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Daily article, Creative ideas,Book review, Movie review. a Industrial Engineering, Langlangbuana University Jalan Karapitan 116, Bandung 40261,Indonesia. b Mathematic, Bandung Institute of Technology jalan Ganesa 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia. We consider a public transport with government subsidy to encourage the sustainability of the transportation. The transportations revenue is determined by the maximum of the uptimes of the vehicle.

In this paper, we study a one dimensional maintenance policy for new vehicle which is characterized by age parameter. We consider that the degradation of the vehicle is affected by the age of the vehicle, and modelled by using a one dimensional approach. The owner performs both preventive and corrective maintenance actions, and the preventive maintenance action will reduce the vehicle failure rate and hence it will decrease the corrective maintenance cost during the life time of the vehicle.

The decision problem for the owner is to find the optimal preventive maintenance time of the vehicle of each subsidy option offeredby maximizing the expected profit for each subsidy. Topic Engineering and Technology Innovation. Job and Workload Analysis System for Civil Servants in North Sulawesi Province Made Krisnanda aAlfrina Mewengkang bParabelem Rompas b. a,b Faculty of Engineering, Manado State University, Indonesia. The realization of good, clean and dignified governance are important, yet hard to accomplished.

Reform of the bureaucracy is one solution that can realize increased efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and accountability of government. However, bureaucratic reformation program in Indonesia faces many obstacles. These symptoms could be seen from the arrangement of the system of government that is still abstract, yet detailed and overlap.

Such conditions lead to workloads that are not measurable and clear, confusing, using random procedure and difficult to justify. The Government of North Sulawesi province is one of many provinces that have these constraints. In 2014 Capital Jakarta made a policy to rearrange civil servants management which consists of three steps. First is job analysis, workload analysis, and the last one is adjustments to remuneration or allowances performance.

This arrangement includes all parts of civil service positions, both general echelon, and functional position. Currently, the government of North Sulawesi province already has their own framework for analyzing the position and the workload of employees. Job analysis step consists of eleven criteria. These criteria use as the workload assessment and calculation of the amount of allowances and remuneration of employees. Maintenance Policy in Public-Transport involving Government Subsidy Udjianna S.

Unfortunately, the Implementation of position analysis and workload of civil servants still manage manually based on paper. Many times the reports of many working units in North Sulawesi province could not finish at the end of the year. For example, even has been working through 2015, only 90 of civil servants performance reported to the capital. This effect monitoring and evaluation of civil servants works.

This study is intended to assist the provincial government in conducting job analysis and analysis of the workload of civil servants with a new computer-based system. Currently, the implementation of the analysis is done manually by paper and done by the whole agency and the existing provincial environmental agencies. In the initial phase, researchers will create a system that is compact and can be installed in each office. This system will facilitate provincial and central governments in determining the performance benefits of employees based on the results of job analysis and workload.

It is expected to shorten the time of filing form and analysis of the results of the charging data. Utilization of Beeswax Phase Change Material to Improve Solar Panel s Performance Razali Thaib aT. I Mahlia dMedyan Riza d. Azuar Rizal bSamsul Rizal aT. a Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Syiah Kuala University, Darussalam, Banda Aceh, 23111, Indonesia razalithaib at unsyiah.

id b Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Samudra University, Kota Langsa, 24416, Indonesia c Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Kajang 43000, Selangor, Malaysia d Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Syiah Kuala University, Darussalam, Banda Aceh, 23111, Indonesia. One of the main obstacles faced during the operation of photovoltaic PV panels was overheating due to excessive solar radiation and high ambient temperatures.

In this research, investigates the use of beeswax phase change materials PCM to maintain the temperature of the panels close to ambient. Solar panels used in this study has 839 mm length, 537 mm wide, and 50 mm thick, with maximum output power at 50 W. During the study, there were two solar panels was evaluated, one without phase change material while the other one was using beeswax phase change material.

Solar panels were mounted at 15o slope. Variables observed was, temperature of air that came in and out from PV panels, temperature of solar panel s surface, output voltage and current that produced by PV panels, wind speed around solar panels, and solar radiation. Meanwhile, for solar panels with beeswax phase change material, maximum temperature solar panels surface is relatively low ranging between 33-34 oC, and its electrical efficiency seem to increase about 9. Techno-Economic Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant For Small Scale Fish Processing in Kota Langsa - A Case Study HamdaniSyamsul Bahri Widodo, T.

Azuar Rizal. The fishermen groups in the village of Kuala Langsa conducted fish processing either from catches and aquaculture. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Samudra University, Kota Langsa, Aceh, 24416, Indonesia warek2 at unsam. The fish processing facilities comprises small-scale ice factory unit, gutting unit and cutting, drying unit, and curing unit. Fisheries are leading sectors in the municipality of Langsa, with the hauled capacity reached approximately 6,050 tons year, whereas from the fish-aquaculture sector, averagely obtained around 1,200 tons year.

