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Learning stage is done with parameters initial learning rate of 0. 5 and the total number of iterations of 1000. The testing stage is performed using the weights generated at the learning stage. The result shows KL-Grade 0 has an accuracy of 36. 21accuracy for KL-Grade 2 is 40,52while accuracy for KL-Grade 2 and KL-Grade 3 are 15,52and 25,86.

The weakness of this system is still not able to classify KL-Grade 4. INTERNET-BASED SMART HOME PROTOTYPE W. Abdullah2, W. Departemen Pendidikan Teknik Elektro, Fakultas Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. As technology develops rapidly, automation system is often used in daily life. For instance, it is installed in houses for comfort, security, and energy conservation by controlling the houses remotely. Internet-based smart home prototype in this study is designed to apply s smart home system that works automatically and can be controlled manually via internet network using module ESP8266-12e.

This system generally controls lamps and solenoid valves as water faucets. The method employed in this study is experiment consisting of observation, problem identification, literature study, expert judgment, tool planning and designing, tool field test, test results analysis, and report and journal making. The results show that this system works well and can be controlled either automatically or manually through a website.

Dispatcher Training Simulator in Thermal Power Generating Dadang Lukman Hakim, Ade Gafar Abdullah, Yadi Muyadi, Bahtiar Hasan. Departemen Pendidikan Teknik Elektro Fakultas Pendidikan Teknologi dan Kejuruan Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Jl. Setiabudhi 229 Bandung 40154, Indonesia. Dispatcher training simulator DTS is a realtime controlling software based on Human Machine Interface HMI that is able to visualize control system processes in the industry. This study aims to develop a boiler simulator on thermal power plant.

This DTS prototype is designed using power plant boiler technique data in Indonesia, which is then implemented in Wonderware Intough 10 software. The simulator produced will be completed with component picture, animation, control interface, alarm system, real-time trend, and historical trend. This application used 26 tagnames and is coming with system security. After going through several testing processes, the real time control principles can function well.

It is expected that the results of the study can be a useful feeback for thermal plant, particularly an application as a simulator of training of beginner dispatchers. Propertis Porous Asphalt used Quarsite Dolomite Stone with Buton Natural Asphalt after Loading firdaus chairuddin. Atmajaya university makassar. The lot deposite of quarsite Dolomite stone as local material from sea location in banggai island in half Sulawesi of Indonesia was still not be exploited better,Some reseach in the field of road construction showed that Domato stone was power full enough when mixture asphalt structure,permeable asphalt pavement or porous friction cource is commonly knows as poroius asphalt the porous pavement used in japans the pavement consists in a porous overlay allowimg rain water to flow down,Quality porous asphalt was depolove to drain water,where test indired tensile strength 0,0673 for asphalt quality 3 and 0,2370 for asphalt quality 5 ,Cantambro test Loss weigth 77,10 for asphalt quality 3 and Loss weigth 9,70 for asphalt quality 5.

Topic Engineering Education. DESIGN LEARNING PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BASED ON THE EXPECTED LEVEL OF COMPETENCY Ricky Cahyasari Putra, As ari Djohar, Asep Hadian Sasmita, Amay Suherman. Vocational High School prepares students to be ready to work in a particular field, one of them the mechanical engineering. Department of Mechanical Engineering is required to produce a competent and professional labor. Then, in the process of analytical study conducted practicals to print professional and competent graduates.

Just as long as this practice is felt still less effective and efficient. The lack of effectiveness and efficiency caused by yet the existence of a reference standard regarding the implementation of practical, practical procedures, time and cost of competency attainment lab course. The expectation from this research is the raw formulation implementation of practical mechanical engineering which consists of procedures, the time and cost of teaching based on the robo para opções binarias iq option 2020 level of competency.

With the existence of reference procedures, time and costs expected holding of its learning practical can run effectively and efficiently in producing graduates who are competent and professional competency standards to which the basic competency of study itself. The effect of learning methods and student creativity to the learning outcomes programmable logic controller Fransikus Royke Seke. Universitas Negeri Manado Dosen Universitas Negeri Jakarta Mahasiswa S3-Prodi Teknologi Pendidikan.

This research was to understand the effect of project-based learning method and simulation learning methods and the level of creativity of students to the learning outcomes Programmable Logic Controller PLC. This research was carried out in the Lab. Electrical Engineering Education of State University of Manado, using experimental research method with treatment design by level 2x2.

The data were analyzed by variance analysis. The result is 1 learning outcomes of the PLC group of students are using project-based learning method is higher than the simulation methods. 2 there is a significant interaction beetween learning method and the level of creativity of students to the learning outcomes of PLC, 3 on the group of students who have high creativity, learning outcomes of the PLC of students are project-based learning method is higher than simulation learning method, 4 in the group of students who have low creativity, learning outcomes of the PLC students who are project-based method is lower than using simulation methods.

