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Sleep Number offers two types of beds. 360 Smart Beds Value Beds. The 360 Smart Beds are organized into three categories Classic, Performance, and Innovation. Each series essentially builds off the other. The Classic Series beds, the C2, and C4 offer the most standard options while the Innovation Series has the largest, thickest layers and most added features. Keep in mind, these mattresses offer a luxury experience, so they come at a high price.

Who Makes Sleep Number Beds. The Classic iqoption l models are the most basic mattresses. They will have the firmest feel to them because there is the least amount of layers between the air chamber and the top of the mattress. C-2 C-4 DualAir Adjustability Yes Yes Profile Height 8 9 Comfort Layer Thickness 2 3 Responsive Air Technology Yes Yes SleepIQ Technology Included Yes Yes Pressure Relief Layer No No Temperature Balancing No No Queen Price 999.

Performance Series. The Performance series offers enhanced pressure relief comfort layers. The most popular model, the P5, is a Performance Series bed known for its great balance of firmness and contoured cushion. P-5 P-6 DualAir Adjustability Yes Yes Profile Height 10 11 Comfort Layer Thickness 4 5 Responsive Air Technology Yes Yes SleepIQ Technology Included Yes Yes Pressure Relief Layer Yes Yes Temperature Balancing No No Queen Price 2,399.

Innovation Series. Innovation series the top of the line temperature balancing material built into the covers. This feature is supposed to absorb excess heat and release it as the sleeper gets cool until the perfect balance is found. I-7 I-8 I-10 I-LE DualAir Adjustability Yes Yes Yes Yes Profile Height 11 12 13 12 Comfort Layer Thickness 5 6 7 6 Responsive Air Technology Yes Yes Yes Yes SleepIQ Technology Included Yes Yes Yes Yes Pressure Relief Layer Yes Yes Yes Yes Temperature Regulating Yes Yes Yes Yes Queen Price 3,599.

Sleep Number s Value Beds are the only ones that don t come with sensors that will automatically adjust the firmness, comfort, and support. The Value Beds can be adjusted with a single remote. They include a 1. 5 inch comfort layer and five zones that contour to the body to help reduce uncomfortable pressure points. Value Beds are shipped directly to a person s house with no option for set-up and install. S-1 S-3 DualAir Adjustability Yes Yes Profile Height 10 11 Pillow Top Plush European Responsive Air Technology No No SleepIQ Technology Included Yes Yes Comfort Layer 1.

5 Temperature Balancing No No Queen Price 899. While sizes vary depending on the model, most Sleep Number beds come in standard sizes that will fit most traditional frames and box springs. Dimension Twin 38 x 75 Twin Long 38 x 80 Full iqoption l x 75 Double 54 x 75 same as Full Queen 60 x 80 King 76 x 80 California King 72 x 84. Sleep Number beds also come in some unique and specialized sizes Split King and FlexTop King and Cal King. Dimension Description Split King 76 x 80 split all the way to the foot of the bed FlexTop King 76 x 80 split only at the head of the bed FlexTop California King 72 x 84 split only at the head of the bed.

The Split and FlexTop mattresses are best paired with a FlexFit Adjustable Base. For example, with a Split King, the sleeper can raise lower just the head and feet of his or her side of the bed. If the person s partner is snoring, he or she could raise the head of just their side with a FlexTop. Modular Adjustable Bases. Since Sleep Number is all about individualized comfort, it is not surprising that they also make different types of bases for the mattress. Sleep Number makes one modular base and three different adjustable bases for their mattresses FlexFit 1, FlexFit 2 and FlexFit 3.

Note A Sleep Number s modular or adjustable base is not the only base that works with a Sleep Number mattress. All one needs to have is a flat and sturdy surface for the mattress or the individual may potentially void his or her warranty. Modular Adjustable Base Descriptions. Modular Base. This modular bed base is a standard base that is designed to be both sturdy and durable. Sleep Number says it will last 20 years or more and prevent sagging in the mattress.

It is also easy to get through narrow spaces and set up in smaller rooms so it could be ideal for apartment living. Raises the head of the bed; one remote will control the elevation of the bed and adjust the Sleep Number in the same device. The most popular FlexFit Base. It raises the head of the bed like the FlexFit 1 and offers the following additional features.

A Zero Gravity option that raises the head and foot in a way that leaves the sleeper feeling weightless Partner Snore technology allows one partner to raise the other partner s head Available with Split King, Split California King and FlexTop King beds. Timer feature changes the raised part of the bed at a certain time in an effort to shift the sleeper into a different position at a designated time.

Includes all of the features in FlexFit 2 and the following features. Turn on a soft light under the bed and control the nightstand lamps with one button Massage soothes tired muscles and leaves the sleeper feeling rejuvenated. The FlexFit bases also come in two types Silhouette and Traditional. Here is the description I got from a representative The silhouette is an optional upholstered surround for our FlexFit adjustable bases.

The Traditional option does not include the upholstered frame, and customers will be able to see the legs underneath like a regular frame. If a person chooses the Traditional option, we recommend purchasing our Smart Skirt Bed Skirt. From Sleep Number The FlexFit adjustable base is not covered under our 100-Night In-Home Trial and is non-returnable. Delivery and set up outside the standard Comfort Service. When purchasing online, one must select the Home Delivery option.