The research shows that maximum temperature of solar panels surface without phase change material is ranging between 46-49 oC, and electrical efficiency is about 7. Observation was started at 07 00 and ended at 18 00 o clock. Availability of energy and electricity costs during the production process has become major constraint experienced by the fishermen group that suppressed the capability of increasing their production and income.

In this study, the potential and cost-effectiveness of photovoltaic solar power plant to meet the energy demand of fish processing units have been analysed. Energy requirements at the fish processing units has been estimated to be 130 kW and the proposed design of Solar photovoltaic electricity generation at the capacity of 200 kW with the requirement of the area around 0,75 hectares 1. Given the location of fish processing units is quite close to the location where the fish supply auctioned, then the analysis is made using the assumption that the installation of photovoltaic panels was done on the roof OTR of the building, compared to the installation of solar power plants outside the location OTL.

From the analysis, it has been found that for the installation of OTR, the levelized cost of energy is IDR. 115 per kWh, considering 25 years of plant life at 10 discount rate, with simple payback period of 13. As for OTL, levelized energy obtained IDR. 997,5 per kWh, with simple payback period of 9. Pasaribu bYuza bayu bLaura Eswin bHennie Husniah a. DESIGN HOUSE WITH LOCAL ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPT FOR LOW-INCOME PEOPLE IN THE CITY GORONTALO Kalih Trumansyahjaya aLydia S.

a Faculty of Engineering, Gorontalo State University Jalan Jenderal Soedirman No. 6 Kota Gorontalo, Provinsi Gorontalo 19628, Indonesia. trumansyahjaya at gmail. com b Faculty of Engineering, Gorontalo State University Jalan Jenderal Soedirman No. The provision of houses for low-income people who do not have a home worthy of being one of the major problems in the city of Gorontalo, because the community in establishing residence only pay attention to their wants and needs, regardless of the creation of a healthy environment, the beauty of the city and environmental planning residential suite with culture.

In connection with these conditions, then that becomes the focus of this research is based designs residential local architecture livable so it can be reached by a group of low-income people with the shape of the house and the neighborhood is determined based on the development of family, social and economic conditions of society and the environment into account local culturePlanning the design of housing for low income people is inseparable from the form of the local conditions in the local architecture.

Analysis of the model homes for low-income people using descriptive analysis, Hierarchical Cluster Analysis, and discrimination analysis to produce a prototype of the house and its surroundings. The prototype is then reanalyzed to obtain the model home for low-income people in the city of Gorontalo. The shape of a model home can be used as a reference for developers of housing intended for low-income people so that housing is provided to achieve the goals and the desired target group.

THE STABILITY OF CLAY USING VOLCANIC ASH OF MOUNT SINABUNG AT NORTH SUMATERA WITH CALIFORNIA BEARING RATIO CBR VALUE Ika Puji Hastuty, Roesyanto, and Samuel M. A Napitupulu. Department of Civil Engineering, Universitas Sumatera Utara. Clay is a type of soil which needs to be stabilized. Soil stabilization is an attempt to change or improve the engineering properties of certain lands in order to qualify certain technical.

In this study, soil stabilization conducted a soil stabilization chemically with ingredients mixing volcanic ash. Volcanic ash has a high silica content which is equal to 85. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of volcanic ash towards the CBR value, to determine the effect of curing time 1 day and 14-day mix of the value of CBR, and search content of the mixture with a long ripening effective to produce the greatest value of CBR.

From this research, the types of soils including CL Clay - Low Plasticity based classification USCS and classified as A-6 6 based on the classification AASHTO with the most effective stabilizer mixture material is a mixture of 10 volcanic ash variation in curing 14 days. With rising levels of volcanic ash, the CBR value always rises to the level of 10 volcanic ash then decreased and the constant mix of volcanic ash were higher but still above the original soil CBR.

Software Size Measurement of Student Information Terminal With Use Case Point Dede Kurniadi 1,2Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars 2Hilmi Aulawi 1. 1 Informatics Engineering, School of Technology Garut Jl. Mayor Syamsu No. 1, Garut 44151, Indonesia 2 Doctor of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University Jl. Kebon Jeruk Raya No. 27, Jakarta 11530, Indonesia. Student Information Terminals S-IT is an independent academic service information system for students, this service makes it easy for students to obtain academic information in real time about the transcript of academic achievement, finance, course, attendance, exam, lecturer, card examinees and announcements academic.

To find out how well the S-IT is in terms of software size, then needed a measurement. The measurements used in this paper using the method of Use Case Point. One of the approved software metric which can measure our software size based on functionality is Use Case Point UCP. The results of the measurement of software size S-IT shown that the project has a small size, the software has a value of UCP 96. 767 estimate effort, has the development time 1,452 hours or equivalent 9 months 1 week and have development costs Rp.The aims of measurement software size SIT with the use case point is to help make decisions about the implementation of a software development project in terms of the estimated time, costs, and people.