Designing Virtual Laboratory of Quality Control of Agroindustry 1. Fauzi Ramdani 2. Sri Handayani. Post Graduate of Technology and Vocational Education, Indonesia University of Education Bandung, Indonesia 2. Departement of Agroindustry Technology Education Indonesia University of Education Bandung, Indonesia. Virtual Laboratory is a format of human and computer interaction where a laboratory environment is simulated and users can connect and move the world.

Virtual labs can be opened anytime and anywhere and can facilitate learners in doing interaction especially in practical activities. This study aims to design a virtual laboratory to support the process of learning practicum of agroindustry quality control. The method used in the design of agroindustry quality control laboratory is object oriented methodology. Virtual laboratories that are designed, tailored to the competencies that must be possessed by learners and computer-based learning model.

The design of virtual labs uses adobe flash and html applications containing materials, modules, tutorials, simulations, and evaluation of agroindustry quality control practices. Virtual Laboratories designed are expected to improve learnerss understanding in studying practicum materials in Agroindustry Quality Control laboratory. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Jl. 229, Cidadap, Isola, Sukasari, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40154 Telepon 022 2001197.

The Correlation Between Creativity and Design Furniture Product Ability Retna Sari. This article talks about students creativity in designing the furniture product. The creative element to make a design are thinking, study progress, creating, the memory made, and imagination. This study uses creativity test and questioner to collect data in order to research stage of creative development from the sample.

The result shows that creative ability will help the student develop the inner potential that goes along with their gift and specialty. Identifying and nurturing the creative potential is relevant in design education, to find innovative solutions and alternatives in designing the furniture product. Students with creativity will become productive human, they can develop many ideas in a fast-changing world. GENDER BIAS IN THE WORKPLACE SHOULD WOMEN BE MARGINALIZED IN ENGINEERING JOB.

Yusuf Kurniawan and Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni. Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta. Although gender-mainstreaming has been echoed by governments of many countries, gender bias at the workplace is still ubiquitous. The research in various countries, including in Indonesia shows that women tend to be marginalized in technical jobs. Gender-stereotype, in which women are positioned in jobs relating to domestic sphere still occurs. Such practice shows the unequal opportunity to certain positions and career development.

Research observing women marginalization in the workplace viewed from the end-users have not been widely done. This article discusses about gender bias in the workplace from the perspective of the end-users of vocational higher education in terms of first, the views of entrepreneurs towards certain job positions whether they are more appropriately occupied by male or female employees graduating from vocational schools, second, the companies policies in the salary payment regarding male and female employees graduating from vocational schools, and third the availability of companies policies in fulfilling the gender needs for male and female employees graduating from vocational schools.

This research was conducted in Sragen Regency, Indonesia. The primary data were collected through in-depth interviews to 10 entrepreneurs, comprising of 5 men and 5 women who manage different companies whereas the secondary data were collected through documentation studies. The research result shows that both men and women as entrepreneurs have a gender-biased view of the position of women and men within the companies.

This research uses gender analysis. As a result, women s salary tend to be lower than that of men for the same job and the companies were still not responsive to the different needs of women and men. In other words women are still marginalized in engineering job. Accordingly, local government should supervise the companies to implement gender mainstreaming in the workplace, especially in the employees career development.

The local government should also award rewards to companies implementing gender equality and otherwise it should also give punishment to companies which have marginalized women in the workplace. Toolpath Strategy and Optimum Combination of Machining Parameter during Pocket Mill of Plastic Mold Steels Material Yohanes Tri Joko Wibowo, S.Satriyo Yudi Baskoro, S. T Manurung, MT. Plastic materials are present in almost every aspect of life.

Plastic goods are getting worldwide and spread all over the country. The ability of plastic materials to substitute other materials are getting stronger and wider that impact on the increasingly broad aspect of competition within production process. This makes the use of plastic materials increasingly unavoidable. The use of plastic materials for mass production requires the existence of injection and injection process as well Mold.

In this research, the milling process of plastic mold steel material done using High Speed Steel end mill. Study on the effect of the geometry tool states that it has an important effect on the quality improvement. End mill is cutting tool that is currently still widely used in class of small and medium enterprise due to its ability to be resharpened and relatively inexpensive.

The number of osteoarhtritis patients in Indonesia is enormous, so early action is needed in order for this disease to be handled. This paper aims to investigate input parameter and cutting tools behaviors within some different tool path strategy applied in milling process. Cutting speed, feed rate, depth of cut and also nose radius are input parameters beside to the tool path strategy.

Surface roughness becomes important because by achieving the expected quality, no more additional process is required within the milling process. Response studied is surface roughness and cutting behaviurs. The optimal combination of machining parameters will give the expected roughness, safe cutting temperature and reduced cutting time. However actuality, not all SMEs are concerned with this. Experience in reactor physics laboratory exercises using Kartini reactor to support the development of future NPP personnel in Indonesia Syarip, Puradwi Ismu Wahyono.

Center for Accelerator Science and Technology CASTNational Nuclear Energy Agency BATAN. The experience in using Kartini nuclear research reactor for education and training programs mainly for reactor physics laboratory exercises is presented in this paper. Currently, there are 8 universities using the Kartini reactor for education and training programs on reactor physics aspects.