For shoppers in the market for a budget mattress, you may want to look elsewhere. Standard UPS shipping is not available for adjustable bases. SleepIQ Technology. SleepIQ Technology senses how a person sleeps and provides data that lets him or her make modifications to optimize his or her night s sleep. It can let someone know what that person s best sleep hours are and help him or her find the best Sleep Number setting.

It also connects to a number of health and wellness appsincluding. Fitbit MapMyFitness Apple Health Microsoft Health Nest. This list was provided by a Customer Service representative and is subject to change. Only some models come with SleepIQ Technology included in the mattress, but the technology is available to be added to any Sleep Number bed.

How To Choose The Right Model. There are several resources and ways to decide which mattress and or base is the best match. Sleep Number s website offers details, photos, FAQ s, and images of each Sleep Number bed. They let potential customers compare models across series and have a Live Chat feature that should answer virtually any question.

People can also get a quote or make a purchase online and through the Live Chat feature. Sleep Number sells their beds in Sleep Number stores nationwide. Sleep Number Customer Service was unable to tell me exactly how many stores there are but estimated somewhere near 400. Sleep Number stores can be found across the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. There are no international stores at the moment.

A sales representative at the store can help anyone who walks in find their Sleep Number and guide them towards the right model. They have a variety of beds out and available for testing if a person wants to feel one before he or she makes a purchase. Beds come with a 30 or 100 night trial period plus a 25-year limited warranty. Who Might Want A Sleep Number.

People who like air beds- First and foremost, the core of the Sleep Number bed is the adjustable air mattress. Those who have had a positive experience with air beds, they will probably like what Sleep Number has to offer especially with all of its adjustable features. Couples who sleep differently Couples who have different support level preferences may like Sleep Number beds because most beds can be made with dual air chambers that allow each person to decide how firm their side of the bed will be.

Some models like the I-10 even have comfort layers that can be adjusted on each side. People with physical injuries or medical conditions Whether it s a bad back, occasional heartburn or recovery from an accident, Sleep Number s adjustable mattress, and FlexFit bases allow people to get comfortable easily and then re-adjust when they re back to normal.

People who want options and flexibility Individualized comfort is the name of Sleep Number s game, so it s no surprise that people who want to be able to change things up on a nightly basis will like these models. Sleepers can adjust the firmness, pick a model whose layers fit their needs some can even help to sleep cool and they can add a FlexFit base for even more sleeping options. Who Might Not Want A Sleep Number.

People who love memory foam Depending on what is available, there are one possibly two Sleep Number models that offer a comfort layer made with memory foam. Those who love the feel of classic memory foam will be limited on Sleep Number beds, which are at their core adjustable air beds. Couples who like to sleep close together One of the biggest complaints from couples is that a sagging division is created in between the dual air chambers on the bed.

Couples who like to sleep close or cuddle in the center of the bed feel as those they are sinking into the middle of the bed. People who do not want to deal with technology People who prefer a simpler tech-free bed, Sleep Number may not be the best fit. Sleep Number s 360 Smart Beds will adjust to the sleeper s needs automatically and the Value Beds will need a remote for adjustments. The remote will signal a pump to inflate deflate air into the air chamber s in the mattress to adjust firmness.

Sleepers who want insight into their sleep habits will need to utilize the SleepIQ technology, which can be connected to other apps on a person s smartphone. People on a tight budget Of the 10 models currently available at Sleep Number, only two are available for under 1,000 at a Queen size at full price. This is the C-2 360 Smart Bed and the S-1 Value Bed. Those wanting additional comfort layers, cooling features and maybe a specialized FlexFit base will need to be ready to spend upwards of 5,000 for a Queen bed with added comfort features.

Ratings and Reviews Common Praise. Couples love being able to personalize the firmness of their side of the bed. The dual air chambers available on most models and depending on size means that someone who prefers a firmer bed doesn t have to compromise with a partner who likes more cushion. If one person likes to sleep on their side and another doesn t, they have a great solution here. People with back problems or medical issues that require them to sit up at different points love the flexibility of Sleep Number beds.

They can adjust the firmness of their bed for a couple of nights if needed and can raise lower the head of their bed with a FlexFit Adjustable Base depending on their current needs. There was heavy praise for the longevity and durability of the Sleep Number bed. People came back to Sleep Number s site to say they ve had their bed for 10 years and they are still comfortable. Of course, not everyone was able to stay comfortable in their bed for a decade without experiencing issues, but people tended to have their Sleep Number bed for a long time.

Common Complaints. As with all products, some people just did not find their Sleep Number bed comfortable. These types of reviews are common and typically all come down to personal preference. Those who are unsure about investing in a Sleep Number bed, go to a store and try one in person to see what they think. People reported being frustrated with the limitations attached to Sleep Number s 100 Night Trial Policy and their 25 Year Limited Warranty.

People complained that they purchased an adjustable base without knowing that it wasn t a part of the trial and couldn t be returned. People were also upset that they had to pay a portion of the cost to fix their Sleep Number bed after the first two years of their 25-year limited warranty. It would be worth reading both the policy and warranty in full before making a purchase.

