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DO you also trade with auto trading. Only for experienced traders. Check out this OptionBot Review. OptionRobot is the BEST and most smashing software. Definitely recommending this to anyone wanting an actual legit software for once and not only that is complete bollocks. Will post more results next week. Hi Bradley, would be glad if u share your settings with us. I also want to know if it works in Nigeria. Hi watchdog, I realized that copy buffet is no longer on your list of recommended signals, it still safe to register with them as I noticed last year that they accept traders from Nigeria.

Aside that, which other signal accept people from Nigeria. Most of my trades have won due to me doing this so it helps out ALOT. Here are my most recent results to update you all you amazing people. Will come back sooner again and share my experience and feedback on Friday. Hi Bradley, I also chose OptionRobot after doing some research, and ended up depositing money with Stockpair by default.

OptionRobot showed good results on demo until I started trading with real money and has lost consistently since then. More or less in the same time period as you. Any suggestions welcome please. Read this review that I found on the Internet. It is a OptionRobot strategy that has worked out very well for me. Very pleased with my results so far. Copy Buffett is a manual signal service only recommended for experienced traders.

Hellow, could you explain why you have eliminate from your recomended signal list the software warrent Buffet, Neo and binadroid. I know many other day-traders who are currently using the OptionRobot system and are experiencing a good amount of success with it lately. I hope this helps you out some my friend. Currently, Copy Buffett is a manual signal service and not an auto trader. I would only recommend it to experienced traders.

Settings that I have been using the past week and a half are below for you mate. My results this week to further share for all of you amazing people. Same guys say that 2mins do well but i was assigned to stockpaire and the broker supports 90secs is it iq option binarias Thanks. Please let me know if I can register with OptionRobot. Com, then I can link my account to my Broker, since I already have an open account with Stockpair, or I have to open a new account.

I am from the Philippines. Which do broker you recommend. I use Neteller, by the way. Hello,although there are many webpages which publish reviews about soft wares, I only believe your review. Could you tell me is BinBot pro legit or not. Any news on quantum or mikes auto trader. I think you gave a bad reference. So I funded a Broker account and turned on the Autotrader just like before.

I asked support and got NO replies after 4 messages sent. So I tried the DEMO version and and this time the DEMO autotrader lost money steadily while using my Broker funded account. It seems that the difference between a FUNDED account Demo on the Auto Trader loses money and the Trial, UNFUNDED Autotrader Demo Wins almost always. This seems to be a total scam to me. The purpose of the demo is just to get acquainted with the software.

To use OptionRobot successfully, you must be an experienced trader or use a tested strategy. There are no robots we would recommend for newbies. Yes, this the perpetual story. Every time I tried Binary Options with a software the same conversation and pretty aggressive too took place. StockPair is pretty good and regulated. Can you tell me if any of these traders are any good,stockpair. Opteck is also regulated, however I received some complaints about them.

The other brands are not regulated. Hi WatchDog, Congrats for your good work, regards to the recommended from option robot brokers BDSWISS claim to be. They may be regulated, but they are not trustworthy. What is the best regulated broker for people residing in Russian. And indicators are very limited. MarketsWorld and Daweda Exchange both offer free demo accounts, see Try both and see which one you like best.

But I would not follow their advice since they recommend signing up with non-regulated brokers like CTOption for US traders and scam robots such as BinaryOptionRobot. Traders or at least ones that u. Traders have not had any complaints with. Great job Maurice, thanks to compart with us your study,could you detail if these results are with a 1 hour expiration or 3 hours expirations trade. These results were based on 3-hour expirys. I also tested the 1-hour expirys the results were poorer.

Been following the demo for over a week now with OptionRobot then tried to deposit money last night but was declined many times. Did anyone have a similar problem and is there another way to deposit besides bank wire. Hi I would like to know WHY Copy Buffet, Neo2 andBinadroid are no longer autotraders. Can you please send me five 5 best trading Robots that can do trading on my behalf because i dont understand this kind of business but i iq option binarias to join it as i,ve had that it makes people very rich.