During the past 5 years shows the increasing number of students acquire practical skills in nuclear reactor physics laboratory exercises using Kartini reactor. The program components include an application of nuclear power plant NPP functional simulator and computer modeling. The material for exercises is in line with the national NPP program where currently the experimental nuclear power reactor is being developed at Puspiptek research center in Serpong complex.

For illustration, a computer simulation for reactor criticality is described and results from practical experiments are presented. Software packages and procedural guides have been developed for reactor power and control rod worth calibrations, criticality experiment, experiments to study the xenon stability, neutron flux measurement, reactor start-up shutdown operations, etc. The substance of the exercise materials was complete enough, but from the implementation aspect still, needs to be further enhanced.

In conclusion, it has been demonstrated that the implementation of education and training program using Kartini reactor has a good performance and it was an important role in developing human resources in nuclear reactor field for the country. It is hoped that in the future, Kartini reactor will contribute to regional nuclear education and training programs. Design of Intelligent Robot as a Tool for Teaching Media Based on Computer Interactive Learning and Computer Assisted Learning to Improve the Skill of Learner M.

Syariffuddien Zuhrie 1 Luthfiyah Nurlaela 2 Meini Sondang Sumbawati 3 Suparji 4. 1 Jurusan Teknik Elektro 2,3, 4 Program Studi S3 Pendidikan Vokasi Universitas Negeri Surabaya Kota Surabaya, Indonesia. Abstract The development of robotics in Indonesia has been very encouraging. The barometer is the success of the Indonesian Robot Contest Kontes Robot Indonesia.

In the contest no less than 40 major universities in Indonesia took part. The focus of research in the first year is a teaching module manufacturing, planning mechanical design, control system through microprocessor technology and maneuverability of the robot. Computer interactive computer and computer assisted learning strategies is a teaching strategy that emphasizes the use or the use of computers and learning aids assisted learning in teaching and learning activity. this research the development model used is the 4-D model.

4-D Model consists of four stages Define Stage, Design Stage, Develop Stage, and Disseminate Stage. This research was conducted by applying the research design development with the aim to produce a tool of learning in the form of intelligent robot modules and kit based on Computer Interactive Learning and Computer Assisted Learning at the Department of Electrical Engineering to improve the skills of learners. From the data of the Indonesia Robot Contest during the period 2009-2015 can be seen that the modules that have been developed have reached the fourth stage of the research methods of development that disseminate methods.

Socialization questionnaires showed that levels of student majoring in electrical engineering competencies image currently only limited to conventional machines. So that, the module is perfect, ready to be duplicated and distributed as learning devices subject of intelligent robot courses. The average assessment is 3. 34 validator included in either category. Modules developed can give hope to the future are able to produce Intelligent Robot Tool for Teaching Based on Computer Interactive Learning and Computer Assisted Learning to improve the skills of learners that can be applied to the field.

Results of student responses also showed a positive response to the module of robotics and computer-based interactive learning assisted learning developed. The use of augmented reality-based geometry learning media for junior high school students Dedi Rohendi; Sandi Septian. This model suggested by Thiagarajan, Semmel, and Semmel 1974. Therefore, a learning innovation is needed to overcome students difficulties in learning geometry. Space geometry is still considered as a difficult subject matters by some junior high school students, especially in understanding 3-dimensional space objects.

In this research is implemented augmented reality-based geometry learning media. The results showed that the use of learning media geometry able to improve the ability of junior high school students. The Effect of Principal Leadership Behavior on The Teacher s Performance of Public Vocational Schools in Manado city H. Angmalisang, S. Angmalisang, T. This research aims to describe and analyze the effect of principal leadership behavior on the teacher s performance of public vocational schools in Manado city.

The research method is survey method using quantitative approaching. The population is all teachers of public vocational schools in Manado city, which is 184 teachers, and the sample is 65 teachers. The used sampling method is proportional stratified random sampling and it uses the formula of Taro Yamane or Slovin. The data of principal leadership behavior, and teacher s performance of public vocational schools in Manado city are taken using questionnaire with Likert scale.

The hypothesis testing uses simple regression and correlation analysis. The result of the analysis is there is significant and positive effect of leadership behavior on the teacher s performance of public vocational schools in Manado city. Thus, it may be concluded that the improvement in principal leadership behavior such as leadership ability and maturity can be an example and role model, as well as transformational that will improve the professionalism of teachers in performing their duties so that the teachers performance will automatically improved; so that efforts to improve teacher s performance cannot be separated from a very significant influence of this independent variable.

Analysis of Quality of Service at Akademi Keperawatan Bethesda Tomohon s Network Christo Elwin Wongkar, Sondy Campvid Kumajas. PTIK, Faculty of Technic, Universitas Negeri Manado Jalan Kampus FATEK Tondano 95618. This study aimed to analyze the quality of the internet network services on the WAN at Akademi Keperawatan Bethesda Tomohon.

