctrl-L Delete Current Line Ctrl-I Split Lines Ctrl-J Join Lines Ctrl-G Launch GoToLine Dialog Ctrl-Q Block comment uncomment Ctrl-Shift-Q Stream comment Tab selection of one or more full lines Insert Tabulation or Space Indent Shift-Tab selection of one or more full lines Remove Tabulation or Space outdent Ctrl-BackSpace Delete to start of word Ctrl-Delete Delete to end of word Ctrl-Shift-BackSpace Delete to start of line Ctrl-Shift-Delete Delete to end of line Ctrl-U Convert to lower case Ctrl-Shift-U Convert to UPPER CASE Ctrl-B Go to matching brace Ctrl-Space Launch CallTip ListBox Ctrl-Shift-Space Launch Function Completion ListBox Ctrl-Enter Launch Word Completion ListBox Ctrl-Alt-R Text Direction RTL Ctrl-Alt-L Text Direction LTR Enter Split line downwards, or create new line Shift-Enter Split line downwards, or create new line Search menu Shortcut Action Ctrl-F Launch Find Dialog Ctrl-H Launch Find Replace Dialog F3 Find Next Shift-F3 Find Previous Ctrl-Shift-F Find in Files F7 Switch to Search results window was Activate sub view before v5.

5 Ctrl-Shift-F3 Select and Find Previous was Find Volatile Previous prior to v5. 5 F4 Go to next found Shift-F4 Go to previous found Ctrl-Shift-I Incremental Search Ctrl- n Jump Down to next text marked using n -th stye. 2 Ctrl-Alt-F3 Find volatile Next Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F3 Find volatile Previous Ctrl-F3 Select and Find Next was Find Volatile Next prior to v5. n is 1 to 5, or 0 for default Found style. Ctrl-Shift- n Jump Up to next text marked using n -th stye.

Ctrl-F2 Toggle Bookmark F2 Go To Next Bookmark Shift-F2 Go To Previous Bookmark View menu Shortcut Action Ctrl- Keypad- Keypad or Ctrl mouse wheel button if any Zoom in or up and Zoom out - or down Ctrl-Keypad Restore the original size from zoom F11 Toggle Full Screen Mode F12 Toggle Post-It Mode Ctrl-Alt-F Collapse the Current Level Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F Uncollapse the Current Level Alt-0 Fold All Alt- 1. 8 Alt-Shift-0 Unfold All Alt-Shift- 1. 8 Collapse the Level 1.

8 Uncollapse the Level 1. 8 Run menu Shortcut Action F5 Launch Run Dialog Alt-F1 Get PHP help Alt-F2 Google search Alt-F3 Wikipedia search Alt-F5 Open file name at cursor Alt-F6 Open file in another instance name at cursor Ctrl-Alt-Shift-R Open in Chrome Ctrl-Alt-Shift-X Open in Firefox Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I Open in IE Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F Open in Safari Ctrl-Alt-Shift-O Send via Outlook. Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on LinkedIn Opens in new window Click to share on WhatsApp Opens in new window Click to share on Pocket Opens in new window More.

Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window Click to print Opens in new window Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to share on Telegram Opens in new window Click to share on Skype Opens in new window Click to share on Flipboard Opens in new window. Tools for Web Development How to make a WordPress menu item open in a new window tab Creating multiple virtual hosts websites in Wampserver 404 Error Page Best Practices.

Enjoyed your post. I am just getting into using Notepad for more and more. I like that fact you can create your own shortcuts, but am running into the issue of sometimes choosing key combos that are already mapped to something. Do you know of anyway to list all the shortcuts so I can avoid duplicating a key combo. You can view all the shortcuts in Shortcut Mapper.

I need to select a lot of lines in Column Mode Select ALT. I can select using also Page-Down instead of Arrow key down, more speed for big selections. But my question is ther s a way to select between columns from a point line to the END OF DOCUMENT. I am not aware of anything similar to what you need. Ill try to see if there is anything for it. Ctrl Shift End will select everything from a point to the END OF DOCUMENT.

CTRL SHIFT END selects everything from the cursor to the end, is that what you meant 7 years ago. Ctrl-L use for Cut Current Line not Delete Current Line You can test this Shortcut. I always used it for deleting the line, never noticed it was actually cutting the line. Also, the Notepad documentation mentioned it was for deleting the line. 10 thoughts on Notepad Keyboard Shortcuts.