DESIGN OF THE VOLUME MEASUREMENT DEVICE USING ULTRASONIC WAVES BASED ON MICROCONTROLLER Diky Zakaria, Yoyo Somantri, Tjetje Gunawan, Ade Gafar Abdullah. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. The aim of this study was to design a digital volume measuring device using ultrasonic wave-based microcontrollers as well as to know the strengths and weaknesses of these tools. The method used is an experimental method which consists of a field study and identification of the problem, the study of literature, consultations with specialists, design and manufacturing, testing in the field, the analysis of the test results, make improvements appliance if something goes wrong, do retesting and preparing reports and journal.

From the results of test in a cylindrical-shaped container with radius of 7. 5 cm and height of 15cm and cube-shaped container measuring 17. 5 cm with the liquid used is water, tea and milk, error presentation of measurement results obtained by 0,733554 with the absolute error average 7,702333 ml. From the results above it can be concluded that the volume measurement device using ultrasonic waves based on microcontroller is functioning properly to measure the volume of liquid in a cylindrical and cube container.

Adsorption Performance of Activated Carbon Particles Produced from Rice Straw Waste Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto, Rosi Oktiani, Rena Zain. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate the adsorption performance of activated carbon particles that prepared from rice straw waste. In short of the experimental method, the activated carbon particles were produced by burning rice straw waste. Then, the burned rice straw waste was put into the activation process by adding alkali solution.

The result showed that the present method is effective to prepare activated carbon particles. The adsorption analysis showed that the prepared carbon is prospective to be used for adsorbent since their ability for adsorbing large organic molecule. PHOTODECOMPOSITION PROFILE OF CURCUMIN IN THE EXISTENCE OF WO3 PARTICLES Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto, Rena Zaen, Rosi Oktiani.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the stability of curcumin solution by adding the amount of tungsten trioxide WO3 particles as a photocatalyst. In the experimental method, we compared the stability of curcumin when interacting with WO3 microparticles under light irradiation. The photostability performance of curcumin was conducted for 24 hours using 100 W of Neon Lamp. The results showed that additional WO3 into curcumin solution had significant impact.

When curcumin without existence of WO3 was irradiated, no change in the curcumin concentration was found. However, when curcumin solution was mixed with WO3 particles, decreases in the concentration of curcumin was found. The concentration of curcumin added with WO3 after light irradiation was about 77. Based on the results, we concluded that the curcumin is relatively stable against light. However, its light-irradiation stability decreases with additional inorganic material. A portable and low-cost equipment for analyzing concentration of liquid-phase material Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto, Rena Zaen, Rosi Oktiani.

A Comparative Analysis of Extract, Transformatian and Loading ETL Process J. Runtuwene, I. Engineering Faculty Manado State University. The development in information systems makes data production increasing rapidly. This development will produce a very large of data which popular called as Big Data. Business Intelligence BI is present to utilize big data to analyze and produce important information.

The result will support the decision-making process. A process is needed to integrate existing data and information into the data warehouse. This data integration process is known as Extract, Transformation and Loading ETL. In practice, many applications have been developed to perform ETL processes but to specify which are more effective and efficient in terms of time, cost and power cannot be ascertained.

Therefore, this research is present to provide recommendations on it. This research will use a case that implement in Microsoft SQL Server Integration Service SSIS and Pentaho Data Integration PDI. Five comparative criteria have been determine to differentiate the ETL process in 2 tools indicated. Lighting Quality Improving Work Thoroughness of Sorting Operators Anizar, Erwin, Ikhsan Siregar, Idhar Yahya, Elsa Putri.

Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan 20155, Indonesia Department of Accounting, Faculty of Economic and Business, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan 20155, Indonesia. This study observes work thoroughness of sorting operators in quality control station in drinking bottle industry. Operators sort the bottles manually using naked eyes to decide whether the bottles have some defects or not.

Bottles that are dirty, cracked, chipped or have water volume that are different from other bottles will be taken by operators. Low light intensity in quality control station cause high numbers of defect bottles pass the inspection. The standard by Government of Indonesia Health Ministerial Decree No 1405 Year 2002 that work performed continuosly needs 200 luxs of lighting. Illuminance level measurement is conducted for five days at 09.

00 o clock using luxmeter on four measurement points using grid of 1m x 1m. In this study, the average light intensity in quality control station 1 and 2 is 59. 30 luxs and 52. The number of defect products that pass the inspection in quality control station for 5 days of observation are 2,676 bottles or 55. 47 from the total defect products, while the number allowed by the company is only 5.

The correlation between illumination factor in quality control station 1 and defect products that pass the inspection is calculated moment Iqoption api documentation correlation product and the results are ŷ 292,885-1,317x and r -0,3147, while in quality control station 2 the results are ŷ 524,077-4,919x and r -0,6329. The higher illumination level, the lower the number of defect products that pass the inspection, which means operators work thoroughness improve.

VERNACULAR ARCHITECTURE IN CULTURE Study of Traditional Procession to Build Gorontalo Traditional House on Vernacular Architecture Kalih Trumansyahjaya aLydia S. 6 Kota Gorontalo, Provinsi Gorontalo 19628, Indonesia trumansyahjaya at gmail. In general, traditional people build vernacular architecture derived from hereditary heritage that is delivered as it is.