Telkom Indonesia. This study uses Action Research and use three applications for data collections. Subjects were the Speedy network provided by PT. While the object of research is on two existing ADSL modem. The study was conducted at rush hour on Monday through Friday. All three applications that used to be run jointly, each will count parameter of QOS Quality Of Servicenamely Throughput, Delay, and Packet Loss.

Data analysis performed aims to know the quality of the existing network and to diagnose problems that can be used as a references for the qualitys improvements of the internet network at Akademi Keperawatan Bethesda Tomohon. Educational Facilities to Support the Achievement of Vocational Competencies for Children with Special Needs Johar Maknun, MS Barliana, Diah Cahyani.

Departemen Pendidikan Teknik Arsitektur FPTK Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. The achievement of vocational competencies for CSN Children with Special Needs involve facilities that meet the requirements in accordance to the characteristics of vocation and type of abnormalities. For a child who is orthopedically handicapped, they need a building that is less use of a ladder, preferably a one-story floor. When more than one floor, there should be a lift or a ramp can be passed by a wheelchair.

There is a therapeutic room that supports self-development and accessibility. Bathroom and toilet should be wheelchair accessible. For children who is visual impairment, the physical facilities associated with building should minimize the use of ditches and floor height differences variations, avoided a pointed and tapered angle walls. School furniture wherever possible with a dull angle. Due to support the achievement of vocational competencies, needs practice room in accordance to the field of vocation.

THE EFFECT OF INTEREST, IQ AND MOTIVATION TO LEARNING RESULTS STUDENTS OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING EDUCATION DEPARTMENT FACULTY OF ENGINEERING UNIMA 1 Hendro Maxwell Sumual, 2 Deivy Musa Ombuh. Department of Mechanical Engineering Education Faculty of Engineering Manado State University. The main problem to be studied in this research is Learning Result. The purpose of this research is to know influence between Interest, Motivation and IQ to result of learning.

The method used in this research is survey method with quantitative approach and analyzed using path paradigm, population in this research amount 66 responder so that sampel taken counted 63 respondents. Data collection techniques used were by questionnaire, special tests for IQ and documentation for learning outcomes. The results of this study found significant and positive influence between 1 interest variables t 5,508motivation t 1,763 and IQ t 4,318 on Learning Outcomes, the result of t 126.

The Comparison Between Standing and Sitting in The Activity of Measuring Substance in Steel Manufacturing Factory Anizar, Ikhsan Siregar, Khawarita Siregar, Nurul Atikah. Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan 20155, Indonesia. This study observes workers activity in warhouse doing substance measurement.

There are 6 workers observed doing the measurement manually with sitting and standing working posture. Standing workers use stainless steel squeegee with the length of 222 cm, while sitting workers use short handle shovel with the length of 15 cm. Both workers complain of pain in different body parts. In this study, pain complains and arterial pulse are measured, work posture is rated and work load is categorised.

Workers complain of pain is measured using Standard Nordic Questionnaire. Arterial pulse is rest arterial pulse and work arterial pulse using Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure, while work posture is observed using video camera. Workers with sitting work posture complain of pain in 25 of their bodies, whereas standing workers complain of pain in 17. The same pain is experienced at lower part of the neck, upper right arm, and waist.

Work energy consumption in sitting position is bigger than 350 kkal per hour, which is categorised as hard work. 86 of their bodies. This is caused by the lack of work facility and not suitable for workers body dimension. Sitting work posture has bigger score ranging 5-9, whereas standing work posture only ranging 2-4. 95, whilst workers with standing work posture have the value of CVL around 40. This means the measuring activity of substance performed by workers in steel manufacturing factory is better done in standing position.

Workers with sitting work posture have the value of CVL around 76. Standing work posture is better robo para opções binarias iq option 2020 sitting work posture viewed from pain experienced, category and classification of work load, and work posture score. WISNU Weather Indicator and Simulator for educatioN Unit Candra Nur Ihsan, Agit Zulharman, and Ginaldi Ari Nugroho. Indonesian National Intstitute of Aeronautic and Space LAPAN Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional.

WISNU Weather Indicator and Simulator for education Unit is a prototype of weather chamber for education purpose that able to simulate several weather phenomena in the atmosphere such as drizzle, heavy rain, thunder, and whirlwind. WISNU are also able to indicate real time weather and display inside the weather chamber based on near real time weather data.

This instrument are intended for researcher or teacher to demonstrate the process of several weather phenomena to the society or student. WISNU is consist of control unit, actuator unit, display unit, and chamber unit. Control unit consist of micro controller and sensor for calculating and command task sequence. The command signal then interpret by actuator unit to simulate the weather process. The weather process are all execute inside a cube shape 30 x 40 x 90 cm chamber.

Display unit will be the interface between user and control unit, User can also conduct a step by step weather simulation to gain further knowledge of the weather development process. Display unit is also consist of information about the weather process and user guideline. WISNU will give a benefit of real experience on weather process simulation for the user the gain more knowledge on the atmosphere and weather system.