I ll update the post to say it is both both cut delete. Roberto Do you mean like Shift Ctrl End works in most text editors areas, for selecting everything from the current cursor position to the end of the document. I know no keyboard shortcut for that. But your wrote Column mode So I guess you would like the part to the left of the cursor to be excluded from the selection as well.

Holding down Alt Shift and then scrolling to the end of the document and clicking with the mouse would do the work, but that includes the mouse of course. Hi, Warning about changing the default keyboard shortcuts. I made changes to the keyboard shortcuts and dragged one of the files I was editing out of NotePad window so it would be in a separate NotePad window of its own, none of the shortcuts followed to the new NotePad window. But if I close all NotePad windows and reopen to edit my files I see my changed keypad shortcuts.

Thanks, Ross. It was initially released in 2006 by NV Access founders Michael Curran and James Teh blind computer programmers who believe passionately in universal access to computers. NVDA Keyboard Shortcuts. NVDA Non-Visual Desktop Access is a screen reader for Microsoft Windows that is totally free, yet fully functional and portable; you can download it to your PC or to portable media such as a USB stick.

We encourage you to donate if you can. If you can t, you can skip the donation and just download the software. NVDA works well with Firefox and Chrome. NVDA also has decent support for Internet Explorer and Edge, but the best testing combinations are NVDA Firefox and NVDA Chrome. Note Some keyboard shortcuts require using the NVDA modifier key. By default, both the Numpad Insert key and the Extended Insert key are set as NVDA modifier keysbut users can designate the Caps Lock key as an additional NVDA modifier key.

In the tables below, the assumption is that the Insert key is being used as the NVDA modifier key. NVDA shortcut keys. Note also that these keyboard shortcuts are for NVDA s desktop keyboard layout setting; some shortcuts are different when using NVDA s laptop keyboard layout setting. Browse and Focus Modes. Browse Mode Browse mode is used when reading documents or web pages. Focus Mode Focus mode is used when the user enters a form or other fields that require user input.

NVDA automatically switches between Browse and Focus modes, but the user can toggle them using Insert Space Bar. Speech Viewer. This is useful for sighted users learning NVDA for testing purposes. Turn on Speech Viewer Enabling Speech Viewer opens a window that shows everything NVDA states. Topic Task Command On Off Turn NVDA on Control Alt N Turn NVDA off Insert Q Reading Stop Reading Control Start reading continuously from this point on Insert or Numpad Read next item Read next focusable item e.

link, button Tab Activate Link Enter Button Enter or Spacebar Headings Go to next heading H Go to next heading of level 1-6 1 - 6 List all headings Insert F7 Landmarks Go to next landmark region D Elements list Show list of all links, headings, form fields, buttons, and landmarks Insert F7 Tables Go to next table T Navigate table cells Ctrl Alt or or or Lists Go to next list L Go to next list item I Graphics Go to next graphic G Links List all links Insert F7 Go to next link K Go to next unvisited link U Go to next visited link V Navigate Toggle between Radio buttons, list items, Tabs ARIA widgetTree view items ARIA widgetMenu items ARIA widget or or or Go backward To previous heading, landmark, table, focusable item, etc.

Shift HDTTabetc. Enable it under Tools in the NVDA menu. If you have changed your settings, you may need to substitute the Caps Lock key in the place of the Insert key. Reading text. Topic Task Command Line Say prior line or Numpad 7 Say next line or Numpad 9 Say current line Insert or Numpad 8 Start of line Shift Numpad 1 End of line Shift Numpad 3 Top line Shift Numpad 7 Bottom line Shift Numpad 9 Character Say prior character or Numpad 1 Say next character or Numpad 3 Say current character Numpad 2 Say character phonetically Numpad 2 twice quickly Word Say prior word Ctrl or Numpad 4 Say next word Ctrl or Numpad 6 Say current word Numpad 5 Sentence Say prior sentence Alt Say next sentence Alt Say current sentence Alt Numpad 5 Paragraph Next paragraph Ctrl or Q Spelling Spell word Numpad 5 twice quickly Spell word phonetically Numpad 5 thrice quickly Spell current line Insert twice quickly Spell current line phonetically Insert thrice quickly.