One popular complaint was a sagging or slight valley created in the mattress between the two air chambers. This seemed to be a bigger complaint about models that had thicker comfort foam layers. Couples expressed disappointment in not being able to cuddle in the middle of their bed without feeling like they were falling sliding into the center.

100 Night In-Home Trial Period. Sleep Number allows customers to take their Sleep Number mattress home to try it out for a certain period of time and under certain conditions. This is sometimes referred to as the 100- Night In-Home Trial or the In-Home Trial Policy. Here are the basic conditions of the trial period.

Be sure to read Sleep Number s policy in full on their website. Sleep Number beds and DualTemp layers are covered by an In-Home Trial Period that begins the day your new Sleep Number bed or layer arrives. The In-Home Trial Period for all Sleep Number mattresses is 100 nights. It can take about 30 days for your body to adjust to a new mattress, and we are confident that by the end of that 30 days you will have found your ideal Sleep Number setting and be well on your way to better sleep.

If, however, after sleeping on your new mattress for a full 30 nights, you are not completely satisfied, contact us before the end of the 100 night In-Home Trial Period to arrange for the return of your Sleep Number bed or layer. For DualTemp Layer purchases, the In-Home Trial Period is 30 nights. If you are not completely satisfied with your new DualTemp Layer, contact us before the expiration of the 30 night In-Home Trial Period to arrange for its return.

The FlexFit adjustable base is not covered under our 100-Night In-Home Trial and is non-returnable. Core Line 25 Year Limited Warranty. Sleep Number s Core Line of mattresses C2, C4, P5, P6, I7, I8, and I10 models and Sleep Number modular bases purchased after May 1, 2017, are covered in the 25-year limited warranty. It is highly recommended that potential customers and already existing customers read the full warranty policy on the website.

There are some important insights and we ve listed a couple here. Sleep Number will essentially cover the cost of a manufacturing or product defect in full for the first two years of the warranty. There are several things you can do to void your warranty. Some of these include staining damaging your mattress with liquids or fluids, ripping off the legal tag, opening the remote and forgetting to keep your original receipt to name a few.

After the first two years, you are responsible for a portion of the price needed for any repairs or replacements to your mattress or base. 360 Smart Bed 25 Year Limited Warr anty. This warranty includes all Sleep Number 360 smart bed mattresses our Smart Beds and Sleep Number 360 smart bed integrated bases and frames purchased after January 1, 2017. Once again, we suggest that you read the full warranty policy on the website.

There are some key notes. Some of these include tampering with the Firmness Control system or remotes, staining damaging your mattress with liquids or fluids, ripping off the legal tag, opening the remote and forget to keep your original receipt to name a few. All in all, the Sleep Number beds offer a wide selection of durable, high-quality mattresses that are ideal for couples looking for customized comfort on their side of the bed.

The flexibility of the Sleep Number mattresses leave many satisfied customers with a good night s sleep for years to come. Are Sleep Number beds any good. Sleep Number beds are good for sleepers who have back problems, want to personalize their firmness settings, or want a durable mattress. Sleep Number s claim to fame is their adjustability, but they are commonly praised for their durability as well. Is the Sleep Number bed an air mattress. These air chamber s use a pump to bring in the air that will inflate or deflate the chamber based on the sleeper s Sleep Number setting.

With two air chambers, each person can adjust the amount of air in their air chamber based on their personal preference. How long do Sleep Number beds last. Can Sleep Number beds help with back pain. What is the most popular Sleep Number. When I asked a representative why this range is so popular, I was told Sleep Number is really based on personal preference and what is most comfortable for each person, the 35-45 range gives great support and pressure relief for most.

What is the most popular Sleep Number bed. In terms of models, some of their most popular Sleep Number beds are the C2 for the price point, P5 for the best value, and I8 for best comfort and the added cooling. Subscribe to Mattress Clarity. Get special coupons, discounts, and giveaways. Katie Golde. Latest posts by Katie Golde see all. Shift Work Sleep Disorder - July 31, 2020 Memorial Day 2020 Mattress Deals - May 19, 2020 Expert Profile James Cobb, RN, MSN - May 1, 2020.

With a foam and hybrid option available, the Casper has a fantastic support and comfort option for a sleeper with any preference. Top Mattress Picks. Two firmnesses, one great memory foam feel. Plus infused copper, so you re sleeping cool in comfort. Insane comfort at an insanely affordable price. See if Nectar is as sweet as everyone is saying. Polymer never felt so good. See our take on the colorful mattress that has taken the internet by storm.

Welcome to Mattress Clarity. Our team personally tests all the sleep products we review to keep your REMS long and your dreams deep. Best Memory Foam Mattress. Nectar Mattress Review Affordable Comfort. When many people think of a comfortable mattress, they imagine something that contains memory foam. Purple Mattress Review Is The Update An Improvement.

Ah, the Purple mattress it is difficult to spend much time online without coming. Layla Mattress Review. Memory foam is more popular today than ever just scanning the Internet for memory. Casper Original Mattress Review. Since its inception in 2014, Casper has taken the bed in a box market by. Looking to buy a mattress. Top Sleep Picks. Mattress Reviews Best Mattress Protectors Best Bamboo Sheets Best Travel Pillows Best Pillows Best Mattress 2020.