A Model of Improving the Quality of Vocational Education through the Utilization of SIA Based On Information Technology in North Sulawesi Louisa Kandoli aDjoko Kustono bEddy Sutadji b. a Universitas Negeri Manado louisa_kandoli at yahoo. com b Universitas Negeri Malang. A Model of improving the quality of vocational education through the utilization of SIA based on information technology in North Sulawesi has been investigated.

One effort in improving the quality of vocational high school SMK in North Sulawesi is the utilization of SIA based on information technology. The objective of this research is to obtain a model of improving the quality of SMK through the utilization of SIA based on information technology in North Sulawesi. The results showed that the utilization of SIA based on information technology is 0.

Model SIA based on information technology can improve the quality of education of all the SMK located in North Sulawesi. The method used survey and observation of all the SMK in North Sulawesi especially program of family welfare education, interview with the head of the SMK, and modeling of SIA. The model will be implemented in future studies to obtain significance of SMK education quality improvement.

IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERACTIVE LEARNING MEDIA ON STUDY OF BUILDING CONSTRUCTION TO INCREASE STUDENT LEARNING RESULT ON SKILLS OF DRAWING BUILDING TECHNIQUE PROGRAM IN SMKN 3 KUNINGAN Shopiatur Rochmah, Usep Surahman, Nuryanto. Study of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. This background is based on the observation in the study of building construction at SMKN 3 Kuningan.

The teacher uses textbook to explain the material to the students. To resolve the problem conducted research on the classroom action using interactive learning media based on Macromedia Flash 8. This is commonly used by the teacher with the lecture method, so it focuses on the teacher explanation and passive in learning. This research aims to know the process of applying interactive learning media to student learning result on the subjects of building construction in Building Materials Engineering Program in SMKN 3 Kuningan.

Classroom action research PTK was held in two cycles, in each cycle there are stages of implementation are as follows 1 Planning 2 Action 3 Observation and 4 Reflection, the action stage was given a pre-test and post-test. Data collection technique used in the form of pre-research activities observationquestionnaires, documentation, and tests. The instruments used were pre-research activity guide sheets, expert material validation lattice sheet, questionnaire validation of media expert, student questionnaire responses to instructional media, student attitude assessment instrument, and test instrument latticework.

Qualitative and quantitative descriptive analysis was employed. The results of this study indicate that the subjects of building construction by using interactive learning media can improve the result of student learning. Viewed in the first cycle student learning result have increased 17,12 from the pre-test and post-test. In the second cycle, there has has an increase of pre-test and post-test value 18,86. So that can be analyzed with gain score in cycle I 0,21 and cycle II 0,36. The increase of learning results can be concluded that student s learning completeness is classified as complete with very high interval increase.

There is an increase in the value of the affective aspect of each cycle. The results of this study is reinforced by a questionnaire of student responses, that most students choose that interactive learning media is appropriate for learning media of Building Construction subject. Implementation of Blended Learning Model for Computer Aided Design CAD Subject in Higher Education A Preliminary Study RH Putra, M Komaro, Purnawan, Y Sukrawan.

Department of Mechanical Education, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. This research is motivated by the lack of learning time and course credit SKS but the learning materials is relatively more for Computer Aided Design CAD subject. CAD is a professional subject in university that requires students to be able in operation and implementation of CAD software technology in the field of engineering.

The objectives of this research is to describe the ideal learning syntax for the implementation of Blended Learning model with Google Classroom software to meet the requirements of CAD subject, and to explain the learning outcomes with the implementation of blended learning model using Google Classroom software in higher education. This preliminary research used pre-experiment method by using one group pretest-posttest design.

Based on the results of the study, the implementation of blended learning with Flipped Classroom type and Google Classroom software in CAD subject can improve student learning outcomes with Normalized Gain N-gain score in high criteria. The learning syntax for the implementation of blended learning model with Google Classroom software in CAD subject based on Flipped Classroom type are 1 Self-paced learning, 2 Live event-collaboration, 3 Association-communication and 4 Assessment-performance Material support, with integration between online learning and face-to-face learning in classroom.

Low Cost Otomasi Industri Training Kit Berbasis IoT Node Sensor Didin WAHYUDIN, Zainab Fauziyyah Ruhiyat, Dadang Lukman Hakim. Saat ini pengembangan media pembelajaran berbasis IoT dengan harga yang murah sangatlah dibutuhkan. Harga peralatan praktikum yang mahal mengakibatkan lembaga pendidikan tidak memiliki fasilitas laboratorium yang memadai sehingga peserta didik sering kali tidak dapat menyelesaikan permasalahan nyata di dunia industri.

Pengembangan teknologi seperti Internet of Things IoT dapat dimanfaatkan di bidang pendidikan sebagai media pembelajaran yang cedas dan inovatif serta dapat digunakan oleh banyak peserta didik. Dalam penelitian ini menggunakan RFM69 sebagai modul receiver serta Arduino Pro Mini sebagai kontroler sehingga dapat menghasilkan IoT Training Kit dengan berbagai kelebihan namun dengan biaya yang relatif murah.