The vernacular architecture grew out of folk architecture, born from ethnic societies and anchored to ethnic traditions. Thus, this vernacular architecture is in line with custom, life views, lifestyles and has a distinctive appearance as a reflection of a nations culture which can be symbolized socially, environmentally and meaningfully in sociological approaches in the form of social facts, social definitions and social behavior.

The study was conducted on the study of social-cultural process in traditional Gorontalo house building activity which aimed to create social symbol, environment and meaning through social activities in Gorontalo people. In addition, this study aims to reveal the relationship between vernacular architecture with the social-cultural activities that exist in the process of building traditional houses Gorontalo. The main problem of this research is how the relationship between vernacular architecture with the process of building traditional house of Gorontalo can be used as a symbol of social culture related to social-cultural activities in Gorontalo people.

This research uses qualitative method with field research which requires overall picture obtained by approach on real groups to achieve naturalness in the process of building traditional houses Gorontalo. Methods of data collection by conducting interviews, observation and documentation. The results of this study will show many meanings and symbols on social activities that exist in the process of building traditional houses Gorontalo.

Ear Protection for Packaging Operators to Alleviate Noise Exposure from Production Machine Anizar, Khawarita Siregar, Idhar Yahya, Laurent Monica. An observation on noise exposure is conducted in packaging station in frozen food industry. Packaging process is perfomed automatically where frozen nugget and frozen sausage fall from packaging machine and hit the valve wall of the machine, producing noise. Packaging machine is used in weighing process and packaging of frozen nugget and sausage.

There are 5 operators working in packaging station, each operators s distance from the source of the noise differs from the other operators. 1 operator control the weighing process and 4 operators move the frozen nugget and sausage packages from the conveyor into the box. Operators complain of having difficulty to communicate and quickly feel tired, which makes the nugget packages accumulate at the end of the conveyor. The upper limit of noise allowed by Government of Indonesia Health Ministerial Decree number 261 year 1998 is 85 dB for 8 hours of work daily.

Noise measurement is conducted for 6 days at 11. 00 o clock using sound level meter at 5 measurement points. Measurement point 1 is on the place where the nugget packages fall, point 2 and 3 is at the early part of the conveyor, while point 4 and 5 is at the end of the conveyor. In this study, the highest noise level is on the place where the frozen nugget fall, 104.

1 dB, whereas the lowest level of noise is at the end of the conveyor, 84. Stages of this research includes five 5 stages, including the identification phase characteristics Gorontalo people of low income, the characteristics of the identification phase house inhabited by low-income people, the stage of identification preference low-income households, the phase formation house prototype and the environment, as well as the stage of formation model home for low-income people.

Operators around the noise area must use earplug or earmuff to reduce the noise up to 20-25 dB. Electrical Properties of soil at Rubber Plantation in West-Anjir Serapat, Central Kalimantan Indonesia Mimin Iryanti1, aEleonora Agustine2, Ahmad Aminudin1, Satria Bijaksana3, Wahyu Srigutomo4, Tedy Setiawan3. 1Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Jalan Dr.

Setiabudhi 229, Bandung 40154, Indonesia. 2Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Padjadjaran Jalan Raya Bandung Sumedang Km 21, Jatinangor, Jawa Barat, 45363 3Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia 4Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Institut Teknologi Bandung Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia. Rubber plantations can grow optimally when it is planted at the precisely of the altitude and latitude, in addition soil of rubber plantation also has unique characteristics.

Typical soil characteristics are caused by the physical properties of the soil. This study aims to examine the electrical properties and water content of soil in rubber plantations at West Anjir Serapat Village, in Central Kalimantan Indonesia. The soil samples were collected by using Hand Auger drill with 4cm diameter along 450cm.

Measurement of electrical properties and water content using EM50 with sensor 5TE per cm. Both of these parameters were analyzed to the depth. The results showed there were two distinct electrical properties layers. The upper layer to 197 cm associated with the high conductivity layer 2. 48 dS m and up to 197 cm associated with the low conductivity layer 1. 16 dS m moreover the results of water content on soil of rubber plantation had a range of 0. The profile of both parameters showed that both electrical properties and water contents were decreasing with the depth.

CBR value generated by a mixture of 10 volcanic which brooded for 14 days was 8. The effect of alkaline concentration on coconut husk crystallinity and the yield of sugars released a. Arief Widjaja. Department of Physics, Sam Ratulangi University Manado b. The data showed that the alkaline application on lignocellulose could transform the crystallinity whose XRD peaks increased highly, which indicated that cellulose was more opened and exposed.

Department of Chemical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya Corresponding Authors email arief_w at chem-eng. After pretreatment, the chemical compositions iqoption api documentation, hemicellulose and lignin were changed significantly. This work was to analyze the coconut husk structures treated by alkaline whereby its concentrations were altered from 1 until 4 over the yield of sugar released from polysaccharides.