About Mattress Clarity. Whether you are looking to buy a mattress, sheets, or a pillow, or you just want to sleep better, we are here to help. Mattress Clarity was founded in 2015 with one goal in mind to make your mattress and sleep product purchase decisions as simple and easy to understand as possible. Check out our full About page for more information about our website and our team.

The Highest Rated Number Bed. 0 Interest Financing Until SEPTEMBER 2022. LABOR DAY SALE - EXTENDED. Purchases over 4,999 or more. Qualified Customers Only. 36 equal monthly payments required. 6 months same as cash financing with no interest. Free Shipping on All Orders. Call 1-888-694-4088 for Promo Codes. Valid Name, Phone and Email Required to Receive Promo Codes.

Promo Codes and special offers cannot be combined. Compare Sleep Number v Personal Comfort Save up to 60 Consumer Reports ranks Personal Comfort higher than Sleep Number The Highest Rated Number Bed The Perfect Bed for Couples. Based on Sleep Number website pricing as of 4 28 2020, plus shipping and 6. 5 state sales tax. Sleep Number Bed Sale, Online Specials, Coupon Codes, Free Shipping and Adjustable Beds.

Includes optional sleep tracking purchase price. Threshold delivery is free for adjustable bases. FedEx Ground shipping for unassembled mattresses and accessories is free. Compares FlexTop m7 Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed with King Sized FlexFit 2 adjustable bed base to the Personal Comfort A10 Flex-Head Smart Bed with King Sized Power-Flex 3 adjustable bed base and sleep tracking.

Sleep Number s retail price and availability as of 4 28 2020, plus shipping and 6. 120-Night Risk Free Trial available for Advanced, Elegance and Memory Foam Series mattresses only. 120-Night Trial, with restock fee, available for Classic Series. All accessories and bases are final sale. Optional sleep tracking available for purchase. Personal Comfort vs Sleep Number. Don t Scroll Any Further, Until You Watch This Video.

Click to watch Scott s side-by-side comparison. Customer Preferred Over Sleep Number The Highest Rated Number Bed. Compare to Sleep Number Classic Series. Our Classic Series models allow you to enjoy the comfort of an air adjustable number bed without a large investment. The thickness of the Classic Series ranges from 8 to 10 inches. A2 Number Bed - 499. 99 Save up to 358 A3 Number Bed - 749. 99 Save up to 995 A4 Number Bed - 999. 99 Save up to 678.

Call today and receive Fast, Free Shipping. Furniture not included. Pricing is for mattress only. A best overall value, the A5 and A6 models are our most popular and come with advanced features and benefits. Compare to Sleep Number Performance Series. Advanced Series. A5 Number Bed - 1299. 99 Save up to 1040 A6 Number Bed - 1649. These models range in thickness from 11 to 12 inches. 99 Save up to 1479.

Elegance Series. Compare to Sleep Number Innovation Series. Most Popular for the luxurious and quality marksmanship and include nearly every feature imaginable. The Elegance series models come with our exclusive and patented reversible seasonal top cover and range in thickness from 12 to 15 inches. 99 Save up to 3577 A8 Number Bed - 2199. A7 Number Bed - 2299. 99 Save up to 1831 A10 Number Bed - 3349. Memory Foam Series. 99 Save up to 2079.

This series consists of a modern and sophisticated design with hybrid technology of the support of air adjustable number beds and the contouring comfort of memory foam. H10 Number Bed - 1,999. 99 Save up to 1931 H12 Number Bed - 2,199. 99 Save up to 1831. These models range from 10 to 12 inches thick. Compare to Sleep Number 360. This series consists of smart bed technology with a modern and sophisticated design and the support of dual adjustability all controlled via remote or by the app.

Our smart beds range in thickness from 12 to 15 inches and are our most revolutionary sleeping systems and are our the top of the line mattresses. A10 Smart Bed - 3,529. 99 Save up to 2501 H12 Smart Bed - 2,399. 99 Save up to 2554. Year End Final Closeout savings throughout December, get yours today. Promo codes may not be combined with other offers.

Promo Codes for extra offers will be emailed. Please check your email for promo codes, better sleep is just a click away. Labor Day Sale. Lowest Prices of the Season. Call Today Risk Free Trial, Free Shipping 25 Year Warranty. Available on select models. Up to 60 Off T oday. All Beds, On Sale - Free Returns 2 Free Shipping. Labor Day Sale ends Monday, Sept 14th.

When compared to Sleep Number retail prices. Online Specials. Risk Free Trial. Compare to Sleep Number. Save up to 60 today. Controller Operation. The First Night. Mattress Care. Owner s Manual. Compare to Sleep Number Memory Foam Series. 2020 Personal Comfort. 256 Bit Secured Internet Payment Gateway. Glossary of Terms. Personal Comfort - A Better Number Bed. Highest Rated Number Bed is based on verified customer reviews by Trustpilot, a non-biased, third-party review website.

No affiliation exists between Personal Comfort or Sleep Number. No product belonging to Select Comfort or Sleep Number is sold on this site and any reference is for comparison purposes only. Sleep Number is a registered trademark of Sleep Number Corporation. You can visit them at www. Promotional codes may not be combined with other offers. Limit one promo code per order. Fast Free Shipping - Your shipment will arrive between 15 to 25 business days.