Blended Learning with animation-based multimedia of Corrosion and Coating Process Yusep Sukrawan, Enda Permana, Mumu Komaro Agus Solehudin. The purpose of this research is to create blended learning with animation-based learning media of corrosion processes in the subject of corrosion and coating. swf file that can be directly installed and accessed on personal computer. The media produced is a learning media program in the form of.

This development research R D was started with concept exploration to find out the necessary product model, followed by its development through many test steps expert judgment, limited test, and application test and correction procedure until the proper product was determined. The last step was an experimental process to validate the product. IMPLEMENTATION OF MODEL-BASED LEARNING ISO 17025 in Vocational High School Mukhidin, Abur Mustikawanto, Tuti Suartini, Bahtiar.

The problems are growing today at SMK West Java is less readily as graduates enter the world of industry. Therefore, it is required ISO standards based learning in SMK. Learning in the lab is a must and is typical in SMK. But not all have learning standards and implemented in vocational, as required for learning in SMK.

Vocational learning in the laboratory according to the standard ISO 17025 is the governments efforts so that graduates are ready to work in the industry. Based learning requires the integration of practice and theory together. Therefore, in this paper the researchers reveal this problem. Through this learning vocational students are accustomed to learning in the laboratory will be the same as working in the industry.

This research was conducted by using descriptive analysis by comparing the two schools on the concentration of subjects electronics. Results of research conducted in SMK 1 cimahi shows that based learning with the iso 17025 standard has been implemented very well when compared to SMK 1 Cirebon. At SMK 1 cirebon lack of implementation of learning is due to various reasons. Topic Innovation in Teaching and Learning.

THE DESIGN OF MECHATRONICS SIMULATOR FOR IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF STUDENT LEARNING COURSE IN MECHATRONICS Jaja Kustija, Hasbullah, Yoyo Somantri. Learning course on mechatronics specifically the Department of Electrical Engineering Education FPTK UPI still using simulation-aided instructional materials and software. It is still not maximizing students competencies in mechatronics courses required to skillfully manipulate the real will are implemented both in industry and in educational institutions.

The purpose of this study is to submit a design of mechatronic simulator to improve student learning outcomes at the course mechatronics viewed aspects of cognitive and psychomotor. Learning innovation products resulting from this study is expected to be a reference and a key pillar for all academic units at UPI in implementing the learning environment. The method used in this research is quantitative method with the approach of Research and Development R and D.

Steps being taken in this study includes a preliminary study, design and testing of the design of mechatronic simulator that will be used in the course of mechatronics in DPTE FPTK UPI. Results of mechatronic design simulator which has been in testing using simulation modules and is expected to motivate students to improve the quality of learning good study results in the course of mechatronic expected to be realized.

IMPACT OF DISCOVERY LEARNING MODEL WITH A SCIENTIFIC APPROACH IN UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPT OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY Dara Agstiana, Dr. Usep Surahman, Prof. Barliana, Dr. Johar Maknun. Environmental education EE has been recognized as one of the keys to achieve a sustainable development. The Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 agreed to implement Agenda 21, which required countries to develop national-level sustainability indicators and also called for a new orientation of all education for sustainability.

Following the Earth Summit, intense interest in education as a tool to empower society for environmental action and sustainable development has been on the rise. Many agencies, institutions, and non-governmental organizations established education efforts, not just for young people, but for everyone in society. More recently, the United Nations also declared the United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014.

The core goal of the above decade is to integrate the knowledge and values of sustainable development into all aspects of learning and to encourage changes in behavior which will lead to a more sustainable society. This study aims to embed sustainable education in vocational education, especially in Vocational High School in Indonesia in order to increase students awareness about energy efficiency.

The sustainable education implemented through discovery learning model with a scientific approach in order to support sustainable development. The pilot project studies one-group pretest-posttest design experimental study with a purposive sample n 33 students. Discovery learning extends real learning experiences about the importance to understand the concept of energy efficiency. Thus, it can be useful for students to break the back of environmental problems, especially for operational energy efficiency in the future.

The results were obtained and will be explained in the full paper. The Effectiveness of Application of Interactive Multimedia Based Motion Graphics on Making Fashion Design Learning In Digital Form Winwin Wiana a. The effects of proposed sustainable education program were evaluated by the questionnaires which were conducted before and after the program. a Fashion Education Study Program Indonesia University of Education, Jalan Dr. Setiabudhi 207 Bandung, Indonesia winwinwiana at upi.

This study is a research and development aimed at developing multimedia interactive learning based animation as an effort to improve student learning motivation in learning Fashion Design Technology, apart from this study also aims to design a learning program courses Fashion Design Technology with a focus on optimizing the use of interactive media in learning process.

From this study showed 1 A preliminary study found that, the problems faced by students when studying Fashion Design Technology is the student is not optimal when learning designing clothes based computer technology both in terms of learning content, learning mechanisms that still uses a linear media, and limitations of highly structured learning time. 2 Animation multimedia has the following characteristics a media of learning is convergent, interactive, self-contained in the sense of giving convenience to users without the guidance of others, as multimedia applications can present the material to see more interesting and informative.