Topic Task Command Table Go to next previous table T Shift T Cell Cell to right Ctrl Alt Cell to left Ctrl Alt Cell below Ctrl Alt Cell above Ctrl Alt. Topic Task Command List all List all form elements Insert F7 Navigate Next form field F Next focusable item Tab Next button B Checkboxes Select and deselect Spacebar Next checkbox X Combo boxes Open combo box Alt Browse select options or the First letter Select multiple options Shift or Next combo box C Radio buttons Toggle selection Next radio button R Focus mode Toggle between focus mode and browse mode Insert Spacebar.

Focus mode allows you to enter data into form fields. Browse mode allows you to navigate the page using standard screen reader shortcuts e. Task Command Search for a word or a phrase NVDA Ctrl F Keyboard help Insert 1 Next blockquote Q Next key you hit ignores NVDA and is a normal keystroke Insert F2 Speak characters typed Insert 2 Speak words typed Insert 3 Read entire foreground window e.

for dialogs Insert B Announce title of the current foreground window Insert T. The full list of NVDA s keyboard commands can be found in the official NVDA User Guide. NV Access support webpage is available at www. 381 Elden Street, Suite 2000, Herndon, VA 20171 1-703-225-0380. Copyright 2013 - 2020 Deque Systems. to navigate headings, landmarks, links, etc. In Office 2010, if you wanted to customise the keyboard shortcuts, you went to Backstage View - Customize Ribbon and clicked the button to customize the keyboard.

However, it appears you can only do this in Word 2013. I found a thread on a similar topic on Outlook 2013 that said the feature has been completely removed iqoption fora do ar that application. You can do this in Word 2013 using the same process. I was looking at Excel 2013 and examined the All Commands option under Customize Ribbon and, unlike Word, there is no entry for Customize Keyboard.

This appears to be the same in other Office applications. Could someone confirm whether this feature is indeed now only available in Word 2013 as opposed to, say, a problem with my installation. I have been unable to find any reference to this at all on the Changes in Office 2013 page. Apologies for not providing live hyperlinks, but my account hasn t yet been verified to allow me to do this.

This feature isn t available in Excel both Excel 2010 and 2013. See the following screenshot of Excel 2010. Rex Zhang TechNet Community Support. Marked as answer by Ratiocination Monday, March 11, 2013 9 39 AM. Thanks for your reply and I apologise for the mistake. What prompted this was actually a change that I am sure is new to Office 2013 CTRL O no longer brings up the open dialog, but instead goes to Backstage view and lists the recently opened files. This isn t actually a very useful feature for me as often I just use Excel as a scratchpad.

I wanted to change this behaviour back to what I was used to. I ve since discovered a new short cut, which I will have to re-learn in its place CTRL F12. CTT 1 is slightly misleading. CTRL O is not behaving in the same way as before. Sorry if that sounds like a moan, but sometimes it s really basic issues like this that stick out when you start using a new version.

hu Movable Type 4. Rill Architects Archicad-Talk Graphisoft ArchicadWiki Graphisoft Archiguide GS US Technical Resources GDL Technical Standards Beister Suehlo s SelfGDL David Maudlin s Digital Architecture Archicad portal za Hrvatsku Archicadforum auf Deutsch FC-CadLink en francais ArchiRADAR in italiano Archicad. Archicad 119 Calculation 9 Documentation 39 GDL 17 Howto 31 Labels 6 Mac OS 23 Meta 25 Modeling 29 New in 11 2 New In 19 1 Objects 177 Other 44 Plotting 20 Problems 24 Sheets 23 Standards 108 Template 30 Theory 12 Tips 62 Tools 15 Workflow 32.

The Standard Element Cased Beam in Two Parts Ways Objects Have To Be Right Beauty is Third Degrees of Difficulty Unity Layer Theory A Strong Model Can Redeem a Weak Drawing Moving the Dock. 24-en Safari BBEdit Coda Misha s xkcd Oblique Strategies. ArchiCAD Installation Naming Conventions Project Folder Structure What Layer Things Go On Pens Pen Sets Libraries Management Libraries Carrot Fonts Model View Options Keyboard Shortcuts. Sheet Index.