When alkaline concentration was added to 4the cellulose was decreased slightly, which indicated that a part of cellulose and hemicellulose was dissolved into solution. The employing 1 alkaline, the cellulosic content inclined that was the biggest increase compared to that of non-pretreatment. It was found the crystallinity of substrate conducted by alkaline pretreatment influenced on the biochemical reaction in producing the reducing sugars.

The products liberated enzymatically of coconut husk treated by 1 alkaline and 4 improved if compared to that of native solid. PERSPECTION OF CAMPUS CITIZEN IN WASTE MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY at UIN SUNAN AMPEL SURABAYA Erry Ika Rhofita1, M. 1 Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya Email erryikarhofita at rocketmail.

Ahsan2, Slamet Mulyono Redjosari3. com 2 Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya 3 Faculty of Philosophy and Ushuludin UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. The purpose of this study is to review the initial planning of 3R based waste management system at UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya which is related to the level of knowledge and perception of campus residents. A qualitative approach is used to obtain data from parties who have decision-making authority related to programs and policies.

This research is a form of combination research, which uses quantitative and qualitative approach in one research activity. Method of data retrieval is done through observation, interview, focus group discussion, literature study and documentation. Quantitative approach to obtain data derived from environmental users lecturers, education personnel and students. The results showed that 1 the level of experience of the campus residents greatly affect their perceptions related to the 3R based waste management system; 2 perceptions of s decision-making authority determine the level of awareness of lecturers, education personnel, and students to manage waste in accordance with Law No.

8 of 2008 and Government Regulation No. 81 Year 2012; and 3 support of decision-making authority related to suggestions and infrastructure and regulations on the waste management system directly has a positive effect on the perceptions of lecturers, education staff, and students. Studying the relationship between compatibilizer and impact strength of PLA PP blend by using DOE Pattanun Jariyakulsith, Somchai Puajindanetr.

In the present, we have become increasingly concern about the environment since we mostly use the products of polymer that can not degradable in natural which may cause the problem of plastic waste and also the problem of oil shortage in the near future. Because polymer are produced from the petroleum industry. Polylactic acid is derived from the corn starch or sugar cane which are the renewable resources. Thus, this research interested in green materials for replacing the usage of commodity plastic called polylactic acid PLA.

In addition, polylactic acid is widely use in many industries because of its good mechanical properties. However, it also has the weak points such as brittle and low impact strength. Impact strength and toughness were characterized. So this research aims to improve the impact strength and toughness of polylactic acid by blended with polypropylene PPusing the design of experimental method to study the relationship between the polypropylene-grafted-maleic anhydride as a compatibilizer and dicumyl peroxide as an initiator to the properties of PLA PP blend.

The result showed that 1 the impact strength of PLA was increased after blended with polypropylene because the compatibility between PLA and PP was improved by adding the polypropylene-grafted-maleic anhydride. 2 the polypropylene-grafted-maleic anhydride had more effect to the properties of PLA PP blend than the dicumyl peroxide.

For the future, PLA could have more applications and could formed by various ways of polymer processing without the limitations of brittle and would have the new green materials that response to the needs of consumers. THE MECHANISTIC APPROACH FOR LONG LIFE PAVEMENT CONSTRUCTION Rama Syaputra Usman, Ary Setyawan. Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta. In assessing the performance of pavement one method often used is a mechanistic method with the assumption of pavement into a structure of multi-layer structure for flexible pavements and a structure of beam on elastic foundation for rigid pavement.

With the traffic load work on it, which in this case is regarded as an evenly static load, then there will be tension stress and strain on the structure. Stress, strain and the deflection is the response of the pavement material experienced loading. This is closely in order to predict the performance of the pavement structure and predict the service life that will be useful in planning program of rehabilitation and maintenance of the pavement.

The performance assessment indicators are often used for flexible pavements is fatigue cracking and permanent deformation rutting. This study was aimed to evaluate and analyze the performance of flexible pavements at Pulau Indah street Kupang in predicting the future damage and designing the right treatment for maintenance and rehabilitation. Cable Driven Cart-Rail Robot for Farm Automation Abel V.

David, Harish T. AMMACHI Labs Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Amrita University India. Vertical farming is an innovative method to grow crops in vertical stacks within a controlled environment. It reduces crop failure compared to traditional farming and increases production of crops using automation.

In the proposed system, iqoption api documentation cart-rail robot is used to automate different farming tasks. Unlike a conventional system that usually uses rack and pinion or is limited to 1 Degree Of Freedom DOF motion, the proposed system uses a cable that actuates the entire motion of the cart providing 2 DOF motion. A cart attached with four spherical wheels slides on a dual shaped U rail track and is pulled using a haul cable.

As it works like a Cartesian robot, the motion of the cart is constrained to the XY plane and further constrained to the rail. The rails are laid out in columns with a single row. Vertical shelves stacked with crops are kept beside the column rails. The motion of the cart through each axis is controlled by a capstan transmission drive. The position of the cart is sensed by quadrature encoder coupled to the motor.