So i just need to choose one trading robot from the best five you are going to recomend to me. Great 1st week with OptionRobot. I have to always refresh the page. OptionRobot is best system I have used for trading binaries. I am use to always breaking even or losing money, thank god for this system, saved my from quitting binary trading which I was going to do in June if I kept being unsuccessful. Solid review BinaryOptionsWatchDog, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am new to trading and stays in the UK. Maybe one of the iq option binarias to this page who tried it can enlighten us. Which one do you recommend I should start with. I suggest trying a few free demo account before making this decision. So i,ve realised that it would be easy to use a software trading robot. I am investing all day tomorrow, will shoot for 15 to 20 trades with system and post my results tomorrow here under my comment, hoping for the same amount of success.

HiThere are 2 sites Option Robotwhich one is the legit one. Does anybody has experience with the BO indicator from investoo. Hi watchdog is omni app and fintech-ltd a scam what legitimate trader should I register. I would definitely NOT recommend anyone to get started with them. I have done really well with the OptionRobot lately. Will stoop when I hit 50 or 60 trades this week. Hope this helps you out a little bit AMA. Did you read our Dubai Lifestyle App Review. Thank you for the tip about BDSwiss, watchdog.

Thank you so much for recommending Option Robot, they do have brokers taking in clients from our region. When I signed up, the broker assigned to me was BDSwiss. Any thoughts on this broker Watchdog. Strong way for my to close out yet another profitable week. Thanks for your recommendations WD. Another strong start to my week. About to open my second broker account with OptionRobot tomorrow. Love, love, LOVE my results so far.

Update for my week Beyond my wildest expectations so far, first system I profited with in over 2 years. None of them seem to be profitable software from my experience. To make things worse, BinBot Pro works solely with non-regulated brokers. All of those systems are rip offs. The only legit robot software I know of would be OptionRobot. OR works with some regulated brokers too. They seem to be a decent Forex broker. They claim that they have a MAM software which can let investor to follow the trade of some professional trader.

I am new and know nothing about forex, thay is why I am here to look for advise. What do you think of Binaryoptionclub. I am investing usd on that so I am trying to find out whether exist such nice software and system in the FOREX MARKET. If it does exist such nice software, and some of you know a better trader which can make me more profit do tell me here Million thanks. I funded my account with Euro, but minimum trade size is 25 Euro with the broker utrade.

But the joke is, the software do not allow to trade with 25 Euro, next step is 50 Euro. Watchdog you are giving a good review about optionrobot. Those who post telling they profits this optionrobot are all liars. I thought this site is reliable. I think I will lick my recent wounds with the OR and move on to just strategy and broker trading. I know several people who have done very well with OR but either they are still or not who the hell knows.

Are you being paid by them or affiliated somehow. So I think it is more for the fact that it is holiday week to be honest. Still profitable and going good though so I would still advice it. I am about to make my deposit and start trading with OR but i find you saying it is not good as before so now what do you advise, should i go ahead or stop here.

You deleted my earlier post. Hi Noah,sorry to hear about the little drop in performance this last week,like you said ,maybe the Easter break and its affect. Probably very dumb question,apologies ,your friend Eric. No need to thank me either, I think we are all very lucky to have this site, how else would we know which brokers and softwares were scams otherwise you know. Sounds good, let me know if you need any help and I can try to assist you.

I do believe most of the accuracy difference can be attributed toward Easter being this weekend. I am about to make my deposit and start trading with OR but i find Noah saying it is not good as before so, now what do you advise, should i go ahead or stop here. Did you read our United Trading Network Review. What time frame is most ideal. Short, Medium or Long term. Any binary options system you would recommend for me here. I just did thanks. Also have a sister in London who wants to try out one suitable for London.