A FedEx tracking number will be available via email once your order as been picked up from our warehouse, usually within 7 business days. A Better Price. Adjustable bases and custom orders will arrive between 20-30 business days and may take longer before a tracking number is made available. Subject to seasonal fluctuation. 1 Sales tax is collected in participating states. Financing promotions require pre-qualification and are available with approved credit.

2 Free returns available for Advanced, Elegance Memory Foam Series mattresses only. All accessories, power-bases, bases furniture are final sale. Classic Series require a return shipping fee. Who do we have the pleasure of speaking to. Want to save more. Sign up for Labor Day Sale promo codes. Hurry, Labor Day Sale ends September 14th.

Promo Codes only available by phone. Schedule a FREE Site Assessment Experience Grid Independence Request a Tesla Powerwall Quote The 6 Steps to Going Solar Check out our Simple 6-Step Process. Going Solar During COVID-19 Learn about Remote Site Assessments Solar Power in Washington. Washington State Solar Incentives.

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Site Navigation Skip. Founded 1963 Called SIMPLY THE BEST by RROC in 1968. Leatherique Restoration Iqoption l. Home Page Contact Leatherique LRP PRODUCTS LRP STORE LRP Standard Colors OEM Color Samples Comments Do It Your Self Instructions Picture RO and PC Instructions Steering Wheel DIY Video On BMW Customer Project Pictures BMW REDYE PROJECT Privacy Statement Distribution Network International Distributors USA Retail Sales and Service Press Releases, Australia Links Site Map.

Enter Leatherique Store. Do It Your Self Instructions. All our Directions in one place. Bumper Restoration Crack Iqoption l Application PICTURES Customer Wipe Dye input Customers Re-dye input Ferrari Re-dye by Mike Charness How to Prepare Leather PICTURES How to Re-dye Leather Picture RO and PC Instructions Rejuvinator P. Distribution Network. International Distributors USA Retail Sales and Service.

See if one is near you. 2008 Jag XK 2008 Jag XJ Jag XF. Customer project Pictures. Jaguar Leather. 1955 Bentley All types of cars and such Aston Martin Project AU BMW Leather BMW REDYE PROJECT Chrysler Imperial Project Jaguar Leather LRP CARS mail-order-form-1 Rolls, Bentley, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz. Dad and his 1939 Bentley.

Directions RO and PC Results. Steering Wheel DIY. THANK YOU JASON ABSHIRE FOR THIS ARTICLE. Replacement or having someone do a rewrap at an upholstery shop would be an expensive option that would literally break the bank. My steering wheel was in pretty bad shape and desperately needed to be restored and refinished to its original factory feel and look.

В However with a little work I refinished with excellent results. com and had absolutely phenomenal results. В I was very impressed the products themselves and with the little amount of effort it took to make the wheel look and feel new again estimate about 6 hours over 5 or so days. В В Of course I spent the majority of the time prepping the wheel, and I have a lot of experience shooting paints stains, your skill level will determine the end result.

 What you†ll need Leatherique Steering Wheel Kit includes 4oz of each of the following Prepping agent, Black Dye, and Klear Kote Leatherique Rejuvenator oil If you have leather you should have this stuff on hand at all times, the most amazing cleaner available in my opinion Leatherique Pristine clean Same as above A few sheets of 600, 1000, 1500 grit sandpapers Crack Filler Used if you have any problem areas that don†t come smooth after you hit it with your 1500 grit  1.

That†s just my disclaimer, don†t let that discourage you, this is truly an easy DIY.      A few days before I started the actual refinishing of the wheel, I did a rejuvenator oil and pristine clean treatment to hydrate and clean the leather.  Once I pristine cleaned the wheel, I let it dry for a few days.      Disconnect the negative battery terminal, and removed the steering wheel.      Once the wheel is off I removed all of the electronics and trim plates.

В The prepping agent did an excellent job removing the old dye; make sure you wear gloves. В В В В В I sanded the wheel with some 600 grit wet dry sandpaper with the prepping agent to remove all of the original glaze, oils, and die. В В В В В Once I did a round of 600 grit, I moved to 1000 grit, then to 1500 grit.

 The wheel was now silky smooth with the exception of 1 o†clock.  From the pictures one will note some pretty nasty damage at this and the 8 o†clock positions.  Not to worry†I have some crack filler on hand from a previous repair for a screw driver in the back pocket incident that I don†t want to talk about.

 The 8 o†clock position was easily sanded and blended perfectly, not so with the 1 o†clock position. I applied it onto the damaged area and press it into the area with a plastic applicator. I let that cure for about 3 hours and went back at it with my sanding regime 600, 1000, 1500. Problem solved, worked perfectly. I let the filler and dye cure for 24 hours.

В В В В В Next, mask off with paper tape around anything you don†t want to get dye on, for me that was the interior of the wheel and the rear vinyl etcвЂ. В В В В В From the directions you can wipe the dye on, but for a more factory finish I decided to spray I have a decent HVLP setup. В The wiping blotting technique on the leatherique site has been used with great success as an alternative to spraying.

     Shot 3 coats, fine mist each time.  I thinned 4 1 with distilled water for those who will spray.  After this my fix to the 8 o†clock position was completely undistinguishable like it was never there.  I applied the Klear with piece of clean lint free T shirt and wiped it on, being careful to do in a uniform way to reduce buildup and streaks.