3 Design of multimedia learning software developed include the creation of flowcharts, storyboards and drafting manuscript of interactive multimedia based animation, 4 Based on the results of the processing of data proved that the application of interactive multimedia-based motion graphics have the ability to increasing mastery of concepts and fashion designing skill in digital format, on Fashion Design teacher candidates. The implication of this research is the positive impact of the use of interactive multimedia based motion graphics in improving learning outcomes the manufacture of digital-formatted fashion design.

ASSESMENT PERPORMANCE OF MEASURING CREATIVE THINGKING SKILL ON SUBJECTS PRAKARYA JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Henni Ratnasusanti ,aAna A 2,b. a Graduate Student Study Program PTK UPI, Bandung West Java, 40154, b Postgraduate Lecturer Study Program PTK UPI, Bandung West Java, 40154 Email a henniratna72 at gmail. edu UNIVERSITAS PENDIDIKAN INDONESIA. com, b ana at upi.

The aim of the research is to apply performance assessment in measurement skill of creative thinking Junior High School students on subject Prakarya. Student interaction, behavior and also studying are part of assessment. It has main performance, there are task and rubics. Assignment or task shows the students ability in skills which form by the outcomes and the criteria of assessment shows the explanation of student outcomes itself.

The accomplishment of creative thinking in this research is focused on fourth main pillars, there are; association, questioning, observing, and experimental. Each of aspects can be reach as category good, medium, and less. Quasi Experimental Design is the method that used in this research. Computer and Informatics Engineering Department Politeknik Negeri Jakarta.

Qurban is one of the rituals of worship for Muslims where slaughter of animals qurban in the form of goats sheep,cows buffaloes and camels to be dedicated to God, with the aim of getting closer to God. Qurban is one of the 5th grade subject of Fiqh Islamic elementary school. One of the problems faced by educators from PKP Jakarta Islamic School is that many learners are difficult to understand the material of Qurban. By utilizing multimedia technology in the learning process, it would be better if the learning media made with more interactive and help learners in understanding the material Qurban.

They are based on three aspects of creative thinking, including fluency, flexibility, and originality. In this interactive learning media, the Qurban material is delivered using 2-dimensional animated video. In the process of making, 2-dimensional animation is using 9 of 12 principles of animation. From the results of questionnaires distributed to 30 respondents class 5 elementary and 4 educators in MI PKP JIS, it can be concluded that the character design and environment get the mean value 4 which states that the design has been in accordance with the story of the animated story.

While the animation to get the mean 4 which means the animation has been appropriate and is good. ANDROID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT IN ENHANCING JLPT LEVEL 5 N5 JAPANESE KANJI ABILITY Nuria HaristianiDian Bayu Firmansyah. Language and Literature Education Faculty, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia Jl. Setiabudi no 229, Bandung 40159, Indonesia nuriaharist at upi.

This study aimed to develop a media for improving the way for learning and memorizing Japanese kanji using an Information and Communication Technology ICT using a model in android application. Different from other media, this media designed as user friendly for students who willing to learn independently using smartphones. We also examined the impact of the present application on student ability for improving and memorizing basic level Japanese Kanji, which is equivalent to Kanji standard on Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 5 N5.

Further, this media was technology-based and equipped by some features such as Learning step, Practice step, and Test step which is equipped with time counting feature. To confirm the performance of this media, the study was completed with pre-experimental method and questionnaires. Research subjects were students of national university majoring Japanese language in Indonesia.

The results of pre-experimental test showed that the use of this media improved students ability for learning and remembering Japanese Kanji. The questionnaires showed positive responses from students that the media was attractive, user friendly, and useful for learning and memorizing Japanese Kanji. Learning Application of Astronomy Based Augmented Reality Using Android Platform Berry Maleke, Debby Paseru, Rubby Padang. Teknik Informatika, Fakultas Teknik Universitas Katolik De La Salle Manado.

Astronomy is a branch of science involving observations of celestial bodies such as stars, planets, nebular comets, star clusters, and galaxies as well as natural phenomena occurring outside the Earths atmosphere. The way of learning of Astronomy is quite varied, such as by using a book or observe directly with a telescope.

But both ways of learning have shortcomings, for example learning through books is only presented in the form of interesting 2D drawings. While learning with a telescope requires a fairly expensive cost to buy the equipment. This study will present a more interesting way of learning from the previous one, namely through Augmented Reality AR application using Android platform. Augmented Reality is a combination of virtual world virtual and real world real made by computer.

Virtual objects can be text, animation, 3D models or videos that are combined with the actual environment so that the user feels the virtual object is in his environment. With the use of the Android platform, this application makes the learning method more interesting because it can be used on various Android smartphones so that learning can be done anytime and anywhere.