Currently, the broker for Canada would be HighLow. I was pretty skeptical about OR after some of the comments I read. I would classify this as a successful first day. Thanks for your feedback iq option binarias. No need to be sorry mate, happens all the time with trading, especially during holiday week days. Was quite beneficial when pursuing this investment software live. You can find my list of recommended brokers here. Is it safe to use OptionRobot because some reviews on other site which is bad makes me skeptical to deposit real money.

How much safe is OptionRobot to use in ratio of 1 to Hello Watchdog, Can you please recommend a good bots and broker for philippines. OptionRobot is only available for old members trading with BDSWISS broker. Can you suggest for me as a new comer for a bot to use. Is the BinbotPro legit and safe to use. What is better between the two, binbotpro or optionrobot.

OptionRobot is great for experienced traders and it syncs with regulated brokers such as BDSwiss, 24Option and Stockpair. Is it safe to use BinaryOptionAutoTrading and among their 3 brokers which are BinaryCM, Finpari, Binarymate. Among them what is the most reliable and safest broker to use. Thank you in advance for the response.

BinaryCM would be best. Optionrobot was a big fail for me. Spent most trades losing. Signed up for 1 week with UpDown Signals. For me these 2 scenarios did not work. Maybe for others they have better luck. I am greatly intrigued by this site and all the comments I have read so far. I am from South Africa and we were hit by a number of scams inincluding MMM triple M which needless to say was very devastating.

Binary Options Robot this I have established from the comments is legit and good. Non of these platforms are free or seem to have a trial run, and since in reality I would need to convert rands to dollars I would be trading in large South African amounts. Which of these can a newbie armature like me start. None of those are legit, unfortunately. You can read our Binary Options Robot Review and our Signal Samurai Review.

WD, who has tried Epix Trader. Did you read my Epix Trader Review. What would you advise. HI Have been reading all your information and reviews which are very good, did I read right that you provide signals for binary options, have tried to trade these but got burnt from them and before I could withdraw any monies or they would let me withdraw they kept saying that I had to put on theses trades always one more trade then I could make a withdrawal and stupid me went along with them and of course the trades lost along with my money.

I have well and truly been played and scammed also due to my own stupidity also. So I wanted to get someone who can help me start with Binary Options and little by little start to build up my account. I recommend contacting Jacob Jones at objectivebo gmail. Hello WD, Among the 2 Binary Option AT optionrobot. Please revert with a definite answer please do not direct me to the respective reviews, i have read them.

Has anyone tried the Binary Today 5 signal software. Its a good service. You will get a bunch of signals but you have to use the indicators provided. HI Watchdog Please is ASK OPTIONS a Scam. The only binary options broker allowed to solicit US traders is Nadex. Hi WD, Many of my friends are getting lured by big money dreams from this Mr James Thomas Fiese. Method Classic Expiry 5 minutes Indicators IQ Option would be great, see I am trying to sign up for optionrobot from Canada but I keep only getting LionExo as the broker, is it safe for me to continue with them.

I have lost money in the past with these bots and option robot is my last shot I am taking and I do not want to mess up because of a bad broker. Hi Tkay, how are you. I am good what about you. Also watchdog I have emailed you as requested. There are so many videos on youtube regarding BItcoin and all the digital currencies This is a new technology and it is going viral all over the world.

Learn about it and consider investing on bitcoin and can see your investment growing. This is a long term deal. I wonder if the optionrobot is really secure. You might only get 10 good signals a week. The brokerage that opened the account is Empireoption here in Brazil. Best regards Alexandre Iglesias. OptionBot is a great software for experienced traders. However, I recommend using it only with regulated brokers and Empire Option is NOT regulated.

I lost a lot of money on Binary Options because there so many scams out there. But I got into BITCOIN and my investment is going up. Get into bitcoin or virtual currency. The liquidity with the Bitcoin market is nothing compared to the Forex or Binary market at the moment though. Payouts are far less rewarding and you see a bit pro cryptocurrency to be honest, have you tried Forex or Binary, Raulin.

I personally prefer Forex I trade with Markets. With Forex I can take profit anytime I wish to. My success rate with Binary Options was not good at all. I trade with the trend. But I get excellent signals from both brokers. Yes I have tried both markets and I lost money on them that is why I decided to try BITCOIN.