 Let that sit for another 24 hours and reinstall the wheel.  That†s it. The biggest issue anyone might face is, unless you have an old wheel, you†ll be out of a steering wheel for at least 3 days while your dyeing and refinishing the wheel, plan accordingly.      I Let the dye sit for another 24 hours, and then applied a coat of Klear Kote.  From a product standpoint I used 1. 5 oz of Klear Kote, and about 3oz of the prepping agent.

So with the exception of the prepping agent I could do another couple wheels with the amount of product I have left. I realize most DIY†ers won†t probably have this, but It†ll definitely  take your results to the next level, gave me a very smooth and consistent professional finish, plus its very fast and uses significantly less product. A libertarian internet commentator and alleged cult leader who amplifies scientific racism, eugenics and white supremacism to a massive new audience, Stefan Molyneux operates within the racist so-called alt-right and pro-Trump ranks.

Stefan Molyneux. About Stefan Molyneux. A glance at Stefan Molyneux s subscriber count 650,000 on YouTube suggests that he is a charismatic, persuasive and influential individual. A skilled propagandist and an effective communicator within the racist alt-right and pro-Trump ranks, his promotion of scientific racism and eugenics to a large and growing audience is a serious concern. Molyneux has been delivering race realist propaganda, based on pseudo-scientific sources, to his audience on an ongoing basis for over two years, and thus has encouraged thousands of people to adopt his belief in biological determinism, social Darwinism and non-white racial inferiority.

Extremist Info. Molyneux puts considerable effort into cloaking the practical implications of these beliefs across his media platforms. In his own words. I don t view humanity as a single species. Podcast FDR2768, Collective Guilt for Fun and ProfitSaturday call-in show, August 9, 2014. The whole breeding arena of the species needs to be cleaned the f--- up. Podcast FDR2740, Conformity and the Cult of FriendshipWednesday call-in show July 2, 2014. Screaming racism at people because blacks are collectively less intelligent.

YouTube video, The Death of Europe European Migrant Crisis, October 4, 2015. You cannot run a high IQ white society with low IQ non-white people these non-white immigrants are going to fail. and they re not just going to fail a little, they are going to fail hard they re not staying on welfare because they re lazy. you are importing a gene set that is incompatible with success in a free-market economy.

they re doing what is economically the best option for them. white people will bend over backwards to accommodate you, but when they finally get that they re just being taken advantage of. you will see a backlash, and that backlash will be quick, decisive, and brutal. YouTube video, The Death of Germany European Migrant Crisis, September 16, 2015. the Germans were in danger of being taken over by what they perceived as Jewish-led Communism. And Jewish-led Communism had wiped out tens of millions of white Christians in Russia and they were afraid of the same thing.

And there was this wild overreaction and all this kind of stuff. Stefan Molyneux describes the Holocaust in YouTube video, Migratory Patterns of Predatory Immigrants, March 20, 2016. skills and abilities have not been distributed evenly by mother nature between various ethnicities and what that means is that when the shit hits the wall it hits some ethnicities a lot harder than others and then you get endless screams of racism.

this is one fundamental reason why America is having trouble solving these problems is that everybody knows that if you cut spending which community is it going to be hit the hardest. Hint it s not Korean if you cut social spending in America it s going to hit the black community the hardest. the black and Hispanic communities don t end up acting the same as the white population or the Asian population.

the media are compliant and willing to scream racist at anyone who points out basic fact-based differences between ethnicities and you can t deal with the situation until Obama s out or until people understand that ethnicities in America and all around the world tend to act differently collectively. collectively ethnicities tend to act differently, they tend to have different incomes, they tend to have different rates of marital stability, they tend to have different rates of criminality.

YouTube video, The Impending Collapse of Western Civilization, November 15, 2015. One of the biggest questions in America is ethnic crime rates. and y know the Asians are the model minority while the American blacks and blacks around the world have truly shockingly high levels of criminality and the general explanation is y know slavery plus racism plus poverty, whatever it is which creates this unholy brew. but as far as I understand it there are significant contributions that your field can make to help people untangle why there are such differences in ethnic positive and negative behaviours in society.

American blacks have roughly a standard IQ below whites. YouTube video, Genetics and Crime Interview with Kevin M. Beaver, May 28, 2016. If we could just get people to be nice to their babies for five years straight, that would be it for war, drug abuse, addiction, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases. Almost all would be completely eliminated, because they all arise from dysfunctional early childhood experiences, which are all run by women.

Speech at International Conference on Men s Issues, St. Clair Shores, Michigan, June 26 - 28, 2014. the fomenting of anti-white hatred is extremely strong and very toxic and very dangerous, and I can t help but think, Jared, that if I lived in a society of only white peoplethen the giant fly swatter of shut up whitey, you re racist could never be used against me. We could actually have debates about ideas rather than ethnicity, we could actually have debates where reason and argument could win, and of course it s not like all white people are rational, of course not, right.