Pending Projects Leads Starting a Project Developing Layouts Publisher PDF, Print, DWG, BIMx Existing to Addition Transition Archiving Projects Bringing Past Projects Back. Options Attribute Keyboard Shortcuts. This is about four years old iqoption fora do ar I wanted to explicitly point it out. All the attribute-related options on the Options menu Pens and Colors, Line Types, etc.

Cover Sheet Architectural Plans Roof Plans Building Elevations and Sections Assembly Types and Schedules Wall Sections Detail Sheets Reflected Ceiling Plans Interior Elevations Electrical Plans Foundation Plan Structure Plans General Structure Plans Roof Framing. use the Ctrl Opt Cmd modifier combination with the initial letter of the attribute. Update A couple of these notably materials and composites broke in AC9 due to conflicts with default shortcuts in OS X.

Keep the Attributes toolbar on. Pens and fills still work. Site 2003-2017 James A. Tautological boilerplate All trademarks and copyrights on this page are the property of their respective owners. OpenSUSE Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts. Previous Table of Contents Next openSUSE Desktop - Starting Applications on Login Remote Access to the openSUSE Linux Desktop. Ever since the advent of the graphical user interface we have been immersed in a world of pointers, mouse movements and clicks.

With all this ease of use it is easy to forget that it can often be quicker to trigger something using the keyboard than to navigate through an array of menu options. In this chapter we will look at the use and configuration of these shortcuts in the context of the openSUSE GNOME Desktop. 1 Viewing Keyboard Shortcuts 2 Changing a Shortcut 3 Disabling a Keyboard Shortcut 4 Summary.

The GNOME desktop has a set of predefined actions to which a keyboard shortcut may be assigned. By default some of these actions already have a key sequence assigned to them. Viewing Keyboard Shortcuts. Other actions are disabled by default. This is a concept known as either keyboard shortcuts or keyboard accelerators. As a user you have the power to view the current shortcut settings, change or disable currently configured shortcuts and to assign shortcuts to disabled actions.

To view the current configuration select Computer- Control Center- Personal- Shortcuts. The following dialog will subsequently appear listing the current keyboard shortcut settings. The shortcuts are broken down into categories; Sound, Desktop and Window Management. The above figure shows the Desktop shortcut category. Scrolling through the list will give you a good overview of which shortcuts are currently configured and which key sequences are assigned.

Changing a Shortcut. A new shortcut may be assigned to an action simply clicking on the current shortcut value in the list. The current setting will change to New accelerator. At this point press the key sequence you wish to associate with the corresponding action. For example, you might want to assign Ctrl H to the Home Folder action such that pressing Ctrl H causes the file manager to open at the current user s home folder. Note that if you press a key sequence that is inappropriate for use as a shortcut a warning dialog will appear instructing you to make a different selection.

Disabling a Keyboard Shortcut. A keyboard shortcut may be disabled simply by clicking on the shortcut in the Keyboard shortcuts dialog and pressing the Back Space key. The selected shortcut will subsequently display a Disabled status. In this chapter we have taken a brief look at configuring and managing keyboard shortcuts in the context of the openSUSE GNOME desktop.

When mapping keyboard shortcuts in settings, you cannot really use the option key for any shortcuts. It seems it is reserved for macOS use for functions like special characters é ñ and other functions opt tab. Any way around this. hoolihoop The workaround right now is to use a keyboard layout that does not have hidden diacritics like the ones you mentioned ñ, ā, é, etc. Simply put, these key inputs are not reserved for macOS only, as Chrome is able to identify them, with the exception of two, and so can many other apps that can have custom shortcuts.

The Option key is a modifier key present on Apple keyboards. It is located between the Control key and Command key on a typical Mac keyboard. There are two Option keys on modern as of 2020 Mac desktop and notebook keyboards, one on each side of the space bar. As of 2005, some laptops had only one to make room for the arrow keys. Apple commonly uses the symbol U 2325 OPTION KEY 1 to represent the Option key. From 1980 to 1984, on the Apple II series, this key was known as the closed apple keyand had a black line drawing of a filled-in apple on it.