The methodology used in making applications is Multimedia Lifecycle, along with C language for AR programming and flowchart as a modeling tool. The results of research on some users stated that this application can run well and can be used as an alternative way of learning Astronomy with more interesting. Design and Fabrication The Pipe Welding Trainer for Groove Joint in All Welding Positions Asep Hadian Sasmita, Inu Hardi Kusumah.

Indonesia University Of Education. The process of practicum lecturing is an implementation and verification of the existing theory. So the concept that has been owned by students in theoretical lectures be more powerful and attached. Pipe welding practice is one of the practicum activities in the Department of Mechanical Engineering FPTK Indonesia University of Education. The practice of groove joint pipe welding can t be done properly and correctly, because of the limitations of the practicum tool.

Even pipe welding of 1G position with the rotated pipe can t be performed. It is therefore necessary to research the trainer that can improve the effectiveness of the welding practice. The purpose of this research is to produce designs and products in the form of pipe welding trainer for groove joint in all welding positions. Methods in this study using research and development robo para opções binarias iq option 2020 with preliminary study stage, design, manufacture, development and validation.

This research has resulted in the design and product of pipe welding trainer for groove joint in all welding positions. The welding trainer can help students do practicum well and correctly. Analysis literacy of Vocational High School Teachers Dwi Vernanda, Ade Gafar Abdullah, Dedi Rohendi. Development of Interactive Learning Media For Lesson Material of at fifth grade Islamic Elementary School Iwan Sonjaya, Hidati Robihah.

Literacy internet is needed to know the development of the world in various things quickly and precisely, as well as in the world of education, especially teachers. Seeing the importance of internet literacy, there is an interest to discuss and analyze the level of internet literacy robo para opções binarias iq option 2020 teachers.

The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. The sample of research is vocational school teacher SMK as much as 99 respondents. Data collection using questionnaires. The theory used is adopted from Suitable Learning Object Type LRE APV4. 7 and Three Elements of Literacy Digital. The result data of the questionnaire is processed and analyzed using Capability Maturity Model theory, the result of the research shows that the level of internet literacy of vocational teachers is at level 2, meaning that SMK teachers have used the internet many times to assist their daily activities and have pattern of repetition in internet utilization.

The use of internet by teachers of SMK with various needs that support the process of teaching, communicating, sharing knowledge, but the most dominant is to communicate through social media. Factors affecting internet usage include age, gender, and employment status. Vocational Teacher Perceptions on The Use of ICT in Learning Computer Network Yannuar a ; Dedi Rohendi b. a Student, Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia UPI Jl.

Setiabudhi 207 Bandung 40154 Indonesia yannuar1605713 at student. edu b Lecturer, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia UPI Jl. Setiabudhi 207 Bandung 40154 Indonesia. The use of ICT now has a very important role in 21st century learning. This descriptive study aims to determine the perceptions of teachers on the use of ICT in learning Computer Network in Vocational High School. The findings of this research were collected using questionnaires and analyzed using descriptive statistics.

The sample in this study are 20 computer teachers in several Vocational Schools in Dumai City. Conclusions resulting from this research is the use of ICT to help teachers more effectively in teaching in the classroom and can increase student motivation in learning. The results showed almost 90 of teachers have a positive view of the use of ICT in learning. THE INFLUENCE OF THINK, PAIR, SHARE COOPERATIVE LEARNING STRATEGY ON STUDENTS SCIENCE COMMUNICATION SKILLS Heni Rusnayati 1, Hera Novia2, Melli3.

1Physics Education, FPMIPA, Indonesion University of Education heni at upi. Motivated by the underperformance of students science communication skills, as indicated by their low achievement scores, an experiment was conducted. This paper explicates the result of a one group pre-test post-test pre-experimental research design on how a think, pair, share cooperative leaning strategy influence the students science communication skills. Science communication skills is one of significant skills the science students are required to have.

Using a set of test to identify the students pre and post test scores on their science communication skills and a set of observation sheet as the instruments to collect data, the study was conducted to a group of ten grade students in one of a senior high school in Bandung, West Java. The experiment shows the increment of students mastery on the concepts of physics, as their achievements improve after the experimentation. Analysis Website Vocational High School In central of java Chandra Adji Setiawan, Ade Gafar Abdullah, Dedi Rohendi.

The study concludes that think, pair, share cooperative learning strategy provides positive influence on students science communication skills. The school website is an information portal that is organized as a learning portal and can be used as an information portal for students, parents and general users. However, guidelines and rules for making a Vocational High School SMK website difficult to obtain. The method used in this research is survey and content analysis method.

The population in this study is the SMK website in Central Java, while the sample is the SMK website with State status. With the necessary criteria of the ideal SMK website for quality improvement process website can run well, Therefore this research will analyze the quality of SMK website content. Indonesian Teacher Engagement Index ITEI An Emerging Concept of Teacher Engagement in Indonesia Indonesian Teacher Engagement Index ITEI An Emerging Concept of Teacher Engagement in Indonesia.

1,2Primary Teacher Education Department, Faculty of Humanities, Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia 1,3Research Interest Group in Education Technology, Bina Nusantara University, Indonesia.

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