But the reality is that the giant thermonuclear strike of you re a racist could not be brought to bear in the debate or in the discussion, and, I gotta tell ya, that s kinda tempting in a lot of waysbecause if other people are unwilling to drop the race card I m not sure I wanna to play the game anymore YouTube video, An Honest Conversation about Race Interview with Jared Taylor, July 8, 2016. people have this idea that human groups somehow live in harmony together. but the sum total of human history is endless warfare between competing groups, two subspecies don t inhabit the same geographical area for long, one will always displace the other, and this idea diversityit s a complete naive reading of history YouTube videoThe Death of Canada.

Prepare Yourself Accordingly, July 8, 2017. Stefan Molyneux is a Canadian vlogger, self-published author and self-described philosopher who began broadcasting his opinions online via his Freedomain Radio FDR website in 2004. For the first decade of its existence, this site was mainly used to amplify his views on anarcho-capitalist ideology, atheism, philosophy, anti-statism, pseudo-therapy and anti-feminism.

Molyneux has been extremely prolific in his output, publishing well over 1,000 podcasts and videos over the past 13 years. Molyneux also oversees a Freedomain Radio FDR community which is comprised of his patrons who have to donate money to become members. The more they donate, the more access they are granted to their guru and his works. The donations requested range from 5 to 100 per month and, according to his website, this money helps cover the costs and spread philosophy.

The disquieting results of some of his online pseudo-therapy sessions made international news in 2008 when the parents of an FDR member who disowned them after encouragement from Molyneux went public. This process of ostracizing one s own family often without warning is known in FDR circles as a defooi. to disown your family of origin in order to gain freedom.

Molyneux, who ostracized his own parents, is married to Christina Papadopoulos, a psychotherapist who rejected her parents after meeting Molyneux. The pair believe that there is no such thing as mental illness and the About Us section of FDR s sister website Defoo. org which facilitates patrons in ostracizing their families describes their advice on championing your inner child, finding a great therapist, and reclaiming your True Self from the destructive prison we know as childhood.

Papadopoulos was reprimanded by the College of Psychologists of Ontario in 2012 when they found her guilty of professional misconduct because she used the Internet to counsel people to emulate her and sever ties with their families. Performing propaganda. So how does Molyneux manage to persuade so many people. Molyneux s videos are often intentionally long and rambling monologues. Typically he s filmed staring straight at the camera, talking intensely and at length about a subject as if were an authority or had conducted extensive research.

This matches the design of his polished FDR website, which presents the veneer of a non-partisan and professional platform. In general, however, these videos are merely performances of competence as a depth of understanding of the subjects being discussed is evidently lacking. Yet, due to Molyneux s confident radio-host style delivery and liberal use of infographics, these monologues may appear authoritative or convincing to the uninitiated.

They certainly help to distract from what is ostensibly an elaborate illusion of expertise. As cult expert Steven Hassan put it Molyneux knows how to talk like he knows what he s talking about, despite very little academic research. He cites this and cites that, and presents it as the whole truth. It dismantles people s sense of self and replaces it with his sense of confidence about how to fix the world.

The sheer volume of information and disinformation that is thrown at viewers during Molyneux s videos can overload their cognitive ability to process information, thereby reducing critical faculties and increasing suggestibility. Molyneux is adept at seeding his radical ideas at certain points during his sermons. He does so in a deceptive way; immediately after uttering or endorsing some extremist viewpoint he then couches it in fragmented apologies and strawman counterarguments.

Molyneux anticipates the viewer s natural response to such a radical idea and then aims to overcome it by articulating and then brushing aside a potential counter-argument in its weakest and or most decontextualized possible state. This allows him to sympathize with the follower while showing them how easy it is to overcome their old reservations as he guides them to adopt his extreme view as their own.

The effect is disorientating but potent. The method of persuasion is built on a calculated disingenuousness and a farcical pretense of Socratic dialogue. Molyneux has already made up his mind about the topic at hand and his sole aim is to persuade the viewer to arrive at the same conclusion, or as he would describe it, the truth. In 2009 Molyneux began to market his videos under the title True News thus shifting his propaganda into the realm of conspiracy theory à la InfoWars. Molyneux wants his viewers to believe that his opinions about world affairs represent a forbidden, objective truth that the establishment wishes to suppress.

This narcissistic behavior hints at a personality prone to absolutism and megalomania. This was signaled in 2007 when Molyneux posted a user comment to the front page of his site that read Stefan Molyneux is the next Aristotle or John Locke or Thomas Jefferson, take your pick. In 2010, and despite a number of negative news stories about his defoo advocacy, his public profile rose after he appeared as a guest on Max Keiser s On the Edge show on Iran s Press TV.

The following year he appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones radio program for the first time, and during 2011 and 2012 he was a regular guest on the Russia Today news channel appearing on the Adam vs. the Man show hosted by fellow libertarian Adam Kokesh. In 2013 he appeared once again on Russia Today, this time as a guest of Abby Martin where he discussed the folly of the Iraq War.

Meanwhile his True News series attacked the usual libertarian targets such as social democracy in Scandinavia and one YouTube video in this same year predicted The Decline and Fall of Canada but notably his apocalyptic vision at this point was along anarcho-capitalist and not racial lines. In contrast his July 2017 video, The Death of Canada. Prepare Yourself Accordingly, stresses ethnicity, race, culture, immigration, nationalism and the ills of multiculturalism.