See command key for information about the history and the open apple. Since the 1990s, alt has sometimes appeared on the key as well, for use as an Alt key with non-Mac software, such as Unix and Windows programs; as of 2017, the newest Apple keyboards such as the Magic Keyboard no longer include the alt label. The Option key in a Mac operating system functions differently from the Alt key under other Unix-like systems or Microsoft Windows.

It is not used to access menus or hotkeys, but is instead used as a modifier for other command codes, and also to provide easier access to various accents and symbols. In this regard, it is akin to the AltGr key, found on some IBM-compatible PC keyboards. 1 Use of the Option key 1. 1 Alternative keyboard input 1. 2 Alternative buttons and menu items 1. 3 Common keyboard navigations 1.

4 Alternative mouse actions 1. 5 File downloads 1. 6 Miscellaneous 2 References. Alternative keyboard input Edit. The use of the Option key is similar to that of the AltGr key on European keyboards of IBM-compatible PCs, in the sense that it can be used to type additional characters, symbols and diacritical marks. The options available differ depending on the keyboard input locale that the user has selected.

For example, in the U. English keyboard input, Option a produces the å character, and Option 4 produces the cent sign. The Option key can also provide access to dead key functionality. For example, holding down Option while pressing will create a highlighted grave accent which will be added to the next letter if possible so if an e is then pressed, the resultant character is è. If an r is pressed instead, the two characters are not compatible so the result is r. The highlighted orange keys show the accents available from the combination of the Option key and the keyboard characters e i n u.

The accent then can be applied to associated letters both lower and uppercase. The additional characters a Mac will produce are a combination of both the Option key and the Shift key pressed down together. With this combination pressed the keyboard will now produce a different set or an uppercase version of the previous set in some cases. Notice that holding the shift key as well as the option key while pressing a letter key may create capital versions of what results when the same letter key is pressed while the option key but not the shift key is held.

Option a iqoption fora do ar in å. Option Shift a results in Å. Option c results in ç. Option Shift c results in Ç. Option o results in ø. Option Shift o results in Ø. Option results in æ. Option Shift results in Æ. The Option key is often used in conjunction with special keys like Tabdeleteand return to provide alternate functions.

For example, Option Return typically produces a line break that is not interpreted as a paragraph break. Alternative buttons and menu items Edit. The key is also used to provide for alternative menu items and buttons when pressed down. Safari, Finder - the Option key causes the Close Window menu item to switch to Close All Windows when pressed down. Consequently, clicking a window s close box with the option key depressed invokes close all as well. This functionality is a de facto Macintosh standard and available in numerous other programs.

Dock - the Option key causes the Hide and Quit menu items in the context menu of a Dock icon to switch to Hide Others and Force Quit. iTunes - the Create Playlist button switches to a Create Smart Playlist button. Holding Option and clicking the green Window Zoom button at the top-left forces the iTunes window into fullscreen view, rather than switching between the user-set window size and the iTunes Mini Player.

iPhoto - the rotate image button toggles between a rotate right and a rotate left. Menu bar items - the Sound icon will show Audio Device input output settings instead of the volume control slider, the battery item will show the condition of the battery, the MobileMe sync item will show the last sync date time of individual synced items and will offer additional menu items such as Sync Diagnostics, and the Wireless icon will show extended wireless network information and, in Mac OS X Lion, offer an item for launching a Wi-Fi diagnostic application when AirPort is connected.

The iPhoto example is an example of a control whose behavior is governed by a preference which is temporarily inverted by holding down the Option key. The preference in this case is which way to rotate the image If the user changes the default rotation direction in the Preferences to clockwise, holding down Option will make the button rotate counterclockwise instead, and vice versa. It is common for such controls that is, those whose behavior is governed by a preference to be invertible in this way.

Common keyboard navigations Edit. In text areas, the Option key can be used for quick keyboard navigation. Option - navigate to the previous next word. Windows equivalent Ctrl Option - navigate to the head end of current paragraph. Terminal equivalent Shift Home End Windows equivalent Home End Option Page up Page down - navigate caret up down a page.