Physical modelling is done to represent the dynamics of the cart. A closed loop linear feedback controller was designed using state-space representation and the gains were selected using pole placement method. 1cm accuracy in braking distance was achieved, for the cart-rail robot to transit from the row rail onto the column rail.

Velocity is limited to the range of 0. 2m s for the given payload of 20kg. It was observed that a steady state in breaking distance is achieved with an overshoot of 0. This paper also discusses preliminary trials conducted by mounting a pesticide sprayer mechanism on the cart to validate the tracking effectiveness of the designed controller. A study of the variation in braking distance due to change in payload was done.

UTILIZATION OF MULTIMEDIA LABORATORY AN ACCEPTANCE ANALYSIS USING TAM Merriam Modeong; V. Manado State University. The world of technology in this century is developing innovations using multimedia. Besides being used for applications and animation, multimedia is also used to present a creative and fun learning. Thus, multimedia is often utilized by teachers to present a learning materials.

Learning that delivered by multimedia enables people to understand the information of up to 60 of the learning in general. To applying the creative learning to the classroom, multimedia presentation needs a laboratory as a space that provides multimedia needs. This study aims to reveal the level of student acceptance on the multimedia laboratories, by explaining the direct and indirect effect of internal support and technology infrastructure. Technology Acceptance Model TAM is used as the basis of measurement on this research, through the perception of usefulness, ease of use, and the intention, it s recognized capable of predicting user acceptance about technology.

The data analysis using path analysis that focuses on trimming models, it s performed to improve the model of path analysis structure by removing exogenous variables that have insignificant path coefficients. This study used the quantitative method. The result of this study will describe the variables that have a direct and indirect effect on acceptance of system s users. Study Program Database using Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling FCO-IM Gladly Caren Rorimpandey, Ferdinan Ivan Sangkop.

Teknik Informatika Universitas Negeri Manado. A study program is the core of the university. Every data in the university should come from their study programs. Informatics is the one of study program in Manado State University UNIMA that has a lot of students and popular even it just started around 1 year. It means data of that study program will always be increased. Fully Communication Oriented and Information modeling FCO-IM is the modeling approach which based on facts.

The primary objectives of this research are to provide high-quality conceptual model and database system with high performance. In this paper, we developed from verbalization, classification, qualification, define constraints, derivation of a relational schema until database system which is used SQL Server as the Database Management System. In-Process Prediction of Surface Roughness in Aluminium Turning Atitaya Chaijareenont and Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen.

Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. A turning process is one of the most necessary processes which are widely used to produce parts in manufacturing industry such as mechanical and automotive parts. Surface roughness has been used to consider the quality of parts. Nevertheless, surface roughness cannot be measured during the turning process at the same time as there are many factors affect the surface roughness.

Hence, the objective of this research is to propose a developed model to predict the in-process surface roughness of aluminium Al 6063 during the turning process by using the cutting fore ratio. The cutting conditions which affect the surface roughness have been examined in this study. In the case of this research, the dynamometer is employed to generate a signal while turning.

The cutting force signals are amplified through the charge amplifier before digitization and calculation in the computer. The cutting force ratio, which is the ratio of feed force to main force, is applied to develop the in-process surface roughness model which cooperates with the various cutting conditions of the cutting speed, the feed rate, the tool nose radius, the depth of cut and the cutting force ratio. The surface roughness model is developed based on the experimentally obtained results by employing the exponential function.

The multiple regression analysis is utilized to calculate the regression coefficients with the use of the least square method at 95 confident level. It is proved by cutting tests that the in-process surface roughness is able to be predicted and obtained with high accuracy and acceptable for turning process in the industry.

Effect of Germanium Concentration Variation on Tunneling Current Calculation of Si Si1-xGex Si Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Lilik Hasanah, Endi Suhendi and Khairurrijal1. Jurusan Fisika, FPMIPA Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Jl. Setiabudhi No 229 Bandung Telp 62 022 2504548 1 Kelompok Keahlian Fisika Material Elektronik Program Studi Fisika, FMIPA-ITB Jl. Ganesa 10 Bandung 40212, Telp. 62 022 2511848.

Tunelling current calculation on Si Si1-xGex Si heterojunction bipolar transistor is done by including the coupling between transversal and longitudinal components of electron motion. This analytical tunneling current model is then used to study how the germanium concentration in base to Si Si1-xGex Si heterojunction bipolar transistor influence the tunneling current.

It is obtained that tunneling current will increase as the germanium concentration given in base decrease. The calculation result shows that the coupling between kinetic energy in parallel and perpendicular to Si1-xGex barrier surface affect tunneling current significantly when electron velocity is faster than 1x105 m s. TENSILE STRENGTH OF COCONUT FIBER WASTE AS AN ORGANIC FIBER ON CONCRETE Jeffrey Andre Delarue, ST.