From libertarian to alt-right. From roughly 2013 2014 to the present, the content of Molyneux s output has become politically extreme, shifting from the Ayn Rand libertarian right and from supporting Ron Paul in 2008 to the ethno-nationalist far-right, supporting Donald Trump, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen and other far-right politicians in their electoral bids throughout 2016 and 2017. Molyneux endorses their nativist, Islamophobic, ethno-nationalist immigration policies and opposition to globalists.

This represents a sharp change from his point of view in 2007 when he informed his viewers that Muslims are not your enemy. He is now firmly established as a prominent personality within the so-called pro-Trump alt-right reactionary community and he occasionally collaborates with other commentators in this vein such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Lauren Southern and Mike Cernovich.

By far the most disturbing aspect of his move to the far-right is his overt and sustained endorsement, promotion and amplification of scientific racism to his 650,000 subscribers on YouTube, which has been delivered alongside apologism for Apartheid, the Transatlantic slave trade and the demonization of social justice leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Molyneux now believes that non-white human beings like the Pioneer Fund he singles out Hispanics and blacks are racially and genetically inferior to whites and that this above all other factors explains the present and the past. This is presented to the viewer with a grin and an air of reasonableness. Molyneux s embrace of social Darwinism and biological determinism sells a manic and apocalyptic vision of the world to his viewers by consistently warning them about non-white immigration to Europe and the U.

Yet how much of an ideological shift was this in actuality. After all, one of Molyneux s libertarian heroes is Murray Rothbard, the political theorist who coined the term anarcho-capitalism. A review of Rothbard s positions suggests that Molyneux is merely repackaging them for the YouTube generation. Rothbard, like his disciple Molyneux, embraced the scientific racism of The Bell Curve Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, praising it for expressing in massively stupefying scholarly detail what everyone has always known but couldn t dare to express about race, intelligence, and heritability.

Rothbard believed that The Bell Curve thesis could be used as a weapon by libertarians to abolish the welfare state. Once the welfare state is abolished, Rothbard explains how. the intelligence argument will become useful to defend the market economy and the free society from ignorant or self-serving attacks. In short; racialist science is properly not an act of aggression or a cover for oppression of one group over another, but, on the contrary, an operation in defense of private property against assaults by aggressors.

Rothbard, like Molyneux, believed that the free market merely exposed the racial and immutable inferiority of non-whites in America and that it is genetics above all other factors that explains and justifies their socioeconomic position. In 1985, Rothbard, an apologist for the Apartheid regime in South Africa, railed against the liberal crusade to end the racist power structure. His proposed solution was a caricature of utopian libertarianism when he recommended that rather than boycott South African goods, Americans should invest more, as this would improve wages.

for black labourers and somehow end Apartheid. To anarcho-capitalists, the solution to every problem is unfettered capitalism. In July 2017, Molyneux interviewed South African Steve Hofmeyr, who tweeted in 2014 that blacks were the architects of Apartheid. Apartheid was a system of segregation. You have to ask why. In 2015 Molyneux published a video wherein he quoted an unnamed historian who claimed that Apartheid wasn t an expression of racism but concern over the survival of the white population.

The source for this quote is Ilana Mercer, a paleolibertarian writer and pro-Trump activist. Mercer s 2011 book, which forms the basis for Molyneux s YouTube video, is entitled Into the Cannibal s Pot Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa. The tome received a glowing review from Jared Taylor s American Renaissance website. Apartheid was never based on a theory of racial supremacy; rather, it was a survival strategy for the badly outnumbered Boers, the review reads.

This is a mirror image of Molyneux s sleight of hand a decontextualized racism is deemed immoral but it is argued that Apartheid makes sense. The real message Molyneux and Taylor are delivering to their audiences is that the application of racial discrimination in South Africa was essential to ensure white survival read dominance and that force and laws should be applied to keep different races apart. Rothbard, like Molyneux, believed in the voluntary separation of the races and both made an about-face on the principle of open borders when they embraced race realism and ethnonationalism.

Rothbard, like Molyneux, had a positive association with the former KKK leader David Duke, endorsing Duke s political program in 1992 while Duke, in turn, has endorsed Molyneux s propaganda multiple times on social media over the last few years, most notably in his promotion of Molyneux s apologia for George Zimmerman, known for the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin. One could say that Molyneux s deference to Rothbard is so obvious that the title of his 1974 book, Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature, summates the content of hundreds of hours of Molyneux speaking on YouTube.

The connections don t end there. Murray Rothbard was a leading member of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the libertarian think tank founded by Lew Rockwell in 1982. This institute opposes the Civil Rights Act and was described in a 2000 SPLC report as being neo-Confederate adjacent with neo-fascist sympathies. Chip Berlet, an investigative journalist and scholar of the far-right, noted in the Intelligence Report in 2003 that this institute promotes a type of Darwinian view of society in which elites are seen as natural and any intervention by the government on behalf of social justice is destructive.

The Mises Institute also promoted the work of Holocaust denier James J. Martin who was a regular contributor to the neo-Nazi American Mercury magazine. Martin s final book was printed by the Institute for Historical Review, a journal dedicated to propagating Holocaust denial. Molyneux worked for the Mises Institute as a narrator in 2011 and 2012 and published nine different articles on Lew Rockwell s personal website in 2005.

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