Without the Option key, the Page up Page down keys let the page view scroll up down a page without moving the caret. Windows equivalent Page up Page down. Alternative mouse actions Edit. When keeping the Option key pressed when using the mouse, the mouse action can change behaviour. option-mouse clicking an application other than the current one, automatically hides the current application and switches to the clicked application. When dragging an item file in the Finder, or layer in Adobe Photoshop, for instancekeeping Option pressed will make sure you Duplicate something instead of moving it.

File downloads Edit. In browsers such as Safari and SeaMonkey, the option key can be used to download a file. Pressing down the option key when hitting return in the address bar causes the URL-specified file to be downloaded. Also, pressing the option key when clicking a hyperlink causes the link target to be downloaded.

Besides the option key methods, other ways of downloading includes right-clicking or ctrl clicking, in Macs a hyperlink to bring up a context menu, then selecting the appropriate download command, or pasting a URL directly into Safari s Downloads window. Some applications make unique uses out of the option key. Terminal including at least version 1. 6 - no longer true as of 2.

- Option arrows navigates between open Terminal windows in a loop. Usually, programs use Cmd and Cmd Shiftwhich are also supported for Terminal. Scroll bars including at least OS X 10. x - Option-clicking a scroll bar arrow can cause the view to jump to the next page instead of moving by a few lines. Option-clicking in the scroll bar can cause the view to jump to that position instead of jumping to the next page.

This behavior can be reversed in System Preferences Appearance. 6 and later with Boot Camp from Apple Inc. Startup Disk - Holding the Option Key at boot time activates a boot manager built into the firmware, where the user may choose from which drive partition to boot the computer from, including Mac OS and Mac OS X partitions or drives on PowerPC-based Macs, and Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows partitions or drives on Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X 10.

The built in bootloader can also boot other operating systems such as Linux; however, these are labeled as Windows in the bootloader. Just an annoing request. Maybe it isn t complicated to implement, but I m not a coder. It is the option to assign keyboard shortcuts to layer Blending modes not the brush. It would bring less distraction whyle painting you don t need to go into a drop down listand a faster workflow. I have a work around for this in photoshop, using actions and assigning shortcuts to them.

I think it should be usefull for other artist aswell. Thanks for all the great work you put into krita and sorry about my bad english. boudewijn KDE Developer. Posts 4905 Karma 20 OS. Re Option to assign keyboard shortcut to layer Blending mod. martinci Registered Member. Posts 6 Karma 0. Thanks for letting me know, oh and let me think about it. because I m using Strokesplus for triggering shortcuts.

Addition, Color, ColorDodge, Lighten, Multiply, Normal, Overlay, Saturation, Value orderd by krita. Some options Ctrl1 to Ctrl9 could be used I would oreder them in a diferent way the most used ones closer to Ctrl. hmmm not shure about other options yet, gonna thing about it. thanks for looking into this. so the most usefull are overlay, soft light, multiply, colordodge, color burn, color, lighten, darken. I think you don t need all the Layer Blanding modes having shortcuts, the most usefull ones know diferent artist can have diferent preferences, I ask and looka around a bit.

fits Ctrl 1 to Ctrl8 still need to think about them. thank you for the effort and the great work on krita. kamathraghavendra Registered Member. Posts 233 Karma 4 OS. Hi martinciHi Boud. Krita already has shortcut similar to Photoshop for cycling through blending mode for brush. example - ALT Shift M for multiplyALT SHIFT B for burn etc These shortcuts change blending mode of the brushes, we don t have shortcuts for changing layer s blending mode.

In Photoshop these shortcut are for both the brush and layer, these are tool specific in Photoshop. For example if the move tool is selected and user presses ALT SHIFT M the layer blending mode will be changed to multiply, and if the user has brush or painting tools active the brush blending modes changes to multiply leaving the layer blending mode as is. I think it will be good to have it like thata simple press of T to make move tool active and pressing the shortcuts for blending mode which are already present in Krita should change the blending mode of layers, and having brush tool active and pressing the shortcuts should change the blending mode of brush, This will help to keep the shortcut combinations low and also users wouldn t get confused by two - two shortcuts for same blending mode, user only has to remember one shortcut of the particular blending modethe blending mode will change according to the tool active.