Felly Ferol Warouw, ST. Jurusan Pendidikan Teknik Bangunan Fakultas Teknik Universitas Negeri Manado. Coconut fiber waste as waste material from processed fiber making from coco fiber is generally just thrown away and burned. This waste still has fiber properties with size 5 - 7 cm and diameter ranging from 0. This study aims to treat waste so as to obtain fiber that can be utilized as organic fiber in fiber concrete. The fiber diameter used in the study was 0.

Further examined the chemical content and tested tensile strength. The results showed that the chemical content of the fiber, namely hemicellulose 7. 46cellulose 42. 90 and lignin 41. The tensile test result gives an average tensile strength value of 18. 2 N with an average tensile stress of 117. 46 MPa with a standard deviation of 25. ANALYSIS OF TEACHER S ICT LITERACY IN VOCATIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY EXPERTISE PROGRAM Nurhabibah. departemen techology and vocational education postgraduate school Indonesian University of Education UPI.

Information, Communication and Technology ICT had influenced on educational field as channel or vehicle which is used in learning and teaching process. ICT or more well-known as technology information and communication comprise two aspects, namely information technology and communication technology. Information technology related to process, usage as aid device, manipulation and management of information. Meanwhile, communication technology comprise the use of aid tool to process and transfer data from one device to another device.

ICT is an integral entity related to processing, manipulation, management and transfer of information. Utilizing ICT in learning and teaching process is benefit and facilitation for a teacher, so it create learning and teaching process e-learning which is effective, increase students creativity, and grow independent learning. However, in applying ICT in Vocational Secondary School, often find unreadiness of human resource teachers.

This unreadiness is caused by teacher habit in learning which tend to satisfy with traditional pattern direct teaching. The habit is very influential to teachers self-confidence and competence in utilizing ICT in vocational school suited with age, gender and educational level. Whereas, integrating ICT into application of ICT based learning is an urgent thing for a teacher without age limit.

Design methodology of study is descriptive survey. Sample of study are 30 teachers who are selected randomly from Public and Private Vocational Secondary School. Instrument of study consist of test and non test. Test instrument is ICT basic competence test for vocational secondary school teachers in the form of ICT literacy questionnaire, whereas non test instrument is data collection adapted from ICT Literacy Questionnaire. The aim is to find out the level of ICT literacy usage in teachers learning process in vocational secondary school.

Consumers Perceptions on Electricity Energy Saving in Residential Area A Survey from Makassar, Indonesia Yusri Syam Akil, Saiful, Sri Mawar Said, and Imran Taufik. Department of Electrical Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Gowa - 92171, Indonesia; Department of Industrial Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Gowa - 92171, Indonesia; STMIK Handayani, Makassar - 90232, Indonesia. In general, consumers perception and behavior can affect the usage level of electricity energy in one place.

Thus, knowing perception and behavior of consumers are an important variable such as to design appropriate energy conservation program for residential sector in one country to keep balancing between supply and existing electricity demand in power systems. As consumers perception and behavior on energy saving can be different at certain place, this research aims to identify and to analyze urban consumers perceptions in relation to efficiency of electricity energy usage in residential area in Indonesia.

Here, focus on the observed household is house with installed power capacity 900 VA and above. To achieve the aims, a survey using questionnaire is conducted for 400 household in Makassar city as a case study. The designed questionnaire is mainly measured consumers perceptions about saving energy regarding the usage of lighting, air-conditioner ACand refrigerator in their homes. Next, statistical approach is used to analyze obtained data from respondents.

It is expected output of this research can give more insight in understanding residential consumers perceptions level on electricity energy saving which may use by power utility and or policy maker as a reference in designing iqoption api documentation program for energy conservation and in developing demand model for load forecasting in Makassar, Indonesia. a School of Postgraduate Studies, Parahyangan Catholic University Jalan Merdeka No.

30, Bandung 40177, Indonesia maria. The Implementation of Lean System for Research Process in Higher Education Maria Fransiska Hanna aCatharina Badra Nawangpalupi b. id b Department of Industrial Engineering, Parahyangan Catholic University Jl. 94, Bandung 40141, Indonesia. Lean is one of philosophy of manufacturing process improvement which continuously identify and reduce waste.

Ciumbuleuit No. Lean has been used in many industries especially in production system. But it can also use in office or service sector. This paper addresses these issues by proposing a case study on lean implementation in research administration process. By using value stream mapping, it s possible to identification waste on research administration process and make the improvement. The identification of business innovation in a manufacturing supply chain Catharina Badra Nawangpalupi, Maria Widyarini.

Industrial Engineering Department, Parahyangan Catholic University Jl Ciumbuleuit 94 Bandung 40141, Indonesia. Supply chain management is a set of techniques and approaches used for efficiently managing the relationship between suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, distributors and retaiers in order to produce and distribute products at the right quantities, to the right locations, and at the right time. Managing supply chain is the role for every related chain, and the role and business alignment are key issues for successful management process.

This paper presents an implementation of lean thinking in independent research activity. In many cases, the chains consist of small, medium and large companies that have different business capabilities. This paper aims to investigate the characteristics of every chain in a manufacturing sector and to identify what innovation implemented by every chain to ensure an effective supply chain management. The research was carried out using a case study approach in automotive two-wheel industry, combining literature review and in-depth interview.