Over time the price of BITCOIN rises. Invest allows you to have a take profit, stop loss, larger profit margins than Nadex and offers a much more user-friendly trading platform. I would suggest the FX broker Invest over other similar platforms. But remember bitcoins are most commonly used by online scams nad hypes we were there my friend we know every thing in and out if you are looking for down lines to join under you you better tell us which programme are you trying to introduce here better tell us and we wona screen you out.

Hypes are created in dinning room kichen or lounch and after they get there Ferraries and hit a million Dollars, they quite out of the game. Please dont and STOP Brain washing people here. I was wondering what the best method of withdrawal would be. Withdrawal methods depend on your broker. Which broker have you signed up with and what methods are available. February 19, at 6 I am not familiar with an Opteck Forex brand.

There are too many alarming reviews on FPA and BBB. Can you please have your own Watchdog review rather than posting Opteck Review by Objective Binary Options. I would also like to believe that your comment for Tricia on May 31, at 7 The comment from is no longer relevant. Currently, Opteck is only involved in Forex, not in binary options. And also they are regulated. The reviews on Objective Binary Options are ours. Here on WD, we mostly review software, while on OBO, we review brokers.

I am a newbie to binary trading and have read lots of information over the past month or so, which can be quite confusing. I want to make an extra income and was wondering what robot and broker you would recommend for someone with no experience who resides in England. Start with a couple of free demo accounts and see which one you like the most.

Iq option binarias the UK, we recommend going with IQ Option or Binary Capital Markets. PWR Trade broker there is not much information about them. Are they a scam. I think it is worth mentioning that whilst the MS Management software sounds great, people should still be careful about the broker they sign up with. Unfortunately, PWR trade is one of them. As you commented PWR trade is not regulated. I know how hard it is to find a reliable service for US traders, I feel like our options are so limited.

Thankful for the OptionRobot, it has been the only reliable software I have come across. Almost have doubled my deposit and will increase my trade size soon. The problem with binary robots would be that there are so many of them at the moment which makes finding the legitimate ones quite a bit more difficult. In regards to your question, Binary Robot is a confirmed scam along with Binary Option Robot, Binary Bot and countless others which you can see on the Blacklist page of this site.

And yea any help would be appreciated Sam. Temel analiz nedir. Bazı ülkeler geçerli bir para birimi olarak kabul etmiş, bazısı da takas yoluyla alışverişi yapılan bir varlık olarak kabul teknik analizin önemi etmiştir. Hükümetler tüm. Avafx ayrıca Ava Financial Limited ve ağlarındaki iyi yatırımcılar arasında bir ortaklık kurulmasını mümkün kılan oldukça iyi bir satış ortaklığı ikili seçenekler ticareti ve. Foreks döviz canlı. İnternetten Para Kazan ParaParala Mayıs 2017 itibariyle internetten para kazandıran oyunlar arasında yerini alan Anadolu farm oyunu dün bir duyuru gerçekleştirdi.

Güçlü bir ikili seçenekler stratejisi oluşturun. İptal ve geri alma sırasında bu Kullanıcı otomatik işlem ikili seçenekleri için bir robot hesapları doldurulabilir. Bu tarz ikili seçenekler stratejisi işlemlerden dolayı COİNEX. Cup formation ikili seçeneklerlar. Internet te İş- Günümüzde maliyet açısından etkili ve umut vadeden bir iş kolunda bir yön.

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Yaptığımız inceleme sırasında Warren Young tarafından yapılan tüm iddiaları ve açıklamalardan duyduğu olacak, Onun söylediğini bir kelime inanamıyorum neden ve teşhir, veya size. Ikili seçenekler İşlemcileri için iq option binarias dışı İstihdam verileri. Dolayısıyla takoz sınırını yukarı kirran harekette alım, aşağı kıran harekette satım pozisyonu açmak iyi bir yatırım stratejisi olacaktır.

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