So to summarize it will be like this - change layer blending mode with existing shortcuts when the move tool is active. -change brush blending mode when the brush tools painting tools are active. I m fine with this solution, I would have a workaround to make it fast using Strokesplus. but artist practically don t use this way to switch the layer modes, they create actions, which they trigger later with a shortcuts. Another option I forgot most of the time, you establish the layer blending mode after you create the new layer.

- change your brush blending mode - create new layer - while the new layer is created, it looks up the brush blending more and uses this mode - it makes the new layer the active layer already works this way - switches the brush blending mode to normal. But still for the workflow sake, separated keyboard shortcuts are a better solution, you can leave most of them unassigned, assign only the every time useful Multiply, Overlay, Color dodge. gdquest Registered Member. Posts 33 Karma 0.

Here, Photoshop s way of doing things works really well, and I don t see another approach working as well apart from those lovely context sensitive shortcuts, as blender does, but I guess it s out of the question at this point in krita s dev. In PS, you can - use the numbers on your keyboard to set opacity or flow values for the current selected tool. - use Shift Alt a letter to switch the tool to a given blending mode. - If the Move Tool edit or any selection tool is active, those shortcuts affect selected layers instead, allowing you to change the opacity and fill makes the content of the layer transparent but keeps the layer effects visible.

It s very efficient. That is something I really miss in Krita, because PS s move tool offers a way to Select, move layers and affect their properties. You do alignment and distribution in the same tool as well. The most important functions related to the layers position and visibility are contained in that one tool. I have also the think, that every action you do in a program should have a keyboard shortcut option, you don t need to assign them, artist will do, when they figure out their fastest workflow.

TheraHedwig KDE Developer. Posts 1781 Karma 10 OS. and to get around this annoing workflow. you create an action, where you switch the layer blending mode and then assign a shortcut to that action. at least thats how I do it and some other artists to I copied that workflow from them. I m just like why copy the annoing workflow, when you can have a cleaner, faster one no ones uses all the blending modes anyway Overlay, Multiply are the most usefull onec. Page 1 of 1 10 posts.

Board index Krita Development KDE Software Graphics Multimedia Krita Krita Development KDE Links Top Top. I like the keyboard shortcuts but sometimes when i go to a virtual drum set website and i want to use my keyboard I sometimes get redirected to either settings,the erase history window, the Vivaldi task manager etc.

Hello Vivaldi and Vivaldi members I would like to ask if there could be an option in the settings or besides the search bar to disable keyboard shortcuts in a site. I would like to just disable keyboard shortcuts in that site only not anywhere else. if there is already an option please let know how i can achieve that and if not please really consider adding that option as its an important option that should be in the browser. Thanks so much for those who read this far Have a good day or night.

RandomnessRobin Not exactly, but I think it does what you want. Then you can temporarily disable it and enable again when you are done with your drumming. That is great haha didnt know that lol there is just so much shortcuts that i dont really look thru them all. See, they ve thought of everything. In Settings Keyboard under Page, you can assign a hotkey to Disable keyboard shortcuts.

Apr 21, 2020 1. Currently there is no way to disable or manage keyboard shortcuts. The forum comes with some shortcuts built in and this messes up interactive content pages that require use of the keyboard. Please add a simple toggle in the ACP for enabling or disabling keyboard shortcuts site-wide. Current work-around to disable all keyboard shortcuts forum-wide.

Apr 21, 2020 2. blablafixer many thanks for the workaround. There should be an option in control panel to enable disable keyboard shortcuts. Option to Disable Keyboard Shortcuts. Matt SmithUser Posts 2. Nov 05, 2019 8 49 10 pm EST. Nov 05, 2019 8 52 38 pm EST. Polina KrasnoborcevaSupport Posts 928. Nov 06, 2019 8 08 11 am EST. Thank you for your message. You are right, you can assign the hotkeys that will work best for you.

Hotkeys can be reassigned in the Viewer Options. For the full list of hotkeys that could be reassigned is available here. I m glad to hear you ve figured out the issue. Please do not hesitate to post another message if you have more questions. Website time zone America New_York UTC -4. Overview Download Features Security Screenshots. Remote access Remote support Self-hosted server Mobile client Older versions.

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In such cases, it would be incredibly useful if teachers trainers can define with their game options section a keyboard shortcut for each answer option. At very least, adding support for keys 1-4 or arrow keys would be a big improvement.

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