The findings showed that innovation is adopted by each chain relative to their business capabilities and the driver for innovation is to comply with the brand-owner manufacturer standards. The success of the business innovation in the supply chain mostly is a top-down approach and is related to the commitment of business owners or top managers. Ionic Liquid-based Mediated Lipid Extraction from Microalgae Botryococcus braunii Heli Siti Halimatul Munawaroh aHanny Fitriani aGun Gun Gumilar aSiti Aisyah aAhmad Mudzakir aAsep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto aAsri Peni b.

a Program Studi Kimia, FPMIPA Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Jl. Setiabudhi No. 229, Bandung 40154, Jawa Barat-Indonesia heli at upi. edu b Departemen Biologi, Universitas Padjadjaran Jl. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of using ionic liquid cis-oleyl imidazolinium acetate IL on total lipids recovery and fatty acids composition of microalgae Botryococcus braunii extracted by organic solvents alone or in combination with IL by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry.

Raya Bandung-Sumedang, Hegarmanah, Jatinangor, Sumedang 45363, Jawa Barat-Indonesia. Percentage lipid extract from each 0. 5g of dry biomass for each solvent is 52. 05 using methanol, and 17. The total lipids extracted using methanol, and methanol chloroform 1 2 was compared with the lipid extracted by IL in combination with methanol, and methanol chloroform 1 2 as co-solvent. 59 using methanol chloroform 1 2. In addition, the IL-based extraction recovered a 73. 40 using methanol and methanol chloroform 1 2 as co-solvent, respectively.

GC-MS analysis showed that the combination of IL with methanol as co-solvent recovered more diverse fatty acid compared to the combination of IL with methanol chloroform 1 2and organic solvent-based alone. All in all, the existence of IL with proper co-solvent assisted the total lipid recovery and fatty acids in Botryococcus braunii and might be for other high lipid content microalgae.

Mechanism of Community Participation as a Model of Sustainable Tourism Area Development Case Study In Manado Coastal Area Dr. Eng aJeffrey Andre Delarue, ST. a Jurusan Pendidikan Teknik Bangunan Prodi Arsitektur Fakultas Teknik Universitas Negeri Manado ferolwarouw at yahoo. com b Jurusan Pendidikan Teknik Bangunan Fakultas Teknik Universitas Negeri Manado. Manado city with ideal coastal tourism potential and located in the center of the worlds coral triangle.

Currently Manado is developing sustainable coastal tourism development policy. Sustainable tourism must be able to adapt to the condition of society without ignoring the environment. The extent to which the process of development of sustainable development is determined by the role of community participation involved in the development of tourism. This study attempts to identify the level of community participation involved in tourism development in the coastal area of Manado Bay to be a model of sustainable regional development.

The findings of the community participation level will be translated into a development model as a new mechanism in a sustainable development approach. The level of community participation in tourism development in Manado City is measured in the form of quantitative research in the form of questionnaires to community based on the level of community participation developed by Sheery Arnstein with purposive sampling technique.

The level of participation developed by Sheery Arnstein successively from the low level of high Manipulation, Therapy, Informing, Consultation, Placation, Partnership, Delegaten Power, Citizen Control. The results revealed that the level of community participation in tourism development in the Malalayang coast of Manado Bay was at the consultation level. The level of consultation shows that the government invites public opinion after being informed to the public and there has been a two-way dialogue between the government and the community.

The community has provided input and active discussion through the two way dialogue. Although there has been a two-way dialogue, but this way the success rate is low because there is no guarantee that community concerns and ideas will be noticed. The findings of the level of participation were then developed into a model of sustainable tourism area development mechanism.

Community Participation For Sustainable Tourism Model In Manado Coastal Area Felly Ferol Warouw aProf. Alamsyah MS bDr. Hutomo, APU c. com b Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia c Penelti Indonesian Seagrass Foundation. Manado city with coastal tourism potential which is at the center of the worlds coral triangle are in the process of development of tourism -based development.

The development process is determined by the role and participation of the people residing the area of development. a Fakultas Teknik Universitas Negeri Manado ferolwarouw at yahoo. The measured level of community participation in the form of quantitative research in the form of a questionnaire to find the level of community participation based on a review theory Sheery Arnstein through purposive sampling approach.

Fatherly support the research process is then performed in order to reveal the extent of community participation in Manado tourism development especially in the area of the Gulf coast of Manado. The level of participation is a row of low level ketinggi namely ManipulationTherapyinformingConsultationplacationpartnershipDelegaten PowerCitizen Control. The study found that the level of community participation in tourism development in coastal Manado bay is at the level of consultation.

The level of consultation indicate that the government invited public opinion after the given information to the public and there has been a two-way dialogue between government and society. Felly Ferol Warouw, SH. Although there has been a two-way dialoguebut this way the success rate is low because there is no guarantee that the concerns and ideas of the community will be considered.

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